What docking stations working with Tecra M9?

What docking stations work with the M9?

I know Express Port Replicator, would be the Advanced Port Replicator III but with reduced functionalitiy?

Are there others?

What is a port on the bottom of the machine stanadrd?

Well, the Toshiba dynadock USB Docking Station is an advanced solution for docking with a video controller high performance integrated with a viewing up to three displays simultaneously.

But I wouldn't send any movie huge signals through the dynadock USB ports because USB ports are not designed for this purpose. You can use the external display for everyday use as a second window or office software of the internet explore.

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    There is no connector dock hardware on the laptop. Therefore, no nod to the bottom dock is available. The only choice would be a USB 3.0 dock, which feeds the laptop so you should have to plug an AC adapter and a USB port whenever you wanted to 'dock '. So, by doing this it would connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard. A no more than a glance down.

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    Thank you


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  • Tecra S10: What Docking Station should I use?

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    Thank you much in advance.

    Best regards

    Hi mate

    I googled a bit and found information on the compatible ports replicators;
    You can use the Port Replicator II.
    It should be compatible with the Tecra S10.

    See you soon

  • Dell U2414Hb with Microsoft surface book and the docking station works do not reliably

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    I have been searching for a solution and found the following page on the Microsoft website that indicates there is a known issue.

    Link to the Page of MS

    I tried searching the dell website, but can't find anything on this problem.

    I'm trying to find out

    1. If it is something Dell know and respect that I live the known problem.

    2. is it likely to be a solution in a reasonable time

    3 should I return the monitors and buy something different.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated


    Problem =
    * When the Surface book is anchored and double are connected using DisplayPort multistreaming (daisy chain), one or two screens will not be recognized after restart or power cycling the book surface. In both cases, the resulting no video appearing on external displays.
    * Some displays will expose rip video on the secondary display, what installation using DisplayPort multistreaming (daisy chain).
    * A view not to return to video mode displayed after recovering from power save mode.

    Workaround short term =
    Surface CDM Dock on--> Dell mDP to DP cable--> #1 off DP (DP 1.2) monitor
    Surface book CDM on--> Dell mDP to DP cable--> #2 off DP (DP 1.2) monitor

    Long term = solution
    We still see a lot of questions with our instructors and Surface products. Microsoft is supposed to work on a special connector dongle that enhances the process of link training to increase the power of the signal has negotiated with external monitors. As to when this will be available, which is unknown by Dell.

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    G62 series laptop doesn't has not therefore docking port you can use 'docking station' referred to in the following link:


    and few are in the following link:


    Kind regards.

  • What docking station is compatible with Pavilion dv6t-6100 CTO

    Well, this is my first question here, but I want a docking station for my laptop and I don't know the model of it because on the upper right corner of the screen, it says 'Pavilion dv6' and in the info system (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product?product=5111985&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&lang=en&cc=us) , it says Pavilion dv6t 6100 CTO. I don't understand!!! Help, please!


    Go to www.hp.com Home Home Office, laptops, Pavilion 6 t Quad Edition Series, customize and buy, go to Accessories, Docking stations... prices range from $ 42 to $ 300 depending on what functions of docking station and you want to.

    Site is: http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/cto.do>

    Take care...

    HP employee

  • Satellite Pro A120 - what docking station is compatible?


    What model of Toshiba Docking stations are compatible with Toshiba Satellite Pro A120. I can't answer this question on google or the Web from Toshiba site.
    Thanks for help.


    Have you checked the user manual? You will find the answer! ;)

    I checked and you have the Toshiba Advanced Port Replicator III. If search you with Google for it, you should find a few online shops where you can buy it.

    Good bye

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    Did you by chance install or upgrade of Citrix Receiver recently?  I did and my USB ports no longer works in the docking station.  This link has Details of why:


  • Personal Media Drive (HDD) is not recognized in HP xb4 Docking Station laptop with HDX 18i


    This is my first post since obtaining these three pieces of equipment.

    a lot of problems with my new laptop and separate hard drive docking station.

    But this one is the most annoying:

    my HP Personal Media Drive HD10000x slips into a Bay (specifically for these players) on my xb4 docking station.

    Connected to the docking station is my laptop, a HDX18.

    Everything works very well between the laptop and docking station, except the HARD drive: it lights not or anything when you slide into the dock media Bay.

    This is supposed to be 'hot-swapable' and everything, but it is just dead.    It's new, but I hate to send it back (at my expense) if there is another problem here.

    If someone has encountered this?

    Help, please!

    Thank you

    You need to connect the power adapter to the personal media player - at the back of the dock XB4, next to where sits the personal media player.  So there are two adapters CA / CC plugged into the XB4.

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  • What docking station / Port Replicator is compatible for the Satellite P70-A-104


    does anyone know what model port replicator (name of Toshiba for docking station?) adapts to Toshiba P-70-A-104?



    As far as I know that this Satellite has port replicator, so you can use an external device, such as Toshiba Dynadock (universal docking station).
    More info about Dynadock you can find on the pages of Toshiba. As a small preview check please

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

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