What hp printers use wpa2-psk (aes)

You will have to update my HP printer. New router wants to use the newer wpa - psk (aes), want to buy HP even. Don't see this info on any of the descriptions of the newer printers. Help.


Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

WPA - psk (TKIP or AES) is pretty standard these days.  Looking at my years OfficeJet Pro 8600 he supports this method and easy is the way in which I connected to my home network.

We just installed a more recent 8610 at the office, and he had no problem with the wpa/wpa2 encryption scheme either!

I think that you will be safe with any current HP printer that offers wireless connectivity.


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    (1) the dialog box wants a "network name".  What is often called a "ssid"?

    Said (Routeur Netgear my 2), under Security Options ', use "wpa - psk [tkip] + wpa2-psk [aes]", but this isn't an option in the dialog of windows 7.  The choices in the dialog of windows 7 are wep, wpa2-personal, wpa-personal, wpa2-enterprise, wpa-enterprise and 802. 1 x.  What is windows 7 equivalent of "wpa - psk [tkip] + wpa2-psk [aes]"?

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    I'm trying to get a new laptop for windows 7 to connect wireless to my existing home network which consists of a computer laptop xp (wireless) and a desktop of vista (cable) and a netgear router.

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    Said (Routeur Netgear my 2), under Security Options ', use "wpa - psk [tkip] + wpa2-psk [aes]", but this isn't an option in the dialog of windows 7.  The choices in the dialog of windows 7 are wep, wpa2-personal, wpa-personal, wpa2-enterprise, wpa-enterprise and 802. 1 x.  What is windows 7 equivalent of "wpa - psk [tkip] + wpa2-psk [aes]"?

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    SSID is the name of the network. His need if you manually configure a wireless connection.

    WPA-Personal = WPA - PSK (TKIP)

    WPA2-Personal = WPA2 - PSK (AES)



    This means that you can use or plan on different customers, IE. PC - A uses WPA-Personal while PC - B uses WPA2-Personal, and the router that will allow them to connect assuming the encryption key and password / password is correct. You can probably configure the Netgear for only WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal. WPA2-Personal is the best from a security point of view. FWIW I have the same settings on my wireless Belkin router, IE. its configured for WPA - PSK + WPA2 - PSK. In my case, I only use WPA2-Personal on my wireless clients and simply never taken need to configured the router to only use WPA2-Personal.


    Instead of manually configure the network you can watch this...


  • Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n does not not on WPA2-PSK AES encryption.

    Hi, I just bought this adapter WLAN HP G62-b13SA Notebook PC is Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n his work well on WPA - PSK TKIP, but when I am trying to connect to my WIFI with WPA2-PSK AES or TKIP its not connecting any tried the upgrade and downgrade the driver but still no problem solved. same did the same thing with the ACCESS POINT which is Zyxel G-570. ideas how its going to work or it just does not support WPA2 to all?

    I had a similar problem with this network adapter. I could see the networks, the signal strength was excellent, but whenever I tried to connect, it failed. Several times he connected successfully, but the connection lost after a few minutes. In any case, I managed to fix after spending several hours playing with the options on the Advanced page of the driver. That's what I have now:

    802.11n preamble: Mixed Mode (this is a must if you are networked mixed g/n)

    Afterburner: disabled (not sure about that)

    AP compatibility mode: superior performance (I have a router standards)

    Bluetooth collaboration: disable (everything started work immediately after I disabled it)

    BT - AMP: disabled (not sure about that)

    Mixed cell support: disabled (this is not necessary for typical wifi networks)

    Technology XPress (TM): disabled (not sure, that's something for the performance of g)

    Other options are default values. I use a pilot boarded through Windows Update.

  • Computer connect using wpa2-psk, but wifi error detected every 20 seconds.

    I have xp sp3 and belkin F7d4101 game adapter, I can connect using wpa2-psk, but wifi protected setup will work not (error found). If I can't use wifi how it stop coming every 20 seconds.

    Also the adapter can't access all of my computer or the command prompt. I get to connection 17, bulbs work but the wifi light flashes. (2 lights).

    Any help I can get I would be gratefull.

    I do not have a web cam, I figured out that in the House use a different configuration. It won't work.

    I'm connected because I answer, the adapter, I can't see what about that, I have it plugged into the usb port and it works. I'll try to delete everything on it and start again, but I can't access it from the command prompt or windows workstation.
    I fixed the wifi window to come every 20 sec with user profile Hive Cleaner and windows zero CONF. fix, I do not know who did the trick but it closed the window boring and stopped my wireless to modify different config (or earlier).

  • MAC filter via ACS for SSID using WPA2 PSK

    I HAV a SSID using WPA2/PSK for the safety of the L2. I would like to add filters mac via an external radius server. I just finished the configuration of the mac via external RADIUS Filter, but it does not work. PSK is supported with an external filter MAC? I am running the latest 6.X on the controller

    I came across this problem on a controller of 5508 using v6.0 - something (6.0.182 I think). Turns out be a fixed a bug (CSCta53985) in 6.0.188. Updated to 6.0.188 and used successfully ACS 5.1 for MAC filter with WPA2 PSK SSID.

