What are the databases, we can use with html5 in playbook

What is the best database used with html5 in playbook

The answer lies in the developer site very well documented of the RIM:


LocalStorage might be easier to use:


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  • How can I find out what programs I should have started and what are the programs I can start myself to my computer to run correctly when starting?

    * Original title: startup

    How can I find out what programs I should have started and what are the programs I can start myself to my computer to run correctly when starting?


    I understand you want to learn about programs, you should start your Windows startup. I will certainly help you to question.

    When you start Windows by using a normal startup startup, several applications and services automatically, and then run in the background. These programs include the base system, antivirus software, utility applications processes system and other software that was previously installed. These applications and services may cause interference when you install or run a program.

    The system configuration is a tool that can help identify problems that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. You can start Windows with common services and startup programs turned off and then reactivate them, one at a time.

    I suggest you to refer to the links below and check if this is useful:

    Using the Configuration System (msconfig)

    Perform a clean boot to determine if background programs interfere with your game or program

    Hope this information helps.

    Please get back to us with an update on the issue, we will be happy to help you.

  • My Clickfree automatic backup drive has stopped working, with my iMac, what is the best replacement to use with Time machine

    My Clickfree automatic backup drive I had for many years stopped working with my iMac, what is the best replacement to use with Time Machine.

    I can't even reformat the drive to try to start over, then think its time I invested in a high today but don't know where start looking so any advise would be a great help.

    Thank you guys

    A lot of users on these forums recommend OWC (www.macsales.com) Mercury Elite Pro series JEP due to their durability, affordability and quality of construction. I have about 6 of them connected to my iMac and have never had a speaker to fail. When a hard drive fails, substitute is a 5-minute process to re - use the box. To help you get started, you can find the line to: https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/firewire/1394/USB/EliteAL/eSATA_FW800_FW400_USB

    You can find them in various ways and with a variety of configurations of connection so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

    Good luck!

  • Can I use the photos for plastic surgery? What are the conditions for medical use? How can I chat with someone?

    I need photo stock for communication online for a society of plastic surgery. Use the faces and the recognizable body parts?

    What are the conditions? What plan I have in case I can use photos?

    I would really like to chat with someone from Adobe, but I couldn't find the option.

    Thank you!

    ... AND you can find it too https://helpx.adobe.com/stock/faq.html > Common Questions, Adobe Stock > Stock of Adobe for companies

    If necessary and for other issues, click on the http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html 'until you get to 'cat'. If it is 'open' (ago opening hours) Please use it, I personally had the best experiences. I quote Adobe Preran employee: the chat button is enabled as soon as there is an available agent to help.


  • What are the best practices for use of GLOBAL Variables


    Please guide how Global Variables can be declared and how they can be initialized.

    Further please guide what are the impacts of the Variables(if any) world on the memory of the CLIENT or the SERVER, if they are not initialized or released after use.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards.

    There are 255 characters (fixed) - or a less than before, don't know if they still are that length.
    My preference is not to use and use the settings or package variables. There is no real control of globals, so you may find yourself with an applications which has a good number of them which is used only once but which persists during the user's session.

  • What are the tasks we can perform by using Component Services in the Microsoft Management Console?

    Original title: use MMC

    Can someone enlighten me on component services, found in the administrative tools, including the management console folder. Is their anything that can be done by someone who has no knowledge on this subject, extensive Windows, I use XP (SP3) thank you.

    Hi ratchet.

    Microsoft Management Console (MMC) lets system administrators create much more flexible user interfaces and customize administration tools.

    See this link for the tasks that we can perform using Component Services in the Microsoft Management console.

    With Component Services, administrators can deploy and administer service applications of components through a graphical user interface or automate administrative tasks using a programming or scripting language. Software developers can use Component Services to visually configure routine component and behavior of the application, such as security and participation in transactions, and to integrate components into Component Services applications.


    Also check out this link:

    Using the Microsoft Management Console:


  • What are the default programs to use to start a Windows Vista home Premium

    Several programs are running at startup, what is the solution for this.

