Webcam does not work on Skype, but I can get a preview in the video settings

My webcam is not working for Skype calls, but I can get a preview on the Skype video settings and it also works on the various programs and services that use the webcam. This problem occurred recently when Skype has updated to the new layout



Sorry for wasting time, but the problem was that were far too many people in the Group call and that smaller groups make the video work

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  • Webcam does not work on Skype with Ubuntu 12.04

    I have a Philips SPC700NC webcam that does not work on Skype in Ubuntu 12,04. He worked on the 10.04, but after the update it doesn't work. The camera is ok with cheese as it was before the update, but not on Skype.
    Any help to solve this problem is welcome.
    Thank you.

    Check out the tips for this issue to:

    The Instructions worked for me.

  • My built-in webcam does not work on Skype - latest version

    Hello everyone.

    I hope you can help me.

    My web cam does not work on Skype. The camera itself works - I checked through Lenovo web conferences.

    I have attached a txt with the DirectX Diagnostic tool information.

    I hope you can help me, Skype is really great, everything works perfectly, except for the video...

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Try to update the drivers for the built-in camera:

  • My webcam does not work on Skype?

    I have a new lenovo thinkpad windows 8 and my webcam seems to work but Skype cannot recognize what to do? I read something to support that go to 'settings', said... There is not a tab setting on Skype... not one window only


    One thing that fixed it for me - I went to tools-> Options-> video settings-> Webcam settings. There, click on the default button and save. Voila - my camera started working with Skype.

  • Microsoft LifeCam VX - 700 Webcam does not work with Skype

    Original title: Microsoft LifeCam VX - 700 Webcam

    I can't get this to work with Skype and he claims that no software download is required.  I tried many options of troubleshooting, but nothing works.  I have Windows 7 - help please


    1. What is the exact error message you are getting?

    2 LifeCam work with other applications?

    Please follow the steps mentioned in the links below.

  • Satellite A500 - my webcam does not work with Skype

    I have a Satellite A500 with Windows 7 installed.
    I installed the Skype Version and well while installing, it seems acknowlegde built in webcam, when I try to test it that appears is a blue background.

    I've searched forums and the problem may be due to compatibility between Windows 7 and Skype.

    Has anyone else had this issue or know how to solve?

    have you tried to reinstall a Skype web cam driver?
    I also installed Skype 4.2 on my A500.and it works perfectly.

  • After that I upgraded 6.5 Skype integrated webcam does not work.

    Original title: 6.5 Skype

    I have computer laptop dell XPS 17 L702X when I update 6.5 Skype on-board webcam don't work when downgrade 6.3 Skype webcam embedded work? I try on Windows 7 and Windows 8


    -You get an error while trying to access the webcam after installing Skype 6.5?

    We can refer to this article and check if that helps.

    6.5 Skype and the built-in webcam does not:

    If the problem persists, you can ask your question to the Skype community:

    Thank you.

  • Satellite A300-1NO - webcam does not work, but the LED lights


    I have a laptop Satellite A300-1NO, with Win 7 installed. My problem is that my webcam does not work always, when I want to use it. Sometimes, it works perfectly in Skype, WLM etc... but sometimes I see a white or a black screen with a 'loading circle' in there. Blue is the LED light, I can see it in Device Manager too, but there is no picture, just 'loading '. I tried to uninstall the driver and then reinstall it, I installed the new "camera Assistant for Toshiba", without success.

    Is there any solution for this?

    > Is there any solution for this?
    I put t think there is solution for this. If I understand you right there is a problem with software pre-installed. It is not easy to say why this is happening.

    I have Satellite A300 too and use it with Win7 32 bit. Webcam works fine all the time.

    One more thing: have you noticed this problem in the first moments after installing Win7 or later?
    Have you installed something that may be the reason for this?

  • Satellite A660 - Webcam does not work when using Skype

    I recently bought a Satellite A660-15J. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

    I have the latest version of Skype (

    The integrated Webcam does not work when you run Skype. If I run the Toshiba Web Camera Application the webcam works fine. However, when I test it in Skype, I get a message saying "cannot start video. Try quitting other programs that use the webcam '.

    However, as far as I can tell there no other programs available. I have tried Skype with the Web Camera Application clised & open. I also confirmed that I do run the latest version of the program.

    One of the main reasons we have this laptop is to use Skype video... Help, please.

    Disable webcam application start-up and exit this application before you start Skype.

    I used Skype many different models of laptops, including friends A660 and it worked correctly.

