What are the best setting of calibration screen for video editing, if you are shooting indoors, without natural light?

What are the best setting of calibration screen for video editing, if you are shooting indoors, without natural light?


Not really related to Prem Pro, however:

Neutral gray scale to set the brightness (white saturation) and contrast (black crush).

Conveniently located:

Gamma: 2.2

White point: 6500K (5800K with ambient lighting)

Brightness: 100-120 (cd/m)

Use a calibration device like SpyderElite (above applies). Grade with a neutral gray background low light level - easier on the eyes.


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    Does that help? http://boblevine.us/Digital-Publishing-Suite-101-keep-text-sharp-in-raster-slideshows/

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    Here are all the HDV décor, I don't see any 1920 X 1080

    HDV setting.JPG

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    Simply drag your images to a new item icon and it will create the correct images for whatever you are editing images.


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  • What is the best way to export when using text? Thank you

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    Hi Noa,

    Is that what you want to do with your movie? If you watch the Clip export options, you will see that we offer several ways to export your video.

    There is really no particular setting when your movie Clip contains text.

    Let us know what you are trying to accomplish.


    Peter Garaway

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    If you want to download the video on YouTube, use the YouTube encoding presets into Adobe Media Encoder.

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    I'd go with RAID 0 for Scratch disks, as you need no redundancy for safety. For your image files, you'LL want redundancy.

    Well written for video editing with PrPro, this ARTICLEwill give you general information.

    Good luck


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    Windows 7 is the latest version of Windows which are publicly - available for a college scenario, you would seek to buy a number of machines with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed, for best bang-per-buck.

    You can upgrade these machines with Volume licenses for better versatility, and support of Mrs.

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    My camera AVI files can be played in Windows Media Player.  They have little of rates which vary from about 3 Mbit/s to a little more than 5 Mbps.  Is STANDARD DEFINITION 640 x 480 VGA quality video.

    Movie Maker default bitrate for the option "burn to DVD" is 2.99 MB/s.  I do not notice a difference in quality between the 2 MB/s I usually use and.  (I chose 2 Mbps, because in the past, I've used Windows Media Encoder and it defines "DVD quality" like 1-2 Mbps transmission speed and quality "HD" as 5 Mbps.)  Bit rates below 1 Mbps up to 500 Kbps have been defined as "Quality VHS" and below which has been 'QVGA quality'.

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    Is another experiment, a good way to decide on the rate of good bit for my projects?


    Thanks for joining us out on Microsoft Community Forums. I understand that you want to know the best bitrate for video files Windows media burn on DVD.

    I suggest you check out the link to check the bit rate and resolution.

    The movie settings: frequently asked questions.


    Refer to this video file formats can I choose to publish my movie in windows movie maker? The link above.

    If you face problems more while working with Windows Mail on Microsoft Community Forums, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

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    We are evaluating different products available for Version management.

    Is a criterion, what Version Jdev control works best with. I found site of Oracle which Jdev 10.1.3.x, the following plugins are available

    Integration of subversion - integration with Subversion 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 Version management
    ClearCase integration - integration with Clearcase 2003.06.x Version management
    Serena Dimensions integration - integration with Serena Dimensions 9.1 Version management
    Perforce integration - integration with Version management necessarily 2005.1 and 2005.2
    The MS Server Integration - integration with Microsoft Team Server Version Management team

    Can anyone give feedback that is the best of them in terms of:

    1. effective integration with Jdev.
    2. ease of maintenance.
    3. help the deployment on multiple environments
    4. the other relevant points that should be considered.

    I would be grateful if someone could put light here.


    The forward direction is certainly Subversion to CVS. In the 10.1.3 days but there were a few things that you could do with CVS and JDeveloper with Subversion.
    This change in 11g - I would recommend that you go with 11g and Subversion.

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    Thank you.

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    When I checked the list of programs that are supported by BB 10, I saw C/Cpp, Cascades, HTML5 and action script among them. But which one to choose? There is where I am confused. I don't have any experience in the above mentioned technologies. If I select, I need to learn from the beginning. When I went through a few posts, I got to know many people prefer to develop in HTML5, as it is a cross-platform technology. But many have said that it may have problems of performance and the native technologies like C/Cpp, waterfalls will be the best options in terms of performance.

    Can anyone suggest me the best technology to start with BB10?

    Cascades is based on Qt, which is a cross-platform C++ library. It encapsulates many low level BB Native API - s for easier use, but you still have direct access to these APIs if necessary. C++ syntax is similar to Java, so it shouldn't be too difficult to pass. I suggest choosing stunts.

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    There is no memory optimal setting for LiveCycle.

    It depends on the components that you have chosen to deploy.  Content Services ES2 is deployed, your chunk size settings memory must be about 2 GB if 1.0 to 1.7 GB may be sufficient.


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