what external hard drive should I buy to save a 2009 MacBook Pro with USB 2.0 port?

I want to back up the hard drive on my circa 2009 MacBook Pro (13 '') with Snow Leopard.  There are so many things out there and I want to get the right one!  My MacBook has only a USB 2.0 port.  I need to do this because I take the machine to have the battery replaced and because I am buying a new machine soon and would like to transfer things I backed up on my new machine.  Any recommendations for what is the most appropriate portable drive would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.



I use this external enclosure: http://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/MSTG800U3K/

Can take any 2.5 in drive (HD or SSD).  I swap currently 3 bare drives (WD 750 GB Black) for familyvideos/data, clones, test data discs.  $72 seems expensive, but it has Firewire 400/800 and USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface for use with many computers.

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    The G-drive slim works with the following operating system mentioned below.

    ·         ® For Mac OS 10.5 or later and an available USB 2.0 port

    ·         Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7

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    All the disk USB 2.0 external works with Windows XP. You can also use well G drive slim with Windows XP. If you want to buy another external drive you could get in contact with the tech shop or online the nearest suitable external hard drive search.

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    My MacBook Pro runs very slowly.  I El Captain 10.11.4 rare apps on it, most are closed while I'm on safari.  My photos take a 125 gb storage capacity.  If that is the question, what external hard drive is recommended?  If not, what is?

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    Hi aliceag,

    You can please download Photoshop CS4 from the following link and install it

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    Kind regards


  • If I replace the hard drive should I buy a new copy of Windows 7 Student Edition


    I bought a copy of Windows 7 Edition student last year. I'm looking to replace my hard drive soon. I have to buy a new copy of the software?


    I bought a copy of Windows 7 Edition student last year. I'm looking to replace my hard drive soon. I have to buy a new copy of the software?

    No, you don't need to buy another copy, you can reinstall it on the new hard drive and turn it back on by phone if necessary:

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
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    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

    Or if you have an external hard drive, you can backup your Windows 7 installation and restore it on the new hard drive:


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  • Why my external hard drive cannot be mounted or viewd by a Macbook


    I can't see my HD exertenal from the finder.

    I do not have G-Tech HD and I use with TimeMachine. This HD has two partitions.

    The first is used for the backup with Time Machine, a macbook air, and the second partition is used to back up a macbook pro with Time Machine.

    It worked fine until I look in the external hard drive (partition macbook). Now, it is not possible to mount the external hard drive. From the Finder, I see no partition eighter the first or the second.

    I plugged it in an another mAcbook air and no way to see inside the external hard drive.

    Howerver, I pluggged in a 14.04 ubuntu and I was able to navigate through the external hard drive

    Why can I see the contents of the external HD with a ubuntu n not with a Macbook?

    And how can I solve this problem?

    See you soon


    El Capitan has permissions configuration much tighter than earlier versions of Mac OS X and it can become a problem to open files from a different computer. You need to tell us what OS you are running on all computers.

    I suspect that Ubuntu is having no problem because it does not under the same restraint of permissions.

    It worked fine until I look in the external hard drive (partition macbook).

    What you have done here, caused the change of permissions.

    Don't forget that connect a player directly on a computer and use it plugged into an airport will have different permissions issues.

    I don't have much in the way of a solution. Apple has changed repair them permissions on El Capitan.

    You have a Mac running an earlier version of Mac OS X?

    If your two partitions are used just to make the Time Machine backups...

  • What type of HARD drive should I buy so he could keep in my aspire v3 772g?

    I have never handled parts for laptops before so I'm not really sure what type of HARD drive, I need, and I don't have to build a pc for the last 15 years, so much has changed lol

    If I could really need help, don't really care about ssd so I'll just for a normal HDD on May 1 TB and I you'd be grateful if someone me pointed in the right direction or even a recommendation

    and as I said in the topic, I got an Aspire V3 - 772G



    Here's the original HDD 1 TB for Aspire V3 - 772G (see links):

  • Which hard drive should I buy for a Satellite L350-262?


    I looking to upgrade my internal hard drive, but have no idea of what one to buy it, is to say what we'd be compatiable, can someone help me?

    I'm not sure in regards to the size of the hard drive and sites I'll on only produced lists with very little about the compatibility with my machine.

    Thanks a lot for your help.


    The laptop supports SATA 2.5 HARD disk.
    As much as I know SATA controller is not limited, so you can use the 500 GB HARD drive as well.

    Good bye

  • A satellite - which HARD drive should I buy?

    What is your suggestion for the repair of hard drive? He has bad sectors according to certain aspects of the program, but I want to be sure that one is useful!

    Can you help me brothers? Thank you


    Of course, it of Nice to hear some suggestions about HARD drive models, but I think it might be a little difficult if you n t post which laptop model you exactly. ;)

    I mean, first of all, there are two interfaces available IDE and SATA HARD drive. On the IDE interface, you have a limit of 128 GB I think and for discs hard SATA are available in different speeds (RPM for example 5400 or 7200 RPM).

    So thank you for posting your model laptop and HARD drive, you have right now.

    Good bye

  • A 17 in the hard drive won't go in a 15-the macbook pro

    A 17 in the hard drive goes in a 15 to the macbook pro? both are about 6 to 7 years of age.

    There are two main sizes of the reader:

    Rated 3.5 "drives for desktop computers

    Nominal 2.5 "drives for laptops. Long ago, he must also worry about the thickness, but not for these two models.

  • large external hard drive for editing fcpx

    Hi, a question of two parts:

    1. I was wondering how people manage their media: is it recommended to store the middle on an external hard drive and the reference to it? Or are the libraries & projects also stored on an external drive?