    Should we indicate programs that must be in the start menu to the top

    try to do a cleanboot following the instructions

    Perform a clean boot Note if the computer is connected to a network, network policy settings may prevent you from following these steps. We recommend strongly that you do not use System Configuration utility to change startup options on the computer, unless a support engineer Microsoft directs you to do so. This can make the computer unusable.

    1. Log the computer by using an account with administrator rights.
    2. Click Start

      type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box and press ENTER to start the System Configuration utility.

      If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or clickcontinue.

    3. On the general tab, click to select the Selective startupoption, and then click to clear the Load Startup items check box option. (The box use the Boot file is not available.)
    4. On the Services tab, select the hide all Microsoft services check box, and then click disable all.

      Note Following this step lets services Microsoft continue to run. These services include networking, Plug-and-Play, record of events, error reporting, and other services. If you disable these services, you can permanently delete all restore points. Do not do this if you want to use to restore the system with the existing restore points.

    5. Click OK, and then click restart.
  • What is the best CMS for use with DW - CS6

    DW CS6 using, what would be the recommended CMS to use?

    Ok.  Well boom is a good starting point.  But there are moments where it may not be the right choice.  There is no one-size-fits-all CMS.  They are big, small, and all the rest. So base your choice on the following criteria.

    • needs of the customer,
    • ease of use,
    • budget,
    • coding skills necessary to deploy it.



    Get some Simple CMS-

    PHP, no database required.



    PHP MySql & required




    Adobe Business Catalyst (subscription includes CMS & web hosting)


    You might also be interested in the products of the Web help to build your own CMS:

    CSS Web sites customized in Dreamweaver with extension Design | WebAssist

    Nancy O.

  • What is the best laptop to use with Photoshop CS5?

    I don't want to spend more than $3,000 for this laptop.

    I'll also use this laptop for Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator.

    All suites - tips v Design Premium Web Premium?

    I'm getting into web development after having been out of commercial art and design for 15 years.

    Thank you.

    You can get a laptop big Cyberpower PC that will run Photoshop. You must follow certain basic requirements as much as RAM and CPU. My article here: http://robertoblake.com/blog/2011/07/building-a-photoshop-cs5-computer/ has some good general information on what you need. However, here are the basics.

    Try to ensure that the hard disk of the diving is 5400-7200 tr / MIN, at least 500GB, 4-8GB of RAM, try to avoid embedded video if you can help it, video 1 GB is ideal, but you can live with 512 MB processor: Dual-Quad Core 2.0 GHz or better.

    Your going to want an external hard very portable, not only for backup, but set as you Photoshop Scratch Disk, recommend it be SSD (Solid State Drive)

    I highly recommend picking up this laptop: http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Xplorer_X6-9200_Gaming_Notebook/

    Quad Core, 8 GB RAM to speeds of CPU maximum of 2.2 - 3.0 GHz, 2 GB NVIDIA graphics card, 640 GB HDD, all for under $900

    You see the game computers are perfect for Photoshop, the power required to run games more advanced far exceeds the resources necessary to function well Photoshop and other Adobe applications. This should be everything you need and much more.

  • HP Pavilion DV6T-3000: what are the processor i7 can this motherboard can I go to?


    I'd like to update my CPU, but don't know which are supported by my motherboard.

    I have a HP Pavilion DV6T-3000 series.

    Part of the motherboard: 615278-001

    Original CPU: i7-720QM

    In the dv6 manual (link below), it is mentioned that the Intel Core i7-740QM, i7-820QM and i7-840QM can used in general by computer laptop dv6, but it's not to specify which processor when with the motherboard.


    I would like to used the upgrade to i7-840QM, or at least i7-820QM or same i7-740QM as last resort.

    Will be my motherboard suport it?

    Thank you

    See page 22 of the manual here:


    Unlike compatibility processor only in motherboards, it's that there are motherboards for dual core and Quad Core boards. If you have a Quad Core, you can install any other Quad Core. These mobile Intel Core i7 1 genQuads always tends to be expensive and I don't know how much delivery must be done by replacing one such Quad Core for another. The base clock speed increase would be only 1.6 to 1.86 ghz, which is not terribly important. On eBay the i7-840QM is still ongoing for over $ $100 and for that price you approach the cost of a 500 GB SSD, which would provide a lot more help to your user experience.

