What are the themes common to monitor the event viewer?

General Administration, I would like to know what common elements are usually to monitor event viewer.

Would be verification "error or warning" Application and system be enough?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions


Event Viewer follows the Windows Firewall and other security-related applications.

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    I received the phone call from "Microsoft Service Center" (guess it's scam) but when they took me to run eventvwr/I had several mistakes - this is significant.  Their website has been ammyy.com.  Someone at - he heard of this?

    Hello Peggy.

    Yes, it's a serious scam, do not allow them to do something. The event shows you what events the computer crossed over from the start. These errors may be associated with conflicts .dll or programs do not load. If you have some errors, you can have someone to look at those but without one I don't know what to tell you.
    Here is a site that can help explain what is the event viewer. It is a wiki, so keep in mind information is for reference only.


    I hope this helps.


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    1 could you please elaborate on the issue that you are facing?

    These files are associated with Microsoft Shared. This is the location of this file.

    c:\Program files\common files\ \daomicrosoft shared

    I hope this helps.

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  • What are the causes of the log of user account on missing cursor in Windows XP? I have two trays of office that they have this same problem. If you restart them the cursor returns?

    What are the causes of the log of user account on missing cursor in Windows XP? I have two trays of office that they have this same problem. If you restart them the cursor returns?

    Hi DaddyJeff,

    1. don't you make changes before the show?
    2. are you referring to the cursor in the area of user password on the login screen of Windows?
    3. when the cursor goes missing, the mouse pointer works on screen?

    It is difficult to say what is causing this problem. If the mouse pointer freezes or stops working, then we recommend you to reinstall the mouse. To do this, try the following steps:
    a. sign in to Windows.
    b. Click Start, click Run, type devmgmt.msc, and then click ok.
    c. in the list of objects, expand mice and other pointing devices.
    d. right click on the sub element and click on uninstall.
    e. unplug the mouse and plug it back.
    f. the Device Manager, select an item in the list, click the Action menu, click scan for hardware changes.
    g. check if the mouse is detected, if so, then install it.

    See mouse USB which is connected to a USB 2.0 hub is not detected by Windows XP

    if the problem persists, restore the computer to an earlier time. See How to restore Windows XP to a previous state

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    Fig 1. Make a selection on the page layout for the position (and possibly cropped) image format

    Fig 2. Open the image and choose the command selection > all followed by Edit > copy

    Fig. 3. Return to the layout and choose Edition > paste special > paste in the image will be probably larger than your selection when pasted into the Flyer.

    Fig 4. Choose Edition > transform > scale the scale tool appears.

    Fig. 5. Drag the frame to adjust it to a corner of the space of the image

    Fig. 6. Hold down the SHIFT key (to preserve proportion) and drag the farthest corner of scale handle diagonally downwards to reduce the size of the image to fit in the area of selection. Then click on the symbol to Commit in the Options bar to produce the result (Fig 7).

    Repeat for each of the other images...

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    I have some listed here videos that will help you with this

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  • What are the common use cfloop?

    so far, my tasks are really minor programming.
    HTML reports.

    I reasearched kinda littl on cfloops.

    How can I use < cfloop > in a program.
    What are the common use of this?
    How can I use it in my reports?
    How can I use it outside my reports?
    do you have examples of code for me to see or compile in my home dev?

    Thank you

    I think you should go through this link first before you start<>

    Thank you

  • Hardware change - inform them where and what are the details to be informed


    I want to use my hard drive, change the map motherboard and CPU only. Who should I email and what are the details I need to provide to get my two windows xp and vista activated and validated after having reformatted and re-installed?

    If I happen to call by phone I phone number of the customer care person knowing Tamil language?

    Kind regards


    You must notify anyone.  If you have problems activating automatically after the changes, do it manually.

    To activate manually, go to start, search, and type in slui 4 enter.  Enter your country and press Next.  You will be on a screen with a phone number and a bunch of codes below.  Dial the number and browse automatic guests until you get to a human being.  Have your handy product code because it will be asked.  Explain the situation, but it's the same PC and only installed on this PC.  They should give you a code to enter on this screen to activate Vista.

    Good luck!

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  • Reinstall XP on Portege R600 - what are the necessary drivers?


    I am plan to reinstall windows, since something (a driver/program/idontknowwhat) seem to access my hard drive at random times (often), which means that ever, it stops turning and still makes noise. It was already the case (but a little less than now) with preinstalled system, even with wdfrgmgr.exe disabled and without using a swap file on the hard drive, so since I don't know what are the causes (is - anyone here know?) and since it seems impossible to upgrade to an SSD, I'll just install a clean winXP install only necessary basic stuff (especially not all control panels).

