What button am I pressing that tempt me to bounce back to the home screen?

When you type in the landscape, or horizontal, on my iPhone 6s, I am often bounced back to the home screen or the lock. I'm sure I'm pressing something because of what it is most common when I'm in hurry or using a lot of pressure by grabbing the phone. What button am pressing it causes?


The Home button.

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  • Hello, I am using Firefox for Android on Nook HD +. Cannot find the home button to set up the home screen.

    I want to be able to start with and go back to the home screen, but I did not because I can create one using the button on the home screen. Please help, thanks, Tony.

    If you want a search engine to be your "home page" when you open Firefox, you should always keep your favorite search engine on an open tab, like www.google.com . You will need to do some work to keep it open, as ensuring that this search engine was the last tab that you had open before leaving Firefox. Now, go to Settings - customize - tabs - and make sure it is set to "always restore." Now, if you open tabs before you quit Firefox you do not close, the last of them opens and can technically be your "homepage". Now you can open your e-mail login page too, as long as it was under the tabs open in firefox. Hope this helps some!

  • By pressing the home button does not take me to the home screen of iOS 9.3.3

    I have recenly updated upgraded to iOS 9.3.3 and I noticed that pressing the home button does not take me to the home screen. The only way to get there is by using the creature of multitasking. (double pressing the home button) Also, some applications seem to freeze if turn my phone off and then turn it back on, or when I access it via the multitasking function. Can someone please help?

    Try a forced reboot. Hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time for about 15 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. You won't lose anything.

    If a force restart does not help, try a system restore. First save your device via iTunes. Also import your photos on your computer and copy all the important data. Reconstruction of the support first test and test. If this does not help, you may need to restore as a new and reconfigure from scratch as the backup may be damaged. It is important to have your photos and your saved data separately from the backup. Here are the steps for a restoration:


  • Returns to the home screen when I press the address bar

    Whenever I press the address bar - to check the address to type in a new - the browser returns to the home screen "Awesome." I would have preferred just the current site until I have actually navigate away from him.

    Ugh. I would prefer a home button or something. If I change my mind, or was simply check the URL, now I have to wait for the page to load again.

    Thanks for the info. At least now that I realized how to display the URL rather than the title of the page, I run into this problem less.

  • pushed single screen several times on display battery but can not go back to the previous screen again by clicking on "back" to come to the first screen button

    Hi all

    There is a screen with meter as label, datefield and objectchoicefield in the menu drop down and add and go button, this screen is pushed repeatedly on display battery until the meter is new. But when I try to go back to the previous screen, there is problem normally by substituting the onClose() method you can pop current screen and can get the previous screen, using getActiveScreen() and then push it again if you do not override os onClose() automatically do it for you.

    But in above case when I click on the button "back" or screen previous override onclose and push, I see my first screen I wanted my current screen with the counter that is if active screen is having against label like new if I press the "back" button, it should display screen with the meter only eight and so on.

    Can someone please help me solve this problem.

    Thanks Peter for you answer, actually used function for pushscreen on stach display that was written by someone else, when I looked carefully there condtion as below,

    if (activeScreen != null) {
     Class screenClass =activeScreen.getClass();
        if (screen.getClass().equals(screenClass)) {

    It's actually the previous screen of poping before push the screen from the class were same, just commented and everything works, even if you do not override onClose and press return, it will automatically displays the previous screen.

  • BlackBerry smartphones to change icons that appear on the home screen

    Hi all:

    Any new owner of the 9000.

    I've had three questions for you gurus:

    (1) is there a way that I can choose which icons appear on the home screen, so that I don't not to hit the MENU button and then scroll to access ones I use regularly...?

    (2) ATT (in the United States) made wonder a user name and password when I try to connect to att.com/blackberrystart.  I already put in place an email 'external' non-Exchange, the private, ([email protected]) on my phone, but of course I can't use it to connect to this site.  Does anyone have an idea as to what is happening?

    (3) even if I send emails using this account [email protected] of "BOLD", what should I do to RECEIVE emails on account of [email protected] using POP?

    Any help on these three issues will be fantastic.

    Thanks in advance.


    You can hide those that you no longer want to see. Just ALT + click the trackball on those that you do not want to see and choose hide. With the default theme only the top row of icons will be visible without hitting the menu button.

    Check out this post to other sites that have additional themes, you can install


    When you go to the page AT & T BIS are you in the 'create new account' first? You can create an account to access the site. After you have created an account, you can access the sections of e-mail accounts to configure your BlackBerry email account.

  • I just open youtube on my ipad3 and he bugged and I was landed on the home screen with all the app folders disappeared when I go to setting that all of the apps are there, how do I solve this problem?

    Hello guys, I have a 32 GB IPad 3 with an operating system of ios 9.2.1 this problem has never happened before and what happened, it's just a normal day and the iPad was running smooth as always until there was suddenly a notification when I opened my iPad from YouTube, so I opened it and all of a sudden when I opened the application crashed and I was on the home screen and all records have were missing, though safari and app store were in a folder so they disappeared in Buthan, I went to the settings and all applications have plaseeeeeeee someone tell me how to solve this problem

    Try to keep the sleep/wake and the "home" button until the Apple logo appears. -AJ

  • Installed a new button from the home screen, I shouldn't have to update software?


