Webcam & microphone will not work on Satellite C660

My webcam and microphone have recently stopped working. Satellite C660-1F1 model.

If someone could help me sort what would be great.

After reading this description of problem a single sentence, it is not easy to tell when he is the problem.
We don t know what can be the reason for this.

Have you done all that can be responsible for this problem?

Try to roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore option. Maybe this will help.

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  • Build-in microphone does not work by Satellite C660-1tim: Win7 64

    Hello. my laptop doesn't see build-in microphone. I ' v already updated sound card drivers, but it still "there is no microphone on your system.


    The internal MIC is part of the webcam.
    The internal webcam working properly?

    What is displayed in the Panel of-> sound-> recording tab?
    You should see all available devices (mic)

  • Satellite L50 - A - 16 H - Webcam + microphone does not work


    I have a laptop Satellite L50 - A - 16: updating win8.1 64 bit.
    When I got this new laptop everything worked fine, but later it stopped working.
    I sent it to Toshiba for repair and ofcouse they made and works (the MB has been replaced?), but now, I noticed that my webcam and my microphone does not work. If I try to open the camera it says 'connect a camera' or on Skype, he asks the same thing.

    I read in the forums to look at the BIOS to enable, but there is no activation/deactivation button.
    I tried to search for a driver for the Webcam in the Toshiba site but I couldn't find: c
    and the microphone "working normally" but I when I try to call my friends can't hear me.

    I hope someone can help me with this problem, thank you very much :)

    You know what: best thing you can do as the ultimate test is to backup all your data and reinstall the original recovery image. By default the BIOS settings and install recovery image.
    After ding that you will have to re-buy factory and absolutely identical situation after laptop settings.
    Please test and send feedback.

    In my opinion, if the problem persists it could be hardware related issue. Maybe is cam not connected correctly.

  • Internal microphone does not work in Satellite C850-B377

    The microphone does not work now. It worked very well but immediately stopped.
    Tried setting the sytem for a previous working restore point. But again same problem.
    Realtek is the audio driver installed.

    External Mike works very well.
    Anyone can help with this problem.

    Laptop bought the UNITED Arab Emirates and now in India and its less than 1 year.

    Can I get the service locally in India.


    The internal MIC is part of the webcam module.
    What happens if you start the webcam, try saving and small clip? The sound recording is this too?

    Usually, you can change the recording devices in Control Panel-> sound-> recording tab
    Here, you can check what devices are available. Right click and check if hidden and disabled devices can be demonstrated.

    By the way: I had some problems with the playback of the sound after installing the Realtek audio driver. I uninstalled the Realtek audio driver and Device Manager remove the audio display Intel (in games, field audio video controller). In the peripheral zone system you could remove the controller high definition audio.
    Again, restart the laptop.

    Usually, removing devices should be recognized automatically. Then go again to the dashboard-> sound-> recording tab and check if other devices outside external microphone are available.

  • Internal microphone does not work on Satellite L850

    My microphone does not work.

    I tried to test it using the camera app web toshiba to test the record and he didn't record my voice.

    I tried to reinstall the sound card drivers and the problem persist.

    Thank you for your useful answers.


    Please make sure that internal mic has been chosen as default in device
    Panel of-> sound-> recording tab.

    If the microphone device is not visible, check if it of disabled or hidden.
    To check this right click and check the two options called: view hidden devices, see the disabled devices.

  • Satellite L50-B-166: Webcam + microphone does not work under Linux


    I'm under Linux Slackware 14.1 with kernel 4.11 on a Satellite L50-B-166.

    Webcam and microphone are not detected by the system, and I can't find the firmware and the module for them.

    Can someone help me?


    I get the Webcam work properly in Fedora 22 core 4.0.6 (Incidentally, kernel 4.11 does not yet exist, so what kernel do you use )
    I suggest therefore that you check the software for the Webcam settings is not simply disabled:

    F2 at the STATION
    Go to advanced > system configuration
    Make sure the Webcam is turned on.

    Tom BR

  • My CAD U37 USB Microphone will not work supposed to be Plug-And-Play.

    I recently bought the microphone she appears under windows 7 as 'C-Media USB Audio Device' as it is supposed to, but it can't find the drivers. I talked to the developers, and they said that it meant to be plug-and-play drivers are native to windows.

    I plug it into my laptop which is running XP and it works very well.

    I tried all usb ports I have, I unplugged everything just got the mouse/keyboard and the monitor.

    Nothing seems to work, please help.


    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    I suggest you follow the suggestion provided by Rajesh Govind responded on 19 March 2013 from the link below and check if it helps.

    Hope this information was helpful and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help.

  • iPhone 5 s microphone will not work when recording video with back camera.its a noise

    My dear engineers

    I had a 5 s 16 GB iPhone. now, I can't record video because it's one a kind of noise but video quality better .What do to this problem.

