WD My Passport drive external drive will not mount once my Macbook Pro is already on


I actually had this problem for a year or two, but I'm finally getting bugged to this topic enough to see if it can be 'fixed '.

I have a 2 to WD My Passport portable HD connected to my macbook pro via an external (wall outlet) powered TRUST 5 x USB3 Hub.  If everything is connected, when I start the macbook pro there is no problem and the WD My Passport is mounted in the finder.  But if I remove manually the hard drive and then try to mount it again while the macbook pro is running it doesn't mount not.  It used to, but he won't now.

In the past the WD My passport would need to unplug and perhaps the USB3 hub would need power cable disconnect from him and the USB hubs out the macbook pro.  So when I joined this new and plugged the hard drive WD in the hub, it would rise very well.  But now it's just point blank refuses to ride until I restart the macbook pro.  Once I restart it it climbs perfectly and stays up forever--until it is dismantled manually - and then I have to restart the macbook pro again so he could mount once more.

I tried all combinations of pull cables and adapters to power but nothing has worked.  After dismantling the WD hd and plug back on the USB3 light led on the hub hub lights up and the hard drive turns manually, but, as I say, it is not mount and it is not visible in disk utility.

Any ideas please?  It's a bit annoying to have to keep restarting the mac whenever I had to unplug the hard drive WD.


"As issued" WD Passport appear to cause a number of reports of trouble around here. You have already taken the first "not best" - using a powered hub. Just make sure that the hub is really power (lights on, for example). It could be that the external drive is in its death throws.

This happen if the WD is the only thing on the powered hub?

The Mac USB ports work with other devices?

Here's what my experience with these things has believing me. WD made great bare discs, but I can't be so kind to their pens. Three questions:

(1) I think that they should use chipsets which are not very easy to Mac.

(2) most driving the ship formatted for Windows

(3) even those shipped as "Mac editions have some odd which makes it difficult to access file formatting.

If you do not have to share the drive with a Windows computer, you can reformat the drive and that often fixes "fail to mount/recognize" question. Disk utility is your tool of choice here because it is already installed on your Mac. Completely erase the WD drive by selecting the tab 'Clear' in the bar tabs to disk utility. Define the plan of Partition to GUID Partition map and journaled for Mac extended format. Press the button 'clear '. The reader will now will be rid of eccentric WD partitioning and formatting schemes and be a good Mac hard drive.

If you share the road with a Windows computer, consider getting a better workout. After having fought external drives 'brand' on my computers and others that I maintain, I now use only boxes of other computer world with naked WD drives inside. Since this change, I have zero problems. For my MacBook Pro, I use this forum:


I ordered the external power optionally for use at home and go on the road bus-powered. It's an empty envelope - just a hard drive of nu. They are more expensive than the stuff that Staples puts on sale every weekend, but are much more reliable. I ask the question. "What is my value data?"

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    Something could be wrong with my Mac that prevents the installation disc, or is it more likely to be a problem with the drive?

    I guess it is related to software driver for Seagate to support the NTFS on mac.

    OS X support NTFS natively, but read-only.

    The installation of the supplied driver allows read-write access, but it is obsolete seamingly.

    I just got the last of Seagate site, but it is still pretty new. The Info said taking in charge until Mavericks only.

    If this is the case, you can take a from below.

    1. Uninstall the current driver and expect to release a new Seagate. In the meantime, you can have read access to the disk.
    2. Uninstall the current driver and get the latest version of the driver by the developer instead of Seagate. The last time the developer (Paragon) even on El Capitan and without limitation to Seagate drive. (Paragon is not free but has the trial period - http://www.paragon-software.com/home/ntfs-mac/ )
    3. Uninstall the current driver, then take the alternative. The son will be your help for this. - Need to write to the drive (ntfs) outside Yosemite
  • My new lightroom cd will not work in a MacBook Pro.

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    See you soon


    You really don't need the CD of installation anyway.  The only thing you need is the serial number that comes with the drive.  Just download the trial version and install it.  Activate with serial number, which're you good to go.  You may still download in order to have the latest version.

  • Drive external DRIVE will not mount after resizing in Windows

    Hi all

    I got a 1 TB external drive that I used for a while about 10 Windows and OSX (El Capitan). I had two partitions Configuration for use on every platform without any problems.

    Then, I needed extra space on the Windows partition, so I think that, if I remember correctly, that I've resized using the disk management tool in Windows. I reduced the OSX volume and increased the size of the Windows volume. I can probably hear you all shout now.

