What happens if I accidentally licensed images?


I thought I was saving images to my library but I was buy the images.

Is there a way to "return"?

Thanks for your help.



There is no way the «back» Finally you can get repaid a loan if a staff member sees it. You can also contact the support (I think the best way is through Twitter of @AdobeCare).

While you're there please, complain that there is no check on licensing. Who really needs to be changed and is not yet a hard fix but go by images accidentally under license - it is a question which, for some reason any Adobe refuses to difficulty.  ;-)

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    The offer has been extended, so you should be able to take advantage of it - Royalty free images, pictures and graphics. Adobe Stock

    Thank you


  • Accidentally licensed image twice

    I accidentally licensed two images without wanting everything trying to save them in a library. (It's far too easy to make that mistake!) I have not downloaded the images

    Can you please unlicense these two images?

    #91430291 and #91430297 https://stock.Adobe.com/stock-photo/happy-Halloween-day-labels-and-badges/91430291

    Hi Rebecca,.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    I have credited 2 image license in your account.

    Reference # 0219752798

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • accidentally licensed image I didn't; Why is it still possible to the thumbnail?

    Now I accidentally allowed two different images that I didn't buy. A few days ago one night. Tonight, I thought I would see if it was possible to fix this error, so I found myself here. I see that I'm not the only person who did this. I was going to just suck it up and eat the pictures, but after seeing how this is the case, I'm a little irritated that it continues to be so easy to do. So, I would like to be credited for my images.

    But I would also suggest that you consider really fix this problem with a better design of the interface. It should not be possible to accidentally license of the thumbnail like this. It is clearly creates a lot of extra work for your team of support and false downloads. Why would you so that an image can only be fired after clicking in the large picture window, where the likelihood of an accidental click is greatly reduced? Isn't this frustrating problem for everyone?


    I added 2 credits to your account to replace the images under license by mistake.

    Thank you


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    Hello HussainAL-Dubaisi,

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    They will be able to help you there.

    Thank you


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    I accidentally under license an image, I was scroll and must have clicked, which means do not buy. How can I cancel this to add another image of credit to my account?


    I see that you contacted Chat support, which have contributed to that.

    Kind regards


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    If the link above for the free ESXi license does not work for you, try https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=free-esxi5&lp=default . The hypervisor FFF cannot only be used for a lab environment, but also for production if you want.


  • What happened in my insights and images?

    Call to all the assistants,

    Working in Lightroom 3.3 (64-bit) on Windows 7 yesterday when all of my insights and Images are missing. The files and the catalog entries are still there (metadata, keywords, etc.).

    The thumbnails are grey and when you click the image or you try to work in the module developer or any other, the image is gray. Zip, Zilch nudder... or English polite, no picture.

    I tried to load the other catalogs, the same question.

    I tried to fix Lightroom (i.e. re - install option), no change.

    The only time where I see a thumbnail is in the screen for a new import and then import later, once the image is imported. No preview or the image.

    No luck at all trying everything I know to fix it.

    Any help is very welcome.

    The calibration of your display profile is maybe damaged.

    For the test, please reset to system default sRGB profile. If it helps, re - calibrate your screen.



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    do not

    See if you have this place control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager.  There you should be able to remove the password via a drop-down arrow to the right of the topic.

  • What happens to CS6 license after the purchase of CC

    We recently purchased an Adobe CS6 product and we are planning to upgrade to CC for one of our staff. What happens to the old license CS6 if we improve? Can I still install the suite CS6 on another computer with the license, with which he came, or it becomes null and avenue?

    @Promofuse, as you had CS6 subscription more early then you auto upgraded to creative cloud subscription.

    If you now replaced by subscription CC (single license) as the automatic migration.

    However, using Creative Cloud subscription you can always install CS6 on same machines desktop where you have already enabled subscription (no additional machine).

    Please see following article which explains how to install CS6 applications using creative cloud.

    http://helpx.Adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/download-previous-versions-creative-applications. HTML

    With regard to your question if you had bought CS6 as set full suite (rather than the subscription)

    then you need to buy the subscription to creative cloud separately (you can choose a special discounted based on CS6) but you will be automatically upgraded as in the case of subscription CS6.

    Hereby, in this scenario, you now have CS6 license of the full suite and subscription CC package (each with activation).

  • If you buy 750 images per month plan, all the images roll? What happens if you return to the 10 plan pictures the next month - all images would return then?

    If you buy 750 images per month plan, all the images roll? What happens if you return to the 10 plan pictures the next month - all images would return then?


    Kindly go through the terms for Stock:

    Stock Licensing & conditions FAQ: where can I find the terms and the license information for Adobe Stock?

    I hope this information is useful!

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    I still have the old .htm files, I saved before (I can give them to you) and they work again properly on any PC (I tested), so it means that it is not a .htm file using the cache on my PC to render the images links to the file.

    I am aware that I can choose the 'Full page' option, but it creates a folder that I don't want to, so I'd rather have the old option to export the web page in a unique and properly shaped file that includes images!

    Thanks in advance!

  • 2000 Basic and advanced license we run ISE 1.2, if we update 1.3, what happens to the license we must buy more / license apex

    2000 Basic and advanced license we run ISE 1.2, if we update 1.3, what happens to the license we must buy more / license apex

    When you migrate to 1.3, your license will be updated, advance licence, become apex

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