Wan interrupts the connection after the firmware update

Looks like the latest firmware upgrade is the source of the problems.

I've just updated my timecapsule 1 TB of first generation version 7.6.7 and my 3 TB timecapsule new version 7.7.7

Both are connected to the router of the provider of Internet services and extend the network even in my house.

WiFi is stable until the upgrade, but now the connection is lost every few minutes or seconds.

Both versions are later to the respective timecapsules.

I end up having to downgrade if no solution is found.

I powered the two market still nothing does not. Redefine the network and tried both hidden and not hidden, yet once nothing doesn't.

Any ideas on what is causing the problem?


Well, since nobody seems to have an explanation, and Apple are not out with firmware update after 7.7.7 and 7.6.7 I decided to downgrade the firmware to the previous version. I now run version 7.7.3 on the new 3 Tb Time Capsule and 7.6.3 on the 1st Gen Time Capsule. So far, the network is stable. Using WiFi Explorer Ii see that they use channel 6 and 8 respectively. Signal is strong and no dropouts have taken place so far. Hope the issue is resolved in the next firmware update.

As I read in another post: firmware update does not solve a problem, you didn't. However, it can create a problem that you didn't.

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    After applying the firmware update v7.6.7 free WiFi to TimeCapsule is now 2.4 Ghz instead of 5 Ghz.

    It was the update of the firmware with certainty that has made this... no doubt about it:

    • My mouse bluetooth interference notice when my MacBook is connected to WiFi 2.4 Ghz;
    • Before the update, everything is OK
    • After updating, my mouse mouse start jittering
    • < alt-click > WiFi icon in the menu bar confirms: the connection is now 2.4 Ghz

    Restart to e TM Mo doesn't change anything.

    In the TC WiFI options tried to put another name to the network successfully, but only 5 GHz can not connect to it: timeout error every time.

    Tried the hard reset of TC and reconfigure the WiFi... the same result, but with a difference:

    • Setting an SSID separated for 5 GHz connection (in the WiFi options) has now created a network I can access.
    • However, this is not the best solution... I don't want 2 SSID.

    It is not the first time Apple breaks things with updates... and I see people move away from Apple to this kind of situations.

    I also had bad experiences with OS updates lately and postpone the as much as possible.

    The problem is that I can't go back... or can I?

    Any help is welcome.


    The problem is that I can't go back... or can I?

    Of course, you can, but it may or may not help.

    Open AirPort Utility

    Click on the image of the AirPort base station

    Hold down the option key on your Mac while you click on the version number of the firmware

    A drop down menu appears

    Choose the version of the firmware you want to use

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    Hi THE-949198! The usefulness of the firmware is only for use with the Sony NEX-6 camera. It is not recommended to install this utility with any other model, as this may cause damage. The camera firmware update and the changes experienced by the latter are permanent. It is not possible to return to a previous firmware version after this firmware update.

  • Satellite Pro A200 error (PSAE4E) during the firmware update Disc Creator


    I get the following errors when you try to update firmware for Disc Creator I use Windows VIsta Home Premium.

    An unexpected error has occurred.
    Error code: 32007C-26-00000015

    Followed by:
    Error code: 320129-26-00000015 - then application goes down.

    All solutions to this
    Thank you

    Hi guys

    I'm a bit confused of m.

    > when you try to update firmware for Disc Creator
    Where did you get the firmware update for Toshiba Disc Creator?

    I checked the page European driver Toshiba and Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE4E) download area and, unfortunately, I didn t find updates for Toshiba Disc Creator.

    So I really wonder about this problem. He s strange

  • Airport Extreme Base Station model bricks A1408 after failed firmware update

    Shown on Macbook Pro iOS X 10.10.5 airPort utility update the firmware available for both devices on my network 3 June 2016
    1 Airport Express 7.6.7

    2 version of Extreme Base Station Airport unknown as not reported as I expected not die

    After the update successful of the AirPort Express, the update cannot be installed on the Base Station firmware.