    See the 6.0.188 release notes http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/controller/release/notes/crn6_0_188.html#wp605409

  • Old laptop has only WEP in the drop-down list of options wifi, I need to do using WPA2-PSK. How to do it?

    It's an old Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro M10 with an Intel PRO/wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI adapt (whatever that means!), I did all the updates of Windows, but when I try and establish a connection wifi encryption options of data only from the drop-down are 'disabled' and 'WEP '.

    I checked on the Toshiba site and downloaded the latest wifi and internet updates, I even tried Intel Update site, but they have nothing appropriate (something to do with Toshiba, make changes to drivers for Intel do not offer updates).

    It connects to the internet without problem if I use a cable, but it's not really practical, wifi would be much better.

    Can anyone suggest something to make my laptop use/recognize the WPA2-PSK?

    Thank you very much

    I talked to Toshiba, very nice chap called Daniel spent 30 minutes on the phone and found a very old and apparently obscure update for me to download. Once this has been done the phone was able to connect to the router WPA2-PSK using WEP. Not too sure exactly what the update does but at least it will now connect to modern wi - fi, even if it is only at 11 Mbit / s. apparently, it's as much as the material can handle!

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    This printer has worked well in the past. It is a bit old. I used one that has a fax for a while, but after I have does not need that 1, I put this 1 upward again... maybe a year ago? Recently, it does not recognize the ink as being installed. I think I bought cartridges 74 & 75 maybe 2 months ago so that they are fairly new. I looked at the help on this forum and tried from the back and then pull the plug out for 15 seconds and connect again... no help. I read how to remove the cartridges and where the cartridges go in... no help. I even unplugged from the rear and the plug for 20 minutes... no help.

    I read somewhere on this forum without other printers use 74 & 75 ink (or was this one of them?). So if I had to buy new ink and is not the problem...?

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you!


    The following change can help:


    Kind regards.

  • What other printers use HP Officejet Pro 951 colors and 950 black cartridges?

    I'll try to find the other small printer + scanner + machine Copier buy who can use because there are many cartridges. It must also take care of very old, Mac OS X 10.5.8 update (Lepoard).


    Please read (8 printers):

    http://WWW8.HP.com/au/en/products/OAS/product-detail.html?OID=5094981#! tab = compatible_hosts



    Kind regards.

  • Satellite L505 - WPA2-PSK does not work, but works of WPA - PSK


    I have a Satellite L505 and I tried to use WPA2-PSK security to connect to my Netgear DGN2000 router, since I read that only this authentication allows speed Wireless-N, but it does not work. I chose it as the mode to use on the router and Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop, so everything should work properly. If I set everything up to use WPA - PSK, then I can connect us, but the connection is terrible, even when I put the phone right next to the router. It indicates the quality of the signal is excellent and that it is connected to 54Mbs, but if I set up a ping to the router I can see over time, it goes up to 4 seconds and continually to expire. This means that the internet is unusable wireless.

    For this reason, I was hoping I could get Wireless N work and I hope that the connection would be better. Someone can tell me why WPA - PSK works but not WPA2-PSK? (I tried versions of the AES and TKIP)


    Hmm... You have written anything on your OS... :(

    On Windows XP, you need to install the Windows Update KB917021 as you can read here:

    I'll try to updated the WLAN driver. You can get the latest version on the Toshiba site.

    Finally and above all it s always advisable to update the firmware on your router. You can get on the page of manufacturing of the router where you should find a changelog too.

  • PC Compaq laptop Presario R3000 (AMD) supports WPA2-PSK?

    Hi all

    I know it's an old laptop (Compaq Presario R3000 (AMD) Notebook PC).

    Recently, I upgraded my system from network and start using WPA2-PSK.

    I installed the patch from MS http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=1974

    However, the drop-down list of my Networking Wireless still doesn't show the option

    for wpa2 but wpa.

    Can someone tell me the reason? Is it because that which does not support my network card

    the new standard wpa2?

    Thank you

    I think that this driver will take care of the issue...


    Yet once, in addition to the driver above you also need to run XP SP3 in order to get the plug in charge WPA2 if this microsoft SP2 WPA2 patch does not work.

  • I can only access local network with WPA/WPA2-PSK compatible. With out security I can connect without any problems.

    Issue of WPA/WPA2-PSK on Vista with SP2

    Belkin F7D2301 router, version1

    Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2

    Network card: Atheros AR5007 802. 11a / g WiFi. version of the driver.

    I am running 2-1 Vista, 1 Window7 laptop
    IPhone 2
    1 Wii game system

    When I installed initially the new router today, I installed it with WPA - PSK [TKIP] + security WPA2-PSK [AES] option. When in doing so, the Vista Home Premium (32 bit) would not connect to the internet. He would show local only access.

