.wav files do not play in firefox 3.6.13

I wrote index.html file and coded the following and the .wav file is also in the same folder where the HTML file is saved,

< title > wav files < / title >

< bgsound loop = "5" src = "hello.wav" > < / bgsound >

Can you post a link?

The Windows Media Player plugin will be usable with the code shown above (application/x-mplayer2).

You have only the old plugin in WMP (classic) (Npdsplay.dll) in your list of system details, then you can try to install the new WMP plugin to see if it works.


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    WAV files will not play in Firefox 22. Previous versions of Firefox are very good. Another sound is fine. I have the latest mac OS X. QuickTime is required to play wav files. I have the latest version of it.

    Is there any solution for this?

    Are there other plugins that I can install that will play wav files?

  • Wave files will not play in Windows Media Player 11

    Windows media player11 will not play files WAV. as:

    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem


    1. what exactly happens when you try to play .wav files?
    2 How long have you been faced with this problem?
    3. this happens with a particular .wmv file?

    Step 1: Try to uninstall the codecs that are installed.

    See the below items for more information.
    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/codecs-frequently-asked-questions (You can also use this article for windows XP)

    Step 2: Auditor of file system (CFS) scan to fix all of the corrupted system files.

    a. click the Start button > run > typecmd.exe and press ENTER.
    b. Type sfc/scannow , and then press ENTER.

    Reference: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/system_file_checker.mspx?mfr=true

    Information on the types of media files that supports Windows Media Player

    Thanks and greetings
    Umesh P - Microsoft technical support.

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    < object classid = "clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase ="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=9, 0,0,0" width = "198" height = "215" id = 'testimony' align = "middle" >
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    Why a work of file .swf but this new created in CS5 would not work?

    because one of your paths is correct and one is incorrect in your embed code.

  • Multimedia player that allows some of my WAV files to be played in a more quick read but other WAV files are NOT allowed to read at a faster speed.

    original title WAV file: windows media player

    Multimedia player that allows some of my WAV files to be played in a more quick read but other WAV files are NOT allowed to read at a faster speed.  Any suggestions on how to fix?

    Thank you

    1 did you change on your computer before this problem?
    2. what happens when you try to play?
    3. what operating system is running on your computer?

    What version of the operating system Windows am I running?
    Follow the suggestions and see if it helps.

    Method 1

    You can run Windows Media Player settings convenience store.
    Open the troubleshooting Windows Media Player settings Troubleshooter

    Method 2
    You can read the article and then check.
    Change playback speed in Windows Media Player

    See also:
    Play an audio or video file: frequently asked questions
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    I use Firefox with 4 profiles. One of them had problem work mp4. When I opened http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/videos/big_buck_bunny.mp4 mp4 it says "Video cannot be played because the file is corrupted.".

    After I compared the two profiles prefs.js files, I saw that "media - media.windows - foundation.enabled" was false. I opened Subject: config and reset "media.windows - media - foundation.enabled. After restarting Firefox http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/videos/big_buck_bunny.mp4 works perfectly.

  • Video WebM will not play in Firefox 5.01. It will work in Chrome.

    I just started experimenting with the html5 video tag. My test WebM file plays fine in Chrome. He will not play in Firefox 5.01. My test .ogv file will play well in Firefox 5.01. No idea why?

    I tried in 5.0 and 5.01.

    The boxes with the big X are explained here for the video Theora (ogg), but should be the same for WebM:


    Server support

    It's worth re-emphasizing for the time being, that if the MIME types for Theora video are not set on the server, the video may not show or show a gray box containing an X (if JavaScript is enabled).
  • .wma files will not play in WMP11

    Suddenly my music wma files will not play in WMP11. I have tried everything I know and read, nothing helps. So far I tried to convert the MP3 files is not working even in these programs (v3.0 have all Audio Recorder being one of them); I tried to delete the ID3 and all the other codes (HeadStrong ID3Kill v1.4), all what has been clear all my songs the album/song. etc - HUGE mistake! I tried to play in RealPlayer - still will not play wma files only mp3s; removed and reset the codecs - nothing happened. so on and so forth.

