Want 4500: Printing WITHOUT reason

For no reason at all on every 10 minutes, my printer will start printing recipes "allrecipes.com."   I deleted and uninstalled all files with what it is related to ' allrecipes.com, yet whenever I turn on my printer, and every 10 minutes thereafter, here come the recipes. I think I have some hidden file or program somewhere, but where?


-Very well, since you didn't say that you use ink snapshot or ePrint, this should solve your problem:

  1. On the printer, click web services icon that looks like a tablet with a phone beside her.
  2. Press the button "-" next to settings.
  3. Scroll to delete Web Services and press OK.

Please let me know if this prevents the prints. If so, please click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

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  • Want 4500: Print missing the top of the document


    Here is the problem that I am facing. I have a document Word 2013 which is the A4 format. When I print the document on plain white paper it prints without a problem. However, when I print on paper (120 g/m²) Brown Buffalo output a mixed success.

    Sometimes, the impression is correct - yay

    Sometimes feel like missing the beginning of the document. In that the output will print the bottom half of the paper half top of paper. In addition, the amount of printing which is not respected by the top of the page is also intermittent. Sometimes it's a couple of cms, sometimes its a half page.

    My document is in the landscape. The document has no margins, but there is no printable data less than 10mm of the edge of the document.

    As printing is correct with the white paper and defective with the brown card, I can only assume the problem with the printer paper type and not the document or the configuration of handling.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Yes, understand you it correctly. The problem is the document management capabilities of the printer. According to the specifications of the HP Envy 4500, Max paper weight it can handle is 120 g/m². If you are using their HP Premium presentation paper, you can get better results. However, if you decide to continue using brown paper you have there, there a trick so that you can get better results.
  • Want 4500: Printer 4500 desire does not recognize my password wireless

    I bought a new printer 2 weeks ago - the installation was successful, and I was able to print several times on the wifi network. But for some reason any it stopped working a week later. I now have a blue light flashes next to the wifi on the printer symbol and when I get the wifi settings, select my network and enter the password wifi the printer tells me that it is a wrong password and it cannot connect. I also tried to restore the settings of the default printer, however, I get the same problem.

    I scoured the web & forums to find a solution to it, but without success. Please tell me how I can fix the problem! Thank you!

    Yup blue flashing light means that you are not connected to your routers SSID. For test purposes, remove your SSID of the router password. Now try to connect to your SSID unsecured? Are you successful? If so, go back and add a WPA2-AES encryption with your password.

  • Want 4500: Printing problem

    I have problems printing.  I send stuff to print, but it's right there saying "printing" on the printed report.  The printer has "impression...". "on the screen, but nothing happens.  I tried to turn off the computer and the printer several times but always do the same thing.

    He did this before, but is itself sorted after the restart, but not this time

    Help, please!

    Hi @sooz2377 and welcome to the Forums of HP!

    I'd love to help you print from your PC running Windows 10. Performing printing and Scan doctor could help. HP printing and doctor Scan is a free utility (tool) that allows to quickly resolve problems printing, scanning and connectivity, including but not limited to:

    • Connectivity:

      USB: Check that the USB connection from your computer to the HP product works properly.

      Network: Verifies that the network connection between your computer and your network is working properly.

    • Device Status Test: checks the errors of the device, such as paper, paper jams, stands transport and paper issues and provides instructions to resolve the error.

    • Driver: checks the driver missing or corrupt files.

    • Device Manager: check the problems in Device Manager that could prevent printing.

    • Device online: check if the product has been suspended or put in offline and then sets the State back in line if necessary.

    • Print queue: checks and clears pending print jobs in the print queue (a newspaper for printing waiting to print).

    • Port Match: check the port settings for the HP product.

    • Device conflicts: check the conflicts with other drivers, such as the other brands of printers.

    • Ink issues: check the cartridges and the ink levels for issues that affect the print quality.

    • Print settings: check and adjust the print quality settings.

    • Test print: print a test page for the assessment of the print quality and provides options for cleaning and if necessary print head alignment.

    • Scan tests: check the scanning mechanism, drivers, and registry entries.

    Source:try the HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows

    Click here to download and run the print and Scan Doctor > > www.hp.com/go/tools

    Please mark this message as an Accept as Solution If this help leads you to a resolution. However, if the problem persists after back and let me know if there are all the symbols except the Green checkmarks and what they are next of course. The key is not always easy to find the key and the box are in the green circle.

