Warum hat mein kein filtering Mac router?

Seit ich bei meinem Kumpel mich mit meinem Smartphone in register wanted, geht bei mir das nicht mehr WLAN home WLAN. Computer und nach wie vor cell function.

Mein Kumpel had before das problem, nur bei haben wir IHN schon are WHERE indem wir breast Gerät eingegeben haben. Leider ist bei mir die Maske something great home. ICH habe sharp Funktion gar nicht. Der ist ein router Speedport W 303 V. Ist er vielleicht zu alt?


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    Hi DarrenM

    Thanks for the reply. I'll try this option and see where I can.

    See you soon


  • Filtering MAC with E4200

    Since I have this router E4200 my sudden network only changes. I have a MAC filtering because I had in my previous WNRL 160N and had no problem but here the night me are 14 I activated the MAC, still put 3 who aren't where I changed the settings wifi network, I put in hidden, change the type of encryption and others and continues to happen randomly , and I added the router directly to the allowed list of Mac. I have remote management disabled in the Cisco Network Magic Mac are not not not because it adds the MAC and I removed some that I put the single.
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    ERTT wrote:

    I did it but at the time, the result is the same .There's 3 MAC I do put noto in the list and they appear automatically.

    Can you identify these MAC addresses? In addition, make sure that the MAC address that you put in is not wireless LAN. If everything seems to be correct. Update the firmware on the router.

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    Have CS5.5 and CS6 on my new MacMini (Core i5 2.5 gHz - 8 GB RAM). I tried several times to install filters Flaming pear, but they do not show in the list of filters in each generation. The plugin files seem to be correct, and I am placing them in the appropriate directory. (/ Applications/Adobe/Phtotshop/Plugins/filters). Eye Candy moved very well and works once but then fails saying my license is not valid. I'm working with AlienSkin, but does anyone have advice for Flaming Pear sets?

    With a RAM upgrade next week substabntial I'll use CS5.5 in Windows 7 via Parallels Desktop. Because I KNOW that my plugins work with Windows PS I will continue to use them there and I can just drag them to where I need when I'm done.

  • MAC address filtering problem with router DI-624 and printer HP D110

    Just got the wireless D110 printer and cannot connect to the wireless router.

    I have a D - Link DI - 624 Air Plus Xtreme G 2 .4GHz Wireless Router.

    The error message I get from the printer, it's that "address filtering Mac can be activated on your wireless router. This can prevent your HP printer to connect to your network without wire during installation... etc. ".

    The D-Link is configured with WPA - PSK security. If I disable all the security the wireless printer is able to connect. I can't connect the printer to the wireless router with WPA - PSK or WEP same active. There is no connection with the electrician the printer and the router.

    I have connected the router Admin and have repeatedly confirmed that Mac filtering is turned off by going to Advanced Options > Filters > filters Mac > and choose disabled Mac filters. Where is this setting? Why is not able to connect printer?

    In addition, I check the logs on the router and it shows "Wireless PC connected" and "Authentication successful" with a note that has the Mac address of the corresponding hardware address mac hardware of the printer on the wireless network Test report. It seems that the router is to let printing but the printer is not able to communicate for some reason any. It even shows under status > wireless printer is connected.

    When I talked to HP, they said to contact the router company and they couldn't help. When I called D-Link, they said technical support is no longer available for the model. I am stuck, can anyone help?

    Windows XP, tried the front of the printer and USB connection and using the software.

    After a few hours on the phone with the D-Link and HP, the problem has been resolved.

    Apparently, even if that Mac filtering is disabled (set to disabled MAC filters), the Mac address had to enter the router to enable all keeping off Mac filter setting. To me he appeared in the counter intuitive to enter the Mac address, while set to disabled the Mac filter so I wasn't that before picking up the phone with HP. Further on this point, the problem is not going away right after adding the mac address, but rather after the reboot of the router, such as the addition of mac address did not effect, without a reboot of the device.

    HP has been much more useful than a D-Link on it, although it would be nice for HP to add to their instructions and Test report of wireless network to add the Mac address, just in case. I would have tried this step if it has stated that it is acceptable to add the mac address and keep the mac filters disabled.

  • C410a - wireless not connect to the Verizon FIOS router - fails MAC filtering

    I just bought an all-in-one HP Photosmart Premium C410a printer.  It does not connect to the Verizon FIOS Actiontek MI424WR router, failed the test of MAC filtering.  Spent half an hour on the phone with Verizon (no resolution as they checked the filtering MAC is turned off in the router) and 3 hours with HP (no resolution).  Sharing the printer on a home network defeated the purpose wireless and is not acceptable because I don't want to have another PC switched on just to get to the printer.  Someone was able to resolve the failure "MAC filtering" wireless?

    Without the MAC address filtering test indicates the problem is inconsistent with other available error messages.

    There may not be a real problem of filtering.  I saw this message associated with WEP key mismatches secutiry and a host of other issues.

    To what extent do you have on the installation.  We can work from there.

    Host family

    P.S. I saw messages asking people to try to disconnect the router from the internet while doing the configuration of the printer.  Have you tried?  Sometimes the router check with the service provider before it will allow a device to join the network.  It bypasses this audit.

  • Filtering addresses MAC wireless network configuration error


    I got my printer (Deskjet 3510) some time ago and set up no problem for wireless printing. Yesterday, all of a sudden, it stopped connecting to the network. I have reset the wireless settings and ran the CD to re-establish the link. Now, when I get to all wireless to the top of the page it says «Filter error WiFi - hardware MAC address has been filtered out and do not < SSID >...» »

    I checked my router settings 2-wire AT & T (U-Verse) and address filtering MAC is not enabled. I did a scan and he picked up a bunch of MAC address and put them in the "Authorized" zone Is the MAC address of the printer. I tried enabling MAC address filtering, and it still does not connect. If at the moment I have the printer working via USB, MAC address filtering on the router go out but I still get the error. I have not changed the position of the printer or router as he worked. Not aware of any update of applied software.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The Mac address filtering error is one that is given for a multitude of errors, it is not very useful in this way.