    What in the world is happening? I uninstalled my old version of WMP and installed more current. When I went to play the WMA in WMP11, I get an error that it can not play. It does not itself error code number, only this statement in error. I tried to restore my computer to a date and time earlier, he said that he could not change my Media Player to the previous version.

    I have more than 1,000 songs on my computer, I simply can't pull it all back in (for days and days), I copied them on 2 sticks of memory as backup, also HUGE mistake because them copied without albums and song titles.

    Help please!


    Hi Starrj3030,

    See the link below and run the Fixit tool available, check if it helps.

    Solve the problems of Windows Media Player video and other media or library


  • DirectShow filters are missing and AVI file will not play on Windows Media Player

    AVI file will not play on any player, including Windows Media Player.  Message says that the Directshow filters are missing.  How to install these?

    The following codec pack might be worth a try:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    K - Lite Codec Pack (full)
    (Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64)

  • My files to .avi files will not play

    As the title says my .avi files will not play. Whenever I try to read files, the sound plays just put without any image.

    All that is there is the background that would play during playback of mp3 files.

    Help please?

    As the title says my .avi files will not play. Whenever I try to read files, the sound plays just put without any image.

    All that is there is the background that would play during playback of mp3 files.

    Help please?

    There are many types of .avi files... for free the following
    utility can identify the codec that you need to read the files.

    Download GSpot
    (left-click the text: "Download GSpot")
    (on the next screen...
    left click: 'Download [GSpot 2.70]')

    You don't have to install it... just unzip the file and
    GSpot.exe left click to launch.

    GSpot Super quick start

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Audio files do not play in my windows media player?

    Why my audio files do not play through Windows media player?


    Have you recently installed another player?

    Right-click on taskbar - Task Manager - processes and see if WMPlayer.exe is already hidden.
    If the end then on her process.


    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Then, run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next boot, then apply OK your way out, then restart.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    Determine if 32 or 64 bits.

    Start - type in the search box-> Winver find upstairs and double click on - check version

    After that the foregoing, add codec - get these 32 bit if:

    -Free - CCCP also get free tool of insurgents

    FFDSHOW - free

    Check here:

    Plug-ins for Windows Media Player


    If 64-bit:

    Read this 1st and go that route, or use the one below.



    If 64-bit Vista - can run WMP in 32 or 64 bit mode.

    Or try these: download - SAVE - go to the place where your put them RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN.

    For 32-bit use these - OR those listed above that I prefer.

    K - Lite Codec Pack 5.0.5 & K-Lite Codec Pack 5.0.5 update

    Use them for 64-bit:

    K - Lite Codec Pack (64-bit) 2.6.0


    You know that you use WMP 32 or 64

    Change, change or set 64 - Bit Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) in Windows Vista x 64 as default


    Have you recently installed another player?

    Reset your associations:

    How to set default Associations for a program under Vista
    How to associate a file Type of Extension to a program under Vista


    VLC needs, of no use so usually Codec as a backup when asked to support associations of files just say no.

    VLC - free

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • WAV files will not import

    Sometimes I create an audio file to accompany an image. This audio file is written on the my camera CompactFlash memory card in a wav format. In my workflow, I insert the CF card into my computer and open LR to initiate an import of the image, as well as to rename the image using my own model (which is yyyy_mm_dd_HHmmss). Since LR1 and until a while ago 4 months this workflow worked perfectly rename both images and its associated wav file (giving both the same name) and put in the folder I designated during the import. That allowed me to use LR to see what images had attached audio files by looking at metadata field of the library module titled "Audio file" as I saw the pictures as well as read this wav file by clicking on the arrow in the Panel metadata.

    In the last months, I continued to use the stream of work preceding but noticed that, if I thought that I had created for a few images wav files, I saw more registered in the "audio". As I saw these audio files appear in the metadata Panel, I assumed that I had simply forgotten to create the files. However, recently returning a great shoot, I followed once more my usual workflow but this time, noted that I did of wav files on my CF card, but none were imported if images did import and were renamed according to my model.

