Web videos on two sites do not play

I tried to watch videos on cbsnews.com and abcnews.com (nbcnews.com has no problem), but have had no success on each site. On cbsnews.com, I get a request to disable Ad-Block; I do, but I always get the request. On abcnews.com, the videos don't load not yet. When I contacted cbsnews.com' technical assistance, they suggested to switch to Chrome. I can see the videos of these two sites with no problems, but I prefer not to have to switch browsers just to watch videos. Someone else has encountered this problem, and if so, what solution did you find. Note: one of the posts I read recommended to download and install a package of Microsoft; I tried half a dozen times, but could not get the package to download.


The CBS and ABC use Flash. The notification plugin icon on the address bar? If this is not the case, some relevant websites can be blocked by NoScript. If you get the icon and Flash is allowed by you do not get the pre roll ads, the question could be NoScript or HTTPS Everywhere is perhaps not secure items are involved.

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    Take a look at this. The converter is FREE.

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    GUYS, I GOT IT. AND THE SOLUTION IS WAYYYYY WITH JUST A RENDERING. So after countless time I spent trying to make it, I found a way that me really happy that my old rendering has not worked. All you have to do is download adobe media encoder and BAM your gold. I make it in h.264 that i couldt using the old rendering and now it works fine.

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    By visiting the web site, sognoromance.com/ladyinred.htm, pages do not play sound in ASF or WMA format.
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    I installed the plugin, tested and turned off everything to nothing does not.

    Is there a way to be able to hear the sound?

    Thank you

    It has been a while since I tried to create a Windows Media Player for IE and Firefox, so I don't know the latest thinking. You can try this as a complete replacement for your existing video script:

    <script type="text/javascript"> function makePlayer(sURL){ var o=document.createElement("object"); o.setAttribute("type","application/x-mplayer2"); o.setAttribute("data",sURL); var p=document.createElement("param"); p.setAttribute("name","src"); p.setAttribute("value",sURL); o.appendChild(p) document.body.appendChild(o); } makePlayer("http://path/to/song.asf"); </script>

    You can find more help web development on the mozillaZine Web Development Council. Separate forum, separate registration.

    {Fixed case on the function of setting by post very attentive of cor - el below entry.}

  • Videos on Hulu and other video sites do not play in the list.

    Videos on websites like Hulu and NBC do not play. Sites load very well, and in fact ads loading fine. But when it comes to video, nothing comes at all, just black. Finally an error like "could not go video right now."

    YouTube DOES not play very well. No problem with Youtube.

    All these videos play perfectly on Safari.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash and opening in 32-bit mode.

    I have a newer iMac running OS x 10.6.8. My Firefox is updated.

    I realized my problem. I have the Little Snitch program, and he refused a plugin container. I guess I accidentally said refuse once. Went in and changed the game settings and video very well now.

  • All the multimedia files on all Web sites do not play.

    Whenever I click a button of 'play' on a video or audio file, absolutely nothing happens and does not play the media file. On Youtube, I get a message that says: "an error has occurred. Please try again later. "This only happens on Firefox as multimedia files work fine on IE or Chrome.

    Hello nadine, it is most likely a problem in the context of the recent update of the adobe flash plugin (chrome & ie are supplied with a different version of the plugin by adbobe), please see the following article for common solutions: 11.3 Flash does not load video in Firefox

  • I noticed after the passage of IE9 to Firefox a few videos on the site won't play. How does it evolve?

    Sometimes, I want to watch videos. Little game and some do not in Firefox. When a message came on the screen, it says something like "I'm sorry, but the video will not play... you want to download the plugin?". "." Because I'm very catious everything I download, I am not confident to download a plugin. Does anyone know what I need for Firefox play all videos on the site?
    I add this to my original question:
    I see that quick-time is a plugin available... Is this soething that works?
    Thank you

    You must install the version of Adobe Flash Plugin for Firefox.

    IE uses ActiveX of Flash version that is not compatible with Firefox. And Google Chrome browser still uses another version of Flash, code name Pepper.Flash is the only program I've seen which requires a separate download and installation for different browsers. Waiting patiently until it takes more Flash to view video presentations; the first few nails are already in the "coffin".

    Just visit the download Adobe Flash - http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ - page using Firefox and Adobe will provide the right version for Firefox.

  • Videos recorded in Captivate will not play when publishing

    Hi all!  I'm looking for more help, here.  I have been troubleshooting for a while and can't seem to find a solution to the problem I am facing.

    I recorded a few training video systems using Captivate 7 who don't play, once the projects are published.  I retouched it and they work fine in the preview, but once I publish to SWF format, they do not play.  At least not properly.  The screen image is not, nor is audio playback.  Some sporadic animations, I put in place appear and seem to follow the chronology of the original video, however.

    It seems not important to know if I publish these files in a ZIP file or not.  I test these on a Sharepoint site, but they will be eventually displayed at the LMS of my company.

    Someone has experienced this before?  Anyone has any advice that can help me to go beyond this technical problem? 

    Post your content SCORM cloud LMS online and test it there.  If the video works of SCORM Cloud nothing change, then your problem is with the way that Sharepoint is implemented.  If the video does not work in SCORM Cloud, there is something wrong with the way your project is set up.  Maybe the link to the video file always shows a path to the video file that is valid on your own machine, which means that the link will break when the content is placed anywhere else.

