Wallpaper direct question?

Hey there ' All, I seem to have a problem with my Live Wallpaper stock, back to wallpapers of stock "brick." This happens after about 5 minutes to put the live wallpaper. My Advanced Task Killer do not even list as an app, so I know this isn't the ATK killing wallpaper.

Anyone experience this problem or you have any ideas to fix this? Thank you!


Okay, figured it out! Feel like a dummy now! But for someone else who encounters this problem in the future, make sure that 'Live Wallpapers' are not on the list 'End' on the 'Task Manager'.


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  • HP Jet 11-r010nr: Linux boot direct question (some distributions)

    I know it's a Linux question, but it is related to the hardware HP Stream in particular, because I don't have this problem with other computers.

    Lubuntu and Mint boot perfectly on this portable on a usb key, while Clonezilla, not even their based version of Ubuntu will start.  Other distributions non-Ubuntu does not either.   I don't know if it's a BIOS setting, core switch, etc, that I might need to define, or something else I'm missing.  I would like to the image of the player before you start to remove and change things on the laptop.

    My configuration:

    (1) Stream HP laptop (model: 11-r010nr 11.6 "). Win 10 on disc in stock.
    (2) various distributions of the load on a USB stick (Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0) using software YUMI (

    What works:
    Lubuntu 15.10
    Mint 17.3

    What does NOT work:
    Clonezilla-live - 2.4.2 - 61 - i586.iso
    Clonezilla-live - 2.4.2 - 61 - amd64.iso
    Clonezilla-live-20151012-ruse - amd64.iso (Ubuntu version)
    GParted 0.24.0 - 2
    Fedora 10-23
    Kaspersky Rescue DIsk 10
    Each version of Puppy Linux

    Now, just to get the key USB is recognized on the HP stream I had to make the following changes in the BIOS:
    Legacy support = on
    Secure Boot = disabled
    First = USB boot order.

    I have tried many different switches from the operating system menu before starting as graphic resolutions, etc., but they did not help.

    Also, what is important, every distro on the USB works on my OTHER computer, which is desktop as well as other peoples computers, if this issue is specific to the HP flow 11.


    So, it was really me worry, so I played around with it a little this morning. It was recommended by the author of Clonezilla I try Tuxboot or another brand of USB drive. So first of all, I tried Tuxboot with Clonezilla 2.4.2 - 61 Stable and initially, it did not work as all my other attempts. However, this time I have noticed a new boot option in the start menu:

    Considering that the only option before start was:

    Hard drive USB - Sandisk Extreme...

    A new section appeared when using Tuxboot and with Clonezilla is the only ISO on the USB key:

    (UEFI) - Sandisk Extreme USB hard drive

    So, I gave him a trial and a slightly different menu Clonezilla popped up. It's a crude text menu of the normal selection of choices (resolution, etc) rather than the normal menu scrolling. In addition, on the top of the screen was the following text... "GNU grub version 2.02 Beta 2-28". I chose one of the entries (resolution of 1024 in my case) and Clonezilla has started successfully.  Unfortunately no option exists when YUMI running, so I have to put each individual distribution on its own USB key, which of course, I would never do.

  • Courses direct Questions

    Hi there, just a few questions on the subject to take a live site.

    We had a site for many years and I've been thinking just he want to host by BC. I have everything taken care of, but since this is for our company, I want to change our current host for hours off-peak BC, so do miss us emails from customers and reduce the time that our site is down.

    So my concerns are: I guess that everything is computerized, now if I change the DNS settings on a Friday night or weekend?  I just want to make sure that Business Catalyst can do this weekend?

    Also, by going through the tutorials, I came with 2 different sets of DNS names: one is ns01.businesscatalyst.com and the other set is ns1.worldsecuresystems.com.  Are they the same?  Can I use one over the other?

    Thanks much for any help you can give!


    Hello Annette,.

    You will need to decide who you want to host with and does not change thereafter.

    So so eager to host with BC please update the NS records for the ns1, ns2 records below.

