What device drivers OR are required to use the configurator with CompactRIO Profibus Master-Slave device?

I'm trying to deploy the software driver for a portable production that will allow technicians to download configurations of profibus for CompactRIO profibus DP master-slave cards.  I know I need support VISA and MAX in order to communicate with the device when it is in Slot 1.

I have a Windows XP computer I've used in the past for this and a 7 32-bit Windows development machine that can do as well.  I guess I would need OR-Rio installed and more MAX and VISA, but I run in RIO the right software to install on this machine.  Until I dig a hole more far than necessary can someone point me in the right direction of what is needed to install?

My development platform is LabVIEW 2010 with SP1.  The development and the production laptop computer work all the two 32-bit Windows 7.  The development machine has the following (and other) software:

LabVIEW 2010 (RT, FPGA modules) SP1

MAX 5.3.3



We use Comsoft Configurator II 1.2.37

All reviews are much appreciated!



I understand the suggestion about Profibus shake appeal reviewer, but I never mentioned the module Profibus - only the NI Compact RIO driver software.


I checked that the key and it is present and correct.  Later during some additional tests, I'm done with several other installers throw similar messages.  I've seen CVIRTEDIR and MAXAFWDIR as well.

I thought at this stage there was another really obscure registry entry who standing things upwards, so I tried to install it (s) even on another unit of the same configuration management.  Installed LabVIEW Runtime Engine 2010 SP1f5, NI-VISA 5.2 (included OR MAX 5.3) and NOR-RIO 3.6.1 and everything works well for use with Configurator II Version 1.2 (September 2011 version 1.09 interface Comsoft TCP sockets, includes LabVIEW 8.6 run time engine).

In the past I could have resorted to the use of MSI-Blast to clean all the related registry NOR entered, but I couldn't get my hands on a copy and uninstall NOR has not removed the remains (it seems).


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    any advice would be greatly appreciated, but I tried the Decrapifyer program and it really helped a lot.

    Hi and welcome to our community.

    If it is no longer question of google I really hope that we will find the final answer here. ;)
    At first, I must say that each of us has a perhaps different view of this. Some of us want to use a tool of some and some of us don t like some of them is not possible to give a precise answer to your question.
    In any case I'll start with my personal opinion, but first some general information. Toshiba recovery image contains many specific tools Toshiba and public services, as well as some additional software. Toshiba-specific tools and utilities are designed to help the user with full control for laptop and also the laptop owner to get useful information on updates.

    I repeat again, what I write here is my personal opinion and I want to just describe what I do.
    I delete after clean install of OS of the system
    TEMPRO, Toshiba ReelTime, Toshiba Service Station, and other things like links to eBay, or other stuff that is completely useless to me.
    Toshiba listed specific tools are OK, but I put t need them. They start with laptop and sow in commissioning. TEMPRO and Toshiba Service Station are monitoring tools inform you about the new BIOS or driver updates. As I wrote it is very nice, but if the system works perfectly don't change anything.

    I'll go trough your list and write a comment short for each listed programs.
    -Toshiba Assist very useful tool where you can find shortcuts to all the important of Toshiba and utility tools. Leave the shortcut on the desktop
    Toshiba - Free Config - very useful tool for the monitoring of the network but not must be started with the OS. Don t he remove the disabe just in the starting System. You can start it when necessary.
    -Toshiba Disc Creator useful, but not so important. Depends on the owner of the laptop. I put t use it.
    -Toshiba Eco utility useful but for me personally not so advantageous. I removed it from the system. When I want to save energy, I just use the power of Eve plan Windows.
    -Toshiba Face Recognition - nice tool to play but I don t use. It is removed from my system.
    -Hardware configuration, one of the most important tools of Toshiba Toshiba. Check it out and don t he remove it from the system.

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    A.  No.

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    Thanks Anubha Goel, final I got it to work... The serial number in the physical box that you buy in the store wasn't the number for the software.  It was the serial number in the cloud, very difficult to know when you see a serial number in the box with the Cd online.  But thanks for the reply to my post. I'll be in offline mode after clicking on answer...  Thank YOU Ana Maria

  • Are there problems using Adobe CC with 10 Windows?

    Are there problems using Adobe CC with 10 Windows?

    Hi Michael,

    This might be useful: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/Windows_10_compatibility_FAQ.html

    Kind regards


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    We have business agreement and we are entittled to use the master collection package. Based on this, we want to upgrade Flash builder 4.7. Please let us know how can we do it and how to get the keys.


    @Anamika018: please contact Adobe volume licensing representative technical support to access Fb 4.7 under a volume license business - they'll be able to give the right for the product.

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    Wondering if a id apple & PW can be added to a profile and deployment using the Configurator 2. Sorry if this has been covered, am new to this and learning and discovery I.

    see you soon,


    Hello, Kristian,.

    AC2 negates the need to have a configuration of account iTunes\AppleID on each device, can I ask why you wanted to do this, there may be a better way? ipads how are you trying to install? ipad users can add their own iTunes account to download other additional applications then deployed via the configurator.

    Kind regards


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    Unfortunately I think that it of not possible to use the recovery with external CD/DVD drive disc. Therefore, place the internal for use the recovery disc.
    You can get a new drive to an authorized service provider.

    But if the original OS from Toshiba is installed, you can use the function of disk recovery HARD reinstall Windows as well. Go to the advanced boot menu (F8) and select Repair my computer :)

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