Want to fire green W701 fingerprint reader when the laptop is turned off

I realize the amount of electricity it uses is trivial, but unfortunately the accusation that carries the battery isn't much else. For the most part it's just because I don't have a use for the fingerprint reader. I completely uninstalled the software from the control panel. I thought that would get the light, but the "light on" survived the uninstaller not so complete.

I hope that there is a way to do it in the bios. If necessary I could re-download the software of fingerprint and do a from there, if possible.

It is possible to do anyway, please let me know. It's a minor thing, but I'm pretty annoyed that I'd make a sort.

When you turn on the computer (off-state), press F1 when you see the Lenovo logo (until the BONES start to load). "I think that you should find the fingerprints under security settings). It shouldn't be too hard to find.

Edit: Looks like that I don't remember it correctly. In the BIOS, you have the option to completely disable the fingerprint reader, but you do not have the option to turn off the green light only without disabling the fingerprint reader. If you want to disable the fingerprint reader completely turn off the computer, then turn on and press F1 when you see the Thinkpad logo (prior to the OS). When you enter BIOS click protection on the menu, and then select access to the Port of IO. In this list, you should have the ability to disable the fingerprint reader that I am sure that will also disable the go-ahead since the sensor is no longer in use. Press F10 to save and exit from BIOS.

To remove the green light only, or disable the option to turn on your computer by sliding the finger without completely disabling the fingerprint reader, in my view, you must reinstall the fingerprint reader software. Then, you must open the application after installation and type your password or by the finger scan enter enter parameters. Then click the settings button in the toolbar and you should have several tabs where you can turn off the green light or disable the use of fingerprint predesktop authentication.


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    go to http://audipages.com/router/ and follow the instructions

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    I was with my hp envy m4 core i7 for quite a while now... recently, I formatted and installed windows 8.1 64-bit installed. I decided to download some drivers from the hp site and I realized I needed to provide my model of laptop model number I could not remember so I decided to remove the battery while the computer is still connected to the power for the number, then I went back to the battery. the latter, I realized that the cell had not accused beyond of 7%, which was the level of support, until I removed the battery and when I checked the charge level, it indicated that it was plugged in but does not support. When I tried to repeat the entire process as well as close the laptop, remove the battery and turning it again nothing work and completely refusing to charge for its on.when I decided to turn off completely and then it was off it perfectly complete accused 100% operating battery estimated more than six hours of charge time, guys help me to understand what might have developed and what will be the best solution.

    Hi @Phanz,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    I entered which you have tried to download the driver on the HP website for your laptop but realized you need the model number.  You have removed the battery while the laptop is running.  Now when you reinstall the battery, it shows that it is connected but does not charge and continues to 7%.   You have repeated the process and close Notepad and removed and reinstalled battery, but there was no change. If you turn off it charges the battery to 100%.

    You did all your Windows updates?

    Have you tried the troubleshooter in Windows?

    First of all, I would like to try a Windows restore to before remove you the battery.

    HP computers - using the Microsoft System Restore (Windows 8)

    If restore doesn't work or is not possible, you could try a Refresh Your PC to solve problems (Windows 8).

    Then you can try the following steps.

    HP laptops - test and calibrate the battery (Windows 8)

    The battery method compatible ACPI Microsoft control is basically the driver that communicates between the computer and the battery. There is a chance that it became corrupt and bad reads the battery level.

    Step 1. Go to the Device Manager
    Step 2. Select the stacks
    Step 3. Click with the right button on the "Microsoft compatible battery ACPI Control method" which is in the list
    Step 4. Click on uninstall
    Step 5. At the command prompt, put a checkmark in the box to remove the current driver
    Step 6. Shut down the computer

    Step 7: Remove the battery for a minute and then put new

    When the computer returns to the top it should automatically find the driver.

    Step 8. Go to the Device Manager
    Step 9. Select the stacks
    Step 10. Click with the right button on the "Microsoft compatible battery ACPI Control method" which is in the list
    Step 11. Click "automatically search for an updated driver.

    Do the same thing with embedded controller compatible ACPI Microsoft.

    Last option is to reinstall your Windows 8.1 Pro.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite P10 - 802 - CD when the laptop is turned off?