    • If you see only the Green checkmarks ( ), the tool did not find any problem.
  • HP envy 4520: cannot print without directly using wireless

    I want to hp 4520. I want to print without using the direct wireless to my laptop. I always disconnect my home wifi network and use network want to live to be able to print wireless. Is it possible to print from my laptop using my local network, or I have to use the direct wireless to be able to print.


    Try to remove the printer and then add it again by opening the Preferences tab and then selecting «printers & scanners»

    From there, click on the sign less under the printer icon to remove the printer and then add again using the sign.

    This may help to solve your problem of connectivity.

  • Printing without margins expanded document

    Product: HP Officejet Pro 8600

    OS: Max OSX Lion 10.7.3

    I met a problem when printing borderless with my Officejet Pro offline 8600.  While the printer print without margins (edge to edge), it also scales the document a bit.  So, by example, if I have a document 8.5 "x 11" that has margins of 1 "and a background color I want to print without borders when I choose the option without borders, the document comes out without borders, but the document is furred so that margins are now approximately. 5 ".  In other words, the document is put across as I lose half an inch around the entire document.  I can not fine any way around that.  Suggestions?


    I found the answer.  On my Mac, to the title of the page setup it is a format of paper called "Borderless 8.5 in X 11 in.  I used which makes it a perfect borderless printing and print normally!


  • OfficeJet Pro 8600: Advanced Document settings don't show option for printing without margins

    Hi people,

    I am trying to print a document created in Microsoft Word 2013 (Windows 8).

    I am also able to create a .pdf file for printing from Adobe Reader XI but have the same problem.

    The paper is 8.5 "x 11" (but in the landscape) and contains texts and photos.

    I want to print on HP Professional Laser Premium presentation paper (8.5 "x 11", glossy).

    I want to duplex print on both sides of the paper.

    I want to print without margins.

    I have a printer HP Officejet Pro 8600, which has the function of borderless in duplex printing (according to

    However, when I go to the 'Advanced Document Settings', I don't see the menu option for "borderless printing.

    I have the size set on "Letter" paper and paper type is set to "HP Brochure paper 180g glossy paper".

    The manual says that this printer supports 'Edge to edge letter' to the duplexer.

    My printer driver is not correct?

    I would be grateful for any help.

    Thank you


    Used the class Windows 8, download the full driver or HP basic driver.

  • print without dialog box

    Hello.I want to print without dialog box will appear. Is this possible with as3 flash professional?

    Thanks in advance.

    not possible, and that would be bad enough if it was possible.

  • HP envy 4500: direct printing without having to change the wifi to printer

    To print on a HP Envy 4500 from an Air iPad with iOS8, should I switch my network wifi to the printer whenever I want to print something?
    For example through my email, there are several emails, each with an attachment that I I want to print. I choose my network WiFi, open the email attachment, return to wifi-changing the settings of printer-go back to the document and print it. Wait for it to print. To return to the e-mail, I return to settings-wifi-changes in my next email open network. Then go through the process of return to the printer.
    There must be a simpler way to use "direct print", but when I try to print in the document, he says "no printer found AirPrint."
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello CdnCreekers,

    It seems to me that you print to the printer WiFi Direct printing option. There is an easier way...

    To begin with, I would turn off WiFi directly from the front panel of the printer > select direct WiFi, then turn it off.

    I assume you already have your printer connected to your wireless network, if that's the case, then you just need to print from your iPad. The iPad must be on the same network as the printer to use Apple's Airprint wireless.

    WiFi Direct is a great option for guests to use, but you don't need to have it on in order to print wirelessly on your printer.

  • Example: Want 4500: I have Windows 10. On hp 4500 want I don't want to "print to PDF" as default. How to disable or change

    I have Windows 10. On envy, hp 4500, connected by a USB cable for my CPU, I don't want to "print to PDF" as default. How can I disable or change. Print only word documents and it is difficult to do not forget to change to print to PDF. Please if you can help me. I'm not savvy in computer science. Thank you!

    It seems that failed to print to PDF prints are a problem for other institutions. Looks like you can change a setting in printers and Scanners which determines whether Windows manages your default printer or not. Based on this image, I found that the option below is the list of available printers:

    I found this and more information here: Windows 10 Tip: disable default printer automatic management.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem or not. As previously mentioned, I will continue happily help if necessary.

    Thank you.

  • Want to 5640 e - Allinone: HP Envy 5640 cannot print without problem indicated

    My hp wireless want 5640 e - Allinone scanner/printer all of a sudden couldn't print more with no error showing.

