What happens if I reinstall Windows 7?

I have Windows 7 if I install it on a separate partition, what will happen?


Install it according to the version of Windows you're dual-boot with a dual-boot configuration.

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  • What happens when you reinstal XP OS with the cd that takes me to service pack 2 and I'm at service pack 3

    I bought TurboTax and downloaded, but can I have downloaded previously because I was unable to install due to the previous installation.  After that 2 hours of phone support with TurboTax including screenshare, they stated that the problem lies in the registry. It was damaged and I had to reinstall my OS.

    What happens when you reinstal XP OS with the cd that takes me to service pack 2 and I'm at SP3?

    I finally found my OS reinstall CD, but it's waaaay above my comfort level... what I do now.

    Frankly, if TurboTax is causing this much trouble, I would use another company as the income tax act.

    Of course, you can reinstall Windows. It's a shame, if that's the only way to solve this problem. :-(
    For later use, it is sometimes necessary to download the installation file, physically disconnect from the Internet, set up a clean boot (using msconfig startup diagnosis), reboot and THEN install the large program (and then undo the clean boot, reboot and re-connect to the Internet).
  • What I have to reinstall windows to completely remove Trojan: Win32 / Sirefef: AH

    I ran the Scanner from Microsoft for a complete analysis and he said I have the Trojan: Win32 / Sirefef: OH and it has only been partially deleted.  He said I might have to reinstall windows - which is another option, I can try first?

    Also, I have McAfee Total Protection - it's up-to-date (supposedly) but this is not the first time that the safety of MS Scanner found things - what is happening with this?

    If the advice above does not help, try following the steps 1 and 2 in this virus/malware removal guide: http://www.selectrealsecurity.com/malware-removal-guide
    It provides simple instructions on how to remove malware from a computer. If you have any questions, just ask. I hope this helps you.
  • Should what Drivers I when reinstalling Windows 7?

    I intend to reinstall Windows 7 on a disk and use the product key printed on the sticker on the side of my PC to activate it.

    My computer is: HP Pavilion p6769sc

    Link to the drivers: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product?product=5062791 & cc = us & dlc = in & lang = to & lc = on & query = LG060EA

    (Click on drivers, and then select Windows 7 (64-bit).

    My question is, which of these drivers do I NEED?
    I see a few drivers who seem to support various programs of HP that I won't not after doing the clean install from the disc of Windows 7.

    Oh and also, I was in a new rather than provided with the computer graphics card. What makes me not sure if I will have 'Original NVIDIA Unified Graphics Driver' and 'Original Intel Graphics Driver'.

    Thanks in advance.

    I would like to begin by downloading the following drivers;

    Intel® Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility)

    Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID driver

    Original driver Intel Management Engine Interface

    Driver NVidia GeForce 344.11

    Drivers for Realtek 10/100/1000 GBE PCIe

    Original Ralink Wireless Networking Controller Driver

    Drivers Realtek HD Audio CODEC

    After installing Windows 7, install the drivers in the order presented above. Make sure to restart the computer after the installation of the Intel Chipset Device Software. Peripheral report with the ID of Windows hardware for any remaining missing or unknown.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • If I buy a new card motherboard but plan to keep the same HARD drive, what happens when I reinstall a new copy of Windows 7?

    I have an OEM of Windows 7 version, so when I buy a new motherboard I intend to buy another copy of Windows 7. What will happen if I use the same hard drive?

    Depending on the options you choose during installation. If you start from the installation DVD, you can only do an install custom, which means that your applications and hardware drivers will have to be resettled.

  • What happened to my message window?

    I use Mail 9.2 with the classic layout. I shot all the way to the bottom of the message list window to see more of the list, and now I can't return to the window split with the list of the messages above the messages. There's a slider that appears when I hover over the little point at the bottom of the window, but when I slide it up nothing happens. All the other resize window option seem to work fine. I confirmed that I use the classic layout and I restarted the iMac but I can't restore the window split with messages below the list of messages. How to return to the display of two strands?

    Well Yes, after you close has disappeared. A bug surely. To bring it back to see this article-> Mail, hide/show preview pane

  • Dllhost.exe - application error windows 7 what happens if upgrading to Windows 10

    After a power failure that I realized when power has been restored that my computer had been left there on before the failure - 3 days now I get a dllhost.exe - application error message.   I have not installed any new programs or updated everything I know before the current problem.  My question is if I download the new Windows 10 will be cela correct/fix problem dllhost.exe - my computer currently the s running on Windows 7

    I suggest that you enable restoring the system so that it is available the next time that you need.  Note that the system restore must be enabled on the operating system drive, there is no need to enable restoring the system on disks.