    - http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/business-catalyst/using/change-site-domain.html

    Ns01 and ns02.businesscatalyst.com records should not be used.

    After your DNS changes provide us with the site in question so that we can check your installation.  It should work a few minutes after you have updated.  However the spread varies that we do not control if sometimes it may take longer for the site display in full once you have updated the DNS for your domain.

    Kind regards


  • I can't find an option to send a web link directly to my wallpaper as a 'shortcut '.

    I can't find any option (in the 'File' tab), to send a link to my wallpaper directly. On IE in the drop down menu 'File' tab, it has an option to 'Send' as an email, OR 'Send' on your desktop as a shortcut... Mozilla doesn't have this option. I do not understand why you do not have this simple option? The pull down menu 'File' in Mozilla only allows you to send the link in an email. I always copy and paste a link between Mozilla and my Internet Explorer browser to be able to send a link as a shortcut to my paper painted.

    Upgrade your browser Firefox 8 and check

  • Question form and expiration extended drive


    I have a question about drive extended forms and expiration.

    The following scenario will exist?

    Reader expansion license expiration Date: April 1, 2012

    The drive model extended: December 31, 2011 with the above license

    The user opens the form on June 1, 2012. Is the form player always extended at this stage?

    Notice that we don't not player - extend (as an activity in our process) every time the form is rendered. Instead, we drive - extend the model and place it as an asset in our ABI.

    Thank you


    It is a response from both sides, first to answer your question, and then to raise an issue of General License.

    To answer your direct question, the rights of extension drive will end when credentials expire (in your example, April 1, 2012). After this time, the user will receive a message that depends on the version of the player.

    • If it is the Reader 8 or before, they will receive a message whose form has changed and that rights are no longer available.
    • For reader 9 and above all, messages have been improved, so that it will tell you that your form has passed the expiration date and that the user needs to obtain a new form of the creator. It will then differentiate between production licences and assessment to tell you which side of things the original RE license fell on.  And then, he'll be saying that you can always view and print the file (it is still a complete in PDF format), but you will not be able to record or perform other duties compatible rightes.

    But the biggest problem is that you seem to not have license appropriate in place.  Production licences have long-term (good until 2021 or 2023) licenses. The fact that your license expires in 2012 says that you were using the evaluation or development of licenses and qualifications, which all tend to have time-outs from three months to two years. You can see the details of your license on the server of the user interface (a 'get info' do) or via Acrobat (Niall explained the technique in another thread - see October 24). And if you are one of them, get the ID number (the identification information will be identifies as P23 or another P with two figures) and I can decode for you.

    The question is independent of the question of if you drive - expand once or you drive to extend a process for each form.

  • Two very simple questions: the WSSF v/s FMIS feature


    I looked around the site for a while now, and the differences between FMS and FMIS are often very unclear, and I have a few direct questions on the capabilities and I need to what version of FMS.

    1 is WSSF able to incorporate custom players or requires as FMIS?

    2 able WSSF authentication request (username/password standard name) before starting a stream or requires as FMIS?

    We get earlier to a point of purchase of our server, but put requirements in one of the two products is difficult.

    Thanks a lot for the people a helping hand a noob.

    Among other things, the most notable difference is the WSSF version cannot use custom server side of script for example the main.asc file. It comes with "Signed Adobe" ready to run Live & VOD services/applications that cannot be changed.

    -WSSF will support swf player/custom client as long as your custom client requires no special help from the logic on the server side.

    -WSSF cannot help with the prompt for authentication, however, I'm guessing. It should be possible using workarounds as
    -authentication of swf
    - and your swf authentication using other servers over http / php scripts.

  • Satellite R830 Core i5 - not marketing

    Hi all.

    My R830 seems not have experienced a catastrophic problem preventing it from marketing.

    I had been running pretty hard laptop underway last week to run simultaneous accounts and multiple applications while output of music on speakers when the phone suddenly blacked out.

    I tried to turn it back on for nothing doesn't.