    When you open Skype video settings is listed as default camera USB webcam?

  • the webcam built into my Medion Akoya laptop does not work with Skype

    the webcam built into my Medion Akoya laptop does not work with Skype... Thanks in advance

    Do Skype supported say when contact you?

  • Satellite L350 - Webcam does not work, BUT NOW IT DOES

    Hi all

    Very recently, I bought a L350 pre-installed
    On the first day of use then the webcam does not work

    I always get a window with the header "HELL."
    The text: "webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer.
    All you can do is to click on an "OK" button to close the window and that is it!

    Any help to solve this problem with is welcome...

    Thanks in advance


    Just update the driver, I got the version 6.0.6001.18000 from 21/06/06
    After update: version 02/14/08

    The webcam works!

    How early?

    Start--> Panel--> System-->--> Imagedevices--> Chicony USB2.0 device--> use tab Manager driver--> updated... Windows Vista looks like an update, believes that it is and install...
    And the thing doesn't work!

    Hope I was of any help

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    Here in the forum are already discussing this issue.
    A user named Akuma posted an interesting solution to this problem then try it. Maybe it will help you.

    In addition it could be useful too:

  • Integrated on my Satellite T130 webcam does not work

    Hi all

    the built-in on my Satellite T130 webcam does not work.

    I use Windows 7 Home Premium and already reinstalled the drivers of webcam 64-bit through this Web site. However, when I click on the webcam application, simply, nothing happens - program doesn't open at all or turn off instantly. Skype is not also acknowledge a cam. In addition, there is no webcam in Device Manager (a not detected USB device however) and no symbol of cam in the Ribbon of Toshiba quicklaunch, which is like the camera is started according to the "manual".

    Someone has an idea what is the problem? Looks like a common problem according to Google, but no suggestions other than to reinstall the drivers. Perhaps another application blocking the camera? Firewall settings?

    I'd appreciate any help, thank you.

    Best regards Florian

    > a USB not detected if

    Maybe it's the webcam from the webcam is connected to the internal USB controller on the motherboard.

    It looks like a webcam driver is not installed correctly.
    Try the webcam driver released for the satellite t230 or other series of satellites.
    Versions are newer

    Also recommend that you check the BIOS settings.
    In some cases, the BIOS contains a webcam option where the webcam can be turned on and off.

  • Satellite C660-1NW - Webcam does not work with the facebook chat


    My doughter recently bought a Satellite C660-1NW youcef.
    This laptop has a webcam on board.
    When you use Facebook, webcam chat, webcam does not work.
    The webcam indicator led is active come on, but the facebook app remains blue without screen webcam.
    Audio works.

    Skype using the webcam works.

    I have updated the drivers but when same no go :(

    Please help move facebook webcam


    If Facebook does not recognize your webcam right away when you want to share a video, click on the eye for cameras new button.

    Your Adobe Flash Player settings will be displayed.
    On the tab, make sure you only select the right type of camera you use with your computer.

    On the tab, you may also need to 'allow' Facebook to access your camera and microphone.

    If your settings does not work, try to uninstall Adobe Flash Player on your computer and download the latest Flash Player.

  • VN7 - 791G webcam does not work with Win10 app

    After the upgrade to Windows 10 in my VN - 791G, webcam does not work in the Windows 10 camera app.

    * The exact error message is in Swedish, but a rough translation is 'something was wrong. Please check that the unit is plugged and it is not used by another application". It was after I closed BTW Skype (see below).

    * The camera works in Skype.

    * Driver version is "Microsoft HD Webcam' 10.0.10240.16384, the last found through Windows update.

    I can't find any driver here in the Acer site.


    My suggestion would be to remove the installed drivers and install again to see if that solves it, this is clearly a driver issue because it works with another application. I also wonder if there may be an update for the application of the camera through the Windows store, maybe.

  • Webcam does not work in my Inspiron N4010

    The integrated webcam does not work in my Inspiron N4010. In Device Manager it does not - there is no category for imaging devices. The central webcam and Skype (that I uninstalled and reinstalled) indicate no webcam and request that one be plugged. Please notify.

    If you are good with a screwdriver you can probably fix it really fast. First turn off the laptop, then remove the Panel before (trim sreen) to expose the webcam and unplug carefully, not to break the wiring of the plug. Finally, turn the computer on the bezel even reverse, but expect that the computer fully boots up... now plug it back (with the computer), now to see if your webcam is now detected and installed as a "Device-Image" in Device Manager. If so, you good to go!

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