    But when I disable security it can connect to the internet. Rest of my devices are also able to connect to the internet regardless of WPA - PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] or security number. I am running Vista with SP2.  That seems known problem Vista on Sp1. see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935222.

    The network adapter I have is an Atheros AR5007 802. 11a / g WiFi with the version of the driver.

    Any help would be very happy... I'm exhausted now try to solve this problem.

    SOLVED by updating the driver for Atheros. Atheros AR5007 802. 11a / g WiFi. It is not available on the official website. Check out this forum.


    Mysteryis yet to be sloverd

    • Why stop WPA has collaborated with the old version of Atheros AR5007 802. 11a / g WiFi. version of the driver.
    • Why accpeting Linksys WRNT160 V3 ceased any connection.

    Thanks for the support

  • Satellite Pro L300: Could not establish connection using WPA / WPA2-PSK


    I have a Netgear FVG318 router with the new firmware and problems to connect using WPA-/ WPA2-PSK with Realtek RTL8187B integrated.

    With the help of WEP that works. I did a complete restore of Vista and installed SP1 + all Windows updates. No change...

    Then I tried using a Netgear USB WLAN Stick WPN111--> the same result, works only WEP.
    I rechecked the shared key before!
    After that I tried with a HP laptop, wonder... everything works! WEP, WPA / WPA2-PSK works! What do you mean?
    I think that there is a software problem in Toshiba-Vista version.

    Do you have any idea? The support has not helped me.


    What you need to do is first of all update the WLan driver and if possible, you should check if the latest BIOS is installed too.
    I had similar problem on my A210 and all first I've updated the BIOS, then driver WLan.

    This helped to establish the WiFi connection.

    Check it out!

  • WPA2-psk vs wpa - psk?


    What is the strongest? Please go to the order:

    1 - WEP 64-bit

    2 - WEP 128 bit

    3 - WPA - PSK


    5 - WPA - PSK / WPA2-PSK

    And which one I should use:

    1 AES

    2 TKIP


    What security / authentication method that you choose depends on whether or not the network and devices that attempts to connect to the network of the said charge method where you want to. For example, not all devices support connection and WPA2-PSK authentication you will need to use WPA - PSK, etc..

    WEP is by far the weakest, and in today's security standards I would never recommend using it. Use the WPA2-PSK with AES if your network and devices supported. If this is not the case, go back to TKIP. WPA2-PSK is out of the question altogether due to device restrictions and or network, use WPA - PSK with AES / TKIP.

    AES offers encryption, however not all devices support it. TKIP is a little less strong in terms of encryption, but is widely supported by many devices on the market.

    Kind regards



    HI, finally I bought a new car with the multimedia base with android. I want using the hotspot from my iPhone, but I can connect and received a security of legend

    What is WPA/WPA2 PSK? What is possible to do?

    It's the level of security for networks Wi - Fi. What you trying to do with the hotspot of phone?

  • How are added to my network WPA2-PSK authentication settings? I need to log on to my place of work.

    How are added to my network WPA2-PSK authentication settings? I need to log on to my place of work.

    original title: WPA2-PSK

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Answers community forum.

    This should be something that your wireless adapter on your computer supports, or does not work.  It is not a feature of Vista, but the network hardware.  When your wireless adapter on your computer sees the router which has the active Protocol, it must ask the key and once offers you the key, it needs to connect.  If you do not see this option for your network card, then you should contact the manufacturer.

    What are the different wireless network security methods?

    If you plan to have a wireless network, you must configure the only people that can access your choice. Here are a few options for the security of wireless networks.

    Wi - Fi Protected Access (WPA)
    WPA encrypts information and it checks to make sure that the network security key has not been modified. WPA also authenticates users to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the network.

    There are two types of WPA authentication: WPA and WPA2. WPA is designed to work with all wireless network cards, but it might not work with the older routers or access points. WPA2 is more secure than WPA, but it will not work with some older network cards. WPA is designed to be used with an authentication server 802.1 X, which distributes different keys to each user. This is referred to as WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise. It can also be used in pre-shared key (PSK), where each user has the same passphrase. This is referred to as WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal.
    Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
    WEP is an older network security who is still able to support older devices, but it is not recommended. When you enable WEP, you configure a network security key. This key encrypts the information that one computer sends to another computer on your network. However, WEP security is relatively easy to crack.

    We do not recommend the use of WEP. WPA or WPA2 are more secure. If you try WPA or WPA2 and they do not work, we recommend that you upgrade your network card to those who work with WPA or WPA2.

    Authentication of 802. 1 X
    802. 1 X authentication can help improve the security of 802.11 wireless networks and wired Ethernet networks. 802. 1 X uses an authentication server to validate users and to provide network access. On wireless 802. 1 X can work with key Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) or Wi - Fi Protected Access (WPA). This type of authentication is typically used when connecting to a network of workplaces.
    Let us know if you need additional assistance.
    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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