Web searches are redirected to OpenDNS. Cannot access these Web sites.

This problem just started. Whenever I try to load a page (in this case Gamefaqs), I get redirected to this search engine called openDNS, saying that the site is not available. It has a link to the site, and whenever I clicked, it redirects me to this thing OpenDNS.

I tried loading the page with the default browser of chrome on this phone, but also my laptop using firefox and chrome and have not experienced this problem. Yet the problem persists when you try to access the mobile site through firefox.

I have tried clearing the cache, uninstall and reinstalling, yet the problem isn't resolved. I have done a virus scan, thinking it might be some form of malware that is hijacking my search engine. That all comes back clean.

I've never heard of OpenDNS, nor have I allowed it to become my search engine. When I go into the settings of search engine, it does not appear, but he manages to keep hijacking of my searches on google and redirect me sites that work normally.

Please help me.

Hi SuperRup91, I was able to reproduce this problem on Firefox Mobile on a wi - fi network using OpenDNS. Queries for a single word for non-existent domains + by pressing the arrow go back a page of results of OpenDNS. Typing a search suggestion next to the icon of Google for the word, or by using a query of several given word of Google results. Unless you can change to a different DNS provider, I think you may be stuck with these options.

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  • Problem the multifaceted - Security Center does not respond / in IE8 Google searches are redirected / cannot attach files to MSN emails (browser blocks) HELP!

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    Hi ChazboK,

    1. are you able to send attachments to other webmail?
    2. What is the size of the attachment that you join?

    Note: you should never have more than one security program installed on the PC, providing active protection / scan. This can cause performance problems, system instability and may adversely affect the effectiveness of these two products to provide protection.

    Scenario 1:

    I suggest you to disable any program of security on your computer and check if the browser redirects.

    After reviewing the question you must reactivate the security on your computer program.

    Note: run the computer without antivirus software or firewall is a potential threat to the computer; Be sure to activate security software after completing the troubleshooting steps and after identifying the problem.

    Step 2:

    Second, the problem may be caused by an add-on corrupted in Internet Explorer. To confirm the same, run Internet Explorer in safe modules mode, and check if the problem persists.

    Open Internet Explorer in mode without modules,

    a. click the Start button, click all programs.
    b. click on accessories.
    c. click System Tools.
    d. then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

    If disabling all add-ons solves the problem, you can use the add-on Manager to disable all add-ons and then turn on modules only as needed. This will allow you to figure out which add-on is causing the problem.

    Remove the damaged module and restart Internet Explorer normally and check if the problem reappears.

    After you have used this process to determine which add-on causes errors, you can disable this add-on. Or, you can uninstall the software that installs the add-on. We also recommend that you contact the software vendor that provided the add-on for additional troubleshooting and support.

    Step 3:

    If the method above does not resolve the problem, then I suggest you to perform an optimization of Internet Explorer on your computer and find the number.
    How to optimize Internet Explorer
    Warning: him reset Internet Explorer settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings

    Scenario 2:

    If you are able to send attachments to other webmail then, I suggest you to contact MSN support.


    You can also refer:


    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    I. Suuresh Kumar - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • AnyConnectVPN users cannot access remote vpn site-to-site


    We have two 5510 s ASA one in 8.4 (4) and the other to 8.2 (5) in a site to site VPN configuration. All internal traffic is working smoothly.

    A: site/subnet - local (8.4 (4)) Site/subnet b: - distance (8.2 (5)) VPN users: - assigned by ASA

    When you VPN into the network, all the hits of traffic A Site and everything on the subnet A is accessible.

    However, the site B is totally inaccessible to users of VPN. All computers on subnet B, the firewall itself, etc. is not reachable by ping or otherwise.

    There are also some NAT rules weird that I'm not happy with that were created after that I upgraded the Site to ASA to 8.4

    A resident of the site: external 192.160.x.x: 55.55.555.201(main)/202(mail)

    Site B (in addition to site to site) is external 192.260.x.x: 66.66.666.54 (all)

    I've pretty much just the basic rules of the NAT for VPN, Email, Internet and site to site.

    What I need to add for the VPN access to the network from site to site?

