WARNING: The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the version of the graphics adapter driver you activated. If you please update your ATI graphics driver or enable your ATI card using the display manager.

Original title:  Install the new NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 graphics card but now gets error message regarding the necessary to the old card drivers ATI Radeon.

I just bought a new computer from AMD PHenom II quad core Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 installed. For the graphics card, an ATI RAdeon 4200 on it there but I wanted a more powerful card and installed a NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 graphics card. The ATI Radeon is not delete because honestly, I could not recognize what it should look like and thought that maybe it was incorporated. The fine installed NVIDIA card and now shows as the graphics card used by the computer Information System.

My problem is that whenever I start my computer, I get an error message saying that the drivers for the ATI card are not compatible with the Catalyst Control Center. I think I need to disable the ATI card, but don't know how. Can you help me?

Dell Inspiron 570 is a desktop computer, the ATI Radeon 4200 is an integrated graphics card chipset usually equipped with laptops. Something is not here.

Go to dell support, enter your tag # and get the origonal system specifications.

You can uninstall anything about ATI through Add/Remove dialog

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  • Getting error while booting: "the Catalyst Control Center is not suppoerted by the version of the driver for your current graphics card.

    Original title: error message

    Whenever I turn on my computer (Windows Vista) I get the following error: "the Catalyst Control Center is not suppoerted by the version of the driver for your compatible graphics card. Please update your ATI graphics driver or enavle your ATI card using the display manager. "How can I do this? and do I do this?


    Update the driver may solve the problem. See the following article to install/update the drivers.

    Update a hardware driver that is not working properly.

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    You can also download the drivers from AMD. Choose the appropriate brand and model of the device and download the drivers.


  • Catalyst Control Center does not work after update win8.1

    My computer model mobile no is 017tx - Hp pavillion 15th,after update of victory 8 to win 8.1, Catalyst Control Center does not work. So I'm unable to move from the graphics options.


    Try this uninatall current display AMD drivers and install the one from the link below


    For other drivers


  • Catalyst Control Center will not be open, with the error


    I have a HP Pavilion dv4-3030TX laptop with Windows 7 x 64 and I'm trying to access my video card settings in the Catalyst Control Center. Whenever I try to start the program I get the error message: could not load file or assembly ' CLI. Implementation ' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the specified file. »

    I have erased all traces of the completely with Driver Sweeper, in Mode safe driver and then reinstalled with the SoftPaq, but I still get the same error later. A note: when I finished the installation of the graphics driver, the Installer gives me a warning that there is at least an error during the installation of the driver and gives me a button "View log", but this button doesn't appear to do anything. I searched for the newspaper myself but I have not found one.  I hope someone can help.

    Try to uninstall the fomr Catalyst Control Center and driver within programs and have section of the control panel. Once you have done this, restart your computer and try to reinstall it

  • HP Pavilion TX 2136 G6: "AMD Catalyst Control Center" does not

    "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - Radeon (TM) HD 7670 M

    "Download size: 106.4 MB.

    After that this updated AMD catalyst controller stops working and apps like Youcam and will not launch games.

    Please help me with this problem.

    Thanks in advance



    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post about the problem of Catalyst Control Center and wanted to help.

    Is this an update of driver that has been installed by HP Support Assistant?

    Or (more likely) you go to AMD and download yourself?

    Because if the latter, which was a big mistake!  Laptops come with specialized equipment for which the drivers are delivered only by OEM - in this case, HP.

    What you need to do is the following:

    (1) download and run this utility AMD to remove AMD drivers you installed: utility uninstall own AMD

    2) go to this HP Product Page and download the AMD drivers and install THOSE: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC-series/5262606/model/5293908

    After that, you should be OK.

    And stay away from downloading drivers from the Internet for your laptop.

