What backup should by for my laptop 15 "1570 insperion

Recently, I lost all my files and had to reset my laptop. I had no backup. What is a good backup to buy?

SEagate has a backup external drive really well with 3 TB of storage, which should be plenty for you! I have it and love it. Works well. That's 3 TB of Seagate more desktop external drive backup. Reference DELL even sell it for about $119,00. I hope this helps! :)

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  • Satellite L300 BIOS update problem: "what BIOS is not for your laptop.

    I obtained through Satellite L300 laptop and I want to update its BIOS (current v1.50), so I downloaded the bios update v1.60 - WIN and when I run the extracted PS10160M.exe file - I get a message that "this BIOS is not for your laptop.

    What I am, I am doing wrong?

    PS: that updating the BIOS was suggested automatically after registration on the Web from Toshiba site via the serial number.

    UPD: it looks like autosuggestion fail: manual search shows that bios update 1, 60-win is not suitable for the model Satellite L300 PSLBCE. :-(


    You used the wrong BIOS!

    The European driver Toshiba page provides a BIOS for this Satellite L300 PSLBCE series and the latest BIOS right now is 1.50!

    Currently, your laptop uses the latest version of the BIOS.

  • What is the best for your laptop: shutdown, standby, or hibernation?

    Original title: 'stop'?

    What is better for a laptop computer, stop every time, for sleep or Hibernate. It hurt to stop all the time.    Thank you Windows Vista


    Better to refer to the manufacturer of your system Support, their books online and their
    Forums about your model (with a grain of salt), because it will be the difference between the marks
    and even some models.

    Usually there is no exact answer but its best not to put the laptop off the coast and back
    in a field so it can be avoided. Shut down the computer using also therefore be able to short
    periods (several hours) using sleep or Hibernate would better save energy. Also allowing
    Cool and heat Electronices frequently is not the best for their long term use and
    life expectancy.

    Using power properly Plans with the right parameters of standby and Hibernate, which
    depends on how you use the computer, get the best performance and service life
    There is however no exact answer. Those who seem to be best for the way you use the
    system will probably also be better in the long term. If you "could" set with the magical settings
    that could optimize the functions of machinery and life, but then to use the machine in another
    model, as we all wish, then in fact you will get actually less usage and life
    If your usage patterns.

    One thing that many people forget, is that turn off the screen can also save power when you
    you are away a few moments and wouldn't turn the computer off. This will save
    some food through the use of a screen saver, but can be difficult to remember and does not record
    A lot.

    Check with your manufacturer for system and their forums as your laptop might already have this

    How to manually turn off notebook or laptop LCD - utility screen free

    Turn off your notebook LCD with one click - author's website

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • What software should install for pcoip solution

    I want to deploy pcoip solution in a LAN, as I know, I need to install the domain controller and the view connection server, do I need to install other software to complete the deployment?


    I'm not 100% sure that it is, but it looks like you want to deploy a display Solution?

    While AD and DNS to start

    You would need

    -ESXi host (virtual offices)

    -vCenter (facing View Manager can connect to)

    -VIEW manager

    -Agent VIEW (on your virtual machine template)

    -Customer VIEW (to connect via vDesktops VIEW Manager and access)

    PCOIP you activate as long as the physical legacy support it. Some Thin Clients don't.

    I hope I've understood you

    Please allow points if it's useful/correct

  • Pavilion dv7-6c47cl Entertainm: what system heatsink should I buy for my laptop?

    My fan noise becomes stronger and the region feeling too hot. Cleaning it does not help. This has been an on and off problem but what makes sometimes much more noise, I decided I'd better replace it.

    I studied the information but I need more explanation so I can buy the right part. I don't know what subsystem has my laptop.

    I checked the HP parts Finder, but they don't even list for my laptop.

    I would also like to know where to buy the part or parts as HP does not wear.

    Product - 2CE20211RC

    [personal information]

    System Specs: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03099448

    I ran CPU - Zs scanner:

    Intel Core: i7 2670QM

    Intel HD Graphics 3000

    Core memory: 648 MHz and 2108 MB size

    These are the choices listed in the manual from HP:

    Heat sink (includes the thermal material replacement):

    For use only with the computer models equipped with an Intel processor and a graphics card

    discrete memory subsystem with 2048 MB

    666391 001

    For use only with the computer models equipped with an Intel processor and a graphics card

    subsystem with 1024 MB memory discreet

    666390 001

    For use only with the computer models equipped with an Intel processor and a graphics card

    UMA memory subsystem

    666392 001

    Thank you for your help.


    Arctic silver is good.

    See cela or other similar to dv7 6 c 00 model of YouTube: https://youtu.be/zwxQwLfqQxc

    25 ' leave.