    Surprise, my volume OSX will now not mount when I run in El Capitan. It does not show in disk utility, and the only way to 'see' it is using diskutil:

    Output: Diskutil list

    / dev/disk2 (external, physical):

    #:                       TYPE      NAME                                                            SIZE        IDENTIFIER

    0: GUID_partition_scheme * 1.0 TB disk2

    1:                       EFI EFI                                                                         209.7 MB  disk2s1

    2: 000100AF-4028-0006-2192-BA7200000000 650,3 GB disk2s2

    3: 000100AF-7220-70FB-2192-BA7200000000 23.7 GB disk2s3

    4: Apple_HFS Install OS X Yosemite 5.7 GB disk2s4

    Output: Diskutil list cs

    CoreStorage groups of logical volumes (1 found)


    + Logical Volume - Group DD8EBA77-8349-4762-BD32-4D45402DDE23


    Name: Macintosh HD

    Status: online

    Dimensions: 120473067520 B (120.5 GB)

    Free space: 12656640 B (12.7 MB)


    +-< physical="" volume="">

    |   ----------------------------------------------------

    |   Index: 0

    |   Disc: disk0s2

    |   Status: online

    |   Dimensions: 120473067520 B (120.5 GB)


    + -> 70EB98AB-5D10-4774-89C9-F66D334A7BA0 family of Logical Volume


    Type of encryption: AES - XTS

    Encryption status: unlocked

    The conversion status: complete

    High level queries: secure

    |                        Password required

    |                        Accepts new users

    |                        A visible users

    |                        At the Volume key


    +-> Logical Volume BEE2BAE7-909A-42F8-91F1-55085485904A


    Disc: disk1

    Status: online

    Size (Total): 120108089344 B (120.1 GB)

    Reversible: Yes (unlock and decryption required)

    Put the situation: Restart required

    Name: Macintosh HD

    Volume name: Macintosh HD

    Content indicator: Apple_HFS

    Output: TPG - vv - r sudo show/dev/disk2

    See the TPG: / dev/disk2: mediasize = 1000204886016; SectorSize = 512; blocks = 1953525168

    See the TPG: / dev/disk2: MBR suspicious to sector 0

    See the TPG: / dev/disk2: Pri GPT to sector 1

    See the TPG: / dev/disk2: GPT Sec at sector 1953525167

    start index size summary

    0           1         MBR

    1 1 Pri GPT header

    2 32 table GPT Pri

    34 6

    40 409600 1 part TPG - C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B

    409640 1270198464 2 part TPG - 000100AF-4028-0006-2192-BA7200000000

    1270608104 624918840

    1895526944 46298496 3 part TPG - 000100AF-7220-70FB-2192-BA7200000000

    1941825440 262144

    1942087584 11175400 4 part TPG - 48465300-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

    262151 1953262984

    1953525135 32 table dry GPT

    1953525167 1 dry GPT header

    Output from: sudo fdisk/dev/disk2

    Disk: geometry / dev/disk2: 121601/255/63 [1953525168 sectors]

    Signature: 0xAA55

    From end

    #: cyl hd s - cyl hd s id [Start - size]


    1: EA 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [1-409639]

    2: AF 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [409640-1270198464] HFS +.

    3: 1023 254 63 AF-1023 254 63 [1895526944-46298496] HFS +.

    04:00 0 0 0-0 0 0 [0-0] unused

    #2 partition is my concern. It contains my library, iPhoto and other important pieces.

    So, is anyway that I can get it back? What can I do to try to preserve its data? Thank you very much! Chris

    It comes out by any other command that could help someone point me in the right direction to solve this? Thank you

  • External hard drive will not mount after the update of the Sierra

    Hi, I have an a Segate 1 TB external hard drive that I have with my MacBook Air. After upgrading to Mac OS Sierra, he refused to climb and is therefore invisible in the Finder. Disk utility detects the drive in NTFS initialized and said that all the space has been used. I tried to mount it first through disk utility, but it did nothing. Then I tried via terminal, but he returns "failed to mount. It worked fine before and also works very well on a MacBook Pro running Yosemite. It may be nothing to do with the player, as all files are intact when it is connected to the other Mac. Also, I restarted in Mac utilities and run from there disk utility, and it detected the drive, mounted and fully initialized, with the right amount of space being exhausted.

    I am looking for a solution that does not copy the files off and reformatting if possible, but I'll give it a go, if it comes to that. Thank you very much.

    Most likely your Seagate drivers are not updated.

    NTFS is most likely the culprit here.

    Go to the Seagate site and download and install the latest drivers for your drive and NTFS.

    You can start here... http://knowledge.seagate.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/007770en?language=en_US & key = ka03 A000000tzbeQAA & k = n & wwwlocale = en - us

    Hope this helps, Greg

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    Support sent me here.

