Webcam NOT working with Skype

Dell XPS L501x

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

FREE Avast Home Edition

Reference Dell Webcam does not work for Skype.

Reference Dell Webcam 2.01.18 shows the image without any problems.

The picture shows Test Webcam .

Webcam (Video Capture) Diagnostics link gives me an error, this PC of Dell Diagnostics or

I uninstalled Skype, rebooted the computer. Ran CCleaner and click on register, search problems, difficulty of the selected questions, rerstarted and reinstalled Skype from various websites.

If I click on tools, options, video settings, the webcam is not working, he's right there with a circle.

I installed quick access and use it to connect and have no problem. It has nothing to do with quick access.

Open for suggestions.



Can try an older version of Skype

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    the webcam built into my Medion Akoya laptop does not work with Skype... Thanks in advance

    Do Skype supported say when contact you?

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    I can't get this to work with Skype and he claims that no software download is required.  I tried many options of troubleshooting, but nothing works.  I have Windows 7 - help please


    1. What is the exact error message you are getting?

    2 LifeCam work with other applications?

    Please follow the steps mentioned in the links below.

  • Satellite M200 - Chicony webcam not compatible with Skype


    I have a Satellite M200 series and my Webcam Chicony works very well with YM. When I tried to use it on Skype, he'll tell me that "Skype has not found video source preferred. Webcam can be used in another application. Then I tried to move to the tools in Skype and checked the video settings, I changed the cam of default for a Chicony USB 2.0, still the same error message. The next thing I did was open the software assistant camera, but by clicking on the buttons will do nothing. I can open the device itself. So, I updated the device driver in Device Manager and the result is that I had the best and the last driver installed. Still not working in Skype.

    Any suggestions? I'll be very grateful for any help. Thank you.


    I think that Skype is one of the best applications to work with the webcam. I use it on the first day of purchase and there is no problem at all.
    What you can do is to restart your laptop, switch-webcam help software, start the Skype and try to configure the webcam in Skype settings again.

    He has to work. It works on my Satellite P200 and my Satellite U400 friends. He has to work in your case too.

  • Reference DELL Webcam not working in Skype

    I have a laptop DELL XPS L502X. Works fine integrated webcam DELL Webcam Central, but do not work in Skype even though the light is on next to the camera violence. Help, please.

    It would be best if you contacted Skype support team regarding this issue.

    They are experts in the field of your request and would be in a better position to answer your concerns. You can contact them through this link:

    You can also join the community of users here:
  • Satellite A215 S4767 Chicony USB 2.0 camera does not work with Skype

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A215-S4767 with Vista Ultimate 32.
    I checked the drivers and they work, I have 10 Diretcx and it works.

    When I open the camera program, it works well.
    I put the camera program is not at initial start-up of laptop.
    I start the laptop, Skype open and figure that the camera does not work and say to check what I've done.

    Yesterday, I had installed the Skype version and the camera has functioned well, I upgraded Skype version and the camera started not to work.


    > Yesterday I had installed version Skype and the camera has functioned well, I upgraded Skype version and the camera started not to work.

    This means that it is not software for laptop problem or a webcam, but maybe it s Skype related issue.
    You should check if the webcam has been chosen correctly in Skype video settings.

    If this does not work, uninstall the version of the system, reboot the laptop, clean the registry using CCleaner (freeware tool) and then after reboot again to install the again if not check the a version that worked correctly in the past.

  • Satellite P500-127: microphone or sound does not work with Skype

    Hello, team Toshiba,

    Recently bought a new laptop.
    However the microphone or the (pebble connexant high definition) sound driver does not work correctly when you use Skype. Also read about in various forums such as the Skype forum.
    People ran into similar problems such as:

    Usually, we can speak of a little more than 20 seconds, but the call will be at a random time between 1 and 15 minutes. The strange part is that sometimes the quality of the call is good, but more often my friend can't get along * half of what I say * while I don't usually have a problem to hear what was said. The video works so my friend can see talking me but can simply not really hear what I say.
    Before the fall of the call usually freezes for a few seconds and then Skype crashes sometimes. We tried to talk together without the video, but the problem remains.

    I also found a suggestion by the toshiba service, just to simply increase the volume under the Panel etc, but it does not work either...

    Can you please help me on this one?
    Cannot use Skype at all as she just to boring for everyone I talk... The quality is fair to poor.

    Thank you very much

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    I have the Skype m user too and to be honest, everything works fine!
    I can use my internal webcam as well!
    But I m using Win XP with Skype

    I assume you are using Win 7 and Skype

    To be honest, I doubt s number of Toshiba laptop
    If it would be a matter of (audio driver) laptop so you have seen the same problems recording and creating audio files... but I doubt that will happen...