    My home screen button and screen had cracked and I've just fixed. I was told by the repair iphone specialist do not update my phone more because the phone could brick because of the new button on the home screen that has installed.

    My impression fingerprint sensor works now more for the phone this new button.

    With an update, a software update will brick my phone? I'm on version 9.2.

    Thank you

    Unless your screen was repaired by Apple or an Apple authorized repair center, it will not work properly again. The ID of touch will not work. At this point, so you should not try to update of iOS, as this will brick your phone.

  • Smart buttons blackBerry Z30 changing the home screen


    I would like to know if it is possible to change / disable the smart buttons on the home screen (phone / search / camera) on the bottom line?

    Because, whenever I pick up the phone (Z30) out of the pocket of the leather I start the camera or the application of the research. It's terrible.


    See you soon


    It seems that it is by default of the BB.  .

  • BlackBerry Smartphones icon on the home screen, what is it?

    Have been using my "BOLD" for 4 days now, after the App error reset the problem and "BOLD" magically setting three hours later, I have now this icon to the left of the time indicator on the home screen. The icon is two small circles attached with a small line, looks a bit like this O_O. He appeared and is not in the manual Blackbeery, nobody knows what it is or means. Thank you.

    This means that you have a telephone answering message?

    Old nokia phones to view something similar when you had a voice message.

  • the button which takes me to the home screen is gone?

    I restarted my laptop with factory reset last night (I often have that with my devices, do not know why, I just start again from scratch), but even if I did have a problem with this before, when I arrived on the desktop, the button which takes back me to the home screen on the taskbar (included picture) is missing? And I have no idea how to do to get it back. Help, please!

    This photo. I have no more of this button. I rely a lot on this button. I don't know why he disappeared this time when I reset my phone several times in the past...

    The button has been added only to the point 8.1. The reset back you to 8.0? If this is the case, the button should be once you update to 8.1 again.

  • I have published my new folio to an existing application on the app store and made public, but is not in the app store? The notify button does not always take me back to the Organizer screen producer folio.

    I have published my new folio to an existing application on the app store and made public, but is not in the app store? The notify button does not always take me back to the Organizer screen producer folio.


    first of all a new folio you post of DPS, the folio will not appear in the App Store, but in the library of the application.

    If this is not the case:

    1 make sure that you have published the folio under the same account that you used to create the Viewer.

    2 - Make sure that you have used a product ID unique for this folio

    3. If the Notify button does not work, note that this feature is available for viewers of enabled notification

    Check whether or not you have the Notification turned on in the dashboard section, otherwise it is likely that this account is not the Application role are entrusted to him... which brings back us to the point #1

  • I just installed PE13, I still have 11 PE on my system.  On the home screen icon Organizer is black (not red) while the PE icon is red, no idea whats going on?

    As well should the Organizer icon and the icon be red if things work out well?  Here's what it looks like, I transferred my organizing PE 11 to 13 Organizer, I know that they are the same color, I did something wrong?


    On what computer operating system is your first items 13 running?

    On my Windows 7 and 8.1 64 bits, the home screen is as shown in the following screen shot of the program on Windows 7 64 bit.


    I transferred my EP 11 to 13 Organizer Organizer,

    Do you want to say that you have converted the catalogue organizing elements 11 elements Organizer 13, using the file Menu/manage catalogs/Catalog Manager of the organizing elements 13 and the option convert here?

    I have converted my organizing elements 11 elements Organizer 13 catalogue and saw no change in the first 13 elements welcome screen.

    Everything is like.

    As a point of reference, in the first elements 11 welcome screen, the icon of the Organizer is turquoise and the video icon is purple.

    All normal.

    Remember, you are not really match organizers items 11 to 13, you convert the organizing elements 11 elements Organizer 13 catalog. Initial organizing 11 items is not changed in the 11, but is not updated when you make changes in the catalogue of convert in organizing elements 13.

    Bottom Line: Everything seems normal until now for your homescreen to 13.

    Please review and consider. For any question or need more information, feel free to ask.

    Thank you.


  • No "sign in" option shown on the home screen updated, what now?

    Latest updates of microsoft stopped Firefox on my computer, (error 404) but I managed to find a way to update, but I now have a screen of firefox with google as my search engine, but there is no place on the home screen that allows me to connect to my google account.
    How I solve this problem, please.
    Basic instructions would be appreciated, because I'm not very computer savvy.

    Maybe it's the built-in Firefox homepage? On this page, the address bar does not show an address, just the phrase search for or type the address. Although the page displays a related Google search box, it is not a page of Google.

    If you go to the Google home page and it has the controls you want, you can make as your homepage. These articles have more information on the way in which:

    If this does not work or does not stick, you may have an add-on or an external program which is the substitution of your preference. Please post back for more on this.

  • I've lost the main screen for photoshop! I don't know what I did, but now when I open photoshop, I get only the tool bar at the top and a little on the sides. How can I go back to the normal screen?

    I've lost the main screen for photoshop! I don't know what I did, but now when I open photoshop, I get only the tool bar at the top and a little on the sides. How can I go back to the normal screen?

    Hi renaeb,

    Would you go to the Windows menu in Photoshop and check the option framework application from the drop-down list.



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