Want to Phoenix 850-150qe: program file can not be updated as a not enough space on the new computer

I have a new computer with disk 3 TB initially space.  I have now available 2.60 TB.  I have this simple little card game that has an update of 207 MB of available space required.  Whenever I try to load it, it says "program file can not be updated because of insufficient disk space".   The original game loaded just fine but not the update.  I wrote to the company that has given me a standard introductory text on turn off my antivirus which is nothing to do with my problem.  Someone else has encountered this and if yes, what is your work-around?  I am trying to load it on the C drive with my game so am loading at the right side of the road.


I solved my problem.  I went back to my computer and I went back to my reliable want 700-074 also having windows installed 10.  My little program works very well and I was able to update the program.  This program was one of the many problems with this computer.

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    You will need a bigger c. For everything that you can move there will be 10 things, you can't. Software installation puts the huge amounts of information in the Windows Installer on C database.

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    1. what Slideshow program do you use?

    2. you try to open a slide show file or the program itself?

    3. If you try to open the file, then where is it?

    4. have you made a recent software or hardware changes to the system?

    If you are trying to oepn the file, then you can try to copy the file to the desktop and check if it helps.

  • Can not activate Photoshop on the new MacBook Pro

    Program version: Photoshop Elements 8.

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro today to replace my three year old MacBook. I sold my old MacBook after I backed up on an external hard drive via Time Machine. I used the migration wizard to import everything on my new Macintosh and Photoshop throws an error saying that I can not activate Photoshop because the serial number has been activated more than once (it is also used on my iMac).

    My old MacBook has been reformatted and is no longer with me, so I can't go back and disable that copy of Photoshop (I have eBay documents and emails showing sale and reformatting my old Macintosh for evidence). What should I do? Who should I talk to? I don't want to buy another copy of Photoshop. I use Photoshop for graphics in Web to University development, so I need it up and running!

    Thank you.

    ~ Benjamin Anderson

    However, for the activation problem itself, you can contact adobe to reset your activations.

  • Can not import addresses from the old computer

    I can't import addresses my old computer to the new Thunderbird. The import function simply stops. I waited for her several times, tried twice, abandoned.

    What you are trying to import from?

    Users from a different mail program generally target functions of import in Thunderbird.

    If you move Thunderbird from one computer to another, the best way is to copy the profile to the new computer.


  • Phoenix 850-150qe: peripheral disks connected West not always recognized by the new computer

    I have two Western peripheral connected to my computer.  I store all my backups picures and Painter on these two devices.  When I first boot my computer into the AM sometimes readers are recognized and other times they are not.  I can't understand why this happens.  On my old computer also running windows 10 my discs were always recognized.  On this computer when the error occurs, I have to go into the Device Manager and find readers and indicate the update drivers in order to make them work.  Both drives work fine until I turned off the computer during the evening and restart the morning.  Other times, that my devices are recognized all away without me having to do something for them.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    I have solved my problem.  I had problems with my computer last week not to open some programs installed HP and spent two hours on the phone with a HP technician.  During this time the technician has literally on my computer to see what was going on.  The technician had crossed and disabled all of my menus start to see if it would solve my problem.  A disabled element is the WD disk start up, so I have now enabled it and so far it seems to work.      The technician explained that they met some problems with windows 10 and how it interacts with the computer.  This new computer came with windows installed 10 while my old computer has been updated to 8.1 to 10 and I don't have the problems that I'm having now.

  • Why some programs in the folder program files do not have appear in the start menu

    I've scanned my laptop (vista home premium) with antivirus, then I lost a few menu start programs
    but they are in the folder c:\program files and they run right.
    they do not have appear in the start menu
    How can I solve this problem

    Click Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - run (or press the Windows key + R). Type the following command

    menu start shell: common

    Shell programs: common

    start of the shell: common

    Shell: Start menu

    Shell: programs

    start of the interpreter:

    Each folder open in a place in your folders on the start menu.

    Start menu


    -The boot

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not get Livestrong on the new phone.

    First step: right here go us... go a Pearl of blackberry replacement and want to get the livestrong on this calorie counter.  Already purchased through paypal with my old phone in June.  On my new phone go to My App World, he's not here, there, I'm told to 'log in' and I'll be able to re-download it.  When I try to "log in" to paypal from my app world I get an error message that says: 'impossible to authenticate at this time, please try again later '.  I tried for three days.  I go to my computer, log on to PayPal without problem and see if I bought livestrong in June 09.

    Second step: so I don't think, no big deal, I can buy this new... it's only $2.99.  When I try to make I get an error message that says "you already bought this app, go to 'My world' and choose connect from the menu to reconcile your purchase (error id: 20304).»

    Third step: of course I do, and the first step happens all over again...

    How can I get the livestrong app yet? !!  Help, I used to love my blackberry, but I "lose that Lovin' feeling!

