WebWorks app broken after update of the PlayBook 1.0.5

I just installed 1.0.5 last of the PlayBook updated software and my WebWorks app has stopped working. The app was transferred to unit using the mode of development and worked fine before the update. At the launch of the app, the app would freeze in a black screen.

I've tried tinkering with config.xml and rebuilt the application several times. The problem would not go away. I even tried to create a minimal WebWorks with a Hello app world index.html, and this minimum app does not work either.

Any contributions to this issue would be much appreciated!

Thank you


PS. Here's my config.xml file:

        rim:header="RIM-Widget: rim/widget">



and index.html:



Hello world!

Hi Brad,

Yes, there's an incompatibilities for applications built with the beta version of the SDK WebWorks on indicated such 1.0.5 in the sticky at the top of the forum post


Our developer relations team also sent emails to registered suppliers of App World, which had applications built WebWorks with the updated beta version level.

The link above should state the details.

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    I tried to debug the problem and all that I can see is the LogCat shows this at the launch of the app 'day '.

    11-20 15:59:27.927: D/[email protected] (7557275): incompatibility digest for com.irache.octagonp.gYABgELGe5sJN9mSCfgTnlCk3hw, something has changed.

    In addition, by updating an existing installation, I get this error message on BlackBerry deployment:

    com.qnx.bbt.deploy.Deploy$ DeployException: result::failure-104

    I compared the new and the old manifest, and all the relevant fields seem has not changed:-l' author of the Package, Package-author-Id, package name, package Description, Id of Package, Package-author-certificate-Hash.

    The application works correctly with a fresh install, and I can update without problem to other apps that have gone through similar changes very recently, in libraries, permissions...

    Could someone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you.

    The error-104 is the Android Runtime.  It indicates that the APK file that is trying the upgrade has been signed with a different key than the original.  It made no reference to any BlackBerry sign the file of the bar, but the certificate you use to sign the APK using ADT.  On an Android device, the same error occurs if you try to upgrade an APK that is signed with a different certificate.

    You can view the certificate that has been used on an APK file using a command like this:

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    Hi Alexander,.

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    Thank you for details on the issue. That your applications Windows disappears, I suggest you follow the methods below:

    Method 1: Troubleshooting applications.

    The apps store can automatically detect and fix any incorrect settings or errors that could cause problems with applications.

    Refer to the article below and try the steps in it.


    If the issue still persist, then follow the method below.

    Method 2: I suggest you to check if the applications have been successfully updated. See the procedure to check the updates below:

    a. press Windows + C keys in the app store for Windows.

    b. click on settings and then click App updates.

    c. click Check for updates and install available updates.

    If the issue still persist, then follow the method below.

    Method 3: Follow the steps below to give permissions to All THE APPLICATION PACKAGES.

    a. go to Program Files (make sure that "hidden files and folders is on").

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    g. press Ok and restart your system.

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

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    I thought it was the Blackberry Simulator, so I changed it (does not work)

    I thought it was my application, so I leave my fair "index.html" with a BLACK background (does not work)

    the Validation of my config.xml file is fine, and I have not any idea on how to solve this problem!

    Help please, thank you


    Hello, thanks for people, but I already solved this problem, I had a div with POSITION: FIXED; and apparently WebWorks does not support this CSS property, so I removed it and everything works fine. Thanks in any case. Concerning

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    Thank you

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    The app apple approved is not oriented to our production department. The dev team is aware and is working to solve this problem and get a new construction submitted to Apple for review.

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