What graphics card work on a p7-1026 Pavilion without a power supply upgrade?

I just bought a Pavilion p7-1026. This is my first of all the computer set purchase because I always had my made-to-order systems. The CPU and the size of the hard drive and the plug is quite good for the price (I was looking for a cheap replacement for an old office) but I would like to make a few other updates. I'll add another 8 GB of memory, but I would also add a graphics card because I don't like the built-in graphics card.

Is there a graphics affordable (about $100) with a minimum of 256 MB of memory, which runs on the power supply 250 watt existing and with no electrical connection needed? I watched some, but I've seen as low as 300 watts. If I need to replace the power supply, how can I find a compatible with this system. I looked at a site ('911' something) that has had a lot of listed HP models but not this one.



Beyond that, you walk down this road, you really need to open the case.

It only has 4 slots for memory and probably (2) 2 GB and (2) sticks of 1 GB of DD3-1333 PC3-10600.

Your will does not add anything, you need to replace all with 4 GB sticks (4) If your planning an upgrade.

New models are hard to return. You'll need to find the power supply model # for all references.

BTW, this characterization of 250W is mounted. The (constant) nominal value is most likely 200W.

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    I read some of the forums on the upgrade of the 9500gs it's an old graphics used for the HP M9340f. It's been 4 years now and the computer still works very well. I need advice for the upgrade on the graphics card.

    My specs are: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01465973

    I know that there a 350W power supply. I am worried because the 9500gs video card has a connector that is powered from the motherboard, it has 2 pins (black and white wire). I read about the update for the ATI HD 5670 Nvidia 440 or 450. I know it is very old, but the 9500gs is still able to run modern games.

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    Upgrading power supply help, because I think the video card is to select the power supply to the motherboard and not directly from the power supply.  I'm still confused on what the black and white wire, it is connected to the video card.

    I don't mind getting a greater electric power because I can get a better card. Just concerned with the black and white wire.

    I also read here that this person was able to exchange his power supply and graphics card for a gtx 560 ti and a 550W power supply. Its model is newer than mine. http://www.tested.com/forums/PC-and-Mac/8692-seeking-upgrading-graphic-cardnew-computer-advise/?&p=1

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    We will divide your questions.

    (1) black/white is audio Spdif. Asus Nvidia supports a S-video port, audio is provided by the additional wiring.

    Now that the concern you had as answered (the whitw/black wiring), Let's proceed to the card.

    (2) what are your expectations of game? WOW, Diablo 3. Each has a recommended graphics card and each graphics card recommended the power of the power supply. Always add a tolerance.

    Regarding the GTX560Ti and a combination of 550W PSU, I see no problem. Then again, see here for more information and suggestions.

  • P6-2380EA: what graphics card is compatible

    You are looking to play Elite space sim and need to know what graphics card is compatible and works well.

    I am naïve.

    You must use a PCIe x 16 graphics card. If you want one with all power, you also have to replace the power supply with a 400 Watt unit that has power connectors POCIe-6 and 8 pins.

    Your desktop PC is fairly new OSB which will alow you to use modern video cards that support UEFI BIOS.

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  • Should what graphics card I expect?

    I am looking to update my graphics card in the GeForce GT 545 came with my HP computer. My computer is a desktop computer HP Pavilion HPE h9 - 1110t Phoenix CTO, and here are the specs: processor Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @3. 40 GHz with 12 GB of RAM with Windows 7 64 bit. So what graphics card I will work with my computer? I have nothing special, just something quieter that will allow me at least to play my games on average, maybe high settings. And I don't want to have to replace anything else in my computer as the food, I just want something I can pop in without all the useless, in replacement of other parts. Thank you! And I like preferablly to get it off Amazon, not a third-party vendor.


    660 GTX will work very well in your PC.

  • What graphics card is compatible with my presario sr1710nx pc.

    What graphics card is compatible with my presario sr1710nx pc?  The current one is dead and I get nothing on my screen and I tried to connect another monitor and still nothing.  So I guess it is the graphics card.


    It is an old model.

    The form of State that he took (integrated graphics).

    If you are sure it is just the graphics that is kaput (you would like to know if you can hear the Windows startup and logon music sounds or something) then...

    I'd get a used Dell Radeon HD 2400 on eBay that should work for you very well, but you will need to have a monitor with a DVI connection and DVI cable.