    Now, there is a problem with your Paypal account that you not to use it to connect to AppWorld. I understand that you can connect to your Paypal account using a computer, but not enough. You must ensure that each account into your paypal account works fine. For example, if you leave an old credit card that has expired, does not prevent you to use Paypal, but prevent you from connect to AppWorld.

    Thank YOU, you were right.  I signed in to Pay - Pal on my computer and discovered that you must add to your mobile phone and then activated.  You go to profile and add/EDIT a phone.  You will need to activate it!  I added my mobile!

    After I log into 'my world' and it worked!  God bless you.

    Two weeks of the trial, of many phone calls and e-mails to blackberry, verizon, paypal.  And none of them could tell me the answer.    YOU ARE THE GREATEST!

  • Can not activate CS2 on my new computer

    My old XP computer died and I'm trying to reinstall CS2 Premium on my new Windows 10. Hoping it will work. When I went through the installation, it could not find the server to do the activation. He said that I would have 30 days to use the program and get fixed activation but when I try to launch Photoshop it says the account, serial number or activation is wrong and stops. I can't go to the old computer to turn off, and when I check online under my account here it does not show my product. When I try to activate, I get a message saying that it is already activated. (I also can't get my old e-mail client - Eudora - load so I can't search my accts to see when I signed up, or if I used another email address).

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Here is some info on CS2 software activation:


  • How to exclude a page to report file drive "«not enough space"»


    I am very new to vCOPs and still learning, so be ;-)

    On the alerts from my world page, I get a number of virtual machines that report "comments P:\ file system is saturated.  In this context, the P-drive are all disks that do not contain the pagefile and are usually almost full. Is it possible to exclude only P-readers but not the C, D, E-readers?


    I would say no: all detected partitions on VMware Tools will be mapped as an instance in the metric of "file system of comments. You can assign a different profile of on - or simply ignore the individual instances.

    I think that you can simply ignore these (or better: remove them for a year). Over time, VCOPS will learn that these full P: disks are normal. In addition, depending on your environment, don't expect not that your volume of alert should be 0. My team only checks 'infra' critical alerts (host, cluster, vcenter), another team check things like disk space full or large amount of anomalies.

  • I have access to my old computer and don't turn off my account. Now I can not activate it on my new computer. I can fix this?

    How can I activate the creative programs cloud to my new computer?

    Hi Amy,

    Yes, you can activate the application on your new machine.

    Please refer to the help documents below to download the application Adobe CC:

    Creative cloud to desktop

    Download, install, update or uninstall applications

    Once downloaded the CC app, just sign in and activate the license.

    Kind regards


  • How can I turn on a new computer when I can not disable it on the old computer

    I want to enable CC on a new computer, but he can't turn off on the old computer because it no longer works.  How can I do this?

    Hello Jackie,.

    for your problem Adobe has established this link: https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-deactivation-products.html > common disabling or disconnection problems > I can't access my old computer.


  • BlackBerry smartphones can not sync contacts on the new PC configuration


    Just new PC with Vista on the rise and have installed 4.2 on the CD supplied with the 8800. I can't sync contacts on the new PC configuration, but when the sync of the former connection PC works fine.

    Can someone help please?

    Thank you

    Everything ok, now, I forgot the procedure that's all

    Thank you

  • Where can I download a version of Acrobat 9 pro for the new computer volume license

    I have a laptop retired and got a new. I have a valid license for Acrobat 9 Pro. It appears in the list of my licenses on the Adobe Web site.

    The installation rejected the license number, so I contacted support. They said that I tried to install a retail version with a volume license, and they sent me to licenses.adobe.com to get a download of volume license. Only Acrobat 9 pro does not appear on the list of downloads available in my account.

    There is an inconsistency here. The list of my licenses on adobe.com says I have a valid license. Tech support says that's a volume license, but it does not appear on my site of volume license. Said technical support so that they can not help me because this product is not supported.

    I'm about to get gypped out of my ability to use what I bought and 'forced' in an upgrade. Is it possible for me to get a download and continue to use it?

    Thank you


    If AA 9 was part of CS, then you will get it by downloading CS, not directly in Acrobat. As we have stated, normally volume licenses are managed by the contact of the company that keeps track of the number of users and others, including the distribution of the software. In fact, many companies that work with the same volume license requires that all help requests go through this contact. The use of a contact to deal with these details makes it viable for a software company offer volume discount which is often considerable. The forums offer the opportunity to get aid, but not the software itself. Have you tried to contact your IT people about software?

  • Why can we install not creative CS6 on the new computer

    I have a construction company we a new computer and they can not install our CS6 upgrade.  I gave them my serial number CS4 production premium that we received back in 2011.  Since then, we have moved to CS5 and CS6.  They say adobe will not accept the serial number CS4 production premium.  Can we get detailed advice on how to get this to work?

    Hi tjcl,

    Please contact our support chat: http://helpx.adobe.com/in/contact.html.

    Kind regards

    Romit Sinha

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