    2. I have about 4 TB of video and want to buy a large external hard drive that is fast enough for 4 k video editing (with proxy or optimized media, single stream, nothing too fancy etc.). I just bought the new iMac 5 k which has connections thunderbolt.

    I read a lot about love at first sight vs. speed USB3, disk hard drive gears, RAIDs etc but am not the wisest. I don't want to it is an exaggeration either.

    It would be good enough: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01BBZ4Q0C/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8 & psc = 1 & smid = A3P5ROKL5A1OLE

    Or is it better to use for backup and should I go for the version of TB: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00FIYJ7LG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8 & psc = 1 & smid = A3P5ROKL5A1OLE

    Or a USB3 would be pretty quick with a double disc is RAID0? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Book-Desktop-External-Drive-WDBLWE0080JCH-EESN/dp/B00L9 0DX04/ref = pd_sim_147_4? ie = UTF8 & PSC = 1 & refRID = YFMN75KFN652T20XB40B

    Price differences are pretty extreme and I know too how much of a real difference it would make to my editing.

    I have trouble with my 2010 macbook pro and a portable external hard drive 5400 RPM so would avoid this situation.

    Thanks in advance!

    1 - Yes, always put libraries and media on a second fast drive.  Video/audio "data streaming" can bog down the stream of data required by the operating system and the app themselves.  There is limited bandwidth between the CPU and hard drives, as your Internet connection.

    RIAD 0 is quite obsolete, stay away from him.  USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt are good enough for 4K editing.  RAID is faster than the single SSD (same).  Spins disks should always be 7200 RPM, even the system drive.  5400 is far too slow.  If you go with RAID, get a 4th unit of Bay, with 7200 RPM drives in a RAID 5 configuration.  MacSales.com has excellent products.  As promises (their RAIDS of you bolt P2 are the fastest on the market) and other well known brands.  I was never a fan of the product line of My Book.

  • MacBook not detect External Hard Drive

    I have just started using MacBook 12 "with usb port c, I got with my mac usb c normal usb converter, I tried with the memory stick and it works not, but with my 2 external hard drives to detect anything or even show in disk utility, please help.

    Are external hard drives in the self-powered speakers, or are they

    power to operate the port need? You don't specify several items that can be

    useful for a response be searched; several answers may exist.

    You have this card?

    • USB - C Digital AV Multiport card

    Sometimes different adapters are needed; other times a hub with

    options, if you have more ports than the original; and all the

    would need primarily to use USB - C. Including the AC adapter.

    Not all power cards will allow the adapter 29W would be used; so

    Depending on the choice or availability of other versions, you can

    not be able to use the product. Also, not all USB - C for other type

    plug adapters are of equal or reliable quality. Check it out see.

    • Using the USB - C port and adapters on your MacBook (retina, 12 inch, early 2015) and later - Apple Support

    A memory stick requires no power to the rotation degree

    hard drives in external enclosures will be; so if these external HARD disk

    units have their own adapter, which should make a difference.

    And if so, you may not have had a problem. There may be other

    problem behind the situation you are facing.

    There is a built-in to the computer in his OS X; diagnostic test but

    that can't help if the problem is a device adapter.

    Don't know what else to say...

    Good luck in any case.

  • How can I transfer images from external hard drive with the gateway settings to new computer?

    I used to use Adobe Bridge on a computer that no longer works. My computer tech then made the hard drive of this computer on an external hard drive. Now I want to transfer all those images with all the settings, I applied them to my new computer. My new computer is a PC with Windows 7 and I run Adobe Creative Cloud on it.

    Thanks for your reply. Where the xmp file?

    It depends on your preferences settings. By default, Bridge is set to store metadata in an XMP file. This is the file that has the same name as the original, but it only use the extension ".xmp" instead of Raw file extension.

    Bridge stores this file in the same folder as the original. If you use Bridge to move the files to another location it selects automatically the xmp files to travel with her.

    If you use the view menu / show hidden files, you will see what Curt meant by XMP are hidden files, all have a document icon.

    If you converted to DNG RAW format this data is written to the file itself, as is the case with other types of files such as jpeg and tiff, that can be managed by the cab.

    You should be able to copy the whole folder to your new system or bridge to the old disk, select the file in the content panel and the use of the Control Panel folder to navigate to the new location and use drag and drop

    Many options

  • Configuration of CMS SCSI External Hard Drive DIP

    Hello. I have a friend with a problem - it loses the settings of the DIP switch on his external hard drive SCSI SD80 CMS so he will no longer work with his Mac LCIII as before. It can not locate the manual showing the correct configuration for the LCIII. Anyone know what they are? Any help would be appreciated.

    What is the SCSI ID setting? Any SCSI ID 1 to 6 can normally be used, so that another device has not the same ID 7 ID would be reserved for the computer Macintosh, and ID 0 (in general) for the internal hard drive. Information on a disc similar to http://www.artisantg.com/TestMeasurement/65450-2/CMS_Enhancements_SD60_External _ SCSI_Hard_Drive (found through a random search) possibly could be of some interest?

  • Seagate 120 GB external HARD drive could not be detected

    We use Win XP Pro, when you plug the HDD of the promt "Cypress AT2LP RC42" System. How to detect this material?

    In the Device Manager Composite Device failed to start Code: 10


    I think it might be 2 possibilities, why it does not work.
    First the external drive is dead and that is why it does not work or there is something wrong with the USB ports.
    Sometimes after installing SP2, the ports will not work.

    For this, I found this Microsoft Knowledge base article:

    I think you should try to connect this USB HDD on another computer, make sure that the HARD drive is not altered.

    My brother uses a with USB cable external HARD disk that supports 2 USB connectors.
    This cable allows you to use the USB ports and dual power.
    I think that's not a bad idea, try using a USB hub with an external power supply and then connect the HDD to this hub.

    Eventually, it helps.

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