  • My computer with two hard drives and 2 starting systems has the car crash in the solid state. When I got the new drive and tried to restore from time capsule, I lost some data. How can I see what backups are on the time capsule? My laptop is also backed u

    My computer with two hard drives and 2 starting systems has the car crash in the solid state. When I got the new drive and tried to restore from time capsule, I lost some data. How can I see what backups are on the time capsule? My laptop is also saved to the time capsule. Everything is in 'Data' when I look through the Airport utility. I think that the information that I've lost are still there since I was a Capsule 3 to.

    Time Machine backup to a sparsebundle.

    The sparsebundle will use the share name of computer. So, it should be obvious who is your Macbook and that is your Macpro.

    Open the sparsebundle in Finder and keep open the subfolders until you get to the backup of each separate hard drive...

    You has of course set the exclusion in Time Machine?

    By default, Time Machine will exclude your second drive unless you have included it. Did you?

    Once you get to this level during the backup, you can do a full restore manually whenever you want.

  • I use my MacBook Air as a desktop computer. Should I leave the charger plugged all the time or should I drain the battery and then recharge? What is the best for the battery?

    I use my MacBook Air as a desktop computer. Should I leave the charger plugged all the time or should I drain the battery and then recharge? What is the best for the battery?

    Keep the computer plugged in whenever possible.

    If you keep the computer always connected, make sure that at least twice a month

    Run it on battery until battery charge level falls to about 40-50%.

    Please don't completely discharge the battery. Discharge the battery completely will reduce wear and tear on the battery.

    For more information:

    Section: To optimize the battery life


    Citing at the bottom of the linked article.

    "The question is often asked:" should I disconnect my laptop from the mains when not in service? Under normal circumstances it should not be necessary because as soon as the lithium-ion battery is full, a properly functioning charger will stop the load and load the pad will only engage when the battery voltage drops to a low level. Most of the users do not remove AC power, and this practice is safe. »


  • Should what format I use for my external drive for time machine?  I have a WD 2 TB that is formatted for PC new drive.

    Should what format I use for my external drive for time machine?  I have a WD 2 TB that is formatted for PC new drive.  When I got to disk utilities to erase, and then reformat the options are

    1 mac OS extended (journaled)

    2 mac OS extended (journaled, encrypted)

    3 mac OS Extended (respect for case-sensitive, journaled)

    4 mac OS extended (case-sensitive, journaled, encrypted)

    See the information below If you can not back up or restore your Mac with the help of Time Machine - Apple Support

    When you select a drive to use with Time Machine, your Mac automatically prompts you if you need to reformat the drive.

    • If you are using an external drive connected to your Mac, use disk utility to make sure that your backup disk is formatted in HFS + extended (journaled) and is the partition type GUID Partition Table (GPT).
    • If you use a time Capsule, formatting the drive for Time Machine preferences automatically formats the drive as HFS + Extended (respect for case-sensitive, journaled) with a GUID Partition Table (GPT).
  • What is the best replacement for my laptop hard drive?

    Hi, should what replacement hard drive I buy for my laptop HP G62-a016sl, considering the price/quality ratio? I don't want to spend more than 60 euros/dollars.

    (if you want to know why I need, see this post: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Recovery/Creating-and-using-a-Factory-Recovery-Disk-of-a-simil... )

    I would like to know the opinion of an expert. (Thank you!)

    You can get the same or similar, Toshiba you now - with 3 year warranty:


    Western Digital is another brand I like. With a 5-year warranty:


  • What RAM should I use for Tecra 8000


    does anyone know what RAM I need for my Tecra 8000
    I need the number of PA

    with greetings


    The Tecra 8000 is an oldie and it therefore RAM modules that are no longer used in most models of laptops.
    As far as I know, you need the module SODIMM 144 pin PC100.

    128 MB part number is PA3005U

    Good bye

  • What is the latest version of Firefox for my laptop from August 2011?

    I'm running Windows 8 (xp) and you plan to switch to Firefox. I would like to know what is the latest version of Firefox for my laptop?

    Do you mean IE8? Windows 8 was not released.

    You can use the latest version, Firefox 5.0.1. Look at the system requirements carefully to be sure that only what is necessary, especially the Pentium 4 processor and enough RAM since many XP systems came with only 256 MB. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop and select properties for the basic information about your system in the 'General tab '.

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

  • Should what macbook I buy for ios development?

    I'm a software developer want to learn ios for this development, I want to buy a macbook. But I'm in great confusion what macbook should I buy, I was thinking of buying the Macbook Air 13 inch 2015 model with core i5-1.6 ghz, 4 GB of ram and 128 GB of storage. I would like to ask all ios developers there is this configuration will be good for me because I am with money for macbook pro, so please help me guys. Thank you

    I'm not a developer, but I know you're going to need a macbook pro. It's too slow a processor to do what you are wanting to do wayyyyyyyyyyyyy. 1.6 ghz is for normal tasks such as navigation. You certainly need to do a few upgrades to the Air of Macbook 13 inch if you are wanting to do the development. I suggest strongly a faster processor and at least 8 GB of RAM. You will want to get a Macbook you will have more work, because it will have a much shorter life if abuse you it, that is why I suggest the Pro. Have you checked the refurbished Macbook Pro? I think you could find one close to your price range! If this isn't the case, except a little bit of money, it is not too hard!