    Good luck

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  • Catalyst Control Center does not (hp pavilion dv6)

    I downloaded Catalyst Control Center several times, but it still does not. I have Paviliion dv6-6120se, AMD radeon hd 6490M and integrated intel GPU hd 3000 the two GPU works well but the problem started when I uninstalled the Catalyst Control Center to obtain a new update site Web of AMD. But the site says my version of the radeon hd 6490 M AMD does not support in any way I tried everything I uninstalled the driver of ATI GPU and install again. Somehow, I downloaded Catalyst Control Center and the installation is complete and the same problem, it's still not working. Please any help would be appreciated. Now, I've lost the Catalyst Control Center and the switchable graphics config. help please.


    As you have switchable graphics, you will need to download and install the driver of HP - it is on the link below.


    Once the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HIS 5770 + AMD catalyst Control Center does not load.

    For Christmas, I got 2 5770 ITS graphics cards, incredibly excited when I was driving back to the college to put both and start playing games, I prepared the diskette and waited for it to load. Then I clicked on the button "Install Drivers", asking me if I want to English, I accept and click Next. He then tried to open the "Catalyst Control Center", which does not immediately and closed. This happens with all the drivers that I try to ati and sound. IM downloading the 64-bit versions of sence you know I have windows 7 professional 64 bit. idk what to do and need help on this, id like to get these working in the crossfire and let it roll.

    Thank you.

    Intel DX58SO motherboard

    Intel Core i7 920 to 2.7 ghz

    6gbs of ram ddr 3

    1 TB harddrive

    hd5770 2 current is SOUND

    I just received a response from AMD for a known issue with Catalyst Control Center and Windows 7.  You can go there.  It worked for me the first time after a lot of troubleshooting.

    How to solve the CCC is not loading/opening at initialization.

    Scenario: the user tries to open/load the CCC through different methods, but it does not load. The problem may occur without any changes to the system or a Catalyst driver update or reinstall. This is issue mainly affects Windows 7 machines.

    Cause: possible corruption of the Windows Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Usually, this requires the user to format and reinstall Windows.

    Resolution: this solution has been tested - reproduced and resolved.

    Remove all the ATI through programs and features in Control Panel using the Manager to install Catalyst (GPC). Restart the system in safe mode and follow these steps:

    -Remove all ATI C:\programs files files and the C:\programs files (x 86)

    -Go to the C:\Windows\assembly and sort by "public key token. Locate the following key token public "90ba9c70f846762e" which is

    -associated with ATI. Usually only 2 entries. Remove 2 entries. Note: entries should be deleted (right click and select uninstall) since regular safe mode

    -mode may cause a permissions error. 2 entries appear only in the systems concerned by this issue. This means that you want the 2 inputs on systems where the CCC charges, the entries do not exist.

    -Close and restart normally.

    -Reinstall the ATI Catalyst package.

    I hope that you will get in working order!

  • Satellite L850: Catalyst Control Center does not start

    Hello, I have an AMD 7670 m dedicated graphics card and when I install the AMD display drivers downloaded from the toshiba site, the Catalyst control does not start and he also seem to have problems with the usb ports and my wireless stops working for some reason any.

    Is that what I can do on it or am that I better use the downloaded drivers directly from AMD? Thank you

    Maybe stupid question now, but why do you need it? Have you been preinstalled OS with your laptop or you bought for laptop computer without an operating system preinstalled?

    What model do you have exactly (L850-xxx)?

  • AMD catalyst Control Center does not not windows 7


    I keep getting recurring messages that the ' catalyst control centre: host application has stopped working ". I've been on the forum and tried a few of the recommended fixes, but nothing seems to work.

    I reinstalled the driver has recommended but still no luck. This becomes troublesome particulalry I work for HP and keep said things different and shipped in different directions.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you

    Uninstall the driver and the existing AMD catalyst. Download the last of the following hyperlink and check whether the problem is resolved:


  • AMD Catalyst Control Center does not not on Windows 8

    I have upgraded to windows 8 and switchable graphics options does not work as a solution?