    I did some research forum, but couldn't find many discussions on all issues, I tried a hard reset. Remove the battery etc and now the power button in during 30 seconds, plug everything in and then switching it back on. Then, the laptop would start for about 5 seconds, attempt to start and then die again. Laptop not charge not despite having the power cable is plugged in (no charge light).

    My own idea for the problem is that it is question of battery or a motherboard, but I can't be sure.

    Is someone able to give advice on how I could fix this or shed light on what is perhaps the direct question more?

    Thank you...


    Connect power adapter while turning on the unit?
    In this case, the laptop must turn on and run even if the battery is faulty or discharged / vacuum.

    In my own opinion, it looks more like problems motherboard as a related problem of battery materials.

    Another question: are you able to access the BIOS? The laptop works in BIOS mode?

  • I cannot take pictures with 5 concerts available through iPhone 5s.

    I'm trying to troubleshoot iPhone 5 s mother.  She directs questions where it does not allow to take photos more because it says it's full.  When go us to settings and look at the use, we have 5 gigs available and used 5 concerts.  She has deleted everything it can turned off his phone and it still not allow it to take pictures with the photo app.  When using facebook, it can.

    We tried a reset and restoration, and he always acts as if his phone is full.

    If you have not already done this, open the Photos app.  Select Albums on the bottom, then "recently deleted".  Choose 'Select' top right, then 'Delete All' at the bottom left.

  • Satellite L650 - cannot load the Win7 or power up in safe mode

    Hi all

    Depending on the subject, I have the laptop above. When I boot it Win 7 hangs and does not progress. If I do the same in safe mode by pressing the F8 key again the windows is not progress. I get a flash of the blue tho screen at this point, but it disappears quickly to see what he says.

    I did a lot of research and bought a crib drive, removed my properley drive hard laptop and connected via the cradle to my laptop works, hoping to see my files and then I was able to copy them.

    Prevented, yes I did not a return to the top if desperate to get my photos once they are memories I don't want to lose. Connect the hard drive it starts and on my computerI see a new e: folder and a folder of f:.

    If I open the f: folder shows which, in my view, is the partition with the toshiba backup or restore files. If I try and open the e: drive, it takes an age, and then finally said format of the drive. So I did another search and someone mentions do run a command to the command. My first question is how to the prompt if windows does not start.

    But more importantly am I missing something for example are likely to be on the e: drive pictures, they are everywhere where I haven't looked.

    If I restore my toshiba folder will this re image my pc or can I go back to a point through this before the problem.

    Thanks for any help which is quite simple, because I'm not a computer type guy but quickly learn since that happened.

    See you soon


    Somehow the disc is screwed. Problem of backup data are not directly question related to Toshiba and before you spend time here discussing such things I recommend you ask someone with good knowledge of the PC which can be done on the data record.

    When the disc is in the notebook again start laptop as a first step the value default BIOS.
    After doing this recovery of installation image. After doing this you will own preinstalled OS and everything should work again properly.

    I hope that you will be able to do using HARD drive recovery option.
    How to do this you can find on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD1303440001R01.htm
    You may have created recovery disks?

  • HP Pavilion Dv7-3180us: System unstable start ups

    Last week, I replaced the CMOS battery and replaced the thermal compound everything went incredibly well and no problems have been made, except that a week after that my computer has been seen start to the top and sleep problems, it freezes in the inconvience, most of the time and causes the sound chip to exit from a loop of noise I unplug the laptop and remove the battery

    It sometimes take 7 to 13 starts to get the laptop that works and I do not understand the RAM is very good, I did a memtest and one

    Drive test hard times gave me the answer OK so I guess that neither were the question it is a system of 5 year, does anyone have the same problem and have some useful tips

    Direct question

    System hangs at random - black screen of death sometimes at startup - BIOs starts rarely.