    I tried the download link, but this page has an error and does not load.

    Any advice.

    @ Freddie

    I could solve this problem.

    You are using Safari, the link to get to the error you receive. I used Firefox and the download worked.

    The program is installed without problem.

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    iBooks is synchronization new folders and collections that I do. It is the manual purchased based synchronization. It will not sync all manuals and techniques pdf I have on my iPhone 6 + is my MacBook Pro el Captain 10.11.2 running or my new iPad pro...?

    This seems to be a common problem - but there must be a solution or something I'm missing... Right?

    None of the pdf files are protected. Many are created on my Mac and placed in iBooks on my phone, e-mail or online.

    IVe tried itunes sync tunes - does nothing. Ive tried to convert iTunes library and only got all of my audio books books move over, which I didn't...

    Help... This really *... As I just upgraded my storage up to 1 TB so I can finish the icloud storage switch...

    Files PDF and EPUB no ibookstore sync via the cloud, you must copy or synchronize them everywhere where you want - only ibooks (while they are still in the store and you don't move countries) will potentially show in the cloud for redownloading on your other computers/devices.

    With the phone connected to iTunes on your Mac you have tried to do file > devices > transfer purchases? If they are not purchases of the iBookstore they should copy on iTunes on your Mac, and you can then do file > move books from iTunes in the iBooks of your Mac application - if you connect your iPad to the Mac, PDF files must then show on the "books" tab in iTunes to select and sync for her

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 will not install on new MacBook Pro

    Apparently, 14 PS elements is not compatible with OS X El Capitan. Everyone knows this? Older versions of components are also incompatible? I need this on my laptop... really disappointed that I can't install it. Thanks in advance.

    Contact Adobe. They say that it is compatible.


  • Adobe first Elements 14 will not install on my Macbook Pro

    I have a SSD and 16 GB of ram, updated all, the installation page appears just to hang when I click the button install. Any advice? Thank you.

    Download PES 14 directly using the link I posted.

    If you are having problems, this with the adobe link, use prodesigntools.com:

    If you follow the 7 steps you can directly download a free trial here: Adobe Photoshop elements 14 Direct Download Links, first too. ProDesignTools

    and activate it with your serial number.

    If you have a problem from the download, you follow the 7 steps, or your browser does not accept cookies.

    the most common problem is caused by failing to meticulously follow the steps 1, 2, and/or 3 (which adds a cookie to your system, allowing you to download the correct version of the adobe.com site).

    failure to obtain this cookie translates into an error page displayed after clicking on a link on prodesigntools.com or initiates the download of an incorrect (e.g., current) version.

  • CC of Dreamweaver will not download on my macbook pro

    Nice day

    I recently signed up for a single user version of the CC 49.99.  I managed to download the Dreamweaver on my PC with windows 8, but I can't get the download to start on my Mac Book Pro.  I have the Mavericks on the MBP.  I have a wireless connection, but I also have a wired connection I have tried.  The two did not work for me.  I also tried to uninstall the creative application of cloud has then used the adobe cleaner program.  After having done these things based on what I read in the forum, I can't always DW to start anything.  Any help would be great.  Thanks in advance.


    Problem solved.  For some reason, it started to download.  Thanks for the help.

  • IPhoto on the external hard drive will not launch despite the force quit and relaunch several times. Can someone help me?

    I have a MacBook from 2008. 4 years ago I moved my iPhoto on an external hard drive. I have thousands if photos on it. IPhoto on the external hard drive will not launch despite the force quit and relaunch several times. Can someone help me?

    < re-titled by host >

    I moved my iPhoto on an external hard drive.

    Did you move the iPhoto library for the external hard drive or the iPhoto application, or both?

    How is formatted the external hard drive? Is the file system on the drive Mac OS extended (journaled) or other system files?  Is the drive directly connected by USB or similar, or is it a SIN?

    IPhoto on the external hard drive will not launch despite the force quit and relaunch several times.

    I don't understand - if you force quit smoking, launches the application, or you can not force it quit?

    IPhoto is suspended without doing anything, when you launch?

    What version of iPhoto does? And what version of Mac OS X?

  • my external hd will not appear in my computer, it is in the device driver and says working ok

    my external hd will not appear in my computer.  It is in the device driver and work very well, and it shows in the hard drives and says working properly.      I turn it on then it is not in my pc so that I can usr it t / you rick * address email is removed from the privacy * or * address email is removed from the privacy *.


    Check your drive in computer management. Click Start-> run, type &-> compmgmt.msc-> navigate to storage-> disk management.
    On the right side, make sure your external drive-> Rightclick and assign a drive letter.
    I hope this helps.

Maybe you are looking for