We stil run an extensive system of Small Business Accounting. I wonder what others have opted for now his party and support.

We stil run an extensive system of Small Business Accounting.  I wonder what others have opted for now his party and support.  We have to find a new solution.  Recommend something?


original title: Small Business Accounting


Try: QuickBooks

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  • Small Business Accounting 2006 for Vista download

    I am trying to download my 2006 version of MS small business accounting on my NEW computer which has Windows Vista as operating system. I downloaded all updates and it still not open. I click on the software, and it shows that it is opening. Then he said that a problem caused the SMBA to stop working and MS will give you a solution for the program and it will stop runnng but then I don't get any information.
    I checked all of the patches that I can find and that are related to this issue. Help! Thank you!

    Hello Miranda,

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Community Forum.

    Your version of Microsoft Small Business accounting 2006 is not compatible with Windows Vista.  You can view the compatibility of the software with Vista on the compatibility of Microsoft site. http://www.Microsoft.com/Windows/compatibility/search.aspx?type=software&s=small%20Business%20accounting%2023006&page=6

    However, you are eligible for a free update to Office Accounting 2009 if you have a licensed copy of your software in 2006.  Existing customers who have a license for 2006, 2007 or Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 are entitled to a free upgrade of 2009 Accounting Office. Please refer to the URL below to determine your upgrade path.


    I have also included the link on how to upgrade to Office Accounting 2009. It is recommended that you back up your current data in Small Business Accounting 2006 before the upgrade. If your SBA 2006 should not be SP2, you may need to upgrade the service pack before the backup.


    Once you have upgraded and loading your data, you might want to consider uninstalling Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 (SBA). SBA uses an older version of SQL Server called MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine), and that your computer will run faster if you uninstall SBA and MSDE.

    Please post again if you have any questions or concerns.


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  • I have set to MaxUserPort in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters decimal 5002. But not able to understand his work and significance.

    I read the following ARTICLE


    And, according to the definition

    Definition: -.

    Determines the highest port number TCP can assign when an application requests a port available for the system user. As a general rule, the mayflies (those used briefly) ports are assigned to port numbers 1024 to 5000.

    Description of the problem : -  There is an initialization of the Socket on my computer to server on port 9090. Suppose a particular service request that is connect on port of server by client program.  My client program to message date correctly with some dynamic ports.

    How and where I can check "MaxUserPort" definition. How does it work and what is the meaning of it.

    Kindly help me to understand. I will be really grateful.

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)
  • Thanks for your help, I really appreciate my just blink of small business accounting program, but does not open al all__

    I have problems with netfx. and mscoree.dll. I think I have to install .net framework first, but how to install netfx.msi?

    You should get the latest .NET at http://www.microsoft.com/NET/

    Depending on the application, you may need to uninstall/reinstall.

  • Small business account users

    How can I check how many users can be recorded in the account at the same time? If we don't have that one license, do we disconnect before every person connects to use an application?


    I see you have subscription team creative cloud with a single license. With the help of this one user license can install this product on 2 machines and can use one at a time.

    This license cannot be used by multiple users. you will need to add additional licenses and assign to other users if you use adobe creative cloud as well.

    Please see the following links for more information

    Adobe - end user license agreement

    Licensing and terms of use | Adobe

  • WE HAVE small business Acctg and got windows 7, HOW do I make this work / compatible?

    We have Small Business Accounting 2006 and you have upgraded to our computer systems for Windows 7.  Now we find that they are not compatible.  The SBA 2006 is related to our software.  WE must have this compatible.

    Help, please.

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hello MarthaFry,

    SBA 2006 is not compatible with Windows 7. However, you didn't say what version of Windows 7 you are using. For example, Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and ultimate edition have the option to download Windows XP mode. This installs a copy of XP on your machine (in Windows 7) that allows you to install the accounting software in a Windows XP environment. That might solve your problem.

    If not have you tried to install SBA in compatibility mode for Windows Vista? Try to right click on the file setup.exe (or install.exe) SBA and selecting Properties. In the properties box, click the tab compatibility Place a checkmark (tick) in the box to the left of the "run this program in compatibility mode for" and then select Windows Vista from the dialog box just below this option. You will need to click on the arrow to the right of this box to display all operating systems.

