What has changed in the installers Macromedi joined Adobe?

Since adobe bought macromedia (or adobe macromedia joined), I can not install any new product / patch that is released. For example, I can't install Dreamweaver 8 and 3.11 contribute but cannot install Dreamweaver 8.0.2 patch nor contribute 4.
Please help me. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi João,

This is not the proper forum for this question - we do not have the appropriate knowledge to answer this type of question. Please call customer service at your convenience so that your problem can be solved. You should not have problems to install the updates.

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    There is no change in your subscription. You have a subscription to photography and it is active.

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    Hi, here you go:

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    I hope someone knows what has changed or what I missed.

    Now found a job by myself:

    "if (window. XMLHttpRequest()) {'}

    changed to

    "if (window. XMLHttpRequest) {'}

    Seems the old way I used now no longer works

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    I get an unknown error 4260 when trying to burn a cd using itunes, I have a windows xp pc and used to burn the cd fine until 2 weeks ago, I don't know what has changed... Can anyone help please?

    Hello raulganau, welcome.

    I suggest to try the system restore to restore the system to a date before the problem started. Try this...
    1. click on START
    2. click on "all programs".
    3. click on "Accessories".
    4. click on "system tools."
    5. click on "system restore."
    6 follow the instructions on the screen to restore the system to a date before the problem started
    Although the system restore does not target the personal data, I recommend always backup your personal data, just in case something happens.
    For reference, I have included a link that provides more specific information about the restoration of the system and how to use it:
    Let us know if it works,
    Thank you!

    Ryan Thieman
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Cannot complete logoff Hotmail without deleting cookies & cache, what has changed?

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    Hello Vince_71,

    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:

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    Was this the same 4 black, or was a Spike and the other Clubs?

    If you're going to programs and features / Turn Windows Features On or Off / games / uncheck Solitaire, followed by a restart, then reverse uncheck it and restart once more, you could find yourself with a solitary work?

    You can create another user, if you don't have one and see if they have the same problem.

    The only other thing I can say, is that you give the System File Checker go.

    How to repair the operating system and how to restore the configuration of the operating system to an earlier point in time in Windows Vista

  • What has changed on my computer? I was able to create folders and can no more do this...

    What has changed on my computer? I was able to create folders and can no more do this... I have Windows 7 with Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010... before uninstalling some software yesterday, I could create a new folder. now I can create is no longer a new folder.

    How can I solve this problem?
    Thank you

    Hello Annette,.

    It is a problem for a long time under Windows 7. To solve it I recommend that you only install the following program - FileMenu Tools. You can download the portable freeware from here: http://www.softpedia.com/get/PORTABLE-SOFTWARE/System/System-Enhancements/FileMenu-Tools-Portable.shtml .

    After having downloaded and installed the program, you will notice that, by default, each option is checked. I would be much more selective on this subject, otherwise your context menu will be a full page long! When the main window opens, you will see a list on the right side of all the elements that can be added to the context menu. Start weeding through the list and every one to take away, you don't need the United Nationsby checking the box.

    Once you have completed your selection (de-selections) make sure that you click the green check mark in the row of icons at the top of the left window of the interface to 'Apply' of your choice. The program can do much more, but that answers your specific question. I am told that the program has a good help file, so try here if you are interested.

    Let me know if this solves the problem for you.

    Kind regards


  • vROPs - you can create a report to show when a virtual machine has changed and what has changed?

    I can't currently developing a report/view that can show me what I'm looking for.  I thought since it's related capabilities vROPs can keep track.  Is there a way to see the when a virtual machine has changed and what has changed?  Looking mainly vdisk, vCPU or vRAM.

    Thanks for help or suggestions.

    Hi newbski1,

    There are few things you can try to help him with this.

    1. the events view shows you changes in resources, it is not terribly detailed, but it will help

    2. depending on your version, you can also view in Configuration Manager that is part of the vRO suite that will show you the changes to configurations.

    See you soon


  • Virtual disk parent has changed since the child was created.

    I recently had one of my virtual machines go down and I couldn't connect to access anything whatsoever, so I rode as an extra hard drive to another virtual machine in order to access the data I needed.

    Once I had finished I he took off the other VM and proceeds to the power on the virtual machine, but I got an error of:

    "The virtual disk parent has been changed since the child was created." The content of the virtual disk ID parent does not match the ID of parent matching the child content. »

    Reason: The virtual disk parent has changed since the child was created. The content of the virtual disk ID parent does not match the ID of parent matching the child content.
    Cannot open disk ' / vmfs/volumes/4e24c6fe-3c2ad61e-a57c-e4115bbbce6c/SNCTrillium/SNCTrillium-000003.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.

    I read upward through the knowledge base of VMWare on the modified files, but I've never had to do that before and I'm not sure about how to go on this subject as I've never used the vsphere CLI either.

    I am currently using ESXi 5.0.0 with vsphere client 5.0.0. I've attached a screenshot of the error.

    According to the snapshot between SNCTrillium - 000001.vmdk and the basic disk SNCTrillium.vmdk is broken, which means that the basic disk has been changed. I have attached an instant replacement for the SNCTrillium - 000001.vmdk with a fixed string that should allow you to open the virtual machine. However, since I do not know what and how much data has changed on the basic disk, I can't tell you how much data corruption, you will see. So you better take an another snapshot to be temporary once loading hard file attached, in order to ensure the current hard data files cannot be changed.


  • Instant restore: the virtual disk parent has changed since the child has been created

    Buenos dias,

    A worm if someone is ha sown con este problema y me can echar UN cable.

    Al trabajar con una maquina virtual en local con el disco en un disco external depuradora, to me broken instant crear of the United Nations (por el disco local creo en lo disgrace).

    Al use esta Máquina in casa, arranco perfectly, claro, pero sin los datos del snapshot.

    Hoy al arrancarla in the oficina ha generated a conflict: "the virtual disk parent has changed, since the child was creates," ha detectado what ha modified the virtual machine after ultima grabación del snapshot, no permite arrancarla.

    Could eliminando el solucionarlo snapshot, pero no puedo perder todo lo as he ido generating information.

    Alguna idea?

    Para eso estamos DiegoPS.

    No olvides close the discusion marcandola como respondida.


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