    IOS 9.2

    Thank you

    Try latest iOS update

    If the problem is still there your microphone near the rear camera does not work properly so best to take it to the repair by Apple Store

  • Microphone does not work on Satellite C55


    A few days ago new c55 bot of Argos.
    Everything works very well just internal and external microphone (if connected) does not work.
    Do not know what to do?

    MIC is installed and turned on, the system displays the message "this device works correctly.
    I have instaled new updates for speakers and microphones, but still nothing.

    Help. Pls

    When you open the sound properties > recording devices is mic listed there, enabled and defined as peripheral by default?

    What operating system do you use?
    Are you using the original OS that you got with your machine?

  • remote control will not work with satellite receiver

    DIRECTV running through computer media center but the remote does not work cause of media center remote and tv picture only appears in a small box and doesn't let me go beyond installation. I know that there is a way to remove the media center remote satellite remote to work and give me a larger image. HOW?

    Hi JohnBrewster


    1. What is the brand and model of the computer and satellite box material?
    2 are the satellite decoder and a remote compatible with Windows Vista?

    You can review the Windows Vista Compatibility Center and check if the hardware satellite you are using is compatible with Windows Vista-

    You can also check the support link and check if the information provided allows - below


    I hope this helps.


    Name of product: notebook PC HP Pavilion g7

    Product number: A6R73UA #ABA

    The problem is my webcam. My 101 webcam works via Skype, Tinychat when nothing is open.

    My Youcam which has been uninstalled and reinstalled to try to solve the problem... is not recognized by Skype or TinyChat.

    The problem is that it tells me that my cameras are all used although they closed.

    I used to be able to cam using Youcam who went though my webcam 101 but nothing works when I want to use it for social stuff.

    It shows me in the YouCam when it is opened by itself.

    Long story short, I can't use YouCam to cam with friends via Skype or Tinychat.

    I used to use Tinychat and see me on this site with the box of YouCam also show me on the side. He said now all my cams are used even if they are not.

    Device Manager says my Webcam driver is up to date.

    Triple display

    I miss the Cyberlink YouCam Splitter, I installed the latest version that has been here, but there is no separator option, compared to when I bought it?

    I think that's my main problem, can someone help me?

  • My webcam microphone does not work

    I built in webcam on my laptop. I turned off the microphone by accident and now it says is not there at all! I tried everything but ICAN can't operate more! can someone tell me how to repair or reinstall my microphone?

    Hello NekoAngel.

    Try to type device manager in the start search and see if his list he should there have listed under sound, video and game controllers.  If its been disabled at the level of the device, it must have one different icon to others, and will be one of the options in the context menu to enable it. Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Announcement of Yeovil, United Kingdom. On the internet at and Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

  • The plug-and-play USB mouse will not work on Satellite A100


    I have a laptop Satellite A100 laptop and when I try to install a plug and play mouse windows says it is not recognized - unknown device.

    Please help the mouse works.

    Thank you very much

    Hello Jayne

    It will be really interesting to know where you're trying to connect the USB mouse. Can you send description of mouse models please?

    As I know it is not necessary to install a driver for external USB mouse and mouse is usually recognized automatically. Please check if a driver installation is needed, and even request delivered must be preinstalled.

  • Vodafone Huawei 3 G Dongle will not work on Satellite C50 and Win8

    Recently bought this laptop running Windows 8.
    No matter what I try, I can't do this USB 3 G Huawei Vodafone dongle to be recognized by this Toshiba laptop.

    This dongle works in all our other laptops and laptops and tablets from other brands with Windows 7 or Windows 8 is certainly not something to do with the dongle the software, he moved, drivers or the operating system.

    At a time where it is plugged into the port USB, he opens the window asking what we want to do, telling me that the port and USB controller works, but that's all that.

    When you open the Vodafone software to connect to the 3G option Connect is grayed out and no device is indicated. In other words, it is not to recognize the modem for a reason any.

    As he is OK anywhere else, it must be something to do with this Toshiba laptop.

    Any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated.
    We have loaded other versions of the Vodafone software and it made no difference. It must be a hardware conflict problem.

    It seems that the device does not recognize the USB dongle.
    Did you test all USB ports?

    As much as I know Satellite C50-A-xxx supports 1 USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports
    Check all three ports.

    You can also delete all the USB controllers and hubs in Device Manager and restart the laptop. After restarting again the unit should automatically recognize the USB ports.
    Also try to disable the sleep & Charge USB in the BIOS (if available).

  • Internal microphone does not work in Satellite A135-S4677


    I recently bought this laptop and checked the manual for the internal mic. It is said, it is supported in some models and I do not know if it is supported in the S4677 model I bought. I found there is a small hole near switch wifi, but do not know if it is built in mic or not...

    My question is, I have used yahoo Messenger and appealed and concluded there is some internal mic and I tried to talk to and nothing I heard back... Could someone let me know what could be the problem.


    your machine has no internal microphone installed. I googled around a bit and found this info on a site of a dealer featuring the available ports and so on.
    You will have to use a headset (conencted to the microphone on your computer port) to connect with other people on MSN, Skype, etc...

    I hope that the information helped you.

    Welcome them

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