What can I do to remove the old email address and get a new one for my Microsoft account?

Original title: problem with my phone

What can I do to remove the old email address and get a new one for my Microsoft account


What is the model of your phone?

Normally you could not remove the default email but you can add a new account setting and if it is not the default, you could delete it in the account setting.

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    I had an absolute nightmare of a time trying to get someone to HELP me. I bought Creative Suite 5.5 for students and registered it in my student email.  As soon as I got my college disabled my email account.  I need to disable CS5.5 so that I can activate it on my laptop, but there is no way to get there. I spent hours and hours trying to get by with a representative online and after having passed along three different conversations, I've spilled in the forums.


    I installed creative cloud, I tried to install a CS5.5 program, but whenever I extracted the files, nothing happens.

    Help, please

    First, install the cloud has NOTHING to do with CS5.5... in fact, you may have problems with serial number programs if you stop paying for a subscription of cloud - how we prevent cloud creative resume my perpetual license CS6?

    Second, nobody here, in an open forum can help to transfer a serial number of one address to another... only Adobe can access the server of registration

    Serial number and activation support (non - CC) https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2041990 to solve your problem

  • My email account has been hacked. What can I do to stop the unathorized email going to my contact list?

    My email account has been hacked. What can I do to stop the unathorized email going to my contact list?

    original title: hacked e-mail account

    If the hacker has your address list now I'm afraid there is absolutely nothing you can do.

    If it is using your real address list (as opposed to having downloaded/imported) then change your password should do, but unless this intruder is a fool, he or she has already copied your list of contacts.

    Please mark this as useful or response if applicable.


  • If I have the new cloud creative adobe on 2 computers and get a new one then I switch my supscribtion to another computer?

    Anyone know if there is a question:

    If I have the new cloud creative adobe on 2 computers and get a new one then I switch my supscribtion to another computer?

    Yes.  You can disconnect one of the others and installation/connection on the new.  If you don't sign of the old one, I think that if you connect to a third machine it will automatically sign on other facilities.

  • I sent the mail to my gmail address to the wrong email address and want to retrieve it

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    I sent the mail to my gmail address to the wrong email address and want to retrieve it

    It is not possible to recall the email.

  • Can BlackBerry Q10 I remove the gmail email account, but leave the contacts gmail and calendar?

    Hi all

    I want to remove the e-mail my HUB gmail account, but I don't want to delete gmail account entirely as I still want to synchronize calendar and contacts - most important. Is anyway to do this? To meet your quriosity I have configured domain with my google account, so I have e-mail account secondary which is the right domain address and rather, I use google address in my messages.

    OR at least:

    Is there a way to completely disable synchronization of email account? I put update in settings on "manual" but it is always up to date when I activate the wifi or data which is crazy because bb10 ate my data plan all when I wanted to check the bus because I get a lot of emails.

    Should be no problem. You may need to re-add the account from scratch and leave email calendar and contacts sync, but it should work as long as your GMail account is still valid.

  • How to remove an old email address of parameters pay Apple

    iPhone 6, settings, wallet and Apple pay, send two addresses are listed. One is an old email address of work as I have no idea how he got as I never enter data to work in my personal phone. I need to remove the old e-mail address of work of my settings, but I can't find an option to do so.


    In the Contacts application, check your contact card - delete your old email address of work if it is included, it.

    Then, go to settings > Mail, Contacts, calendars: under Contacts, check my Info shows your contact card.

    If you have made any changes, restart your iPhone and check to see if the problem is resolved.

  • My iPhone 6se continues to request verification id with the old email address

    MY iPhone 6se continues to ask for id verification citing. An old email address which can make

    Enter the old address.

  • How to play music purhased with the old email address

    I have a few songs purchased on iTunes with an old email address. When I try to play, I am told I must allow the computer under the old address, but the computer is already allowed. Suggestions?

    If the computer is allowed with this specific Apple ID, permits it. authorizing an Apple ID does with the other.

    If this is the case, remove and redownload the songs if it's free in your country.


  • How can I change the login email address and access to the features of Windows 8?