    Regarding the dllhost.exe - application error message I suggest that you run a Malwarebytes and a TDSSKiller scan on the machine.  If these find no parasites, then don't look at the registry of the possible clues, this error can be caused by any software installed on the computer.

    These can be useful:

    HTG explains: what Windows Event Viewer is and how you can use

    How to open and use the event viewer in Windows 7


  • I have a computer that came with "factory-installed" XP. I've updated to Windows 7 but to go back to XP. What happens if I uninstall Windows 7?

    The computer has 4 or 5 years old - inherited my mother-brother aged 96 year.  I have none of the original installation disks.

    you have an hp computer try this press and hold the CTRL key and press F11. then follow the instructions to reinstall xp. Do this when you turn on your computer

  • diagnosis provided by the manufacturer or the installer is what I have to reinstall windows xp, help

    I get this message. Setup did not find any hard drives installed in your cmputer.

    Make sure that the hard drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any hardware configuration of the drives is correct. This may involve a diagnosis provided by the manufacturer or the installer running.

    The installation program cannot continues.


    According to my understanding, your device does not detect the hard disk of the unit there are a few steps that you can try to resolve your problem.

    (1) turn the unit pressing the F10 key Dungeon and then go to the Diagnostics record if the hard drive is detected if so if please run the test and check if this goes. If not you need to reinstall the hard disk and do check it out if you have the same problem, then the hard disk is damaged, you will need to replace the part.

    (2) after that reinstalling the hard disk if the drive is detected and if the test is successful then you can try to reinstall OS again on the device.

    Let us know how it goes!

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  • What happens if I update window 8-8.1

    If I update window 8 to 8.1 so how do I get the product key of win 8.1?. Do I have to buy its key prodcut and if the answer is yes then how it will be free upgrade please suggest

    On Saturday, June 20, 2015 21:23:19 + 0000, Nishantkumar2909 wrote:

    If I update window 8 to 8.1 so how do I get the product key of win 8.1?.

    It's the same one you have.

  • Just reinstalled Windows, permissions on the secondary drive are bent now

    My 320 GB hard drive that has Windows 7 installed on it crashed. I also had a secondary drive of 1.5 TB of storage. I bought a new 500 GB drive and installed Windows 7 fresh top. Now, I think all permissions on this secondary drive are confused because they were originally from the previous installation. At first, I was getting errors in the programs that I couldn't because I don't have permission to write files, so I said the drive to give me ownership of everything on it.

    That seemed to work for a while, but now - and it is perhaps even more boring - when I try to move or copy files, even if I am the owner, it keeps popping up that box (which NEVER happened on the previous installation, incidentally) tells me I need administrator permission to move the files. The first time I saw it, my account was created as an administrator, so I was like "What the heck?" but I hit the little 'yes' with a shield next to him and the files will move as I indicated.

    After spending a ton of time to search the Internet for more information on this subject, it looked like whenever someone asked something similar to this, they would immediately get said, before all else, that they shouldn't be on the admin account, so I thought it was probably a good idea anyway, and who knows maybe it will solve the problem so I did an admin account, logged in it and the value of my main account to a Standard user. Now, logged into my account as a Standard user, when I try to move the files in the same way, the same box appears, except that now I have to enter the password of the Admin account to move files, too!

    I really don't want this obscene level of security on a single user's computer, but I tell myself that all this has something to do with the previous installation of Windows and system files on the secondary drive.

    Long story short, I want the nagging box go away, and I'm out of ideas.

    I solved my problem, I think.

    First: I deleted this user, who, after researching online, I found was just as I thought, an old rest of the previous installation of windows. Remove from the list of permissions of the folder seemed to work well and removed everything.

    Second: drive D right click, entered the security, hit advanced, tap on change permissions, open my standard user and deleted permissions. I hit OK, checked the box on the next screen to replace all child object permissions and click OK. It took some time to change all the permissions, but then I checked the various folders and files to confirm that the standard user was on the list.

    Third: once this was done, I did the same thing AGAIN. Right click the D drive, entered the security, hit advanced, tap on change permissions, open my standard user and he gave TOTAL CONTROL. I hit OK, checked the box on the next screen to replace all child object permissions and click OK. It took some time to change all the permissions, but then I checked the various folders and files to confirm that the standard user was on every list with full control.

    Fourth: I changed to the standard user account and tried to move one of the files previously not moveable, and it worked very well.