    Apparently, my laptop can read audio CDs while it is turned off using the audio buttons dedicated next to the cd player.

    He says in the presentation of the product and also the manual.
    I don't know how to do. can I just put it on a disk before you turn off the power (if not, I can't eject the disc)?

    Then I press play?


    I think you should read carefully read the user manual, because you can find all the information on this subject in Chapter 4-8:

    If your computer is on or off, CD/DVD/audio control buttons are locked by default. To unlock, press the CD mode / digital for more than 3 seconds. Press the CD / Digital again for more than 3 seconds to block them again. When the CD mode / digital is unlocked, press CD mode / Digital and digital briefly to switch between the CD mode. The system LED status indicator will show you how you are.

    For more information see the user manual and if you n t have it you can download it on the Toshiba site.

    Welcome them

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    Probably, it is that when the computer is in hibernation the link on my switch light is off, but when it is stopped, the link light is on.

    So my question is: How can I get this phone to maintain the LAN port when hibernation, in the same way on shutdown? Thanks in advance.


    Click on the link below for a possible resolution following on problem of your computer network settings.

    How do I enable Wake on Lan on Windows 10

  • E535 high battery drain when the laptop is turned off


    I just bought a Thinkpad e535 and I have a very annoying problem:

    Whenever I have turn off the laptop (not not hibernating, not to sleep) and unplug the power cable from the power outlet the battery loses about 20% of charge every 24 hours.

    What I have done to solve the problems:

    -Always on disabled USB in the BIOS

    -Disabled Wake On Lan in Windows AND BIOS

    -Run the powercfg /devicequery wake_armed command to see if any device is programmed to turn on the laptop

    BIOS version is a later (2.08)

    Software Power Manager is 6.32

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    System Restore does not have this long period of time.

    You may want to refer to the suggestions in the thread below link and check.

    No sound via HDMI output portable computer connecting to TV

    I hope this helps.

  • Microsoft ON essential to keep all the time automatically, when the PC is turned OFF? I don't know to do.

    Dear Sir/Mam...

    I installed Microsoft essential to protect my notebook of virus & spy ware. When I turn off my laptop sound off automatically. Please send me the details to keep essential Microsoft on all the time, even my laptop is OFF please. Icon for turn on essential Microsoft whenever I start my computer. I can't find the related parameters in the ICONS.

    Once a computer is turned off, it's... Well well, off the coast.  But not just asleep, off.  By the definition of 'off' it does nothing.  Microsoft Security Essentials is a program and only works when the computer is turned on, as all of your other programs.  You cannot run a program when the computer is turned off.  The good news is that a computer is turned off is completely protected against malware are malicious software programs and does not work either.  There is absolutely no need to have anything by protecting your computer when it is turned off.  That said, I think that your concern doesn't really MSE all the time, but that's automatically done already when you turn on your laptop.  Not to worry.

    You see the pop-up warning that MSE has not yet started Microsoft.  If you click on the Start button in the pop - up notification MSE should start (but not immediately).  It may take a minute or two.  If you wait just MSE must start with itself and the notice will go away without having to do anything.

    I see the same thing when I run one of my virtual machines that you see when you start your laptop.  I'm very familiar with it.  It goes away in a few minutes and only means that from MSE wasn't the first thing the computer did when I turned on.  Windows moves to finally start MSE, but you can the long hurry up if you want.

    To manually start Microsoft Security Essentials, find its icon on the lower right side of your taskbar (called the "notification area").  The icon looks like a Red House with an X on it.  Right-click on the icon and choose open on the pop up list.  The MSE window opens on the desktop.  Click on "Start it now" button in the window that appears.  The window fades.  It may take a little time to start the MSE.  When everything is OK, home in the notification area icon will turn green with a check mark.

    When I see the Red House, I usually just give the computer a few minutes to complete marketing and the problem goes away on its own.  On rare occasions I start MSE myself.

    Colin Barnhorst

  • Tecra A5 - charges the battery only when the computer is turned off


    For a few days, my Tecra A5 has started to beep and stop it (like when the battery is low) then that it was connected to the power supply adapter.

