What are the specifications of the Satellite Pro A10

OK this question isn't quite as noob as it sounds, well not quite...
The question is, I look at a Satellite Pro A10 for a friend, and he seems to have no Modem connection or wireless, despite the modem plug and the switch at the front for the wireless connection. The machine is second hand, and we see that there was only a software modem of Toshiba used but it seems to have disappeared. None of the devices appear in Device Manager or anywhere else.

Before starting the assumption that they are faulty is there anywhere on the Web from Toshiba site where I can put the serial number and look at the specifications of the machine when it was purchased (as you can with a Dell :)). It is an old machine and If the wireless has been upgraded optional and it did not buy so it won't of course work but I need to know.


Try under http://gedb.toshiba.com/

Good bye

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  • Replacement to the satellite Pro A10 hard drive

    By turning on the laptop I get IDE #0 ERROR Inter (R) Boot Agent FE v4.1.09 etc. Insert system disk in drive. I do and nothing happens.

    Is this to say that the hard drive is spent? If yes where can I get a replacement from? How I don't know what to buy?

    Hi Dean

    Well, the ERROR IDE #0 means that the BIOS cannot recognize devices connected to the IDE #0. Above all it s a HARD drive.
    So I presume that you HARD drive is dead and must be replaced.

    You can buy a compatible HARD drive from a computer or a laptop computer reseller. Of course, you can contact your local Toshiba ASP (authorized service provider) and order this HARD drive too.

    Your Pro A10 appears to bear an IDE hard drives.
    Therefore, you might choose an IDE HDD with 20, 30 GB or 40 GB

    I posted only these three sizes because I'm not sure about bigger hard drives.
    Perhaps a larger HARD drive is not recognized by the BIOS.

    See you soon

  • Cut the Satellite Pro A10 + flashing

    My A10 tends to cut out sometimes, and it seems to be random. However, the sector - in light flashes orange subsequently. This corresponds to 4 short flashes, 1 long blink, pause, then 3 minutes flashes. I don't know how to interpret this code if someone could possibly enighten me, as it would be very appreciated!


    Usually if the blink code is so there must be something wrong with the hardware.
    This code can be read by the service partner.

    See this topic on the blink code and how to read:

    Here, you can consult the table of conversion of binary and hexadecimal numbers.

    However, you should contact Toshiba service.

  • Satellite Pro A10 HDD

    I have the Satellite Pro A10 C2.2GHz/XP Home/256 MB/20 GB/14TFT/DVD/WiFi. One day, the computer just froze and then resets and would not start again, and I kept getting the message:




    I tried some hard disk controllers, but they are unable to get anywhere, because they cannot access the drive. Anyone know of any solution to this, or if not, where would be the best place for replacement because my warranty has run out.

    Any help appreciated,

    Thank you

    Hi John,.

    Unfortunately, it seems that if your HARD drive has crashed. The message of your BIOS is normally what you see if the PC cannot detect any bootable devices. Usually, it is a bootable HARD drive.

    Assuming you have the Toshiba Recovery CD you could try to restore your existing system to your HDD (it will automatically reformat the hard disk first), but you might find although it will simply fail restore due to the failure of the drive.

    Your next option is to replace the HARD drive. You can do it yourself very easily, or you may prefer to take the laptop to a Service Agent for them to do. Note that you still need to rebuild your system from the recovery CD according to your choice.

    Given that your device has a 20 GB HARD drive standard you could take this opportunity to install a larger capacity drive.


  • Satellite Pro A10 CPU upgrade possible? Which processors?

    Is it possible to upgrade the Satellite Pro A10 CPU? What processors are supported?


    Usually the CPU upgrade is not possible on laptops because of several reasons.
    But as far as I know that this camera was supplied with three different processors:
    Intel Celeron P4 - M (Mobile) 2.0 GHz, 2.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz
    Well, I put t know if the CPU was only connected or soldered onto the motherboard.

    However, it s not advisable to change the CPU. It is possible that after CPU change the laptop overheating for example.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - no answer - enter HDD #0 error

    Pro warranty A10, student daughter portable computer reports no longer works, already suspended and finally no response from any other lights at the entrance to DC charger is connected.

    Clean fan/radiator, a lot of lint etc. removed. No obvious signs to know why the Board me dead however. Confirmed with counters that this DC of the shipper in me Board. Ordered A replacement me Board, FHZSY1, eBay and equipped, taking the precautions of static, but can not confirm that they were done by the seller.
    Now, new Board of Directors recognizes the input DC and recharged the battery OK. Tried to turn on the laptop but terrible mistake INPUT #0. Concluded that the HARD drive had also been damaged. New (Toshiba box) arrived two days later but gave the same error when mounted. BIOS won't recognize HARD at all. Tried all the messages on the verification of the connections and certainly not of mounted riders. Laptop will continue to start from a system CD, as it may then think the new me Board is OK

    Are the HARD drive of the Satellite Pro A10 different from those on the A10 satellite earlier?
    Any other ideas on this INPUT #0 error?
    Thank you


    As much as I know there is no different hard disks and your use of the same laptop as most other Toshiba laptops. I can just write that this error is certainly resulting HARD disk problem. The HARD drive is obviously not identified by BIOS correctly.