    Hey thanks for you answer... my problem is now solved... don go AMD site and install the drivers are given. Please visit http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/siteHome?cc=us&lc=en , enter your model No. and then select software downloads and the pilot, now 64-bit of windows 8 and you'll have a list of all drivers available for windows 8 HP. Simply download and install the graphics driver.

    My model is the direct link to my laptop HP Pavilion TX 2015 G6 associated drivers for win8 is


  • Catalyst Control Center does not (HP 2000-2d62SR)

    Hello and sorry for the bad English.

    I tried to switch between GPUS for instructions, I found this site, but CCC, I have no option (it was a the most recent drivers for the AMD site).  Then I tried to install the drivers from the HP site for my laptop, it worked properly and I could even spend the GPU for a match, but after restart CCC went down and I can not open.  It's just a message as "ccc stop working.

    I have no idea of what to do, now I'll try to remove the HP drivers and install the latest drivers from AMD, but I think that is not a solution and it won't work.

    I think I have foind a solution, but it's looking like magik or somethink like that.

    CCC with switchable graphick will only work if battary is plaged in. I don't know why, but I think that it is a windows default for battary and perfomance application - it is not properly worked with the energy plan. You must fix this.

  • The Catalyst Control Center error message

    I had difficulties to show online flash videos so I upgraded my intel graphics card from Intel HD Graphics 3000 on the Intel site. Since then, I get this message:

    "The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the version of the driver for your compatible graphics card. Please update your graphics driver from AMD, or activate your card AMD using the display manager. »

    I tried to update the graphics card (Radeon HD 7470 M) AMD but it says that is already updated to the latest version and looks like it has been activated. When I clicked on the graphics card I get this message in the device status:

    "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43). »

    I use:

    Product name: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

    Product number: A7P58EA #ABU

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1

    Hello ladyv128.  I understand that you are having problems with your graphics card.

    Try to install this version of the AMD driver, and then restart your laptop.

    I would like to know the result and have a wonderful evening!

  • Reinstall required for ATI Catalyst Control Center after the upgrade to Windows 8

    Updated my HP Pavilion dv7 - 70232cl to Windows 8.  I don't have any problems during the upgrade.  Now I'm asked to reinstall ATI Catalyst Control Center.  The message says that my version of ATI Catalyst Control Center is not compatible with this version of Windows.  Y at - it a patch for this problem that I can download?   Thanks, jk-3003

    And the AMD Catalyst Control Center depends on .NET 3.5 installed first, otherwise it will not install.

    Launch Control Panel, select programs, click programs and features, and then click on "Turn Windows features on or off".

    Check the first box - .NET Framework 3.5 (included .NET 2.0 and 3.0)

    Make sure you are connected to the internet, because you may have to download files from Ms.

    Once this is done install your driver AMD should be fine

  • Catalyst Control Center warning message

    Every time my computer starts up, I get a warning message that says: "the Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the version of the driver for your compatible graphics card.  If you please update your ATI graphics driver or enable your ATI card using the display manager. "How can I solve this?

    Hi zawgirlz,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft Windows Vista Forums.

    You must update the driver for your graphics from the link below to solve your problem.


    If this does not work, contact the manufacturer of your computer.

    Please post back and let us know if it helped to solve your problem.

    Kind regards


  • ATI Catalyst Control Center popping up a warning

    Problem with the ATI Catalyst Control Center popping up a warning whenever I connect

    Whenever I login I get a pop up with this message: ATI Warning: The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the 28octobre your compatible graphics driver. Please update your ATI graphics driver or card from ATI enableyour using the display manager. I went to the display manager but could not know where or how to turn the ATI card. This message has just started to appear about two months after I downloaded some windows updates ago and signed on. I am running Windows Vista Raedon HD 2400 PRO.

    Hi waters choppy.

    See the link below for a thread on the forums of AMD with a similar question, try steps mentioned them.


    If the previous step fails then uninstall all the drivers of graphics card and software the computer later download the updated driver for the site Web of AMD and check.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
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