    On the front of the printer, press the wireless button and go wireless by default.  Restart your router by pulling its plug momentarily, and then try again

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    Kann jemmd helfen jemmad hat mein genackt ich kann nicht mehr kidney fb mich


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    Happy the ifconfig worked for you. This is the approach I usually take too.

  • ICH kann kein neues iTunes installieren! HILFE!

    Hallo liebe community,

    VOR kurzen kam von Apple end of the iOS updates auch ein update iTunes (iTunes 12.3.2). raus as ICH habe mir dieses von der official Apple gedownloadet und gestartet website. During the Installation kam Fehlermeldung also doch:

    Für die, die dieses Bild nicht abbrufen können: "Windows install package betreffendes problem vor sharps of the ein Ende." Ein fur den conclusion damaged Programm nicht ausgeführt werden konnte. Wenden Sie sich year das Supportpersonal oder dem manufacturers of the package. »

    Naturally bin ich schon auf die idea Australia, das Installationspaket zu downloaden, however dirty dieses auch nicht neu. ICH habe auch already iTunes deinstalliert und versucht, dass Installationspaket competition again, was sich als Fehler entpuppte, da ich jetzt nicht mehr über PC auf meine Handys zugreifen kann, da die Installation immer wieder durch sharp Fehlermeldung abgebrochen wird und ich einen Windows 7 Pro betriebenen active computer besitze.

    Da Apple im Gegensatz zu Microsoft kein real browser, mit dem man sich auch über einen cat in Kontakt kann, sondern nur über Telefon, ich euch question set, was ich tun soll.

    Hat Mein PC Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, irgendwas mit 900 GB, 6 GB RAM and Intel Core i5 processor.

    ES konnte daran liegen, was aber ich bezweifle, dass ich nicht alzu vor langer Zeit problem mit meinen Windows system had as eines ich und updates Windows Fehlerhaften die habe ausgeführt "Systemstartreperatur."

    I hope auf eine Antwort baldige

    Eure LuluDu

    Try to repair the Apple Software Update of the programs and features Control Panel, and then reinstall iTunes.

    See also troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates.


    Try Sie die repair Apple Software Update der und Funktionen Bedienfeld, dann neu installieren iTunes program.

    See auch https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1 & hl = in & ie = UTF8 & prev = _ t & rurl = translate.google.com & sl = in & tl = of &...

  • HP Officejet Pro 8620: HP 8620 found by iPhone or Mac

    My mac and my iPhone no longer find our HP Officejet Pro 8620.  Have restarted all devices.  Reset the printer to the factory settings and reconnected to the wireless home network.  Mac and printer are wireless connected to the same network.  Printer has latest version of the firmware.  Printer copies and prints the pages of test and configuration fine.

    I just can't print via AirPrint from my iPhone, or add it as a printer to my Mac. When I go into Printers/Scanners, the printer is not found... not by IP address or host name, or the other.  I have tried everything and am almost ready to go buy a non HP printer... This is the second HP finnicky, we had.  Help, please.

    In addition, we have an Airport Extreme router, if that helps at all.

    Hey @IowaMom,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you have some problems with the printing of your Apple devices to your Officejet Pro 8620 e-all-in-one printer. I can help you with that.

    To start, make sure that the printer is plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a surge protector. Once done, on the printer, click on the wireless icon that looks like a radio tower. Now:

    • If you see a line indicating the status: not connected, then the printer is not connected to a wireless network. Click on the gears and wireless wireless configuration settings to connect the printer to your wireless network.
    • If the IP address of the printer starts with 169.254, the printer is not get a correct IP address of your router. Contact Apple or one that is provided with the router to determine why the printer is not getting a valid IP address.
    • If the IP address of the printer starts with 172, the printer is connected to a network of comments. Contact Apple or one that provided you with the router for assistance with deactivation of the feedback network.
    • If the IP address of the printer starts with 192.168 or 10, the printer is properly connected to a wireless network. Please see below.
    • If the IP address of the printer starts with another number, your network is maintained. Contact, who has set up the support network with the printer connected to your wireless network.

    At this point, you should be able to print. If you are unable to print, the next step would be to check the printer and all the devices to ensure that the first three sets of numbers in their IP addresses match. If they match, there is a setting on the router to which the printer is having problems with. Contact Apple or the one who gave you the router and ask them to do the following:

    • Open all ports.
    • Select multicast.
    • Disable MAC filtering/MAC cloning.
    • Disable the network of comments.
    • Make sure that the router broadcasts a band of 2.4 GHz (gigahertz).

    Please let me know the results after following the above. If you are unable to resolve your problem, please click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • LaserJet MFP M277c6: LaserJet MFP M277c6 will not connect wirelessly to my Mac

    When I run HP Easy Start it says that no devices were found.  And when I run the update of the HP Firmware finds it too never unit.  The printer indicates that it is connected wireless.

    My Mac connects to my old Epson printer very well.


    If there is no printer listed, this means that there is a setting on the network to which the printer is having a problem with. To resolve this please contact your internet provider or one that handles the router and ask them to do the following:

    1. Open all ports.
    2. Select multicast.
    3. Disable MAC filtering/MAC cloning.
    4. Disable the network of comments.
    5. Make sure that the network has a band of 2.4 GHz (gigahertz).

    Please let me know the results after these parameters controlled.

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