    I spent the morning trying different methods to get my workflow to work as originally it did but had no luck. Ironically, I noticed that a new version of LR was available today (2016-03-31) so I installed it, but the problem has not been corrected.

    I tried procedures and their results:

    1. Import without using my custom template. Results: image is important to designated folder and is viewable in LR, but the wav file does not matter and is therefore not visible (or playable) in LR.
    2. Import without using my custom template, and THEN manually copy the wav file in the designated folder. Results: image matter refers to the folder and is viewable in LR but wav file is not listed in the metadata Panel, BUT after restart LR the image file is visible AND the wav file is listed in the metadata field (and the wav file is playable by clicking on the "arrow" in the metadata field).

    I use Windows 10 and have tried the steps above with the image and audio files created with a Nikon D3 and Nikon D3x.

    I have searched through this and other forums and cannot find a solution to allow my workflow work as it has done for years.

    I thank everyone's help.

    It also happens to me with LR CC 2015.5.  On Windows 10, import from a SD card does not matter. Sidecars WAV.  But the import from disk files import them (and they appear in the metadata panel immediately without the need to restart).

    However, on Mac OS X 10.11.4, import. Sidecars WAV works of SD cards works as expected.

    I suggest that you file a bug report in the Adobe official feedback forum: Photoshop Lightroom | Community customer Photoshop family. Include all the details that you have posted here (not just a link to this thread, because Adobe product designers are unlikely to click through).

  • I am currently using CS 5.5 on an iMac. My recent .mts files do not play sound. I found a forum on the issue. One of the solutions is to uninstall CS, following cleaning, and then reinstall CS. I'm still able to reinstall CS 5.5 or is it not more

    I am currently using CS 5.5 on an iMac. My recent .mts files do not play sound. I found a forum on the issue. One of the solutions is to uninstall CS, following cleaning, and then reinstall CS. I'm still able to reinstall CS 5.5 or it is no longer supported?

    Hi ozziethedog,

    Creative suite Adobe CS 5.5 is a former software and the operating system you are using is the most recent, so there may be compatibility issues that adobe has not tested these applications on newer operating systems.

    However, you can download & install the configuration for Adobe creative suite CS 5.5 from the following link:

    Download Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 products

  • File will not play

    I added a MP4 of GoPro file to a new project of first elements 11.  Then I made.  Then I click the Play triangle, and absolutely nothing happens.  I can drag the CTI autour, and the picture moves with the indicator.  But the file will not play its own.

    I'm working on a Thinkpad laptop, which I know is not enough; powerful but I could play and edit GoPro videos on this computer later this morning.




    Thanks for the update.

    You later or any Flash Player (and Shockwave Player) installed?

    Your browser is being updated? In your browser, does it help to go to Options/advanced/network and clear the contents of the Web Cache?

    Maybe the above will help you on the side of things YouTube.

    Regarding within first items 11 or 13 change reading area, I give a wait and see what happens with what precedes to improve

    the situation of watching a YouTube.

    We will follow your progress.

    Best wishes of success


  • After making like MOV, file will not play in Quicktime format.

    When I make files MOV or MP4s, the files will not play in Quicktime or VLC. Opening to QuickTime, a "Conversion" window... "appears. After waiting for a long time, an error message appears.

    Any suggestions?

    It's nothing to do with the Adobe software. This is because Apple has removed many of the most recent version of QuickTime codecs and requires a conversion of these codecs during playback in the newer versions of QuickTime Player.

    Here's a thread on the forums of Apple about this:

    Why quicktime requires my videos to convert...

    ... and Apple support:

    OS X Mavericks: some files may be converted when you open it in QuickTime Player

Maybe you are looking for

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    I just got a laptop HP with Windows 8.  I am trying to install software for the Lexmark Prevail Pro705 printer.  When I went to the Lexmark support site, they only had software for Windows 7 and earlier versions.  I tried the version of Windows 7 and