What are the best settings to export the .mov file? my video jumps

What are the best settings to export the .mov file? I have movie 1280 x 720 and I can export without problem, but sometimes it jumps or gets stuck when I play. I don't know if it's my video card or the actual file. I used better quality setting and compressor H.264.

Thank you.


As you suggest, it could be a problem with your hardware that is not in a position to make the video on this particular resolution,

I tried the same thing and it works fine for me without any problem. You can always export the movie in a format you want and then use other software video converter to get the desired format. If your video does not work then you can also, to let know you that there is a problem with your hardware.

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    Short answer: don't worry them. You only need the folder bar.

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  • http://kb2.Adobe.com/CPS/888/cpsid_88814.html#main_Tiers has some details that might be useful. To summarize, the 10.0.1 patches have been released targeting specific language levels.

    Kind regards


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    Hi all
    I just uploaded a bunch of .jpg files to my website using Dreamweaver 8 from my local machine to Windows XP. I noticed that for each file, there is also another file called filename.jpg_org. It is also on the local folder and remote site.
    I'm always uploading of jpg and have not had this happen before.

    An example
    original file is called "page_01_of_21.jpg" and is 184KB
    additional file is called "page_01_of_21.jpg_org" and is 154KB
    These files are located on the web site, but there is no link to the additional file, it's right there!

    Why does Dreamweaver do these extra files and what I can do to save deleted space?

    Thank you

    a google shows up info about Quick EXIF Writer, using this file extension
    Archive of the original files, he treats.

    You use that or something similar to process the images?
    Dreamweaver not create .jpg_org files.


    Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver


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    These are the index/database files that nero creates when you burn on a CD. They can be removed. Store information on which was engraved on the CD, they are not necessary to keep.

    Many programs use them. Nero is one of the albums that you can see these files you are from. They won't hurt anything, they are just annoying. Normally about 32 KB in size. Just delete them, they are not a threat, nor that they are really necessary.
    IDX files are also used with .sub files in a system type of captioning for movie files. In this context you should not remove the as the .sub file is useless without the corresponding .idx file.
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    QSS files seem to be associated with Move Media Player from Move networks. I don't know what its related.

    From: http://filext.com/file-extension/QSS

    The QSS file type is primarily associated with 'Quantum Streaming' by Move Networks, Inc. quantum Streaming is a method of breaking the video files into small segments and feed in these segments to a player who them recombines in a video to show. It is sometimes used by ABC (and other media providers) for videos.

    The Move Media Player is used to play the video. The player should be planned as a browser by the site complement feed videos.

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    I recently found a sudoers file on my 2015 Macbook Air 13 "(1.6 GHz Intel Core 5/Mem 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3) El Capitan 10.11.6 who took control of my HD and my cable modem. I was able to fix these problems (with the help of this forum, thank YOU!) but I still cannot change the permissions for my Apps folder and cannot connect to the App Store. I want to go back to the original OS X Yosemite. I set up a root user account and use a new installation of Firefox. When I tried to connect to apple.com, I received a warning to redirect (Chrome) which I have not installed. I then opened Finder and went to Library/Caches/com.apple.iconservices.store and found on a hundred or more of these files of text document, all written in code, with the extension .isdata I am not so much concerned by a brick machine, because I have a guarantee of damages from the dealer, and they say that I can exchange it. I don't want to start deleting files that may be needed for the system. Has anyone seen these files? Can they be deleted safely? (I'm under is boot secured under the root user)

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    Activation and use of the user 'root' on OS X - Apple support

    If you are not sure of the security of your system, you should consider backup

    Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple Support

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    On OS X Recovery - Apple Support

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    - audio (but that's fine, I have beats just want to know)

    Thanks in advance and more power for HP... My brother for your business works if all goes well I have not made a mistake in buying HP products... But so far so good, a few small bumps on the road as I call it...


    Unfortunately, you can not.
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    Read the above info.


    Link above gives a reason for: BJEZPRN do NOT download anything from there!

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • What are the etilqs files?

    I keep getting messages about etilqs files as follows:


    The part after the underscore character changes each time. My AV continues to wonder if this is a good file or not, because obviously, he's not sure. Just what kind of file is the next, and what would be its use? Is it a system file or a malware any?

    The site Web of SQLite is useful. This is the open code source used in many other programs, for the most part, legitimate applications that we all use. Because it seems to be used by many multinational companies, these temporary files will probably have to be something we have to live with. But it shouldn't be a problem with remove them with the rest of our temporary files, and we have been all along probably without even realizing it.

    Here is their own list of known users: http://www.sqlite.org/famous.html

Maybe you are looking for