    I finally realized that when the computer is plugged in, the battery discharge and does not use the power supply to recharge.

    On the other hand, if I turn off the computer, the battery starts to charge.
    I replaced the battery a few months ago, so I think it's still OK.

    The charger would be defective? Seems strange since it can always recharge the battery when the computer is turned off.

    Thanks in advance for your contributions.

    > The charger is defective?

    Theoretically; Yes, but could also be electronic supply on the motherboard is affected, but on the first stage of the AC adapter should be verified and laptop needs to be tested with AC adapter new, good work.

  • Satellite P30 seems to completely charge the battery only when the unit is turned off completely

    Hi, I have my Toshiba Satellite p30 and only works on battery. This unit operate on sector or only on the battery as after the period of time go down the warning, then closes. The orange light fades in and out, but seems that it will only fully charge when the unit is turned off completely.

    I only just received this unit so bit of a novice.



    normally, the battery should always charge until it is full when the power is connected.
    If you have an orange light flashes, it means that something is wrong. Maybe your battery is faulty or something else. This should be checked by a technician.

    Good bye

  • My Ipad charger charge my iphone 5s only when the phone is turned off

    Hi guys. My Ipad charger charging my iphone 5s only when the phone is turned off. The phone does not recognize if it is on and I can't transfer files with it. Help, please?

    Hey Bigfootinyourface,

    I understand that you have a problem with your iPad charger or cable. Accessories and connectors uncertified can often result in the mentioned behavior. Article in the link below provides information that you may find useful.

    Identify the fakes or not certified lightning connector accessories

    See you soon!

  • The trash empties automatically when the computer is turned off. How can I fix it.

    The trash empties automatically when the computer is turned off.  How can I fix?

    The trash empties automatically when the computer is turned off.  How can I fix?

    Find what to do (something you installed and/or took the time and effort of installing) and undo - because it isn't Microsoft / default, or even something extremely simple (not something inadvertently, you can check, etc.) to (that happen.)

  • iBook randomly started playing when the phone is turned off

    Just noticed this with the upgrade to iOS9. The phone is off (i.e., black screen, but still able to receive phone calls or be activated with PW or digital), and iBooks starts reading my audio book. We then see the iBook controls in the lock screen. No one touched the iPhone 6.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Suggestions to prevent it from happening would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Maybe it's not a specific question of iBook. My iPhone is not actively running - sometimes even just sitting on a table across the room to anyone - lights sometimes at random a random application without apparent reason. (This is especially awkward when he phones random random contacts!) Or, as you say, starts playing audio.)

    I don't know what causes it, and I didn't notice all the reasons for this behavior. I think if the phone was turned off in fact he wouldn't do this, but that sort of impact at the point of having a phone in the first place.

  • Satellite Pro U400-11V - charges only battery when the computer is turned off

    Following a reformatting my hard drive of the computer, my laptop recognizes only the AC/DC power adapter when it is turned off. When the computer is turned on, it does not recognize the AC adapter.

    Changed the power supply ac and it made no difference.

    Have also tried an update of the BIOS (3.0), I am running Windows Vista 32 bit.


    I doubt it has something to do with the software or the operating system. In my opinion, that this looks like a hardware problem, because the battery will be always charged if AC/DC adapter is plugged in. That's why it of not necessary to enable this setting in the configuration of the software.

    If your BIOS is already updated, contact an authorized service provider. Technicians can check your laptop and maybe the motherboard needs to be replaced.

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    In the computer I use at the office, I need to create a task in Task Scheduler to run every month on the first Monday of each month. And everything works fine, except when that day's holiday. The computer is turned off during the weekend and holidays.
    If this occurs. How can I force this task runs next time I turn on the computer?

    In the computer I use at the office, I need to create a task in Task Scheduler to run every month on the first Monday of each month. And everything works fine, except when that day's holiday. The computer is turned off during the weekend and holidays.
    If this occurs.  How can I force this task runs next time I turn on the computer?

    You're overthinking this problem.  Simply configure tasks planned to inform you of missed tasks .  If the date of scheduled backup has been a weekend or a holiday with the computer off, the next time you turn on the computer you will get a notification that "some tasks did not run."  At this time, manually start the backup job.

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