We cannot talk on the phone with headphones?

I was listening to music and received a call, so I responded with my headphones on and the person on the other end could not hear me. I had to unplug the headphones so to speak. To ensure that this was the case I placed a call and plugged the headphones back in and Yes, I can't talk about using the headset. The man that called continues to disappoint me daily. I paid too full of detail for him.

OK, I rebooted the phone and now it works. My apologies for more react: Pei

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    Can I discuss or talk on the phone with a man?  I have an Adobe annual ExportPDF.  So, if I have to cancel today, I still have to pay half of the tax?  I've only used the service once or twice.  I was looking for a phone number to call.  But it seemed to me being in a loop.  I kept is directed to this forum.  I'd really appreciate a quick link to a phone number.  Much more efficient on my end.

    I expected to be canceled in a few minutes via a phone call.  Instead of have been in this endless and frustrating loop on this forum.

    Help please.


    Please check the help below document:

    Cancel your subscription or membership. Creative cloud

    You will need to sign in to your adobe account and then access the link below to contact support by calling/chat.

    Contact the customer service

    Kind regards


  • Problem with the keyboard while talking on the phone

    I can't use the keyboard on my phone while talking on the subject. Any keyboard comes up while talking on the phone.

    The keyboard appears as soon as I hang up. Help!

    Use the phone in safe mode, see if the same thing happens:


  • Then I can surf the web on the phone with Verizon?

    I waited for the iPhone 6 out hoping I can surf the web while talking on the phone. This weekend I had a new 6s and I can't do that.

    When the 6 came out, I swear I've read somewhere (but of course can't find it now) that it is now enabled if you have Verizon as your carrier. I think that Verizon has been the only person who was not what allows with the iPhone for some reason any (probably) ridiculous.

    I CAN do it over WiFi but not LTE. I want to be able to leave my house and I can do that.

    Before I called Verizon and give them *, I thought to double check here so I have plenty of info to yell at them with if I'm right.

    If someone has a link to the info, I would be happy as well.

    Thank you guys!

    You must confirm with Verizon you have VoLTE (voice over LTE) enabled on your account. Then go to settings > phone > turn on LTE and make sure that it is set to voice & data. Then, while you're on the LTE network, you will be able to talk on the phone and use data at the same time.

  • The iphone 6 s there a tone to let me know that I have an incoming call while I talk on the phone

    New for iphones.  One of the things that miss me is a tone/tone, over the ear speaker, while I'm talking to someone to let me know I have an incoming call.  Miss me calls important reason of not having something to let me know I have a call and need to switch.  The same applies if I call someone.  I use to get the same/beep to let me know that this person was on the phone with someone else.  Is there a setting to activate an audible notification while I talk on the phone?

    This is not a feature of the phone, it's a feature of the carrier. Check with your carrier and see if call waiting is activated on your account. In this case, you will get an alert when there is another incoming call.

    Even when to call someone else, a sound signal will be added to each ring, but again, the carrier provides this functionality, not the phone.

  • Outlook Express cannot send and receive emails and cannot sync to the phone.


    I'm a Microsoft Online Customer Service, which contacts on behalf of my client. My client has problem with Outlook Express, which cannot send and receive emails, and cannot sync to the phone. He receives this error message below:

    The host 'SMTP' could not be found. Please check that you have entered the server name correctly. Account: 'POP3', server: 'SMTP', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, secure (SSL): no, Socket error: 11001, error number: 0x800CCC0D

    I'm not sure of the sync with the phone number, but the account settings are not yet near. SMTP is not a host name or a server name. You must find the correct POP3 server settings.

    Setting up email in Outlook Express servers

  • Extension mobility / CAD issue: "You cannot connect because the phone is compatible IPV6"... help please.

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem with the mobility of the extension and CAD.

    UCCX - 41 - 1 CUCM

    CAD 8.0 (2)

    Phone: 7945G (configured according to other phones no 'contact center' of society, but not 'line' unaffected - want them purely for Contact Center users to connect to their posts)

    When the user logs in the phone itself, there is no question at this point.

    When the user goes to sign in CAD, they are presented with the following error:

    "You cannot connect because the phone is IPV6. IPv6 compatible phones are not compatible with CAD. »

    Workaround is to unlock (settings > * #) Network Configuration on the config of IPV6 phone and physical removal.

    Settings > * # > 2 (Network Configuration) > 2 (Configuration IPv6) > button 'more' > 'Clear' button > it presents 'clear IPv6 network settings '.

    The user can then successfully connect to the CSA.

    The problem is that, after his shift, the user logs on to the phone, then when they log in again, the question is again presented and the 'workaround' to manually remove the IPv6 configuration out of the phone must be done all over again (and each time after that too). Arrrrg.

    I also noticed that in CUCM > devices > Device Settings > Commond Device Configuration > find > my CDC > the IP address Mode IS set to "IPV4 and IPV6.

    A test, I've changed that to "IPV4" only

    User logged off phone, phone rebooted, logged in user, has attempted to connect to CAD, same problem. No change! Ahh some more!

    Finally, I discovered an alternative (to avoid the issue and the previous workaround)... CUCM, I put devices > phone > find > select > sub-heading ("phone Configuration') 'Extension Information' >"Logout profile"profile of mobility of users and then we do NOT have the issue. Phone restarted, connected, do not connect you, tried all the different States - everything works fine now.

    I also found that by setting up a 'line' on the device - the problem is also solved.