    After waiting a while, I tried the update again which also failed to install.

    Current symptoms:

    a. the Base Station is hot indicating energy consumption

    b. No. LED light is during the power on self test or during the race

    c. not discover measure on the WIFI network

    d. is not identified on Ethernet connection without light next to the Ethernet port

    e. DC output is 12V on the connection of the power supply works as expected

    f. cannot perform factory reset using the reset button on the back of the Base Station

    Where other devices working on the same power supply as the Base Station that very sensitive to power outages - these remain functional during the attack of upgrading me to think that he has not lost power while firmware update took place.

    My home network is made entirely of Apple devices - should I worry on the application of the firmware updates in the future.

    It's embarrassing and I now Cat5 running through my house just to maintain services.

    I can't confirm the date of purchase, so I don't know if it is covered by the warranty, however, I'd like to think Apple would cover this.

    What I am doing wrong and y at - it a way to recover the device.


    We have seen a few posts of users who have had the same problem.

    Unfortunately, not a really nothing you can other your advocate Support of Apple.

    Good luck and hope that you will have this resolved quickly.

  • R6400 after the firmware update, genius says WiFi connectivity not active... but I have wifi...?

    Under resolution of the problems of connectivity after a power failure, I have updated the firmware via NETGEAR engineering. Have connectivity all return, but on the "home page" of engineering, I have a STATUS: not activated under WiFi connection message. When I opened the connection WiFi button, I get a "can not scan wireless networks. Make sure that your wireless network card is enabled and is not disabled"message.

    Yet... all my devices wifi in the House appear on the network map, and I HAVE wifi access via the router on 2 devices, I tested.

    What this message REALLY says to... and how can me I make it disappear?

    Thank you.

    The f

    Hi @bemused59,

    The message on the "Home" of the NETGEAR engineering page indicates that the device you are using does not have a wireless adapter, or you turn off / disabled. If you are using a laptop, it is possible that there a physical wireless switch that must be turned on and off. I recommend the manual for it.

    Kind regards


    The community team

  • Can't connect to pass after the firmware update

    I have a power connect the 6224 switch which had everything set up and I accessing me it via the web gui for about a year now. I updated the firmware a few times before with no problems.

    Today, that I upgraded from to I did it using the following method:

    1. I downloaded the firmware using the web GUI

    2. I checked in versions on the web link, he was transferred from GUI

    3. I used the CLI to make it the active image and update the boot code (boot system image1, update bootcode)

    the switch rebooted and technically it's work but I can't access it using telnet or the web GUI. He seems to have forgotten then login and/or changed the password.

    What can I do to get there? I have another switch like this and am afraid now upgrade that I might lose access too.

    I would like to make a connection set for the switch. You should be able to access the CLI, check logging and execution of config, see if something has changed.

  • WRT54G2 problem appears after the firmware update

    Hi everyone, a newbie here. Nice to meet you all and thank you in advance for your help.

    Here's my problem. I have updated the firmware on my router for 1.0.04)is Sunday, and then there are problems on my router.

    1 have a weaker signal.

    2. the router cannot detect my internet just as it has been in the past. I have to type in my PPPoE setting for example my user name and password in Furthermore, I use AT & T DSL.

    3. my internet will totally drop off after several hours. I have to reopen it and the modem power on & off switch.

    So I want to know if I can downgrade the firmware back to 1.0.01 or is there any other setting that may help me get but it? A list of steps is better.

    Thanks again in advance and have a nice day.

    If you haven't already done so, try to do a hard reset, hold reset button of the router for at least 30 seconds with the power connected to the router, and then reconfigure as needed.

    Since I use your & AT T DSL, you can reconfigure the DSL modem, so it don't the PPPoE connection and then reconfigure Type Automatic Configuration - DHCP Internet connection router.