    I would like to know what drivers from the Web site are essential and those that are not.
    I'll definitely install base drivers common Module, driver Display Driver LAN, HDD Protection Utility, Power Saver, his Driver, Touch Pad Driver, Webcam Driver, Wireless LAN Driver (Intel).
    I will not install (but maintaining install files on my disc for emergencies) acoustic silencer, Assist, Bluetooth Monitor, controls, cooling running Diagnostic tool, DVD player, Management Console, password, PC, PC monitor diagnostic, tool utility utility boot memory SD SD utilities, security help, SSD Alert, power utility Touchpad utility , USB Sleep & charge utility, utility zoom. I'm missing something essential (and obviously not in name) by installing is not it?

    * Now my other question: which with other drivers? I don't know what they are doing here is so my doubts since the following drivers: *.

    (1) pilot 3 G and 3 G RF power control utility: is this necessary if I never use it, or do not install the power utility will lose power (thus reducing my battery life?)

    (2) Intel Active Management Technology and Intel Matrix Storage Manager: is it necessary that the machine works correctly? I can't find the right information anywhere.

    (3) chipset utility: I am surprised it is not called driver... it is some control panel I don't need or is it actually a driver?

    (4) ConfigFree, hotkey wireless and Wireless Manager: my wireless internet will work without it?

    (5) display device Exchange & Hotkey utilities for display devices: these do what exactly?

    (6) microphone effect: is it only the echo canceller or also a necessary micro driver?

    (7) mobile Extension: what is it exactly?

    (8) trusted Platform Module: is it necessary to install this if I am not using any other explicitly related function?

    (9) public services: this product contains all I need to install the drivers? Or is it just a bunch of utilities like his name?

    Thanks in advance!

    (1) you have not need drivers 3 G, if you do not use 3 G

    (2) Yes, you need to install these devices from Intel, they are important.

    (3) the Chipset driver is probably the most important of all drivers. Toshiba common modules is also very important. You must install these two before anything else.

    (4) Yes, we must still work. You can install the keyboard shortcut, so you can enable or disable Wifi on and outside

    (5) you need to install these, they support some features of the Fn key, so you can use an external monitor, etc...

    (6) I don't think that you will need. If you encounter problems with microphone, install

    (7) install the Mobile Extensions if you have a Port Replicator.

    (8) If you do not use the TPM encryption, simply disable it in the BIOS

    (9) you must install the utilities, so you can change the hardware settings within Windows.

  • What are the benefits should the software Intel offers compared to Win zero configuration

    (Satellite M60, Intel 2200BG)
    A few months ago Intel released new software WLAN (a major problem for the security, etc.). Initially, there was a memory leak problem, but he was soon fixed. However, they always seem to be a resource hog: there is the CPU usage in the Task Manager on the cob of 10 to 20% every 5 seconds all the time, also WIFI turned off & off, overall performance is affected - this can be seen for example in the tests of hard drive.

    I noticed that in order to use windows to configure WLAN & then kill two switching processes (iFramework, S32EvMon (?)) eliminates this activity.
    Recently, new Intel drivers are offered by Toshiba also, so I'm about to reinstall them with the option "drivers only".

    Anyone know what are the benefits should the full Intel software offer compared to Windows zero configuration?
    As far as I know, monitor event S32 is supposed to improve coordination Intel WLAN and LAN, working together.

    The new package is about 50MB in size, while the former was 2MB.

    Hi Sammo

    You have already preinstalled new driver? The package is really about 50 MB and Intel PROSet utility.

    I can tell you that offers software Intel the same configuration options of Windows. Maybe Utility Intel PROSet is friendly and kind but designed WLAN Windows settings by using, you can exactly the same.

    If you have more info on the download package and installation please let us know.

  • Control Panel - give me my labtop-"Tablet PC settings" is that at the time? What are the parameters?

    Control Panel - give me my labtop-"Tablet PC settings" is that at the time? What are the parameters? Common sense is the garment of the genius work.


    Yes some of the Tablet Settings 'could be useful on some laptops to some users." Easier to understand
    This is for all users of Vista to make a special version for users of the tablet.

    If not using a Tablet you can simply ignore them.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • How can I find out what programs I should have started and what are the programs I can start myself to my computer to run correctly when starting?

    * Original title: startup

    How can I find out what programs I should have started and what are the programs I can start myself to my computer to run correctly when starting?


    I understand you want to learn about programs, you should start your Windows startup. I will certainly help you to question.

    When you start Windows by using a normal startup startup, several applications and services automatically, and then run in the background. These programs include the base system, antivirus software, utility applications processes system and other software that was previously installed. These applications and services may cause interference when you install or run a program.

    The system configuration is a tool that can help identify problems that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. You can start Windows with common services and startup programs turned off and then reactivate them, one at a time.

    I suggest you to refer to the links below and check if this is useful:

    Using the Configuration System (msconfig)

    Perform a clean boot to determine if background programs interfere with your game or program

    Hope this information helps.