    This printer has been used very frequently and it used to work well.  However, I kinda stopped using it for about 2 weeks, and today when I tried to print, whenever I sent a document to print, the printer status showed 'Impression' and suggested that the documents have been printed successfully; However, the printer was actually nothing.

    I tried to uninstall/reinstall the hp printer driver for several times, used hp print and scan doctor showing all the controls without error, turned off the firewall, checked the wireless connection for my laptop and the printer and even used a USB to connect my laptop and printer, but still failed to get a response from the printer.  Fortunately, he was able to print an internal test page by printing HP and scan doctor, but not a test page.  In all these processes, the State of the printer was still showing indicating "Ready" for printing without error.

    On the other hand, my printer have been able to print several documents sent from computer laptop of my roommate via connection Wi - Fi, and my laptop would have also ordered my roommate, a Canon one printer, to print via wifi.

    This situation has botherd me all night and I'm actually much more dependent on the printer now that the school year has started.   I really hope that someone can solve my problem and I would appreciate his helpfulness.  Urgent need of your help!

    Thanks in advance,


    Hey Willow.

    I see that you are having a problem wireless printing using your printer HP Envy 5640.

    If your roommate can print using your printer wireless, then I think that there is nothing wrong with his connection.

    To restore the State of your printer, you can try to do a Hard Reset. Simply unplug the power cable from the wall outlet, then to the back of the printer. Wait at least one minute, then plug it on both ends. Normally the printer will power on automatically. If this is not the case, simply press the power button.

    Blue wireless light should remain solid, once the printer is powered completely.

    On your PC, go to run by pressing Windows + R keys on your keyboard.

    Type services.msc and Services window should appear.

    Restart the services listed below by right-clicking on them and selecting restart. If it has not started yer, select start.

    1. print spooler

    2 IP Helper

    3. web client

    4. network access protection agent

    Try to print all your documents and see if it will work.

    Hope this will help.

    Nice day!

  • HP4215 printer can be used without phone connection if want to print, scan or copy

    Have a HP4215 printer that has not been used for a few years. Keep allow the family member, who use only a cell phone, and an old Apple laptop for 1 year, to be able to use it to print, scan and copy only - no fax.  If it downloads the driver, and hooks the USB, the printer can be used without a line of phone being installed?


    Yes, given the portable computer Apple has USB ports, you can connect your printer to the laptop via a USB port, but you will not be able to print from cell phone. If you want to print anything from cell phone, the quick and easy way: send or copy on the laptop from Apple to print.

    Kind regards.

  • want to 4500 printer all-in-one: Printcartridge can't move

    I get the print cartridge cannot move. I can move it freely, and when the printer starts the move cartridge but not when printing. I cannot detect paper jams and removed the cartridges and installed it again. I was in the middle of printing several pages when this error came. I updated the software and restarted the printer several times without success. It is fixed on my own or I need to find a repair shop?

    Hi @michiemom,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed that your ink cartridge cannot move with your HP Envy 4500 printer. I'm happy to help with this problem!

    Please try the steps in this guide, A 'transport Jam' Message Displays HP ENVY 4500 e-all-in-one HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3540 e-all-in-One Printer Series, if it does not solve your problem, the printer will need to be repaired or replaced. Please contact HPtelephone support for further assistance. (After you fill out the information, you will receive a phone number.) If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

    Good luck!

    "Please click the Thumbs up icon below to thank me for having responded."

  • E-all-in-one printer WANT 4500

    I install the 4500 e-all-in-one WANT to print wireless from my laptop Vostro 1500 (XP Pro). Internet connection through the modem of Connect USB clear. I do not see my wi - fi listed, and it is impossible to recover my SSID. Next step?

    Thanks for the quick respinse. I was able to get in touch with the internet provider. Wireless communication with the printer is not an option with my current service (USB modem), so I'll print the old-fashioned way, until I found a service easier to work with.

    Thank you once again!

  • How to print an email received without getting ads that cut the sides of the msg. Want to print full-page display e-mail?

    When printing email, only a narrow part of the msg prints. How I printed all msg?


    What e-mail system?  If she's Outlook.com.

    1. go to your Inbox
    2. Select the desired message you want to print
    Please select the three dots (...) next to categories
    4. click on print
    5. a preview of the message is displayed and also printing options. (don't forget to click on "all pages" for multi page email.)
    Just click print.

    Dyami & Wanikiya
    The zig - zag team

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