Hi penny,

Please answer these questions to better understand the issue.

1. what exactly do you mean by 'I have HARD TIME to trust MY PC FOUND'?

2. Trust PC already turned on the computer and you want to disable?

3. what exactly happens when you try to trust the PC?

You won't lose any pre-installed applications Windows store if you remove the trust this PC on Windows 8. For more information, see this article to add your computer like devices on Windows 8 / 8.1:

Trusted devices: FAQ


I hope this helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

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    In addition:

    Membership begins when you buy instead during installation. All applications are on the same schedule and will expire and renew at the same time.

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    Yes Facebook for Android is no longer supported by phones Android 1.5. Your phone will need to obtain an upgrade to be able to update the application.


    Support Forums Manager

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    ^ Do not know why you must post the Beta and the test of the Aurora also founded links when the OP just need the installation link to full ofRelease.

    aliashhto find https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all.html in the future just look 'Systems & languages' link under the download button green on www.mozilla.org

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    Not your property. Do not try to load it on top of the same.

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    I just bought online upgrade to 4 LR - for my Mac OS 10.6.8 - but the column where I should get the download says 'not applicable'... can't find anywhere how to get my upgrade. any idea? Or do I have to download the plurality of languages?


    There are two download links on the page you provided a screenshot.  The first link, Mo 787,95 is for Windows and the second, 327,32 MB, is for Mac OS.

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    You will lose access to the application once the CC is canceled, but you can keep the project you worked on.



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    Deleting a backup to iCloud delete anything from your iPod, but if there is a problem with the iPod that you no longer have a backup of it. The following link has instructions on how to delete a backup and how to disable future backups to iCloud for a device. There is also other information on storage iCloud. Manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

  • What happens if I don't update updated security in my Windows Update

    I had a lot of conflicts with windows update in the past and got these errors B.S without reason and had to spend days on end, trying to fix it. Help tech responds that he fixed, but now, years later, I can't update Java, I can't update Adobe Air, now it's 6 update windows with a stupid mistake again. I have no idea to solve my problem, and the response received is now shadow.

    I mean you go there, I'm sure that you can choose your answer choice tech but they automatically connect an and then some have no profile pictures, most have so long to TALK? and then some just do shady stuff when they distance controlling me. I must be paranoid or something. Everything what I need to know if it is ok to go without updates because I'm done. Period. Tired of all this, I don't want to waste time trying to solve this Bull.

    So please tell me, I can live without these updates.

    Not really according to your settings update only important updates are necessary, but often the recommended updates are mixed in Important updates due to a simple setting is checked when it should be disabled.

    It is expected by M$


    Switch your windows update setting to never check the updates temporarily

    Restart the machine
    Then you download this from your download folder run from there.

    Download the x 86 for 32-bit or x 64 for 64-bit

    Install it and restart when prompted too after he did a search of stand-alone for updates that should not
    take too long, it took all of 5 seconds, '' If '' windows update settings are turned on forever check
    updates before running from the downloads folder.

    Once it installs and restarts
    You can reset your updates affecting everything you had before default =...
    Then check the updates manually.

    I think that the solution came from Softpedia and Joel_CS posted on this thread,

    You need to scroll down to the poster of Joel SC is the last answer on this thread.

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    Hi DawoodYousaf,

    He is quite right, as you look in system properties. Windows XP Service Pack 3 is an important update for the operating system. It includes all updates previously released for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new features. It also includes published earlier updates of security, performance and stability for Windows XP.

    After you install this update, the properties of the system change and show that Windows XP Service Pack 3 is installed. So what you see is completely normal.

  • What happened to the ability to import images duplicate in new window of Lightroom?

    In the import window that allows us to be able to uncheck "do not import suspected duplicates" is this option go? If Yes, what is the work around, as an instuctor I build around an image I have had in previous cases but would now choose to have in the same folder to teach with lesson plans. I can't find a solution to the new import window. Someone at - it a?

    He went. He isn't here. The workaround is to use virtual Copies, rather than import a picture more than once.

  • In Ver 4.0, what happened to the drop-down list of selections for the windows of the current tab?

    In previous versions of Firefox, in any tab open with multiple windows open, which is a search where you would go to a lot of different windows, there was a drop down to the right of the ' previous/next' button which would you allow to select before windows... and always the first. That's gone. It has been extremely helpful and I used frequently. Can add you it?

    You can get the menu drop-down by clicking on the previous/next buttons or now the left key pressed until the list is displayed.

    If you want the drop-down arrow, you can add it with the add-on of dropmarker rear - https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/backforward-dropmarker

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