    HOWEVER, I don't really want to specify a line configured to the individual if possible phones or mobility of the specific user profile.

    Is it possible to avoid this? What Miss me to avoid specifying a line or a profile on your phone?

    See you soon,.


    Post edited by: Brett Hanson (in the message original, I've specified only the version 8.0.2 as version - to make this discussion more relevant, I just put in the details of the full versions we ran when the issue was present.) CAD, except that I don't remember what version it was then).

    Hi Brett,

    I saw something similar once I installed UCCX 8.x to a customer.

    Workaround there had to be a SU installed on the UCCX.

    If it helps,

    Kind regards


  • You need to reset and or change my old icloud account of moms on the phone with another. When I try to reset it with the information that we know that it says "blocked account"

    You need to reset and or change my old iCloud account of moms on the phone with another. When I try to reset it with the information that we know that it says "blocked account"


  • Only able to hear the sound with headphones

    I am only able to hear the audio with headphones.


    for some reason, I am only able to hear the sound of my laptop through my headphones. When I take the headphones on the speakers does not work! Help, please. This sux

    Go to control panel-> hardware and sound-> sound

    On the reading tab, turn on and set your speakers to laptop as the default device

    hope this helps

  • why I can't download sequels? I just got the message '' We will have problems, '' and I just spent two hours on the phone with the India.

    It's been two days now.

    Whenever I try to download After Effects on my 32-bit Windows 10 laptop, the web page says "we are currently experiencing some issues, please try again later." If the problem persists, contact customer service. »

    I just spent 2 hours on the phone with the India tent doesn't solve or none this result.

    The India should you said that After Effects is 64-bit only.

  • My speakers does not work when I talk on the phone but when I have my headphones or have the phone up to my ear people hear me perfectly fine, please help.

    My iphone does not work on audio speaker and everything is perfectly fine, but when I'm on the phone and put my phone on speaker, no one can hear me not at all, but when I have the phone to my ear, or have headphones in people can hear me very well. I don't think it's a software problem, that my phone is updated with ios 9.3.5. Can someone help me please on this issue.

    Force restart the phone now sleep and home for 10 seconds, button until the Apple logo comes back again. You won't lose data.

    Have you tried plugging the headphones into an output a few times?

    Does say "headphones" when you toggle the volume and no headphones attached?

    More tips here:

    If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support

  • Cannot print after you load the phone with a direct USB cable connection

    Original title: fails my. driver what should I do, should I get it fixed or can I do it myself?

    I was recharging the battery from my phone with my laptop yesterday but I was with the son of a usb cord, but I put the wires in the wrong place on the charger then my phone could not load more and now my driver is not responding. When I want to print something the printer just keeps showing me document pending and when I use a USB computer does not pick up it at all. I'm not sure if this is the result of charge my phone

    Hello petagayehenry,

    The printer connects through a USB port?

    If this is the case, then I would probably recommend having the unit repaired as all these problems seem to come from the USB port.

    Have you tried another USB port?

    Best regards


  • iMessage used to synchronize the phone with the computer. That's happened?

    I was always able to start a conversation on my phone, then go to my computer. Now, I can't do it. The full message on the computer shows, as shows the full message on the phone, but when I leave one and go to another, something I'm saying watch upward... .only the other part of the conversation people. I checked all the settings, etc. I can't find the problem. I hope someone can help please. Thank you very much. iPhone 6 Plus, v 9.3.2 and Mac Book Pro OS EL CAPITAN v10.11.5

    Using transfer?

    OS X El Capitan: pick up where you left with transfer

  • I took a sim card to an iPhone and place in another.  What should I do next to the phone with the sim card replaced?  The screen and apps are from the old phone...

    Hi, my wife 4S iPhone died and I I replaced his Sim Card with my old s 4 card as I have updated.  She is still decide to upgrade, but needs a phone so replace the sim card seemed like a good thing to do.  So now his phone has all my contacts, applications etc on it and none of his own.  What is the next step to have his stuff on his phone?  Is this to connect to its MacBook or reset the phone and connect.

    Thank you.

    Has a backup via iTunes or iCloud of his old phone before he died? If so, what follows has instructions. Transfer the contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support

    Note that since the phone is already implemented (i.e., no news, the first step will be to follow the instructions below to the bottom of this link.

    To transfer a backup on a device, you have already configured, you need to clear the device: tap Settings > General > reset > erase all content and settings. This erases all the data that is currently on your device. After you erased, your device will restart and you will see the screen of 'Hello '. Now, you can transfer a backup of your device.

  • Now back to light while talking on the phone

    While talking on my Cliq composer light turns off. I have to touch the screen so he can come back on then I hit something that I don't like 'Hang UP' or something that redirects me. I looked in all my settings but can't seem to find that I need.

    If I know that I am using an IVR system, I used to do a few things.

    • Put the phone on speaker mode, and then press the dial button to bring up the numbers.
    • Put the phone in mode paved dial and then remove my head a little as I go through the menus. This is to turn the screen back on so that I can push the buttons correctly.
    • Connect the phone via Bluetooth so I don't have to keep my head.

    Maybe someone could make an app that puts a DTMF button on the Dialer screen. In this way, you can have the screen turned on temporarily without activating it on all calls, which affects your battery life.

    Have a physical button or adding another feature to an existing feature seems not practical or cost-effective in my view that confusion would arise.


    Support Forums Manager

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