Wants to know that the best apps and games from MS store for children

* Original title: windows 8 for children

I have a child of 2 years and 3 years who like to use my surface. Is there a program or application that I can download to make it more user friendly kid, where they can get in apps I put on the start screen and wont be able to change anything?


Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.
Based on the query you requested, I understand that you want to know the best apps and games in Store so that your children aged 2 years and 3 years can enjoy using on the Surface of your tablet.
As you have children from a very young age, I suggest you just create a new user account (child) on the Tablet Surface and install applications and games in Store that your children are interested.
As I wouldn't be not able to propose specific or the best apps and games for your kids to store Windows, please see the articles below:
Videos for small children
How to buy apps for kids

Additional reference:

Keep your children safer on the PC


Hope this information helps, simply reply to any further assistance, we will be more than happy to help.

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    The answer is Yes in all areas. The laptop will accept any 2.5 inch wide disk SATA 9.5 or 7 mm thick and which includes mechanical hard drives and Solid State drives. Where are you located (one country)? Hard drives and SSDS for laptops are a part of the goods. You can pick them up at a Best Buy or Frys if you live where there are no Frys or you can use amazon.com or newegg.com or similar online service. The prices vary a lot, so it is useful to get a good deal. A 1 to SSD can run more than $300, you know. Need instructions for installing and/or migrating software? We are a bit like McDonalds here in the Forum... served billion regarding replace drive hard/updates to level. One of the specialties of the House, so to speak.

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    This is the Forum for Windows Update!


    Compare editions of Windows 7 at the link above.

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    Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

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  • What is the best, safest and easiest way to store and manage passwords electronically?

    I know there are a lot of programs rated password and management services on the market for Windows users, but I hesitated using an any of them because I don't know how security, they are really - it seems as if a sneaky programmer could easily include a hidden back door hack that would allow them to fly without the knowledge of the user. Unfortunately, these days, data breaches continuing in societies and in the sites of the Government, demonstrated with some certainty that there is no really safe, more.

    Keep a written list of password is a little awkward; He takes each password to manually write down, then looked up and typed to the computer, and if you lose the paper list, you're RUINED. Keep an email list of password in a document, it's easy and simple.  But the document must surely stay offline, not on the hard drive of the computer.

    For lack of a better idea, I'm currently a USB key where I keep a document containing all of my passwords for accounts website and in some cases, for applications.  I plug briefly when I need a password: with preview pane of Explorer turned on, the text content of the file password is visible in the preview for a quick search, and copy/paste pane. Then I immediately remove and unplug the USB.

    Somehow it makes feel me a little safer, but it's probably a crazy illusion: after all, any time he connected and mounted, it is probably subject to be hacked. And even after I disassemble and remove the USB, I wonder... do the contents of the file that was posted in the Preview Panel, persist as a latent image in my paging file in Microsoft Office or elsewhere on my computer, where a potential hacker could access?

    Also, I realize that the password itself, which I copied to the Clipboard, is potentially at risk, as well.

    And, of course, there is the question of whether and how the USB itself must be encrypted and password protected... but also firmly backed up to somewhere else, because ultimately any USB drive can and probably will fail.

    Is there a really secure way, not involving not third-party software, Web sites, or "cloud services", to keep a list of password accessible electronically, which is absolutely free of breach of security, the password protected or encrypted and safely backed up and always stored where I personally in my immediate fix possession?  What Miss me?


    I don't think that you are missing something.  I don't think that it is possible to get a definitive answer to your question.  The best policy is impossible to establish when it comes to the protection of password that hackers are as unpredictable as the burglars.  I offer you the results of my investigation into the matter simply as material for thought.

    I do the same as you except that I log out * of the internet before connecting the USB to open the password file [just in case I'm on a Web page that was set up to allow an overview of the open documents capture].  This USB never lets me and his backup copy lives behind the radiator.

    * That I am connected through WiFi just turn it off without leaving the Web page that I want, connect the USB cable, copy the password to the Clipboard, unplug the USB, turn on WiFi, paste the password in and then copy from the boring text in the Clipboard to replace the password it.

