Web App WebOS 1.3.5 lost with the WebOS update feature?

With WebOS 1.3.5 I was able to open the yahoo mobile site (configured for Opera Mini) without having loaded the Opera - which means that WebOS was all the right support call Java required for yahoo mobile site.  After the update, this is no longer true, and the page opens by default text mode.  Now, this could be a coincidence and Yahoo could have updated their page simultaneously with the updated and I see the result of that.

Has anyone else noticed a problem with Java on other sites?

Thanks for the reply.  I'll use it on the other problem.

Re: problem with Yahoo! mobile site - it must have been a problem with Yahoo!, the site works very well today and I didn't do anything.  There is therefore no problem with WebOS and helped the Opera of Yahoo! mobile site - it works fine.

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    (I found earlier but nothing since 2012 messages, and I want to be sure that it is always topical).

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    App Store displays the available updates, but no applications update

    update the iMac App Store list 1 avaialable

    Open a search window by pressing Command-F key combination in the Finder. Select the Mac as the scope of research and the research of the app (s) in question by name. Delete all obsolete copies that you find.

  • Get lost with the controls on the panels

    Hi all,

    With the help of Lavwindows 2010

    I have a little difficulty with my UIR.  I inherited a project with several panels, 2 have about 340 controls on each of them, I'm looking at (for example) a certain (RATE) control properties. I use the tree Panel to get the table I want and the FREQUENCY control.  I double click on the name of the control RATE.  In the details (under the tree Panel) section, it shows the name of the constant is MLED_MAX12_2 and its status led (its really a digital slide).

    Is it just that CVI has trouble with panels containing a large amount of controls?

    Is there another way for me to access this control? (right click on RATE and by selecting OBJECT UI FIND gives me the properties of the control MLED_MAX12_2.

    Is there a limit to the number of controls on a Panel? of the project? File of the UIR?

    Thank you

    Pete Hedlund

    I couldn't reproduce it in 2010 SP1, so I tried in 2010, and I could reproduce the bug. This problem has been fixed in 2010 SP1.


    The solution is to change the control in the edit control dialog box that appears when you click on , when a control has focus in the editor the user interface with the editing tool selected (as opposed to the tool of exploitation). Or you can double-click the control to display the edit control dialog box.

  • Keyframes lost with the new 2015.4 update

    I've just updated to 2015.4, build 10.4.0 (30)... I work with the original 4K 30 p on a 1080 p/30 timeline material.  I placed several keyframes in a particular shooting and non of them appear in my effect control window.  Basically I'm cropping a 4K shot after a harvester.  Here is a screenshot of my window controls in effect on a clip that has 4 key frames.  Does not show my chronological marker, nor do all my KeyFrames and function so I can change auto Bezier or whatever.

    Am I missing something really simple here?  Or is there a problem with this version.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.44.25 PM copy.jpg

    THX... Jim Watt

    Mac (retina 5K, 27 inches, end of 2014)

    4 GHz to CPU: Intel Core i7

    Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB

    Memory: 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Boot disk: Mac HD/3 TB Fusion

    Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB

    Video players: Raid 6 to '0' in OWC Raid housing

    Write speed: 328 MB/s

    Reading 333.7 MB/s

    4 TB G-Raid

    Write to 245,9

    258.0 read

    2 additional HDMI monitors

    Black Magic box Ultra Studio Mini Monitor

    Clearly missing something simple.  I've never used this button, nor apparently accidentally hit.

    Thank you... it's great to learn something new every day and sometimes every moment... .JW

  • appvolume Setup is complete but get error below when opening the web app-volume Manager interface. Cannot start the volume App Manager "cannot load this file - tiny_tds.

    "failed to start volume App Manager" boot failure Unable to load the file of this type - tiny_tds

    error after installation.JPG

    Hi Paul amstaur,.

    This question says, I've met before, and there is a permission problem. Please do below things to get rid of.

    Since you have already installed the app volume, go back to the snapshot, or install a vanilla OS. Provide a sufficient permission in the local security policy, if you install SQL express as well as the volume of the app as the backup Administrator, debug as an administrator, log in as a service to the domain user. Also make sure the time is correct on the computer. You must restart the computer after you gave permission.  Most of the cases you already have full filled what mentioned above, but still you get an error.  To get rid of it, you must copy the appvolume installation files to the local directory, may be in the C drive and recommending only not to mount the ISO in virtual CD ROM, instead of copy and extract the ISO locally.  the next important thing is that you must run the setup.exe AppVolume run as administrator.

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    My HP Pavilion 17 - e101sp Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) came with preinstalled Windows 8.1. I later upgraded to Windows 10.