    MY THEORY OF WHY THIS HAPPENED: when I reinstalled windows, I chose the same username of the main account again. This may have confused the file system, so I need to get rid of all remnants of the old installation. My username and the name of the computer being the same, I just need to trash the permissions for the old compname/username and then reset again for the compname/current user name.

    I could be WAY OFF with this theory, but it seems to have worked.

    A bit of research I could do, but I'm not going to do, would be to reinstall Windows again and choose a different computer name and the user name to see if the same issues that happened, or if the new permissions set correctly. Or heck, even if the old permissions were still there, but once I took control at the start, it would work. But I'm not going to reinstall Win again, so I don't know who.

    Basically, I think that when you have a situation like mine, it is maybe just tell Windows to appropriate the entire disk is not good enough, and you must make sure that all the old stuff is removed before this. (If your username and compname are the same thing again.)

    As how young Win7 is, I guess the percentage of those who have reinstalled as it is still quite low, so it's probably a problem not frequently encountered. You can have people from MS to test on this!

    Thanks for all the help, I'll be sure to check if there are other problems and let you know!


  • Windows 11 media won't start - resolved by reinstalling Windows Media Player 11

    I can't get media 11 start... anyone have the same problem?

    Hi Phaser4hire,

    ·          What happens when you start Windows media player?

    ·          You receive an error message or error code?

    ·          Do you remember all the recent changes on the computer before the show?

    ·          What is the number and the model of the computer?

    ·          What is the service pack installed?

    Your question does contain all the required information necessary for us to help you. Recover with these details for you help better.c

  • If I reinstall Windows 8, what happens?

    Once I updated my PC, a lot has changed in my computer. Camera, music, apps etc. disappeared. Here is a picture...

    What happens if I re - install Windows 8 will be the apps that come with it when I bought it will come back to us? Or it will just look like that? Plain and boring?
    Please help me. Thank you

    Lol it was already Win8 when I bought it.

    Yes, preinstalled applications will be reinstalled, but all the applications that you have installed yourself, because you got the computer will be deleted.

    Applications of the camera and the music are integrated in Windows 8.

    Press Windows + Z to the start screen

    Scroll through the list, you should see them there.

  • What happens to my data if I reinstall windows 7

    my system does not work correctly, and I think that some of my windows got corrupted programs.  I think I need to reinstall windows 7 to fix the problem


    The best safe method would be to always have redundant backups of your data. An Installation repair help - that allows to maintain the programs and data - maybe the last link below.

    You mean reinstall the OS completely? If you have the Windows 7 DVD you can do this however remember to completely backup your data off the drive and you need to reinstall your programs. If you don't have Windows 7 disks, you can buy them in your machine to cheap system. If you don't care about existing programs, then you can do a complete new installation - just select the format options that erases the entire disc (This erases all data as well). Some system manufacturers use Partitions of recovery as well as other methods to allow you to return to a completely new installation. So check with your system manufacturer to see what options you have to do - and it's certainly doable - just a matter of the manufacturer of the system processes in place for you.

    How can I perform a clean Installation of Windows?

    How to do a clean install with Windows 7, this wipes ALL programs and data on

    How to start on the System Recovery Options in Windows 7

    What are the system recovery options in Windows 7?

    How to do a Custom Installation of Windows 7

    How to do a clean install with a Windows 7 upgrade Version

    How to do a upgrade install Inplace of Vista to Windows 7

    Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7 (upgrade - store programs and data or New Installation that removes them)

    How to do a repair installation to repair Windows 7


    If you need to repair disks - these help repair Windows not re-install.
    Often an ERD will help you when the recovery disk does not work.

    Download Windows 7 system recovery discs

    How to create a Windows 7 system repair disc


    If necessary: a repair Installation allows to keep the programs and data, even if redundant backups are always a good idea.

    How to do a repair installation to repair Windows 7

    I hope this helps.
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  • I just reinstalled windows xp. later, when I re-installed office 2000 I wasn't able to make updates. o2ksr1a.exe failed during download. all other updates do the same thing or require that I have sr1/1 has. What is happening with this?

    Office 2000
    Cannot install updates

    Mac_the_Nike wrote: [I just reinstalled windows xp] Office 2000
    Cannot install updates

    HOW to get a computer that is running Windows XP Gold (no Service Pack) fully patched (after a clean install)

    NB: Computers running under that WinXP SP2 will NOT be offered additional updates of security reviews, automatic updates will stop working, and Windows Update Web site will be unavailable after July 13, 2010, until that SP3 is installed.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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