What b/w full export and normal export diff

What a difference export full and normal export... I mean im-exporter schams here... with full = n. should know full = y this is happening... If I backup rman why use export and import in homogeneous medium


FULL = YES | Is detailed in the documentation of public services.

Data Pump and RMAN do not fulfill the same purpose. Data pump is to copy the data (and other objects). RMAN's backup files. This isn't either / or choice, you must use one or the other or both depending on what you need to do.

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  • What is the differnce between full export and normal export

    What a difference export full and normal export... I mean im-exporter schams here... with full = n. should know full = y this is happening... If I backup rman why use export and import in homogeneous medium


    You should ask this question in the forum of RDBMS-

    Database General Discussions

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  • How to do a full export and exclude specific tables of user

    Hi all

    It is possible to export all objects but one (or more) tables with expdp when you perform a full export?

    That's what I have in mind: (parfile)

    Directory = expdp
    dumpfile = Full.dmp
    logfile = Full.ELOG
    Full = y
    Exclude = table: "in ('userA.table_A')" "

    This par file encounters no error messages, but it does not exclude table_A in userA schema.
    I guess it's because that the will use her term is not interpreted as an owner.
    It is not a big deal to filter a table when you perform an export schema.

    I wonder if it's possible to do everything except a table from a full export. If so, I had value your suggestions.

    Kind regards


    The exclude in DataPump parameter only supports the name of object, not the schema name. So, if you have only a table called "TableA", then you can simply use:

    Exclude = table: "in ('table_A')" "

    If you have more than one table called 'table_A', then the exclusion will exclude all the. There is no way to specify with a parameter exclude user_1.table_a.


  • What are the best export settings for a first Pro CS4 video HD?


    I had so much trouble with this issue and that's something that continually frustrates my boss. I have a HD video what are the settings for it

    23.98 FPS

    1920 x 1080, then a few lines down he says 1408 x 792


    2 channels

    48000 Hz

    What should be the parameters when I do a new sequence?

    When I look into the window in Premiere Pro I constantly have to "shrink" the image to fit the window, is that something I should do or he says that the configuration of the sequence is bad?

    But more importantly what should be the parameters of export? I exported a long video of 4 minutes and the size was 1 GB, I know that it's too big.

    I need to export without losing quality and export another one which is consistent with the limits on the size of Youtube and Vimeo.

    Vimeo is 500 MB per week, sometimes I download 4 videos per week. I think that Youtube, you can download 500 MB at a time.

    I need to get the smaller size with lose the least possible quality AND the best export quality settings, so I suppose I have 3 separate issues.

    What are the best settings of sequence for HD video?

    What are the best export settings for HD without losing quality?

    What are the best export settings for the size of out about 500 MB with losing the least possible quality?

    Thank you!


    On the thread that above, I used the 5th anwer, and it will take about 7 hours to export a 4 minute video :/

    All your questions are answered here.


  • Data pump full export/Full Import - lack of subsidies sys

    I finished the complete database and then full import export in the new database. With the help of Data pump. Everything worked except some users lack of subsidies sys objects in the new database.

    For example, in the original database where I took full export UserX had this grant:
    GRANT SELECT ON SYS. DBA_DATA_FILES UserX, but the same user in the new database does not grant.

    Is this expected or a bug like this? I would be grateful if someone who had the same problem to share with me.

    Oracle Version: 10.2.4

    Thank you.

    Please, read the restriction of the following:
    "+ Grants on belonged to the SYS schema objects are never exported. + »


  • What is the best export the configuration when you want to place your video on Facebook or youtube

    What is the best export the configuration when you want to place your video on Facebook or youtube

    Hi Robert,.

    Here are the high quality requirements of Facebook: How can I ensure my videos are of high quality. Facebook Help Center | Facebook

    Formats: this video file formats can I upload? Facebook Help Center | Facebook

    YouTube: recommended encoding download - YouTube Help Center settings

    Thank you


  • How to print a selection of an image in photoshop CC, I have problems because in the print window does not display the full image and the printed only a section of what I SELECTED

    How to print a selection of an image in photoshop CC, I have problems because in the print window does not display the full image and the printed only a section of what I SELECTED

    Hi jodepepevalentin,

    In the print menu, check "scale to fit media" under the Position and size of the device and then check out.

    If you want the area selected for printing, check "Print selected area" under the Position and size and specify the size.