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  • What are the methods to ESXi upgrade with 1 single ESXi Server?

    The server requires her to get any update through the update maintenance Manager or VMA is not possible that both run on the ESXi server.

    What options are left during a server ESXi 4.0 to ESXi 4.1? I can think of root direct-ssh access and the 'host Update Utiliy', even if that fails with errors.

    You must use the vCLI, then update the host vihostupdate.pl. Page 55 @ http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsphere4/r41/vsp_41_upgrade_guide.pdf

    iDLE-jAM | SC 2, SC 3 & VCP 4

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  • What are the keyboard shortcuts to use the component feature snap-in in Windows 7?

    One of my windows program jumps constantly at my primary monitor after clicking on apply. He does not easily slide back, Yes, is there a keyboard shortcut, or can I do a keyboard shortcut to send the BACK window?

    Try pressing the right arrow Windows.  The first time, the window should anchor right on your screen, do it again, and it should move to the next screen.  This work only, however, if the window is resizable so that Aero Snap can "seize".

    Otherwise, there are some public services that can help.  Some are provided with manufacturers of graphics card dual monitor, but searching for 'send to the next monitor' should find some other useful applications.  Your mileage may vary if, as these other 3rd party utilities may have the same inability to 'catch' the window.

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  • What are the cool things to do with the zero Page?

    Can you give us some examples?
    Thank you.


    Nice examples are quite difficult to see because you don't see anything. What I've done so far:

    1. There could be some regions you want to stream on any or all pages. To save the copy of these regions (region of sidebar for example), you can make conditional and say: show on pages comma delimited list. This region then displays on these pages. You can even do the same with the items that belong to this region.

    2. you can create a region on the page zero without model and can replace some css classes if you need that. You should write something like this in this organization in the region:


    3. you could do the same for javascript as well.

    Denes Kubicek

  • What are the solutions for remote use unauthorized computer via a virtual private network?

    Dell Dimension E310.  Windows XP. Professional.   "Media Center". 5 years old.  Stand alone computer.  Unsolicited 'demand' come across the screen for remote access.  Wallpaper, next to the clock, someone downloading of graphics file "Accelerator" without authorization.   Called internet provider.  They claim that they do not deal with the configuration of the virtual private network. Tech said there is more than one device connected to my computer!
    I went to "Computer management" and delete all except myself as a user and the administrator.  Obviously, too late as a person UNKNOWN has defined itself as "NT Authority\Authenticated Users".  Locked computer: would not recognize my password.
    Formatted drive / reinstalled windows.  Able to use the computer for "allocation of 7 days; my computer then froze again.  AT and T Tech indicates that UNKNOWN use of my computer and no recourse.  Are there solutions to the unauthorized use?


    I suggest you post your question Forums Technet for assistance on this issue.

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)


  • What are the objects javafx can be built in the init() method?

    I have consulted the api javafx2.2, it says:


    JavaFX creates a thread of the application for enforcement of the startup application, input events processing method and execution of the animation chronologies. Creation of JavaFX Scene and Stage objects as well as the change in the operations of scene graph to living objects (objects already attached to a scene) must be made on the JavaFX application thread.

    Request of the manufacturer and init method is called on the thread of Launcher, not on the Thread of the JavaFX Application. This means that an application does not build a Scene or a Stage constructor or in the init method. An application can build other objects of JavaFX in the init method.

    But exactly what javafx objects can be built in the init() method? if someone could make a list? Now I know, what objects except the scene, scene, Tooltip, ContextMenu, HTMLEditor and WebView. Is this good? Are there still other objects that cannot be built in the init() method? Thank you.

    Things that need to be created on the JavaFX Application thread (cannot be created in init) are:

    1 WebView.

    2. anything that involves the creation of the window (balloon, the ContextMenu etc are all from the windows popup in their internal implementation).

    Jira related question:

    RT-17716 some controls cannot be created on the FX application thread

    There are workaround solutions in the comments to:

    RT-25127 ToolTip the tab (and other controls) cannot be defined in FXApplicationThread

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