    I studied the effectiveness of passwords for MS Office 2007, a couple of years ago because I used a file protected by password to store all of my passwords.  I reached decisions for Excel files & password-protected but, I stopped using Access I could find nothing to refute the claims that small Access databases can be broken by other than force attacks attacks online.

    password length 18 non-dictionnaire-strings with letters [both upper & lower case], numbers and common punctuation, at least 2 symbols

    password length 19 non-dictionnaire-strings with [both upper & lower case] letters, numbers, punctuation ordinary, without any symbol

    21 password length with letters [both upper & lower case] non-dictionnaire-strings, numbers, without punctuation, without any symbol

    These password types-lengths would have less chance of being 1/1,000,00 brute force cracked [combined with the attack by dictionary] in years thirty systems sophisticated such as those described in password online decoding & services security guidance documents I discovered.

    The assumptions in my analysis are-

    1 they don't judge me a value of more than 100 hours of dedicated effort that offer some of these services to password decoding standard service.

    2 current hacker boasts of its capabilities is accurate

    3 they have control of the power of calculation 1 000 000-2 000 000 equivalent-PC [a very large botnet, a network of data centers,...]

    4 my analysis assumes that you are using MS Office 2007, but improvements to the password in the 2013 office security mechanisms mean that my analysis is looking for the side dark security if I ever upgrade.  Frustrating, I was not able to quantify the degree of improvement.

    5-speed of calculation will continue to double each year for the next thirty years-

    "Moore's law" is the observation that, in the history of computer hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits double about every two years.  Intel Executive David House predicted then 18 months for a doubling of the CPU performance (being a combination of the effect of several transistors and them being faster). I assumed a double each year 1 purely for simplicity of calculation, so my results apply in fact to a period of more than 30 years given hypothesis "right" of a Moore.

  • I want to know that the total number allowed per process and overall user objects?

    In my system, I have windows xp sp3 installed. my system by the number of user process object is 10000. When the total user of my system object reaches 10000, I'll be able to do whatever it is like opening a new tab in iexplorer. so, I just want to be consistent with what is the total number by process and in the entire system (all processes)

    Hey Kumaran Villi.

    Please take a look at the information provided in respect of user objects in this MSDN blog entry:
    Pushing the limits of Windows: USER and GDI Objections - part 1

  • astrophotography. I want to know that the focal length is to determine the field of vision?

    I'm interested in astrophotography.  I want to buy a camera for my telescope.  You can find the field of vision, if you know the focal length of the telescope.  But what is the focal length of a camera with a fixed lens?  If I have a 50 mm lens, is the focal distance 50 mm? or do you need to know the distance from the camera of body image sensor and add it to the lens focal length?  Thanks in advance...

    If you have a 50mm... lens focal length.  The focal length is the distance between the end of the lens and the image plane.  If you look at a digital SLR, there is a symbol on the body (usually the top of the body and often near the viewfinder) that looks like a small circle with a line through IT... which line marks the position of the focal plane inside the camera.

    There is a friction more... If you have a 'simple' goal, it would be the focal length.  Many modern lenses are technically able to be physically shorter than the focal length they provide... because of the types of 'glass' and the configuration of optics.  So the focal length is based on how long a simple goal should be to provide that same value (even if you were to physically measure it and not get this value.)

    All telescopes list their focal lengths, but also among the specs of the telescope focal reports.  I have a refractor of 540mm with an opening of 101mm... so it is 'roughly' f/5.4 scope.  I have also a larger 14 "SCT with a focal length of 3556mm and it is a stretch of f/10.

    The distance "flange to focal plane" on a camera Canon is 44 mm... in the grand scheme of things with a telescope, it will not substantially change the focal length of the image.

    Depending on the scope, you can use either a "focal reducer" or a "barlow" to decrease or increase the focal length.

    One last thing... many designs of 'Newtonian' type telescope is problematic for astrophotography.  This is because most of the glasses and catadioptric telescopes are designed with the intention that a person would use a diagonal of 90º with their eyepiece.  "The diagonal has a tendency to add"roughly"2" to the overal of the focal path length.  If you are using a camera you take this "diagonal" and simply attach the camera for a shot "straight through".  So even if you have lost the focal length 2 ", created by the diagonal... the camera adds"roughly"the same amount of back in.

    BUT... When you use a Newtonian telescope of reflector design, the eyepiece is near the front and there is no "diagonal" in use.  This means that when you add a camera, focal length gets longer, it would be with an eyepiece.    Pull door-eyepiece tube has some development trips... but because the camera is the longest focal length, you end up having to run the focuser completely 'in' to shorten the length of the focal length to put the image in focus.  And that's where you are having problems... very often on a Newtonian telescope, you exceed the limit of traction of focuser (you can't shorten the development any more that you have) and the image was just starting to focus... but it's still pretty fuzzy.