    Kind regards


  • What are the best export settings to use for a video posted on facebook

    What are the best export settings to use for a video posted on facebook?

    I used the H.264 > Vimeo HD presets in Media Encoder with excellent results.

    Thank you

    Jeff Puler

  • I have licensed CC full pack and when installed, it is still a trial version. What can I do?

    I have licensed CC full pack and when installed, it is still a trial version. What can I do?


    Please refer to the link below and steps inside:

    Applications creative Cloud back in test mode after an update until 2015 for CC

    Hope this helps to solve the problem, waiting for your response.

    Kind regards


  • What photoshop is for beginners and not the expensive full version?

    What photoshop is for beginners and not the expensive full version?

    Depending on what you want to achieve, there are also 4 of Lightroom.

    Comparing CS6, Lightroom and elements, Adobe says:

    Q:  How Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Extended, Photoshop Elements, and different software Photoshop Lightroom?

    A: Photoshop Elements 11 (US$ 99) is designed for those who is just getting started with digital photo and editing book powerful yet easy to use options that help you to organize, edit, create, share and protect your personal photos.

    Photoshop CS6 (US$ 699) is the professional standard to create and manipulate powerful images and Photoshop CS6 Extended (US$ 999) offer everything in Photoshop as well as tools for creating and editing objects and images in 3D.

    Photoshop Lightroom 4 (US$ 149) meets the needs of workflow of professional and amateur photographers, allowing them to import, process, organize and quickly introduce large quantities of digital photographs or develop a single image.

    And they also have a page that sums up the best uses for each product. This article even more deeply penetrates in the comparison. I hope it's useful!

  • What is the difference between advanced OpenGL and normal modes?

    I get the basic mode uses the cpu and Normal use the gpu, but what exactly does the Advanced mode only?

    The description says it uses as many as Normal Mode the fact GPU, but adds "advanced techniques to improve drawing performance."

    Someone saw one of those technical advanced in action or know of a list of these mysterious improved functions?

    CC said... Imagine a shader with say a length of 32 steps/instructions discrete vs 1 vote against and 16... The 32 we will concatenate specific operations in one step and can therefore be more optimized, but will not work on a map that does not provide these 32 shader cores, since he could not be executed in clock cycle. Then you will use the 16 with instructions being spread over 2 cycles... That's all there is it and for al lintents and mostly irrelevant and unimportant to the user...


  • How can I stop full screen and disable the sidebar in CD player?

    I've got Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 2015, Version 2015.009.20079 DC.

    I work on a PC with a large screen (resolution of 3840 x 2160).

    Whenever I open a PDF file, it goes full screen with the sidebar on the right open (export, Create, Edit, comment, fill and sign, sent for Signature, send & Track).

    There seems not to be a setting anywhere to have Reader * NOT * open full screen, and I can't find a way to DISABLE this sidebar.

    If I was using a phone, interested the reader to be full screen, but I'm not. I'm on a desktop computer with a lot of real estate on the screen to display a complete document.

    After clicking on the window control to drive to return to a normal window, now the PDF is all distorted because of this stupid Sidebar.

    More than 99% of the time, I opened a PDF, it's just to watch the news or print a specific page. The sidebar is useless for me. As long as these features are buried deep in a menu and I can get to them if necessary, that's all that I care.

    Is it possible to disable the option to open full screen and disable the sidebar or keep it reduced?

    If I can't do it in Reader, and then let me know if I can uninstall it and start using another PDF reader.

    Hi jp2code,.

    Yes, you are right.

    Open the CD player, go to the Help menu and repair the installation.

    Make sure that drive is updated to the latest version known issues | Adobe Acrobat DC, DC drive.

    Apply the settings provided in the previous comment, restart your system and then try to reproduce the problem.