    Sorry but I have no more info on this subject. By the way: is the motherboard new or used one?

  • Satellite Pro A10 - CD/DVD drive - updated?

    I have an A10 and a few remnants of the A15 which I cannibalise the parts.
    The A10 has DVD playback only, while the A15 motorway had features of reading / writing DVD.

    Desperately the A10 BIOS does not recognize the A15 CD/DVD drive.
    Anyone know if it is possible to obtain this recognition - could I swap chips BIOS with the A15 for example?

    This machine is my toy and I have it running with a Pentium 4 M 2.4 GHz and 1 GB of ram (frustrating it does not accept the sticks of 1 GB!).

    It's a gift so if I break, well I'll be sad - but not heart broken...

    You can only use the BIOS that came out for the Satellite Pro A10 series and which is available on the Toshiba page.

    But why you n t use a CD/DVD drive that is compatible with the model Satellite Pro A10?
    The manual provides details on supported devices.
    I found the user manual [here: http://support1.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-files2/0/userman-en-20090121085356.zip]

    On page 4-7 you will find info on the STRANGE devices supported by Pro A10
    -TEAC CD-224th CD-ROM drive
    -DW-224th drive TEAC CD-RW/DVD-ROM
    -Toshiba DVD - ROM SD-C2612
    -Diving Toshiba CD-RW/DVD-ROM SD-R2412
    -DVD-R /-RW drive SD-R6012
    -Hitachi drive of DVD - ROM RDA-8082
    -Player Panasonic UJDA-740/750 CD/RW/DVD-ROM

    Hope that the list could be useful.

  • Satellite Pro U400 - 14 c - what are the specs?


    Can someone tell me if Toshiba never worn on a Satellite Pro U400 - 14 c, and if yes, what are the specs? I just saw one sold on Ebay and can't find any info about it anywhere...

    Thank you very much...


    I searched a bit on the Internet with Google and I founded a few details on the Satellite Pro U400 - 14B:

    Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 processor
    Intel GM965 chipset
    3 GB DDR2 (667 MHz) RAM
    13.3 ° WIDE XGA display
    32-bit Vista Home Premium preinstalled

    I hope that this information is a little more useful for you and I m sure that Toshiba has released this laptop because otherwise you wouldn t find some details on the internet about it.

    Good bye

  • Some devices are not correctly installed on the Satellite Pro A200

    I have the Satellite Pro A200 psae7e. and I also have a problem with the PCI memory controller, Modem device on high definition audio bus, mass storage controller, because they are marked in yellow in the Device Manager.

    My knee works fine... sata works fine, graphic controller & etc. Everything in the natural order. but I don't want the yellow icons in Device Manager.

    How to solve this problem. I installed all the drivers, but there is still that the yellow icons that appear.

    And could someone tell me what is the PCI memory controller? Is that the shared memory?

    PCI memory controller is Intel Turbo Memory, also called chip logic Intel Flash cache
    It s a new technology designed to support the new features of Vista.
    There is no driver for Windows XP because XP doesn t supports the cache feature.

    The component of embedded controller compatible ACPI Microsoft supports the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) AC adapter device objects that the operating system uses to manage the resources of power.
    Seems that you BIOS does not support this!

    Update the BIOS to version XP!

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  • Are the keyboards of the Satellite Pro A300 and A300 Satellite the same?


    For the moment, I am here in France, and I plan to buy a Satellite Pro A300 with a QWERTY keyboard (which is not exactly a problem for me at the moment). The problem starts when I return to my country where the layout of the keyboard is QWERTY. I intend to sell the laptop when I return (I love not hooked to a laptop computer for a very long time). The thing is that the Satellite A300 is officially sold in my country, but not the Satellite Pro A300. I wonder now if the keyboard for the A300 is compatible with the Pro A300 (looking at the discussions of the forum for older models suggest they are compatible, but I'm not completely sure).

    Can someone provide a definitive answer to this question of compatibility?

    Thank you!

    The button of keyboard layout doesn't depends on Satellite Pro or series of satellites, but of the country where the phone was purchased.

    Different countries need different keyboards button and that's why the buttons are assigned to different positions on the keyboard.

    But the keyboard itself could be used in Sat Pro or Satellite phone too.

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    Your S3 screen with a digitizer.  Your laptop screen does not work.

    Essentially, a laptop a scanning screen is also called "tablet" and - for systems or more 12 "inch screen size, will sell for a minimum of about $800-900.  About lowest price will be a simple touchscreen - not a digitizer.

Maybe you are looking for