    This is the cheapest I could find.

    http://www.eBay.com/ITM/ATI-Radeon-HD-2400PRO-256MB-PCI-Express-video-card-ATI-102-B17002-B-used-/121232926546?PT=PCC_Video_TV_Cards & Hash = item1c3a0ba752

  • What graphics card do you have used with the motherboard Asus A8AE THE?

    I have an old a1210n with a motherboard A8AE THE with a PCIe x 16 slot 1.0.   I would like to know what graphics cards does anyone have successfully run on this motherboard (see list of models of computer below)?  Unfortunately, which should theoretically work often does not work.   I tried a HD 4850, which produced only blurred video, despite reading a slower hd 4830 and 4650 had worked.

    This forum and other research made me some operation card names (which are too slow or too expensive, (I'm looking for a pass of about 1000 Mark): 7800 oc x1600xt, 8600gs, hd 6850, gtx 470)  I was surprised/skeptic on the last 2.

    The HD 5770, 5750, 5450, 5870 failed.

    At least some of the older hp computers that have the a8ae:

    Pavilion a1100e Desktop, Pavilion a1130e Desktop, Pavilion a1200e Desktop Pavilion a1206n Desktop, Pavilion a1210n Desktop, Pavilion a1211n Desktop, Pavilion a1222n Desktop, Pavilion a1226n Desktop, Pavilion a1228x Desktop a1229x Desktop Pavilion, Pavilion a1230n Desktop Pavilion a1243w Desktop a1253w Desktop Pavilion, Pavilion a1310n Desktop, Pavilion a1314n Desktop, Pavilion a1330e Desktop, Pavilion a1330n Desktop, Pavilion a1350n Desktop, Pavilion a1355c Desktop, desktop Pavilion a1357c Pavilion a1383w Desktop, Pavilion Desktop a1428x, Presario SR1020Z Desktop, SR1030Z Desktop Presario, Presario SR1601NX Desktop, Presario SR1602HM Desktop, Presario SR1603WM Desktop, Presario SR1611NX Desktop, Presario SR1614X Desktop, Presario SR1616NX Desktop, Presario SR1617CL Desktop, Presario SR1630NX Desktop, Presario SR1650NX Desktop, Presario SR1675CL Desktop, Presario SR1700Z Desktop, Presario SR1703WM Desktop, Presario SR1707WM Desktop, Presario SR1710NX Desktop, Presario SR1711NX Desktop, Presario SR1717CL Desktop, Presario SR1720NX Desktop Presario SR1730Z Desktop, Desktop Presario SR1738NX, Presario SR1750NX Desktop, Desktop Presario SR1802FR, Presario SR1802HM Desktop, Desktop Presario SR1807CL, Presario SR1811NX Desktop, Desktop Presario SR1817CL, Presario SR1834NX, Presario SR1850NX Desktop Desktop, Desktop Presario SR1830NX

    Thank you!

    I got the HD 4850 replacement and it works great so far!    Unfortunately, I can't tell what brand, because it was a Chinese generic card.

  • I have a hp pavilion a6325 and my graphics card is fried what graphics card is compatible

    I have a hp pavilion a6325 and my graphics card is fried what graphics card is compatible? the old card is a nvidea geforce8500gt but these seem difficult to obtain now. If I wanted to update that is not compatible. C.P. specification is as follows.

    Yes, you could install maps better with a more solid food.

    The card I have chosen for you will work with the P/S of 300W to your PC.

    I have never installed a power improved in any of my PC, so I can't be a great help for you there.

    But if you get the right one that matches all connections from your PC, and fits in place of the current one, you, you should not need to buy anything others.

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  • a vision tek hd 5450 graphics card work in my PC p6213w?

    I wonder if the vision tek hd 5450 graphics card work in my Pavilion p6213w. I wonder if I should find a different graphics card instead. I know I have to buy another power supply, I just want Advisor be cause I play several

    Online games and doing the research for the documents from the school.  I also use my PC to watch movies and television series like weather reports edge chipset does not allow some of the games and videos to be played correctly anylonger as they changed their policy.

    any suggestions for this help is taken into concideration. Thank you very much

    Hi Noel,

    Vision Tek HD 5450 video card will not work in your desktop PC without an upgrade of the power supply.