    Kind regards

  • L7590 Black Print Missing tapes project and Normal but no better way

    Problems with black project and print in normal mode for L7590 model CB821A.   After the printer has been turned off for about a month and then switched back, began to have horizontal bands across the exit who did not text/image, which should have been printed in black when printing in draft or Normal print quality.  Black okay impression is better quality.  "Logically the black output appears as if printed in approximately 7/8" wide sections/blocks on the page where the last 1/16 "(bottom) of each section is missing a release which should have been printed in black.  See assessment below one hatched filled printed image print black lines - i.e. the white strips between the blocks are portions of output that was not printed (but should be).  The problem occurs for the black out in draft or normal quality: the entire image without lack of bands is printed if black best quality mode is selected the problem appears only for ink black/output.  Output color (all three color cartridges) doesn't include any missing tapes for any mode of output quality (draft, normal or best).  Except where the output on the page aligns with the missing 1/16 "areas/bands, a diagnostic page is OK, print quality running print head alignment, calibration of jump line and cleaning of the printheads (several times) has no effect (fix) the printing problem.  Also to install a new Black XL cartridge does not change/fix anything.  Any idea on what to do to solve the problem?  Oh and also when making black copies of the production of documents in the printed copy of the document is lack as the black print in bands through the page at least that the best quality copy is selected.

    Hi Sunshyn2005,

    Thanks for the reply.  I had already seen and tried things in the link streaks of ink, fixing faded prints and other common print quality problems without any noticeable change in the sysmptoms of the problem.  Not knowing the logic of printing in detail the process, I was hesitant to assume that the problem was due to a print head (related as good) without knowing with certainty that if she could be the cause of the problem.  I had also seen the link following re manually cleaning/replacement of the print heads, etc. to:

    ""http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01446637 " "

    Given no other definitive solutions, I pulled the Black/Yellow Printhead, cleaned the mechanical contacts (even if they appear dirty) and reinstalled print head.  After that hard restart of the process, the printing problem looked pretty much the same, but I used the printer console to clean the print head, align the print head and calibrated the line break.  Note that focus 3 on the print quality Diagnostics printout showed areas in white/white near the arrows, but unprinted areas also appeared on each 7/8 "in the set/bottom of the full page and calibrations of previous line break had not changed was not clear if the blank spaces seen were really due to power problems line.

    In any case, I noticed in successive test prints, that no printed space has changed a little bit stable after things after replacing the print head and of cleaning and calibrate things.   After still print tests (change in volume of ink, paint, modes of quality, margins, etc) portions of unprinted line (~7/8' down the entire page) began to shrink.  After having used the services of printer to do about cleaning printhead plus 4-5, 3-4 alignments print head, line 11 or if several calibrations break line and a lot of printing of tests between the two, non-printed portions have been reduced in height for only the width of a couple very ink drops (project or normal mode; no unprinted areas in don't best way).

    Thus even if the problem persists, it has been barely perceptible.  At this point, I'll just keep feeling and see if things eventually clear up all the way.  Maybe I'll try an inexpensive refurbished printhead later if things do not completely delete (to prove it fixed / improves things before buying a new expensive).  Note that at this point sight 3 to print the print quality Diagnostics always shows a notable, but very light gap point arrows (with a magnifying glass you can see it is not completely empty, but contains scattered points of ink and the gap is only a point or two high).

    So... maybe the printing problem is actually "fixed" - at least it is enough now usable for the print project routine / normal for most cases.


  • What are the .so files and do I need it?


    I do my final app release referred to the 10.1 SDK. I have an 'export Release Build'... the link appears in the file of the bar - descriptor.xml.

    Anyway, he packed up and signed the app very well. But in the folder "o.le - v7 ', by putting the".bar"file, , I see no other files. (I'm under the NDK and building waterfalls only). They have the following extensions:


    . so.1

    . so.1.0

    . so.1.0.0

    No idea what these files are for and if it is needed? I can leave it there, but I don't think they're going to use it to download from anywhere? I did a quick search on google for these files and do not really understand. As far as I KNOW, I only need to download the .bar forward of the App Store. Fix?

    Thank you


    Short answer: don't worry them. You only need the folder bar.

  • What is 'Legacy in BPM' and how we can achieve this goal?


    No matter what body explain to me what is 'Legacy in BPM' and how we can achieve this and what is the main purpose of it, in which scenarios, it is available? An example of work will be very good.

    Others have probably been legacy Type work, but suggest you try inheritance of behavior instead.

    I downloaded a project that managed to get content XML to a child process and save the parent process. This exported project is on: http://www.4shared.com/file/123127271/a7da63f0/XSDIntrospectionToChildProcess.html.

    In the module 'XSDIntrospect' of the catalogue, you will see the introspected XSD as the BPM object that inherits from the XSD. Inside the process parent and child called sub-processes, this object of BPM is used as a variable of instance ("po"). In this project, the values entered in the XML of the parent have successfully to the child, then the child back to the parent company.


Maybe you are looking for