    There is another question that may arise with an AT & T DSL modem. My Speedstream 4100 & AT T DSL modem put the IP address for the router WAN/Internet port. If the router is configured to the default settings, there will be a conflict between the modem and the router and none of router devices connected will be able to access the internet. The solution is to change the IP Address of the router to the router on 192.168. 2.1. Restart all router connected devices after you have made this correction.

    Also with some model WRT54G2 (happens on my router WRT54G2 V1) the wireless signal will go offline when a wired computer is started. When this happens, the work around is the power cycle that the router once the wired computer has started, or log in to the router, go to basic wireless settings page and click on the button Save the settings. Then the wireless signal comes back to the top and wireless devices will resume their connection.

  • IX2 - dl does not start after the firmware update

    I bought my ix2 - dl last three days ago and then she starting with 2 new readers just to test it worked using Mac and Windows then a firmware update version appeared available via the web interface.

    After the update and reboot, it no longer starts with white LED blinking forever. I waited for 20 hours.

    The reset and power keys doen't work until the device starts as I suspect.

    Is it possible to install the old version of work or reset the dx2 another way?

    # The upgrade was successfully without interruption of power supply and interface asked to restart.

    I contacted the local support for RMA.

  • After the firmware update, cannot add new reading lists

    I updated from 1.01.29 to 1.01.32 and noticed some changes.

    1. the layout of the directory of the Clip is a little different.  It allows to view the Clip in this framework, "Internal memory" and in this framework, records.  Now it's just the Clip, in this setting, files.

    2. all the songs in the video for the upgrade are not visible in the music folder or any other folder.  They are on the device, because I can play them, and they take place on the Clip.

    3. with the help of WMP11, I added a new reading list for the clip.  The finer transferred playlist songs I can see in the music folder, and the reading list does not appear in the playlists of the music (even if all the playlists of the firware update see the place very well).

    When you upgrade your firmware, the Clip reset USB mode (under settings).  Back to what you had before (PSG?) and you will probably be fine again.

    Note that now, from your description, have a few transferred to your Clip in each of the MTP and MSC modes (before and after the upgrade).  There is nothing wrong with that, except that your computer can only see what's on your Clip the content transferred under USB mode you are currently connected to your computer under.  And so he can that you want to remove your hardware update, redefine your USB mode on what she was before and then transfer to the back matter to your Clip.

  • LaserJet Pro M1217nfw booting is not after the firmware update


    My configuration:

    HP LaserJet Pro M1217nfw (USB connection)

    MacBook Pro (mid-2012) running OS X Lion 10.7.5

    My Odyssey:

    The HP scanning software included on the CD is rudimentary to say the least. In particular, it don't will not let me scan multiple pages and combine them into a single PDF file.

    Tried to scan printing & scanning with ImageCapture, an excerpt, and the pane in system preferences: they see any of the MFP.

    Uninstalled HP, reset printing system software, downloaded and installed http://support.apple.com/kb/DL907 according to the instructions on http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printer-Networking-and-Wireless/Mac-Lion-Scanning-Multiple-Docs/m-p/159... no luck.

    Downloaded and installed the latest HP software http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL32660/Im-80903-6/LJM1130_M1210_MFP_Full_Solution.dmg

    Installation goes OK, then asked the installer to update the firmware of the printer and I foolishly said yes.

    Result: the printer will not be in service longer. At the start, it displays "then to initialize... "with the Green (ready) and amber (caution) of fires, then LCD turns off, then"initializing... ". "all over again, to infinity. Needless to say that the HP software or the Firmware utility see the device more and in system preferences, it is listed as "offline". In a Word, it is bricked.

    Of course, I could use some good advice. Thanks in advance.

    Solution in another thread:


  • After 32RL933 the firmware update won't start no - green LED lights

    After an update of the firmware via wifi and use the TV for a few hours, when I changed the Source, the TV goes black and reboot, right now the TV is always black, green LED flashing and the screen turns black.