    This problem not to poison all the reflectors of knighting... some can accommodate cameras and still come to focus.  You really check the specific scope.

  • I bought 13 PS elements and did not know that the Windows Vista operating system is not supported by this version.  How can I exchange the PS13 bought for a version of Photoshop that supports the Windows Vista operating system.

    I bought Photoshop elements 13 and did not know that the Windows Vista operating system is not supported.  How to exchange the 13 elements of Photoshop for a version of Photoshop that supports the Windows Vista operating system?

    Adobe does not sell older versions of their software, the best you could expect if the software will not work on Vista is to get a refund.

    Please see return, cancel or Exchange an order - Adobe


  • Determine the MAC address of the LAN knowing that the model and serial number

    Laptop Toshiba SN 96592614 G

    Is it possible to determine the MAC address of the network card, knowing that the model and the serial number of your laptop?

    How to enter the Toshiba addicts.

    I saw you using Toshiba unit details page with the serial posted Qosmio F30-113 offered in Russia.

    Your laptop is stolen or what?

  • How can I open program. computer tells me there is a virus but I know that the provider is trustworthy and is a professional body.

    How can I open a program from the internet.  computer says program is deleted because there is a virus.  I know that the provider is trustwortthy and is a professional company.  I went in tools bar stamped confidentiality and unlocked the company cookies, but Istill does not open.

    Thank you


    Hi Celia,
    Your computer is probably infected by a virus. Try following the steps in this virus/malware removal guide: http://www.selectrealsecurity.com/malware-removal-guide
    It contains instructions which will remove most malware infections. If you have any questions, just ask me. I hope this helps you.
  • I know that my email address and password but still can't connect to my address an email to * address email is removed from the privacy *. Help me.

    I have 2 email address

    Can not GET IN this ONE at ALL * email address removed for privacy protection *.

    This one lost today CANT ACCESS * email address removed for privacy protection *.

    I know that the password for each, just does not accept my password.     I am in 2 company and need to access my account desperately, have multiple CLIENTS.

    Ardell L. Hoff * phone removed for the protection of personal information *.

    For help on Hotmail accounts, visit http://windowslivehelp.com/.

  • I want to know when the last time that change in my system windows xp sp3

    I want to know when the last change time in my system windows xp sp3 in Date & time difference are made. I want to know method.please give me to the subject of the information.

    OPEN Windows Explorer and in the right pane, right-click on the 'name' collum and select the option "update." Then, you should be able to check at any file was last chaged.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

  • Search for Windows 7 is not find, I know that the files are there and when I go into the control panel and select indexing options, it doesn't seem to work

    Windows 7 search is not finding I know that the files are there and when I go to the control panel and select the indexing options, it doesn't seem to work. I guess that's a place where the problem of index - what can I do?

    Microsoft has NO solution.

  • Please help me out here. I want to know if the story of adobe that I use is free or not?

    Please help me out here. I want to know if the story of adobe that I use is free or not?

    In the free version of history, once you log in, you'll notice an "Update now" link in the upper right demand.

  • Hello, I can't install the creative cloud because I asked the administrator password and nobody here knows that the machine that we use a lot. Find out how to reset the password to let me install the program... Thank you!

    Hello, I can't install the creative cloud because I asked the administrator password and nobody here knows that the machine that we use a lot. Find out how to reset the password to let me install the program... Thank you!

    This isn't something to ask an Adobe forum... it is your operating system that requires permissions to install the software

    You need to find someone who has the administrator password to give to you, or install the software for you

  • I want to confirm that the update of Adobe Reader 10.1.15 is legitimate.  This update apparently fixes security vulnerabilities and customer issues.

    I want to confirm that the update of Adobe Reader 10.1.15 is legitimate.  This update apparently fixes security vulnerabilities and customer issues.

    Hi Jeremiah,.

    Yes, the Player update 10.1.15 is legitimate.

    In fact, we released the latest patch 10.1.16 October 13.

    You can download the same: Adobe - Acrobat: for Windows

    For immediate release notes please reference: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/release-note/release-notes-acrobat-reader.html

    Kind regards

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