What are the best bluetooth wireless speakers to use with the iMac

I have the desktop iMac 27 in. on which I have my iTunes.  I want to buy some speakers for the room which will connect to the iMac's wireless.  Someone at - it a system like this to recommend.  I looked the Sonos speakers that run through wi - fy - but don't know if that's what I need.  Any input would be appreciated.


Speakers are a very personal choice. Better would be those that you love the most. Which may be different from someone else.

Excellent fact Bose pregnant BT that work with your iMac, I like them a bit. However, some say that they can be too bass-ey.

You must listen to the speakers to find the ones you want to use.

Try looking at Bose or Harman Kardon to start. Any pregnant BT should work with your iMac


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    Thank you for your time to write a post.

    We are very sorry for the late reply.

    Change the picture or the sound settings of your TV depends on your preferences and on what you watch/listen to.

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    Hi RickLaney,

    Thank you for visiting the community Microsoft Windows 7.  The links below provide useful information about Media Center Extenders.

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    Best place for this question would be OA Framework

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    If you reference how to do customization, such as aid of the functional administrator or go to the page and clicking in the Customize link in the page or by using the xml file and using XMLImporter, it is not really important.

    If ask you questions about the migration of customization, you can either export to leave an instance and import them into another instance using functional administrator or XML importer. Or do it manually again.

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    Kind regards


    How do you intend to use the time?

    If you are going to combine with DATEs or timestamps from a other source, then an INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND or NUMBER may be better.

    Will you need to perform arithmetic operations on time, for example, increase the time to 20%, or take an average?   If so, the NUMBER would be preferable.

    You are just going to display it?  In this case, DAY INTERVAL in SECONDS, DATE or VARCHAR2 would work.

    As Blushadow said, it depends.

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    On top of that, trying to familiarize yourself with your new company Eloqua instance can be a daunting task, especially if it's a large organization.

    What are the best practices for new employees to learn as efficiently and effectively as possible?

    I am in this situation right now. Moved to a much larger organization. It is a huge task trying to understand all the ins and outs not only society, but also of the eloqua instance, especially when she is complex with many points of integration. I find that most of the learning happens when I really go do the work. I spent a ton of time going through the programs, documentation, integrations, etc., but after awhile, it's all just words on a page and not absorbed.

    The biggest thing that I recommend is to learn how and why things are made the way they are currently, ask lots of questions, don't assume not that things work the same as they did with your previous employer.

    Download some base in place level benchmarks to demonstrate additional improvement.

    Make a list of tasks in the long term. As a new pair of eyes, make a list of things you'd like to improve.

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    Hi michaelb.

    You can subscribe to Plan photography for $9.99 a month, which will give the latest version of Photoshop CC 2015, CC 2015 Lightroom and Adobe Bridge.

    Lightroom and Photoshop | Plan of cloud of Adobe's creative photography

    Kind regards


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    What are the best export settings to use for a video posted on facebook?

    I used the H.264 > Vimeo HD presets in Media Encoder with excellent results.

    Thank you

    Jeff Puler

  • I use PE 13, what are the best settings for viewing a slide show on a TV

    I set up a slide show of my drawings for display on a TV.   The images are color JPEGs.   What primary settings work best for the project when it comes to watching a slideshow of images on an HDTV?   I know how to change the properties of the project, but I don't know which of the formats and options will work best to turn slideshow into a video clip.


    First 13 items on what operating system? You have 13 to 13.1 updates, using Help Menu/updates to date of an open project?

    Your question immediately... assuming you have a NTSC installation...

    1. What are the dimensions in pixels of your JPEG files, and how many of them are there? Depending on the resources of the computer, how many JPEG files, and what pixel dimensions, try to use 1920 x 1080 format JPEG and the project preset elements 13/13.1 first is NTSC, DSLR, 1080 p, DSLR 1080 p 30.

    2. what type of player is has your HD TV?

    (a) if only one DVD, then your destination drive is drive DVD/record/Publish + share with preset = NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD. Video set for display at 872 x 480 after encoding.

    (b) if player Blu - ray, then the publish + share/disc/AVCHD (which are a DVD disc)... can be 1920 x 1080 @ 23,94 progressive frames per second (H.264 1 920 x 1080 NTSC Dolby)

    (c) if the Blu - ray player, then publish + share/Disc/Blu-ray disc... can be 1920 x 1080 @ 23,94 progressive frames per second (H.264, 1920 x 1080 p NTSC Dolby).

    I assumed you wanted a product of disc? If your HD TV player takes support other media of the video file, what are the formats on which media supports?

    With this information, I will propose Publish + share/computer/specificities for export to files.

    Please review, study and give more details.

    Thank you.


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    What are the best setting of calibration screen for video editing, if you are shooting indoors, without natural light?

    Not really related to Prem Pro, however:

    Neutral gray scale to set the brightness (white saturation) and contrast (black crush).

    Conveniently located:

    Gamma: 2.2

    White point: 6500K (5800K with ambient lighting)

    Brightness: 100-120 (cd/m)

    Use a calibration device like SpyderElite (above applies). Grade with a neutral gray background low light level - easier on the eyes.


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    With the help of Jorma is was able to realize my PPTX in continuous loop, and change the number of seconds a slide was shown see How to let a pptx presentation run on its own

    There is only one question left. What are the best settings. I find that to let him run, I need to press the sync button, but then participants may choose (inadvertently) to stop the presentation of the execution of the loop.

    What are the correct settings, so that a participant sees only the slides (no side bar etc) and the loop is running?

    Your response is much appreciated

    You should not need to press the Sync button. In the options menu Pod for the sharing, with the loaded PPT module, you'll see an option to view the presentation bar. Use that to get the part for the hosts and presenters in the room, then press the button play. The presentation will be now play in a mode loop for everyone in sync mode. You can also hide the PlayBar to keep other hosts and presenters to stop playback and Participants will never see the PlayBar or have the option to stop the presentation.

    In addition, if your door essentially on the sharing module (highlight a focus), you can use the 'P' button to start playing the presentation without revealing the PlayBar to just anyone. Adobe Connect 9 * accessibility features

  • What are the best export settings for a first Pro CS4 video HD?


    I had so much trouble with this issue and that's something that continually frustrates my boss. I have a HD video what are the settings for it

    23.98 FPS

    1920 x 1080, then a few lines down he says 1408 x 792


    2 channels

    48000 Hz

    What should be the parameters when I do a new sequence?

    When I look into the window in Premiere Pro I constantly have to "shrink" the image to fit the window, is that something I should do or he says that the configuration of the sequence is bad?

    But more importantly what should be the parameters of export? I exported a long video of 4 minutes and the size was 1 GB, I know that it's too big.

    I need to export without losing quality and export another one which is consistent with the limits on the size of Youtube and Vimeo.

    Vimeo is 500 MB per week, sometimes I download 4 videos per week. I think that Youtube, you can download 500 MB at a time.

    I need to get the smaller size with lose the least possible quality AND the best export quality settings, so I suppose I have 3 separate issues.

    What are the best settings of sequence for HD video?

    What are the best export settings for HD without losing quality?

    What are the best export settings for the size of out about 500 MB with losing the least possible quality?

    Thank you!


    On the thread that above, I used the 5th anwer, and it will take about 7 hours to export a 4 minute video :/

    All your questions are answered here.


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