    Original title: I accidentally entered a wrong email across to the top of the upgrade to windows 8 and now I can't access all the features of windows 8.

    When you install the upgrade for windows 8 he asked for my email address.  I misspelled my domain name, which causes it have instructions or messages will in the vast desert of never never land.  I need to check my email to make the apps work, but given that the email is valid I can't do that.  I need to know how to change the login email address in windows 8 so that I can go ahead and verify my account.

    Hi I also had this problem but I have used the local account and was able to access all applications with my correct email. I hope this helps!

  • "Delete Volume" grayed out. What can I do to remove the partition?

    Hello world

    I have a laptop quite old and finally 37 GB C: drive is full and I would like to delete the partition between it and the 35 GB D: drive so I can use the entire disk. However, when I go into management records 'Delete Volume' is gray, only "shrink Volume" is available and it cites only 2031MB.

    I moved all my files to D: drive to my external drive created back - ups, system images etc. The only thing that remains on the D: drive is 4.71 GB of 'EULA', "LocalizedData" and "SetupResources.dll" of the system files. Would it block the 'Delete Volume' If yes what can I do?

    Running Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit.

    Thank you very much


    You have a cd win7 from MS to the real address or only this laptop manufacturers defined recovery disk?

    Use the recovery to the whole disk restore destructive, if this time causes the two partitions of C & D one, then use the free http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm to remove D and expand C

  • What can I do to remove the lock lock activation 136982

    WWhat can I do to remove anti - lock flight activation 136982

    Unless you were the one who got it, nothing.


  • BlackBerry smartphones cannot remove the old emails

    I had my auto delete on the device set at 15 days since I got it.  Recently I scolled back expected I'd be searching through 15 days of messages.  Instead, I found that I had old messages as in last October.  I managed to delete messages in January, February and March, but I could not delete messages in 2008.  I changed automatic removal at 30 days Beach, no difference.  I restarted the unit with the battery several times.  Any thoughts on this phenomenon?

    Of course, it comes to connect the BlackBerry to your computer with the mini-usb cable and using the Desktop Manager software. Since in the Desktop Manager, you can go in the backup and restore icon, and then click the Advanced button. On the right, you will see the BlackBerry databases. You can select the database of Messages, and then click the clear button.

    This to erase all messages (e-mail, PIN, SMS) between the unit and should solve the problem.

  • App Store has the old email address, how can I update

    MY Apple ID is updated with the correct address & password.  App Store will automatically use the former appleid & I don't remember the old password.  How can I get the App Store to recognize current Apple id

    ID bought/downloaded content using a Apple cannot be merged or transferred to another identifier Apple

    All contents are for always related to the Apple ID used to obtain them.

    You can delete all the content used by your old Apple ID and redownload when is free or the re - buy.

    You can also try to get your old Apple ID and use it again below:


  • reformat questions__do I remove the old drive c and restalled

    I'm clearly on the old disk
    Restalled drivers... the hardest thing I'm going to now who to installed

    Hi Rosie23,

    You do not necessarily have to reformat the drive before installing Windows, as Windows will replace everything that is on your hard drive.

    That said, it all depends on if you are re - install from a retail boxed copy 'complete' (it is a copy you yourself bought in a store) or if you use the PC manufacturers recovery disk.

    If you use the PC manufacturers recovery disk, so this reformats automatically the hard drive before reinstalling the operating system on the drive image, restoring your PC back to factory conditions. However, if you have partitioned your hard drive (the one with the operating system installed, no additional disks), then a disc of PC makers will also delete these.

    You can view an illustrated guide to the installation of Windows Vista on my site. The illustrations are an installation of "full retail pack. If you use the disk to PC manufacturers you won't see not these sceenshots as the manufacturer of PC uses just a backup image of re - install (usually held on a "recovery" on your hard drive partition.

    Regarding the re-install the drivers, you will need to re - install a bit (or more to the point to update), but most must be installed by Windows itself. John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Desktop Experience: Web: http://www.winuser.co.uk ; Web: http://xphelpandsupport.mvps.org ; Web: http://vistasupport.mvps.org ;

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