    Your PC came with a 250 Watt POWER supply and which does not respect the minimum of 350 watts required for the video card Vision Tek HD 5450. Here is a link to the plug of your PC. If you upgrade the PSU, the card will work in your PC.

    I recommend that you buy a PSU that has at least the ATX12V v2.2 / EPS12V v2 specification. Here is a link to a document on the Newegg.com web that shows some power supplies that work. Stick with major brand names such as OCZ, Corsair. The second level and no name power supply could disappoint you even if they are less expensive (which assimilates sometimes so lower quality).

    Best regards


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    It must support shader 2


    The L10 Pro Sam is a former an I doubt that you will get the Sim 3 running on this laptop.

    You need much stronger unit!

  • None of my graphics cards work, not even in safe legacy!

    As the title suggests, none of my graphics cards work for my pavilion p7 - 1597c. The only way I can see my screen is when I have no graphics card in probably due to the fact of secure boot. It does not work even with this option disabled. So, I must also have a slot pciex16 security disabled to make it work, but now I can not detect any of my maps I have. I have disabled the start safe and active start inherited countless times with a bunch of different options without success. Having to remove my countless of times graphics cards is very annoying so I can reset the settings and try the different settings. Maybe theres something wrong with the bios? But I don't know, I'm just really mad that I can't play my games in my library of steam because of this.

    Here is the article I've tried: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03653226

    Used graphics cards:

    MSI AMD RADEON 7730 1GD5

    AMD SAPHIRE 7770 1GD5

    NVIDIA GTX 660 1GD3

    Well I fixed, so for all models of p7 - 1597c, you must have the legacy mode and you must also have enabled pciex16 to secure, but it also disables the use of your other two dvi ports. This case is now closed.

  • Tecra M4: How to know what graphics card I have (6200, 6600)?

    I buyed a Tecra M4 and don't know what graphics card I have...
    The shop said, it's a gforce go 6600 with 64 MB, but now I've read, that there is only one with 64 MB 6200 and 6600 with 128 MB...
    Windows and analyse the tools to say, it is "NVIDIA GeForce GO 6200 TE 64 MB / 6600 128 MB TE...»
    So, how can I know which one I have?


    Have you checked the Device Manager? I think that here you can find a s information on your subject of an integrated graphics card.
    The second possibility is the use of the DirectX tool. Please enter in the window RUN the dxdiag command. Then the directx should appear, and you will find the detailed description on the graphics card and the properties.

    But as far as I know that the Tecra M4 has been delivered with nVIDIA GeForce FX Go6200 64 MB or 128 MB card nVIDIA GeForce Go6600 FX.

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    But first is not take advantage of the advanced features of quadro, and a similar performance quadro vs gtx can cost 5 times more. If you better save your money and go with a gtx. the gtx 950 would be about the same performance as this K4200, but much less expensive. a 970 gtx about 2 x more powerful, but still half the price.

  • [p7-1240] How can I find out what graphics cards will work with my motherboard?

    I recently went through the nightmare of trying to install a Gigabyte GTX 650 in my PC. After a few days of struggle and scouring the internet for answers, I discovered that it is not compatible with the BIOS on my motherboard, and HP does not update the BIOS. I returned the card and is now seeking a new, but I'm not sure what card works now, since my computer meet the requirements of system for the graphics card and it stil ldid does not work. Because the GPU manufacturers do not list the specifications of the BIOS under system requirements, how can I know if a graphics card will work with my system?

    My computer is a p7-1240 with a 520W PSU upgrade and approximeately 11 "of space to install the card.

    Thexn, welcome to the forum.

    The problem is a lot of video cards latest require the computer to have a complete UEFI BIOS.  HP began using one in mid-October 2012.  Before that date, the BIOS is the legacy.  This is why the video card does not work with your computer.

    I don't know what you would spend on a card, but MSI is a GTX 750ti which is a VBIOS hybrid.  It has a switch to change to inheritance or UEFI.  Is there a video link directly below the image of a card.  Paul of Newegg gives a complete description of the map.

    I like the best EVGA cards.  Their Support gave me a lot of information on their cards.  However, you will need to return to a GT 640 map to find one of their cards that does not require the UEFI BIOS.  They have a few updates for their BIOS' are which solves the problem, but we must call them for accurate maps.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

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