    Here is my config NAT:

    NAT (inside, outside) static source DOMAIN_LOCAL DOMAIN_LOCAL VPN_Network VPN_Network non-proxy-arp-search of route static destination

    NAT (inside, outside) static source DOMAIN_LOCAL DOMAIN_LOCAL DOMAIN_REMOTE DOMAIN_REMOTE non-proxy-arp-search of route static destination


    network of the DMZ_Network object

    dynamic NAT interface (DMZ, outside)

    network of the DOMAIN_LOCAL object

    NAT dynamic interface (indoor, outdoor)

    network of the EXCHANGE_Exchange object

    NAT static Outside_Mail (any, any)

    network of the DOMAINCTRL_DHCP object

    NAT (inside, outside) interface static tcp ftp ftp service

    Thank you very much in advance and I hope that I've been pretty thorough.

    Let me know if you need anything that anyone else. Thank you!!


    You don't need the NAT rules outside (depending on your configuration).

    Basically, you need to add the pool VPN L2L traffic and network remote to the ACL of split tunneling (if configured), also the "permit same-security-traffic intra-interface".

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

  • One of the computers on the local network Windows XP cannot access a http site.

    I ping to the alpha-numeric address (on this computer) and ping uses a private IP address: (all packages are lost).

    All computers on the LAN access correctly.

    When I ping at the same alphanumeric address on other computers

    They ping and I successfully received all return packages.

    I connect using my Internet provider ADSL router. I know it does NAT and all my LAN computers get their IP addresses dynamically.

    I thought it was a problem of Internet Explorer, but after I discovered the computer resolves the ip address for the external address as a private IP address. I force the PC to get another IP address and also I had used: ipconfig/release, ipconfig / renew. And even by configuring it with a static ip address does not work.


    I can solve it only in this way https://www.region9.telcel.com/smartdistribuidores/

    This is a secure (via https) site. seems to be a subdomain of http://www.telcel.com.

    Maybe this can help, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/813444

    Otherwise, you should try to talk to http://www.telcel.com support

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Remote VPN users cannot access tunnel from site to site

    Cisco ASA5505.

    I have a tunnel of site-to-site set up from our office to our Amazon AWS VPC.  I'm not a network engineer and have spent way too much time just to get to this point.

    It works very well since within the office, but users remote VPN can not access the tunnel from site to site.  All other remote access looks very good.

    The current configuration is here: https://gist.github.com/pmac72/f483ea8c7c8c8c254626

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.  It is probably super simple for someone who knows what they're doing to see the question.

    Hi Paul.

    Looking at your configuration:

    Remote access:

    internal RA_GROUP group policy
    RA_GROUP group policy attributes
    value of server DNS
    Protocol-tunnel-VPN IPSec
    value of Split-tunnel-network-list Split_Tunnel_List

    permit same-security-traffic intra-interface
    type tunnel-group RA_GROUP remote access
    attributes global-tunnel-group RA_GROUP
    address RA_VPN_POOL pool
    Group Policy - by default-RA_GROUP
    IPSec-attributes tunnel-group RA_GROUP
    pre-shared key *.
    local pool RA_VPN_POOL - IP mask

    Site to site:


    card crypto outside_map 1 match address acl-amzn
    card crypto outside_map 1 set pfs
    peer set card crypto outside_map 1 AWS_TUNNEL_1_IP AWS_TUNNEL_2_IP
    card crypto outside_map 1 set of transformation transformation-amzn
    I recommend you to use a local IP address pool with a different IP address that deals with the inside interface uses, now you are missing NAT are removed from the IP local pool to the destination of the site to site:
    NAT_EXEMPT list of ip access allow
    NAT (outside) 0-list of access NAT_EXEMPT
    Now, there's a dynamically a NAT exempt allowing traffic to go out and are not translated.
    I would like to know how it works!
    Please don't forget to rate and score as correct the helpful post!
    Kind regards
    David Castro,
  • Cannot access remote VPN site-to-site VPN

    Internal network:

    The remote VPN Clients: -

    Remote (L2L) network:

    Remote VPN Clients are able to access the internal network without problem, but are unable to access the remote Is it possible to debug this? "packet - trace" show no problem...