    Although I had Norton Internet Security installed since the bootups earlier, I still have some virus infections from time to time (discovered through runnin ClamAV from a Linux Debian partition, I put in place on the same computer) laptop. After the expiration of the 1 year subscription NIS (I had lost confidence in it right here...) I played around with a few other sollutions.

    In the end, I now have a Windows essentially not fixable (infected) 10. It's not scary for me because Linux is my main OS 'at home' for 15 years now. However, being the standard Windows "de facto" is it much, I still would like to have a copy of own work, installed.

    My question is, in the current scenario, as I mentioned, which of the two is the best way to have 10 Windows installed with all the goodies of HP, alongisde, my Debian Linux system? And what care I would create throughout the process?

    1 reinstall 8.1 can I leave HP recovery disks that I made at the beginning (and hope that does not erase the Linux partitions, I created afterwards - I need more than "hope" in fact, I need evidence-based knowledge on this one!). And then upgrade to Windows 10.

    2 install a Windows 10 fees (from DVD created from the .iso file downloaded from Microsoft), hoping that it activates properly with the key contained in the UEFI BIOS (I think that this 'hope' is pretty much made to knowledge database) and then get all the goodies of HP... by a simple download from the HP site?

    I think option 2 is the safest (and fastest also!) but I'd well informed comment before that I have try.

    Thanks in advance.


    Option 1 is the only way you will get to keep the programs provided HP with your PC, and they reformat the hard drive, so you will lose everything.

    Option 2 will put a clean install of W10 on your C:\Drive and you will be able to leave everything intact, unless you format the hard drive.

    If your current installation of W10 has been successfully activated, W10 will automatically activate once you install it again once you're connected to the internet.

    To install W10 in this way, you select the "I don't have a product key option,' when you get to when Windows asks for the prouduct key.

    The only software and you will be able to install the drivers which will be available on the page of the driver and support for your laptop.

  • Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility mode list for Windows Vista (KB982632) cannot install with the error details: Code 80070490 & also update for Windows Vista (KB981793) with the details of the error: Code 80070490

    I am running windows vista Home premium, on a system 32-bit HP Pavilion dv9700 op.  I have internet project 8 service pack 2 of windows and norton security suite installed on my computer.  I do not understand why these 2 updates keep do not install unless it didn't, but they are listed under important updates in the windows updates, can you please help me, maybe I don't have not enough memory on the left?

    Thank you!

    Windows Update error 80070490

    If you receive the Windows Update 80070490 error, it means that a file (CBS Manifest) that is needed to install updates is corrupt. To correct this problem, you will need to repairWindows. RepairingWindows will not damage your personal files or the programs that are installed on your computer.

    The System Update Readiness Tool for Windows can correct some conditions that causeWindows Update error 80070490. You can access and run this tool by reading this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947821 on the Microsoft Web site.

    If the system update readiness tool solves the problem, you need to repairWindows. RepairingWindows will not damage your personal files or the programs that are installed on your computer.

    Once you have completed the repair, you will need to restart Windows Update to install updates are not included on the installation DVD. RepairWindows, follow these steps:

    1. Close all programs and restart your computer.

    2. Insert the DVD into your disc drive. Wait for the installer to start. If the installation program does not start automatically, follow these steps:

      1. Click on start and type Drive: \setup.exe in the search box. ReplaceDrive with the letter of the DVD drive of your computer (for example, D:\setup.exe).

      2. List programs, click Setup.exe.

    3. Click on install now.

    4. Click go online to get the latest updates for installation (recommended).

    5. If you are prompted to do this, type the Windows product key.

    6. What type of installation you want? window, click upgrade.

    7. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer, and then run Windows Update.

    If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer"If you find it useful, mark it as useful by clicking the 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • Problems with the Dell place 7 4.3 update

    After that I got the 4.3 update... my Dell 7 location behaves badly on some applications... (touch screen would no longer, some applications would be rather slow)... so I decided to do a reset of factory/restoration and simply install the apps I was using... Now... I tried to set up MSN push email with the default client (e-mail). (that's for Push Mail / number of files) Already configured automatically using this account very well default Android client... Also tried to make a corporate account or by e-mail of the android settings screen and wouldn't work... Manually enter the settings does not work either even if I had to * another * android tablet...  Any suggestions...

    I've also seen ths with the 4.3 update on my test systems.  I also saw a lot of post on other Android forums see the same thing on other devices that have been updated.  I provided feedback on the Android Dell team to work on a fix.

    As an MSFT has an official APP in the store that works with 4.3.


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    Something has changed definitely take a look at this...


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  • HP LaserJet 1320 will not print duplex on Win7 64 bit

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