    Therefore, it must be a software problem possibly a combination of Skype, Win 7 and driver Conexant
    Who knows

    But as I said above my Skype works well with Win XP!

  • Re: Qosmio X 770-105 - camera does not work with Skype

    I just Qosmio x 770-105 and configure Skype the camera just stayed black and never showed any image. When you use the Toshiba Web Camera Application it works on Skype, there just remains black.

    You have any suggestions on how to fix this?
    Thank you to

    When you open Skype video settings is appearing webcam USB2.0 webcam?

    Usually webcam will be recognized automatically. In the past I've never noticed any problem with Skype and build-in webcam.

  • Microphone and speakers do not work with Skype in my laptop

    Original title: audio and microphone

    My microphone does not work it is built into my laptop. When you use Skype I can't hear the party that I talk and they don't hear me. I don't know if my speakers and microphone are set correct. Help, please.

    The problem only occurs with Skype?
    Follow the steps mentioned below.
    Step 1:
    You can use the connection from your sound card line to connect a portable music player, microphone or other device for audio input to your computer.
    Most sound cards have at least a line-out port to connect speakers and a line-in port where you can connect to an audio input device.
    However, the line of connection to your sound card is disabled by default. This means that if you plug an audio device into this port, it will not produce any sound on your computer until you enable the sound to connect online.

    To enable sound for the line
    a. open Control Panel > click on sounds
    b. click on the playback tab, click speakers and then click Properties.
    c. click the levels tab, and then under online, click the Mute button to turn on the sound for the connection line.
    The line of connection is disabled by default.

    Step 2:
    Check the microphone in the sound recording.
    See also:
    Check both links below

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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  • Satellite A500 - my webcam does not work with Skype

    I have a Satellite A500 with Windows 7 installed.
    I installed the Skype Version and well while installing, it seems acknowlegde built in webcam, when I try to test it that appears is a blue background.

    I've searched forums and the problem may be due to compatibility between Windows 7 and Skype.

    Has anyone else had this issue or know how to solve?

    have you tried to reinstall a Skype web cam driver?
    I also installed Skype 4.2 on my A500.and it works perfectly.

  • Satellite Pro L550 - Microphone does not work with Skype


    I recently installed Skype on my laptop and I went through all the tests to make sure that I can hear and can be heard. My two speakers and microphone are working fine. However when I go to use Skype to chat with people they can not hear me but I can hear them. Any thoughts on what I can do?

    Thanks in advance.


    When you open Skype and go to tools > Options > Audio settings can you see a green bar volume when you say something?
    You selected the automatically adjust microphone settings?

    Usually, if you check this option Skype will adjust the Microphone automatically that other people can you hear you properly.

  • My microphone does not work with Skype.

    Whenever I have someone call on Skype, he put mute my microphone. Therefore, Skype gives me an error "can access sound card."  I tried everything to fix this, check if the caps were in the right holes, to reformat my computer and everything in between.  All my drivers are up to date, I can record my voice on a tape recorder and hear him read.  I thought that maybe there was something in the control panel I have not tried, all of the peripheral input-output boxes are on the right thing, I have C-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device.

    It must be cut to stop your own voice echoing Skype makes this car.

    go to tools-options-audio Skype settings - and check the settings also do Skype test call.


    Also check out your sound card drivers

  • Webcam does not work on Skype with Ubuntu 12.04

    I have a Philips SPC700NC webcam that does not work on Skype in Ubuntu 12,04. He worked on the 10.04, but after the update it doesn't work. The camera is ok with cheese as it was before the update, but not on Skype.
    Any help to solve this problem is welcome.
    Thank you.

    Check out the tips for this issue to:

    The Instructions worked for me.

  • Satellite A660-12E - Webcam not working only not with Skype


    When you use the camera directly integrated on the satellite, it works pretty well. When you try to use it with Skype, all I get is the heart full screen. I tried different settings, but nothing happens. Therefore, I use a logitech webcam while searching for a solution.

    Anyone know how to configure it to work with Skype?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hey Buddy,

    I've never heard of this problem you can post a screenshot?

    Well, I think if the problem works with Camera Assistant Software, it s a problem with Skype. So, check the configuration of webcam for Skype and make sure that you use the latest version of Skype.

  • My webcam does not work on Skype?

    I have a new lenovo thinkpad windows 8 and my webcam seems to work but Skype cannot recognize what to do? I read something to support that go to 'settings', said... There is not a tab setting on Skype... not one window only


    One thing that fixed it for me - I went to tools-> Options-> video settings-> Webcam settings. There, click on the default button and save. Voila - my camera started working with Skype.

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