    Not heating a problem - not a memory problem - freezes in the BIOs or boot - fails to launch the operating system-

    CPU works fine-

    Perhaps the main card is a failure, South of the bridge is a failure, GPU, instead,

    Please give me some answers, im a little confused

    Hello @JoshuaGamez,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    If the issue is not software related, and you believe that the internal components fail.  You can contact the HP support by phone for additional options.  Please use the following http://www.hp.com/contacthp and create a folder for your question and contact HP. If you do not live in the United States / Canada, please click on the link below to get contact information for your region.

    I hope this helps.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Main panel display problem


    I sort of addressed this in another post, but not directly and got no response.  So let me try a very direct question.  I created an application that has no title bar and menu bar none.  The background color was chosen by my client and is not white.  When I run the application, I get a white bar on top as shown in the picture.  I did all the colors in the main panel similar to the background color, and I have disabled all parts of show/hide that are in the main draw.

    Is there a way to get rid of the white bar?

    Thank you


    Also tested with CVI2013 and 2012 with the same results, so it seems that Win10 works differently than previous systems in this regard.

  • Capture high speed encoder data


    I have a motion control project where I would record the position data. High speed capture is limited with sampling frequency of 2 kHz. But I have to save a lot more than higher speed.

    I read that there is another option that connects to the motion control card (I use a card PCI-7358) and the map of data acquisition using a RTSI cable and channels A and B of the routing of the data acquisition card encoder using the RTSI lines.

    I have 6143 and 6280, 7358 PCI DAQ cards and a RTSI cable.

    Q1. Which card is better to use? 6143 or 6280?

    Q2. When I look at the examples, I have seen that its possible to phase has the traffic and signals of the phase B of an encoder for the RTSI line with Signal Select.vi. But I couldn't find an example on how to read of DAQ card.

    Q3. How can I contact the encoder position phase has and band B pulses which is acquired from the DAQ cards?


    Hi serkanb,

    The 6143 has no support for measures of encoder quadrature (although you can run a task of count of edge and use the B signal as a line up/down to get a similar effect).  If you are interested, we'll find more information here (the 6143 uses the same SC I ASIC that make the E Series DAQ devices).

    It doesn't really matter too much since you have a 6280 that supports quadrature encoder measures (he uses the STC II ASIC).  To answer your direct questions:

    Q1.  The 6280 is better (see above)

    Q2.  You need to use a channel DAQmx property node to choose what terminals to use for your task of encoder:

    Q3.   I would like to start with an example of the expedition:

    Help > find examples... > input and output material > DAQmx > counter measures > Position > measurement Position.vi

    You insert the property node before starting the task (but after the channel is created).

    I hope this helps, if you have any questions do not hesitate to post back!

    Best regards

  • RESERVED on SMU-6537 pins?

    In the help file for the SMU-6537, there is an illustration of "Front Panel and connector pinout" and a table.

    The illustration shows pin GND 8.

    However, the table below shows pin 8 as a RESERVED pin, * not * a GND.

    I design a Board to interface with the 6537. I massage pin 8, or let it float?

    Hey Tom,

    PIN 8 in the illustration should tell RESERVED and not mass, and therefore you must not connect. We will update the image in the next revision of the help file. So to answer your direct question, leave floating 8 pin (do not connect to it). Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and have a nice day.

    Kind regards

    DJ L.

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  • Equium M50-164 would not work with 2 GB of Ram

    If someone has successfully run this laptop with 2 GB of ram.It will take 1.5 GB without problem, but if I replace the original card of 512 MB with a 1 GB laptop does not work. Have now updated the bios ok, but still no joycan someone help please...

  • How to adjust the GUI on different screen resolution?

    Hi all I have an application that must be deployed on different stations with different screen resolutions. I want my application to be responsive, that it should be settled well in accordance with the resolution just like sensitive site. Is it possi

  • How to change or remove the hotmail password?

    Original title: changed default password The Hotmail password is changed by the 'administration '. I was not able to open my e-post today. The phone number is not recognized by myself and the storage location where the copy of the password is stored.

  • Windows 7 PRO OA CIS and GE 64-bit

    My windows was able to start. I have Windows 7 PRO OA CIS and GE 64-bit. Could you please direct me to a safe download?  Thank you very much for your help.

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