    Hi Ben,

    Please create a no. - nat on the external interface, because your customers to vpn-remote and remote-L2L tunnels are located on outside interface (i.e. from the outside).  You should treat your outside network identical to your inside network, as you would create a no. - nat for your inside networks.

    The ACL you create for the no - nat outside must be in both directions as below.

    permit access ip scope list outside_nat0

    outside_nat0 to access extended list ip allow

    NAT (outside) 0-list of access outside_nat0

    permit same-security-traffic intra-interface

    Pls let me know, if this is useful.

    Thank you

    Rizwan James

  • Cannot access my WRT54GL site

    I have two new computers, and when I go to access the router it ask on connection news. I know that I put in the info just because I can get by using my old computer. I have to give permissions somehwere allowing access to new computers?

    The router is a worm WRT54GL 1.1

    Nevermind, I figured it me

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    I have several monitors for my Win7 (two).

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    Thank you

    Select the applications on the taskbar window and then press repeatedly the logo key Windows & arrow to the left until it is on your current screen.

    You will need to do this, whenever you close an application on an external monitor (if you then disconnect or do it in a different position) then applications are trying to map the location that was when they were last opened.

  • 0x8DDD0002 error code; I'm not logged as an administrator while trying to access the windows update Web site

    Real title: 0x8DDD0002 error Code

    Cannot access the update site.  Said that I am not logged as an administrator even if I am put as one on the log settings.  I know that my updates are not up-to-date and automatic updates is enabled.  How to solve this problem?

    Thank you


    I suggest you to follow the steps from the link and check if it helps.
    Resolution: error number: 0x8DDD0002
    In addition, check out the link and check if it help.
    Hope this information helps.
  • WRT300N no access to select web sites

    I have been using this router for months and 2 days ago suddenly can't access my websites - the paintings that I put in place. I can't receive my email either - just sites that are mine. I can access all other websites in the world but mine! I did a trace route and it has provided to my host, and they do not either. The connection dies right on their site - no problem at all until I got to this site. I can access the rest of their servers. I see other people had a similar problem with another router, but no one ever answered their calls for help. All my co-workers can access their networks site and receive their email, too!

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  • Cannot access files locked with access TrueSuite Manager

    I have files with Access Manager TrueSuite locked. My Windows bug and now I cannot access these files locked.
    When you try to unlock, I get the error and I can not read these documents.

    Thank you.
    Excuse my bad English.

    I found this document:

    Useful information about the file protection with AuthenTec fingerprint software

    Eventually, you will not be able to unprotect the files again
    But try this backup data to the external HARD drive or somewhere else.
    Then reinstall this software and import data from external source.
    Then try to unlock this new

  • Require the browser Plugin with XFA Support for Government Web Sites

    Most of the Government sites I need to use on a regular basis now publishes all their forms to PDF with XFA, a popular this time of year is the income tax.  This is reasonable, because there is no generally available to this end alternative file format.  However, Adobe provides is no longer a browser plugin Acrobat for Firefox or Chrome on Linux.  I cannot access these electronic forms.  I tried using the plug 9.5 Acrobat is no longer supported in, but it is broken in the latest version of Firefox (printing does not work).  There is no other plugin I can find that supports PDF with XFA forms.  How can I regain access to these forms.  When I try all I get a message telling me to install the plugin from Adobe Acrobat (nonexistent).

    My last word: I discovered Adobe have created a road map to get away from delivery of the XFA form where it is not supported.

    According to https://helpx.adobe.com/livecycle/kb/xfa-forms-firefox-chrome.html

    "ES4 LiveCycle support for rendering in HTML5 XFA forms, such as forms can be opened in browsers that support HTML5, including those running on mobile devices like the iPad. The rendering of the HTML5 forms maintains available to the form design and supports most logical form (for example, JavaScript, form calc and form validations) incorporated in the XFA form template. In this way, your technology investments in XFA forms are easily carried over to devices where the functioning of the Adobe Reader plugin is not possible. »

    If the creators of XFA forms should be knowing this.

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