What exactly will happen to the wizard of Frontpage 2000 database during the XP support runs out?

I have been using the wizard of Frontpage 2000 database to develop a main set of forms that link in my database access 2000 on the side (non-public) back to my site. I realize that the two programs are considered as obsolete, but unfortunately, I can't find a replacement web development software which is what makes the wizard, unless I want to get heavily into the code (kind of like go back).

I have windows 7 pro and use virtual xp to run frontpage 2000 for my Web site and data-based forms.

What happens exactly when the XP support runs out? Y at - it a purchase option to continue with the updates, where I am, as it estimated 15 to 30% of the existing Microsoft customers who are always based on the use of XP will be "punished" to explain their desire to stay with a product that has succeeded all too well? (at least for me as far as where this feature goes)


Original title: end of support for XP



Care about the lifecycle of Windows

See also: http://windows.microsoft.com/eos

What does support mean to you?

After April 8, 2014, technical support for Windows XP will not be available, including the automatic updates that help protect your PC. If you continue to use Windows XP, your computer may become more vulnerable to viruses and security risks. For more information, see does that mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported?

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