    Here is a link to the refurbished macbook pro (these go all the same tests as the new mac Cross and have the same guarantee)


    There is one that I see for $1 099,00 with the 8 GB of RAM (you save $200 normal price), is only $100 more than the macbook air you're wanting. Totally worth buying the macbook pro and then

  • Satellite P100-488 - what car for my laptop adapter?


    I am writing this thread I wish for an item on Ebay, namely the car adapter PX1189E-1NPO manufactured by Toshiba.

    The problem is my laptop 15V DC entry and the seller, I contacted eBay told me that the PX1189E-1NPO (output of 19V mentioning on the site of Toshiba Switzerland) would be compatible with no problems.

    After a search, I noticed that there is also the PX1188E-1NPO manufactured by Toshiba 15V output.

    I can trust that the seller told me, namely as the Web from Toshiba site that reads for the adapter PX1189E-1NPO car on this link: 4703 http://ch.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/individualOptions.do?LNG=7&service=CH&selCategory= & oldCategory = 4703 & OPTION_ID = 98981?

    * "Power adapter only DC DC which offers a 120 real watts of continuous power to your laptop." Allows your laptop to be exploited and its internal rechargeable battery of any source VDC 12-32. The adapter fits, conditions and regulates the power of entry to the correct voltage required for your laptop. Included, only two output cables. "*

    Moreover, I am a little troubled because none of the links to the PX1188E-1NPO or PX1189E-1NPO mentions my laptop model (P100-488).

    What do you think of this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards



    As far as I know that you need a 15V car adapter
    As you say in your message above the car on eBay adapter supports 19V.

    In your case I would contact the authorised Toshiba partner in your country and would order the adapter car from these guys.
    The ASP can provide 100% compatible parts and in this case, you would be sure that parties are supported at 100% and damage the laptop!

    Welcome them

  • HP Probook 450 G1: What is the compatible RAM configuration for my laptop?

    Product number: F6B14PA ##ACJ

    Serial number: (deleted content)

    I'm from the India. I need to upgrade the RAM for my laptop. I'm looking for 4 GB of RAM of 4 GB existing upgradation. I need while seeking in the online market. What is the configuration of my laptop RAM. I need help for that matter. Please help me.

    Another issue is that there will be no problem if there are different volts at the two RAMS cards in slots

    If you associate brands and densities (single and double face) then you run in a greater chance of the laptop won't start.

    That is why it is deemed be advised to always identical (in all respects) modules when you upgrade memory in a laptop ofr desktop PC.

  • Computer HP laptop-15-AY012DX: what is the maximum can RAM my HP for computer laptop-15-AY012DX going up?

    Hi all

    I lost my manual book and I have a problem to find the what is the maximum can RAM that my HP for computer laptop-15-AY012DX is going up? Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you and best regards.


    According to PartSurfer your laptop has DDR4, read it again:



    Memory module (PC4, 17000, 2133 MHz)
    For models with 6 processors Intel Core of generation:
    8 GB 820570-005
    4 GB 820569-005
    2 GB 851379-005

    Two non-customer-accessible/expandable memory
    housing for module (Intel processors)
    Supported dual channel DDR4-2133

    Supports up to 16 GB of RAM in the following conƭgurations

    16384 MB total system memory (8192 × 2)
    12288 MB ● total system memory (8192 × 1).
    + (4096 × 1).
    ● 8192 MB total system memory (8192 × 1) or
    (4096 × 2)
    Total 6144 MB ● system memory (4096 × 1).
    + (2 048 × 1).
    ● total 4096 MB system memory (4096 × 1) or
    (2048 × 2)
    ● total 2048 MB system memory (2 048 × 1).
    Two non-customer-accessible/expandable memory

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Satellite L850 - 1 H 4 - a strange problem with the FN key

    Hello I have a strange problem on my laptop. When I uninstall my PVAT my start "FN" key works, when I install it it s not working not properly. Its market not only the volume key (F9 and F10) without pressing the "Fn", if I want to press F9 or F10 I

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    The following was obtained by the standard output of the 'calling exec system"window vi. My question is how to separate the "real value read" any exit numbers (in bold) and them separately. 37 result = OK, line = 0x5D, RW, 0x21, value #Read VOUT_COMM

  • white screen after update w

    Installed series 2 update on computer windows vista laptop. Now can not get it to start up, tried Ctrl alt f8. Andshift f8. Can anyone help? Discussions were merged. Deleted duplicate.

  • WSD Print device driver error prevents the standby machine

    Hi all.  I've been struggling with this problem for a few months, without success.  On my system: Dell PC, Vista 32, SP2, using a Brother MFC 490 all-in-one that is connected to my wireless network. My problem is the following: a few months ago I not