  • Videos on the iPad have not played


    I have the following problem:

    I try to put some videos on my iPad. I have syncronised with iTune. Airfare so so good. But I can't find the videos after the opening of the "Vidéo" icon It is said: "Kein Inhalt. Sie können videos aus dem iTunes Store kaufen. »

    (No content. You can buy videos from the iTunes Store).

    If I use the search on the iPad, videos I transvered will be named. But if I start them I touch the ground in the video icon with the same notes:

    "Kein Inhalt. Sie können videos aus dem iTunes Store kaufen. »

    (No content. You can purchase videos from the iTunes Store)

    How can I get my videos began on the iPad?

    What is the problem here?

    Thx for your outfit.

    When you perform the search, and videos appears in the search, have you tried to click on the arrow to the right of the video in the search to see if it will start to play?

  • Video of Smartphones blackBerry will not play since the 4.5 upgrade?

    I upgraded to 4.5 a few weeks ago (with T-Mobile 8320 curve) and all of the videos that I try to put on my phone now in WMV, AVI, format etc. will not play.  Either I get a red error box saying the file is incompatible or she acts like she is going to play, but he won't play.  I've never had to convert WMV before playing on the previous operating system for the phone (4.2.2), they always played!  So I tried converting them with the Media Manager, some won't still play, and those who have a black border around the video where almost 1/4 of the screen is blank with no video (and Yes, I have 'full screen' selected).

    What is the problem with the video and 4.5?  What file formats does work now?  I don't understand why they took the opportunity to read these formats.  Always be a problem with everything these days...

    I tried AkmeFFmpeg and it worked like a charm... full screen and everything!  Very strange... I tell you it's the OS!  I've never used this program before when I got 4.2.2 and I never had problems.  But whatever, problem solved now.

    Thank you.

  • Export video w / first Sound do not play correctly After Effects.

    I export a video of first with sound and import it into After Effects, however the noise seems to be expedited and glitching. The waveform is compressed and shows that the sound does not play for the duration of the video?

    Yes sorry about that. Since then, I managed to find a solution to the problem.

  • video integrated in Indesign will not play

    Hi all

    I played with InDesign for 8 + hours on trying to understand this point and hoping someone here on this forum is smarter than me. I've embedded a video (it's a flash video) in my InDesign - magazine file. I tested the page so that it works before exporting the file, but so far all got stuck on this problem.

    I save the spread in a flash file, when the file opens my c: the movie plays and everything is copacetic.

    When I go to load the file on my FTP server, not only the movie did not play, but he's not even loading. I put the video in Indesign at 100% and as I said, when I opened the file locally, it works fine. The minute I try to import it online... closed by zip.

    Here is the link for the test page: http://www.bakidsmagazine.com/page19.swf.

    I appreciate any help you can give me on this. I have looked online for answers but couldn't find it.

    My e-mail is [email protected] if you need me to send you the files.

    InDesign does not ship videos... When you export your SWF file, ID create a folder of resources for all media files. You must download this file on your server too. If you don t, Flash Player doesn´t find your SWF videos, sounds or places...

    Here´s a screenshot of the Safari´s activity window:

    It seems that you publish a magazine. If you want to get some extra features like zoom for example, see http://www.edocker.com

  • Satellite A100 - video clips of TV will not play

    I can't see the video clips TV on my Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop, they just won't play.

    Any suggetions which part is missing please?

    Thank you very much BRIJOY


    I think you should give us more details and explain the situation better.

    What OS do you have?
    What you mean with the video clips TV? Do you mean videos on YouTube for example, or videos stored on your computer?
    Which player do you use?

    If you want to watch videos on your computer, you should try another player. I prefer VLC media player. It can play audio and video files more.
    Check it!

    Good bye

  • videos of iphone 4S do not play correctly

    IPhone 4S vedio vista problem

    When I insert a vedio from my iphone 4s, he plays not corectly.  Is microsoft vista problem or will pro quick time solve the problem or doI need to change my OS to windows 7?

    Hi BennyVigil,

    ·         What is the file format?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall QuickTime.


    Method 2: Perform a clean boot to see if there is a software conflict as the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Note: After completing the steps in the clean boot troubleshooting, follow the link step 7 to return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    Method 3: Update the latest codecs.

    Codecs: Frequently asked questions


  • Video has on-site controls, not on Internet


    I am using Flash CS3.

    I used the import of video... Wizard to import a QT movie and I used one of these controls in model for control of reading and published by using the default settings. I have a. HTML. SWF. FLV and an AC_RunActiveContent.js file. When I run the. Local HTML file on my computer, I get the film with orders in my browser (Safari and Firefox Mac). After downloading all the files on my server, when I click on the. HTML, I get only the video and no controls.

    Here are the. HTML:

    I searched this forum for a person with this problem and did not find any existing thread. I also looked in the manual and have not found a solution.

    Thank you for advice or assistance.


    Sorry about wasting your time! :)

    I did not know that a skin SWF was also created and necessary. I saw that and transferred and it works.


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