What encryption (if any) is used by Apple bluetooth Magic keyboard (MLA22LL/A) when communicating with MacBook Pro?

I am considering buying magical Keyboard wireless Apple (MLA22LL/A). What (if any) encryption is used by this keyboard blue-tooth when it communicates with the Mac Book Pro?

I have a Mac Book Pro running OS X El Capitan.


The only real encryption it offers is the fact that it pairs with your computer based on a code that you see only on your computer.     There are some wireless keyboards with much more sophisticated cipher such as AES.   Interestingly enough Apple uses AES encryption for its images of which are encrypted disk utility.

When you use a Windows keyboard, you won't get the same start strokes keyboard sequence, and the implementation of the Alt key and the windows are in reverse order of the Mac keyboard functionality.  Many start sequence shortcuts only work on the wired Apple compatible keyboards.   Logitech and compatible third-party Apple MacAlly keyboards.  Microsoft for its own keyboards makes a pilot who will the placement of the button Alt and Windows in the right order.

ALT = key Option from Apple.

Windows = control of Apple key.

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    1. press the F6 key twice.

    2 reset the SMC and NVRAM.

    Reset the NVRAM/PRAM memory.  http://support.Apple.com/kb/PH18761

    Reset the SMC. Choose the method for "on Mac Laptops with non-removable battery.


  • HP ENVY 4500 e - all - in - a principle: HELP! Can I use firewire-USB cable to connect the HP Envy 4500 for MacBook Pro?

    Help, please!

    I just bought a FANCY 4500 e-all-in-one printer for use with my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.7.5) during a trip. I use WiFi in the hotel.

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    Thank you very much for your answer.

    Ah, Yes. The old Grasshopper see that it is just another form - Type B - USB port on the printer than on his laptop computer.

    Why would I want to connect via WiFi to the hotel? Obviously because I was not think properly.

    Thank you for your patience and response.

    I click resolved when I print from my laptop.

    First of all, he is out to buy a USB cable.

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    Keyboard manual says that if you are asked an authentication key, let the program create, but my Blackberry does not create anything, he's looking for the authentication key.

    It is a company phone.  Should I contact my COMPUTER tech support to see if they can shed some light on this or did someone here knows what I can do to remedy this?

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    That the keyboard does not support the Bluetooth HID profile.  BlackBerry requires Bluetooth SPP profile.

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    CS6 can only be updated up to a maximum of ACR 9.1.1 to install cab 9.3 in CS6, attempts fail.  You can check which version you have by any plug-in / Camera Raw (I think on a Mac).

    You can register CC ([email protected]$120/yr=$10/mo is the least expensive) or use the DNG Converter to DNG for raw files and the DNG, but not the native raws, open in your older software.

    The DNGC is here: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/

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    Hello. I got an Apple TV, and I have a MacBook Pro 2015. But I do not have a HDTV television.

    Can I connect the device to Apple TV on my Mac and discover my Mac as a TV?

    I tried and played with System Prefs - display - mirrored, but no screen appeared on my Mac.

    Thank you.

    The Apple TV is designed to bring the 'smart' technology to the big screen in your living room.  Everything you access the ATV is already available on the MacBook.  You AirPlay of MacBook/iPad/iPhone to the Apple TV, but you can not AirPlay of Apple TV to an iPhone/iPad/MacBook...

    No, you cannot connect an ATV to view on a MacBook...


    I'm trying to print envelopes of invitation with my HP using MacBook Pro 7525.  I tried the main tray, but I get an error message about the Photo tray.  I'll cancel the print job, and then try the Photo tray, but the envelope comes out without printing.

    Thank you

    If another program does not work, here are a few steps to try, in order:

    1. Mac OS X: how to reset the printing system
    2. Repair disk permissions
    3. Restart the Mac.
    4. Install the complete driver here: HP Photosmart 7520 e-all-in-one printer full feature software and drivers
    5. In addition, to download this driver: HP v3.0 for OS X printer drivers

    I have check the specifications of printers and A2 is a supported format.

    Good luck!

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    That is right. Although the ATV4 HomeKit capable Siri on tvOS is not yet supported. My hypothesis is that Siri visibility will increase.  Just as the music was not included until 9.1. I expect more integration through software updates.  That said, being a user forum, and not something I've seen confirmed by Apple...

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    but I forget to pass the cable with sometimes, have I any other method to connect?

    See synchronize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes using Wi-Fi - Apple support. You will need to put in place using a cable connection.


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    my screen is now frozen as "Welcome to Office: Mac - I can't use the computer despite stopping repeatedly.

    You can try resetting the smu or zapping the pram, faling that, try to boot from the recovery partition (close, and then press command + R while re-booting (.)) Instructions on how to do the 2 first things found on Apple's site, if you are lazy like me, google works fine, too

    Good luck

    John b

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