    I think it's a firmware issue, I tried to pull the plug and put back in operation and does not. I have donwloaded a rl933_748304.bin firmware on the site, loaded onto usb and plugged into the TV and does not work, so I think I need a "auto-install" firmware that runs at the start of the TV instead a normal firmware.

    I've read that a lot of people have this problem, I hope that you could give me support.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

    Try this:
    Turning the TV off. Wait 30 seconds, then press power button.
    Then OFF it again. Unplug the power cable and LAN cable.
    Reconnect the cable LAN and power ON the TV.
    Now reset the TV.
    GO to the system configuration menu, select TV point Reset and press OK to select.

  • Toshiba 40SL980G - the Youtube app after the firmware update.


    So today, I've updated the firmware of my TV (40SL980G) and after the update of the youtube app is missing and also the social place of Toshiba places is not accessible.

    I did reset TV after the update.
    I checked the firmware download page, but this model is not which are listed there.

    Someone here could help me on how to solve this problem I would really appreciate it.

    They are probably going to change something in the places of Toshiba.

    If a new firmware update is available, try to install the latest version.
    Otherwise I recommend the service Toshiba Places in the next few days again.

  • Frozen opening control and shutter button after the firmware update.

    I've updated my sony nex 6 to the latest version of the firmware 1.01. After that, I noticed sometimes my camera froze. The opening is indicated as - and the shutter button does nothing. I have to remove the battery and put it back to make it work again. Sometimes with my zeiss lens and more often with my goal of 18200LE. Not sure how to work around this problem and what is the problem. I've reached a point of almost fed up with my camera. Need help!

    The exact model is SEL24F18 zeiss 24mm f1.8 on the latest firmware. Camera and the lens are on the latest firmware. Sometimes, the camera shows the f-stop and I have to remove and replace the battery to operate.

  • Songs are missing after the firmware update


    I've updated my Sansa Clip 8 GB mothers today via Autoupdater. Everything works fine, except that the root folder is different now and music disappeared somehow. Well, the music is still there (it's GiB 4.2 of 8 complete), you can even hear it. He just disappeared under windows (XP, Vista, and 7). How can I 'save' music?


    If you reset your USB mode under settings back to what it was set to before, the music must be visible again. When you update the firmware, USB mode gets reset auto.

    When the drive is connected to your computer using the USB MSC (the value of the player in settings/USB mode), your computer only sees the files that had been moved to the drive when the drive is connected in MSC mode.  Similarly with regard to the MTP mode.  However, all the files appear and can be played on your player, under some USB mode setting.

    A reason why some people prefer to set the USB Mode on their player to MSC or MTP: setting Auto, the Player tries to connect in MTP mode but then you will return in MSC mode if the connection of the MTP does not; as a result, you can have a mixture of MSC and MTP mode transferred the files to your drive, making some of them isn't visible on your computer without going to the other USB mode.

    Because MSC mode is more universal (playing with a wide range of operating systems, including Linux and on Mac, and without the need for Windows Media Player on the computer), some people prefer MSC mode.  However, note that the DRM (digital rights management) files need MTP mode - they will not transfer enough (the DRM license will not transfer) in MSC mode.

Maybe you are looking for

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    When you try to open the mails on yahoo and hot mail get 'certificate error navigation blocked "? Can get all web sites when you browse?

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    Printer connected to Windows 7 64-bit PC via a USB cable.  As soon as the last leaves page the printer after printing the PC hangs on a blue screen with corresponding memory dump.  Printer is new purchase and I was reluctant to go for a printer proce

  • IPS-4255 does not connect

    Hello I installed 4255 IPS with version 2.0000 E4 and the use of IME 7.0.2. I'm not able to view the logs in the EMI (event monitoring), but when I access it by CLI (show events) I can see the newspapers. I also tried to set a signature for large pac

  • How long does take to get a permit?

    I bought the creative product cloud 48 hours ago and still have not received my license agreement.  They tell me that it will take another 24-48 hours before I get the license. What is the problem with this process?  It was fast.  The old slow time y