What are the best export settings for a first Pro CS4 video HD?


I had so much trouble with this issue and that's something that continually frustrates my boss. I have a HD video what are the settings for it

23.98 FPS

1920 x 1080, then a few lines down he says 1408 x 792


2 channels

48000 Hz

What should be the parameters when I do a new sequence?

When I look into the window in Premiere Pro I constantly have to "shrink" the image to fit the window, is that something I should do or he says that the configuration of the sequence is bad?

But more importantly what should be the parameters of export? I exported a long video of 4 minutes and the size was 1 GB, I know that it's too big.

I need to export without losing quality and export another one which is consistent with the limits on the size of Youtube and Vimeo.

Vimeo is 500 MB per week, sometimes I download 4 videos per week. I think that Youtube, you can download 500 MB at a time.

I need to get the smaller size with lose the least possible quality AND the best export quality settings, so I suppose I have 3 separate issues.

What are the best settings of sequence for HD video?

What are the best export settings for HD without losing quality?

What are the best export settings for the size of out about 500 MB with losing the least possible quality?

Thank you!


On the thread that above, I used the 5th anwer, and it will take about 7 hours to export a 4 minute video :/


All your questions are answered here.


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    Microsoft has chosen to implement a version of Mathtype dumbed-down as the editor of Word equations for many years. So for me at least, long term has already been decided. There are several things wrong with Mathtype, but given the choice between the use of Mathtype to * convert * equations and using InMath or mathemagiques to * recreate * equations, I'll take Mathtype, warts and all.

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    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support and congratulations for your new pencil from Apple!

    Looks like you want to know what you can do with the pencil of Apple and which applications you can use with. Take a look at the Web page below provides much information about the pencil of Apple, which also highlights some applications that are supported by the pencil of Apple.

    iPad Apple Pro - Apple pencil-

    See you soon.

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