What are the causes of the log of user account on missing cursor in Windows XP? I have two trays of office that they have this same problem. If you restart them the cursor returns?

What are the causes of the log of user account on missing cursor in Windows XP? I have two trays of office that they have this same problem. If you restart them the cursor returns?


Hi DaddyJeff,

1. don't you make changes before the show?
2. are you referring to the cursor in the area of user password on the login screen of Windows?
3. when the cursor goes missing, the mouse pointer works on screen?

It is difficult to say what is causing this problem. If the mouse pointer freezes or stops working, then we recommend you to reinstall the mouse. To do this, try the following steps:
a. sign in to Windows.
b. Click Start, click Run, type devmgmt.msc, and then click ok.
c. in the list of objects, expand mice and other pointing devices.
d. right click on the sub element and click on uninstall.
e. unplug the mouse and plug it back.
f. the Device Manager, select an item in the list, click the Action menu, click scan for hardware changes.
g. check if the mouse is detected, if so, then install it.

See mouse USB which is connected to a USB 2.0 hub is not detected by Windows XP

if the problem persists, restore the computer to an earlier time. See How to restore Windows XP to a previous state

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    Thanks in advance,


    Hello aviadCielo,

    When you get this error, what does do to make it work again? If you restart your program, start all this work?

    Secondly, what version of NOR-XNET do you use? It's maybe a software problem that could be resolved by upgrading to NOR-XNET 1.6.

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  • When I close a program, it seems that the page is molten! What are the causes that

    Just as I said, when I close my Internet explore the page looks as it melts down.

    When I close the Office computer looks like it is melting.

    What are the causes and how can I fix what is wrong

    I ran mcafee and malware programs.

    I have compaq presario v5000

    Windows xp

    32 bit

    do not add ons running.

    I don't see how someone can offer you promising ideas knowing more about your system.  The best you can get is speculation on what might work sometimes maybe. All we seem to know is what sort of a Presario V5000 with XP (there are a lot of different V5000s).

    It worked better in Mode safe or clean boot?  Even if it did, this does not your problem, unless you want to run mode without failure or boot for the rest of your life.

    If you restored to the factory settings in the past, then you have all your video drivers updated?  Chances are good that everything that comes out of the plant is outdated when it leaves the factory.

    If I were you, I would first take a look at your specifications and make sure that your video drivers are up to date.

    Should be considered ditching of McAfee (since it's a famous memory and CPU hog) and replace it with something with a smaller footprint like Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE).  You can simply use the McAfee uninstaller install temporarily and see how things work... you can always reinstall later if you are forced to do it, right?  (but I wouldn't).

    If you still have the problem after all and the verification of your video drivers, check the properties of your system performance (especially the Visual effects) Options.

    Why don't you do this so that we can see what you have:

    Click Start, run and enter in the box:


    Click OK, and when the system info summary appears, click on edit, select all (Ctrl-A), copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) the information back here in your next reply.

    For video device and driver information, expand components, click view, click on edit, select all, copy and then paste the information here.

    There will be some personal information (such as the user name and the name of the system), and anything that turns information private for you, simply delete the pasted information.

    This will minimize back Q & A and eliminate guesswork.

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    Thank you


    Hello arcand1772,

    Thank you for the question!

    It is disheartening to know that have problems you while closing programs. As I understand it encounter you problems during the closure of the programmes.

    1. the is the problem with a particular program?

    2. were there any changes (hardware or software) to the computer before the show?

    Post a screenshot of the issue to help you best.

    How i: post a screen shot on this forum? -Microsoft Answers

  • What are the causes videos stop and start again during the transmission?

    What are the causes videos stop and start again during the transmission?


    You can update the latest drivers for the video card and check.

    Also perform the clean boot and check:


    NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that restore you the computer mode normal startup such as suggested in the article above.

    Let us know the results.

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    Thaks in advance for your answer.

    Hi GaryFelder,
    Post your request in the Silverlight forums for assistance on this issue.
    Visit the following link to do the same thing:
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    Quite often my PC experience this problem right after the start or in the middle of surfing. The system stops responding and I have to often press CTRL ALT DELETE and restart my PC. My RAM is 1.5 GB is sufficient for private users with multitasking very minimum at any time.

    I would appreciare if someone could advise me on what are the possible causes and how to minimize if happen.

    Thank you


    UH... Do you mean by chance 100%? If this isn't the case, then there is no problem.
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    Hi mrpitiful,.

    ·         Is it a laptop or a desktop computer?

    ·         You have built in card reader if it a laptop?

    Check to see if the following is useful.

    Method 1: If you use an external card reader, then try using another.

    Method 2: See the following SanDisk article if it is an internal card reader.

    Computer (with internal card reader) or a digital camera fails to read 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB SDHC card

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    Here are the specifications of your HP Media Center m1170n desktop computer and its card mother PTGD1-(Puffer). Based on the specifications, this model has a maximum HP approved limit memory 4 GB (4 x 1 GB = 4 GB). The problem you are experiencing is perhaps due to incorrect memory modules, modules of memory defective or damaged, defective or damaged memorty slots or a very defective or damaged motherboard.

    Run the available at startup BIOS Diagnostics or download "memtest86" and create a bootable media. Then, run the test on each module individually, in the same housing. If all modules pass, rerun the test... this time by adding an additional module... Repeat until all slots are filled and all modules of memory are used.

    Please post back with your results.

    Please click the White Star of KUDOS to show your appreciation

  • What are the causes of temporary profiles?

    What are the causes and how can I get my original profile once again?

    You may find that the problem is temporary and you connect properly on your next reboot.

    Advice on that is in difficulty a user profile damaged and this may also be of interest the user profile Service has no logon. Could not load user profile as you will see, there is the coincidence of the AV utility read the profile at the same time that Windows 7 trying to read and cela can cause a one-time default to a temporary profile.

    Even if the problem goes away once you are back connected with a suitable profile, create two admin accounts to make sure that you have a good chance to be still able to enter the PC all that is corrupt.  If your user account profile is corrupt, you use an admin to fix things, if an administrator account is corrupt then you use the other admin to fix things, including the creation of a new account admin spare.

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