    Click Ok, and then click the file setup.exe (install.exe) to start the installation.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

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  • can not update; "" Windows or windows defender ' more and I lost my; "' help and support ' file system on startup. Need help to get all that, please.

    I can't update "windows" or "windows defender". Followed the steps described by Microsoft help, tried to download manually, have asked Microsoft to help (no response yet) these first two things didn't work. I even had something like; change setting.that message security came for "Windows update", I have change the security setting, did not just well, still nothing.
    Windows Defender gives me an error code that looks like this;
    Error Code 0 x 80070005
    That's all I can get, and it will not update.
    and on top of it, I've lost my "Microsoft Help and support (it) when I click Start and click Help and support, I get a (?) all help options or when I click on it nothing there is totally 'empty '.
    I have one more problem.
    I tried to defrag my computer, and I can't do it either. I get a grey screen and if I click on anylise or defragment, it does nothing, no error message or anything else. Tried to manually defragment Traore does not work, tried to load a defrag on the web program, wouldn't let me load it.
    Nobody knows what happens here? why I'm having these problems all of a sudden? I do nothing but send E-mails and read my emails and I do not browse the internet or enter sites that are safer. So, what can I do? How to make everything return to normal? can someone help me with this?
    Also let me tell you right now, I'm not an expert on how to do things on the computer, so I'm scitish when it receives or sounds complicated. I don't want to lose my entire system because of these unfortenate none of the work programmes.

    Hello shessy49, welcome.

    I would recommend that we run a SFC (System File Checker) first scan to see what he finds. Try this:

    1. click on START
    2 type "msconfig" (without the quotes) and press enter
    3. go to the "Startup" tab and uncheck all the entries displayed
    4. click on 'Apply' at the bottom right
    5 restart your computer

    After the reboot

    1. click on START
    2. Type "cmd" (without the quotes). Right-click on the result at the top of the menu START and select 'run as administrator '.
    3. type "sfc/scannow" (without the quotes) and press enter

    If the question started very recently, you can try a system restore:

    1. click on START
    2. click on "all programs".
    3. click on "Accessories".
    4. click on "system tools."
    5. click on "system restore."

    6 follow the prompts shown to restore your system to a date before the problem started. Although the system restore does not target the personal data, it is recommended that you back up all data such as music, photos and documents in case something is not bad.

    Let us know what happens

    Thank you!

    Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • small business computerized

    My company has been one of the BETA testers for MS Small Business Accounting 2007, I ran and used since on my desktop PC running Windows XP from

    I've recently updated my PC that installed Windows 7
    The software was released on Mamut which are totally disinterested and not responded to one of my 5 messages asking for help, I suppose that they are only interested in business accounts not small businesses
    I want to continue to use the original software I have 6 years of information for products, quotes, invoices, customers etc on it.
    Is there a patch or someone can tell me if it is possible to use this software or recommend a newer version
    I have a small p ###d off the coast as part of the BETA test with MS was that I was going to have a free license of the software for life as much as I know
    Mamut may not even be interested enough to respond to the messages that I am not prepared to use their software
    I asked the guy at my local COMPUTER centre where I bought the new PC could they operate, but they have failed

    I have the 2007 version works on Windows 7 and works very well, even though my installation was on Vista 64 bit upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit, he is running, open the company deposited very well and I can do things to pay normal without compatibility problems. If you encounter problems of compatibility with Windows 7, try running it in compatibility mode of Vista SP2:

    Windows 7 Compatibility Center
    Check if your application software or hardware is on the list


    You can also try to run the program in compatibility mode
    You can find more information on compatibility modes in the articles below:



    The software is designed for an earlier version of Windows such as Windows XP? Most older programs don't work with Windows 7, in particular some programs for Windows XP, can you need to perhaps upgrade to Windows 7 Professional or ultimate edition if you run not an edition and download the Windows XP Mode free program which will allow you run old programs:

    Run in Windows XP Mode requires:
    (1) Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise (not supported in Home Premium).

    Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC

    Windows XP Mode now accessible to more than PC

    Get started with Windows Virtual PC


    Windows 7 - upgrade Express features:

    Another option is to migrate to alternative products such as QuickBooks 2011 or 2012. I recently installed QuickBooks on some computers here at work and notice he takes in charge the import of files Microsoft Office Accounting.

  • Create the new virtual machine for Small Business Server 2008


    When creating a new Machine virtual and choose the guest operating system, the "Small Business Server 2008" are not listed. Just choose "Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)"?

    Thank you


    Yes, it will work, and it is supported guest OS


    Edit: There is a bug in the user interface for the VIC, where probably 2008 will be displayed as Vista under the toolbar of guest operating system.

  • on xp family. Windows cannot open help and support because a system service is not ongoing enforcement.

    Windows cannot open help and support because a system service is not ongoing enforcement. to resolve this problem, start the service called help and support


    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers community.

    In doing research, I found this article in which people have found a solution:

    Help and support-Service not started

    I hope this helps.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Error - the computer is running an operating system Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not support for the installation of the Extension of reporting Dynamics CRM 2011.

    Original title: Dynamics CRM 2011 Extension of reporting facility.

    Nice day

    Asked me to install this program called Extension Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 report Authoring on one of our PC network operations.  The computer is a Dell OptiPlex 960 under Windows XP SP3.  When attempting to install the program, you get the following error message:

    The computer is running an operating system Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not support.  To install this product, you need to upgrade your computer to an operating system supported.  For a complete list of supported operating systems, see the documentation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=181018)
    For additional detals see logfile C:\Documents and Settings\bcodom\Application Data\Microsoft\MSCRM\Logs\BIDSExtensionsSetup.log

    Now, normally, I just coordinates with the end-user to him upgrade to Windows 7, however, after watching on the download page of this application (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=13818), I noticed that Windows XP is one of the supported operating systems that can be installed on.  In addition, after looking around on the Technet documentation, I was not given a definitive answer on whether or not this application is not supported on Windows XP.

    So, my question is creation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 report Extension works on Windows XP SP3, or do we let us upgrade this computer to Windows 7?  Thank you!

    Hi Bcodom,

    In dealing with the problem to install the Extension of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 report creation, I would recommend you to post your question in the help link.


    Hope the helps of information.

  • opening running associated extension exe

    My built LabVIEW application is associated with a specific file type in Windows:


    and opens double click on the file using the command line argument:


    This allows me to _launch_ my request, when the user double-clicks a file with the specified extension and process this file.

    But it happens only if the application is not running.

    What should I do if I want to open the double clicked when my program works?

    Any system event happening that I can record and process?

    The only way I see now is to build an intermediate application that will be associated with extension, check if the main application is running and pass arguments to it.


    Well, there were many discussions on this subject, for example 1, 2, 3 , and in the early days, I tried a few ways of implementation of DDE in my applications. You may use the private property of LabVIEW which is called "OS Open Document" (needs SuperSecretPrivateSpecialStuff = true Labview.ini chain so that it is visible in the window configuration of events). More information is presented here and hereand it worked for me... I also find more elegantly and found this article. LabVIEW has already integrated server DDE and your application can receive WM_DDE_EXECUTE message using calls to the system API. So, I made an example of this receiver - it works if you have saved a file extension in Windows (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT branch in the registry) and is a double click of your file. This also works when you double-click a shortcut to your application and when you double-click your application exe, even if it is already running. It does not work if you have saved your file with key ddeexec extension (equivalent to open (%)) with command key 1 (equals "Path to your app\App.exe" '%1').)) But in this case, the "OS Open Document" private property works! And you can even use both methods or can choose one of them.

    For the look of simplicity these registry keys. If you have saved *.ton file extension, you should have



    @="\"C:\\Test\\Application.exe\" \"%1\""

    the registry keys. In this case the method 1 will work. If you add this key


    then the method 1 does not work, but the method 2 ("OS Open Document") will work.