    Please get back to us with an update on the issue, we will be happy to help you.

  • Change HDD to the SSD, what are the options?

    Hi guys, new to the forum, I just bought a thinkpad x130e during a sales event on one of the local retailer, pretty excited, because I like the rugged design.

    I am looking to upgrade to 320G HDD for one SSD 128G... but I have no installation disc 7 windows very practical, so, what are the options for me to install the operating system (windows 7).

    I don't know if there is a way to transfer the whole of the SSD HARD drive? is there a trick to perform? or quite simply, I just bought the new copy of windows?

    COS, I noticed that I have a windows7 pro product key at the bottom of my thinkpad, I kinda don't want to lose money.

    Help, please...

    You don't need to buy another copy of Win7. You will need

    1 SSD. It has to be is not 7mm thick, the most common 9.5 mm thick.

    2 USB box for your HARD drive,

    3. software to "clone" the content of your disk to your SSD. Acronis True Image is a well-respected package that does this. There are also a few free utilities that can do this, however, I'm not familiar with them.


    1. move the HARD disc on the outer envelope.

    2 put the SSD in the X130e.

    3 reboot from the HARD disk. (You need to interrupt the boot with the blue ThinkVantage button to specify).

    4. install Acronis (or equivalent).

    5 RIP clone disk. You will have to tell the software how you resize partitions because you go to a smaller drive.

    6 restart from SSD.

  • What are the files index.html in images under Developer?

    What are the files index.html in images under Developer? I am backing up my computer and 712 files index.html. What do these? They are in my pictures folder and when I try to open them, need me online and looks like this...


    Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8 | Page 9 | Page 10 | Page 11 | Page 12 | Page 13 | Page 14 | Page 15 | Page 16 | Page 17 | Page 18 | Page 19 | Page 20 | Page 21 | Page 22 | Page 23 | Page 24 | Page 25 | Page 26 | Page 27 | Page 28 | Page 29 | Page 30 . Page 31 | Page 32 | Page 33 | Page 34 | Page 35 | Page 36 | Page 37|

    Page 38 | Page 39 | Page 40 | Page 41| Page 42 | Page 43 | Page 45 | Page 46 | Page 47 | Page 48 | Page 49 | Page 50 | Page 51 | Page 52 | Page 53 | Page 54 | Page 55 | Page 56 Page 57 Page 58 | Page 59 | Page 60 | Page 61 | Page 62 | Page 63 | Page 64 | Page 65 | Page 66 | Page 67 . Page 68 | Page 69 | Page 70 | Page 71 | Page 72 | Page 73 | Page 74 | Page 75 . Page 76

    What are these files? I didn't remove them because I didn't know if I needed. They accompany the my photos?

    I bet he wasn't "online you" it has just shown the local HTML file. Looks like you ran software that created a slideshow of your images HTML, and these index files have been the result.

  • Moving countries and Apple ID: what are the pitfalls?

    I saw how to change Apple ID information if I change country (which I intend to do, moving from the Netherlands to the France). However, it is difficult to find up-to-date information about what is happening exactly to the goods I bought on my 'old' (that is to say, current) account: apps, books, music.

    1 will I be able to listen/read/use them without further delay?

    2. There is a comment saying that apps will not appear in the section "purchased." Fine. But if I have an app on my machine, installed, used, etc., will still be the automatic update of the work? Or is the version of this frozen application?

    In general: what are the pitfalls I should know if I change the country?  (The question relate not only to iTunes for Mac, but also for my both my iPod and IOS devices.)

    Before changing countries make sure that you have downloaded and saved all your previous country store purchases.  You will not be able to re - download it again once you change of country and it won't be easy to change the country to another once you lose your mode of payment for the old country (such as a waiting period).  As long as you have on your computer you'll be fine.

    Change your iTunes Store country or region - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201389 - "After changing the country of your account, you won't see what you bought the previous country store in the purchase section."

    I can't change the country in my iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store or Mac App Store account - https://support.apple.com/HT204447

Maybe you are looking for

  • What values can I change to increase the speed of mouse wheel?

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  • Satellite U400-17Y - Bluetooth does not work after upgrade to win 10

    Hello I have improved my Windows7 laptop at 10 now. While upgrading to windows 10 he messaged device RFCOMM Bluetooth may not work with Windows 10. So now, my laptop Bluetooth not working do not. Opening of Bluetooth, it shows "Error-ECCentre-1.exe -

  • iTunes gel

    With the help of iTunes OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 This unfortunately persistent problem was in the Bay for several months, but has recently picked up. If iTunes is nothing other than the display of "songs", the program will freeze with the r

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  • Using desktop remotely, I try to print on a printer different computers by the server and remote desktop. Does not

    With Server 2003, when you remotely connected with office, you could share your printers with everyone who has logged on to the server with the Office remotely and printed at the printing house they shared.  If the server had 10-12 different printers