    My test program is in attachment (LV 2011). It requires Windows Message Queue library (second link is for LV 2009 and greater) for the interception of DDE messages. You can integrate the message listener loop in parallel thread in your application and stop with the notifier or a similar mechanism.

  • Cannot run any application system as anything in the administration tools, network and sharing Center, Device Manager. No problem running the applications Office, IE, etc.

    Vista Ultimate, 32-bit, SP2 had worked perfectly for two months. Machine set up to now and when started the first time, no network connection and my video wallpaper stops with an error message that says to reboot. The 2nd restart, I get internet connectivity, no wallpaper at all and no access to system applications that are listed in the title line.

    I can open Documents and navigate around, click computer and see the disks, etc., right click on computer and view the properties, but it shows no RAM and processor. If I click on Device Manager on this window, it crashes just forever unless I have kill with Task Manager.

    I had Windows Live Onecare on this machine and it expired during the period, it was closed. No problem... I plan to install MSE.

    Originally, I installed a smaller version of Vista of CD (still have it) but upgraded to Ultimate online and is not a product for this upgrade CD.

    I need to know where to start on fixing Vista so that it works correctly.

    Thank you.


    ·        Where you upgrade the system for full vista?

    It is better that you have the Vista Ultimate DVD, so I suggest you ask the DVD from the dealer.

    I suggest you to check in the Event Viewer logs and let us know the exact error.

    Open event viewer


    Method 1:

    I suggest you to do a scan of the SFC. File system (CFS) Auditor verifies that all Windows 7 system files are where they should be as they are by default and not corrupted, changed or damaged.

    a. Click Start, click principally made programs, accessories, right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator.

    b. click on continue or provide administrator credentials if prompted.

    c. in the type in the following command prompt window and press ENTER:

    d. sfc/scannow

    e. you should see the following message on the screen:

    § Begin the analysis of the system. This process will take time.

    § Beginning verification phase of system scan.

    f. % verification complete.

    g. once the scan is complete, a test to see if the problem you are experiencing is resolved or not.

    For more information, see the article mentioned below.


    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • Firefox 4 will run on my system?

    Specs: Windows 2000 Professional SP4, 128 MB RAM, Pentium III 550 mhz, 3678MB of free space

    You will not be able to run Firefox 4, the system requirements include recommendations related to the material of the Pentium 4 or newer CPU and at least 512 MB of RAM.


  • Error code: a debugger has been found running in your system, remove it from memory. Excel and Windows 2007 will not open, unlike Outlook.

    Installed upgrading Windows 7 on Vista. I lost the use of Word and Excel 2007
    Error code: a debugger was found running on your system, please remove it from memory and restart your program.

    You will find the support for Windows 7 in these forums-online http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7

    You will find support for Office 2007 applications in these forums-online http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2007

Maybe you are looking for

  • Satellite Pro U200-128: the missing letters when typing using Vista

    Hello I started facing a new problem after upgrading my operating system from XP to Vista. The problem is that after writing a text, I realize that it was missing some letters (sometimes seven times during the writing of these statements). There is n

  • Carpet * a DVD-Ram UJ - 841S comes with several error messages

    My laptop is relatively new, I've been burning some video files in DVD - RW and all of a sudden my DVD drive has stopped working. It came with several error messages format "failed due to damage media", "format failed due to general failure" and "the

  • I have a HP Pavilion 500-267C, can I install a second hard drive in this PC?

    My turn XP no longer works, but there is some information on the hard drive I want to recover my present PC uses the Windows 7 operating system. Can my old hard drive be installed in the new HP without ruining the new computer or the old hard drive?

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    Greetings, I have a Linksys/Cisco WRV210 Wireless-G VPN Router with RangeBooster.  ISP is a dynamic IP with all ports open.  I have no equipment to interact with them. they give me just a CAT5 cable on the wall.  ISP-> WRV210-> LAN Router stats Hardw

  • The support of SG300 - 10 TEAR?

    Hello! In the documentation for the CLI of the SG 300 series, it shows sh ip rip road as a command. I installed the latest firmware and this command is no longer available. Support of the SG300 series TEAR? Thank you! Richard S.