What is a current market value of the Satellite Pro L100-125


I currently have a laptop Satellite Pro L100-125, that I've had for a few years now.
It's getting on abit I know, but until recently, he did everything I needed it to do. Unfortunately, I had a small accident and the laptop has been damaged.

Asking for a new home insurance since I'm not able to buy a new laptop for now (being student humble and everything!). The insurance company asked about the damage and the value of the computer.

The damage, I know, this is the current value of the computer that I'm not sure of!
Its probably not much, but if I get it wrong then a number of things can happen!
If I declare that the value is higher than it actually is, they say it's fixable or say that it is a fraudulent application!

If I declare the value too low, then we'll write him offshore but I get a very good replacement (I know it's the lesser of two evils and looks like I'm just try on, but this claim will push my premiums until next year regardless, so I might as well get the best that I can possibly get out of it!).

Anyone happen to know the current market value of a laptop with the specifications below?

The computer is a Satellite Pro L100-125
Intel Centrino Duo T2400 1.83 GHz
2 GB of RAM (512 MB originally)
60 GB HARD drive

Also, just so that I know what to expect, no one knows the approximate cost of replacing the screen and the housing on this particular laptop?

Any help at all would be much appreciated.



Satellite L100 series is already abandoned and it seems no more on the market
The point is that you could buy a new a lot harder for laptop with the best hardware specifications for about 400-500 euros.
I don't have no idea how the fix would cost, but if the screen or motherboard would have died then the repair process could be a costly affair because the display and motherboards are more expensive laptop parts

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    Does anyone know what is the current market value of this laptop? It is wifi certified and has no DVD burner.


    I think that will be difficult to get an accurate assessment of this forum. The value much will depend on market conditions where you live and the availability of portable computers in your environment.

    There are several factors that affect the value you would need to take into consideration.


  • Why isn't the Satellite Pro L100 124 on the Web from Toshiba site?

    In Israel, we have this model:
    Toshiba Satellite Pro L100-124 PSLA1E - 00500DG 3
    I tried to look it up in the computers.
    Toshiba - Europe.com, but found nothing?

    Why? is it a fake?


    Maybe you know it or not, but Toshiba offers many laptops of the same series but the laptop are not very different. Void models are perhaps different in the hardware configuration. You know it; different sizes of HARD drive, processor, etc.

    I googeld a little to this numer and I found the laptop on a site of Poland from Toshiba. It s a Polish language:
    http://CE.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/JSP/productPage.do?LNG=20&service=CE&PRODUCT_ID=114411 & tab = 3

    However, you can visit Toshiba Europe site and you will find the different specifications and also the series Satellite Pro L100:

  • "Cooler" for the Satellite Pro L100 plate

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro L100 and would like to buy a plate cooler to go with it. After reviewing, the "Antec Notebook Cooler' looks good; but one of the comments mentions that this plate is useless for laptops with contributions on the basis (like mine).
    Can someone tell me if this is the case, or recommend an alternative?


    In my opinion you n t need any plate cooler. If the laptop is placed correctly on the desktop and nothing interfere with good air circulation.

    Sorry, but in my opinion it's futility investment.

  • How do I not what SATA driver do I need for the Satellite L300 - 03C

    How do I not what SATA driver do I need for the Satellite L300 - 03C so I can make nlite


    Your laptop seems to be a Satellite L300 - 03C PSLB8C-03C01X.
    As already indicated on your first visit to thread the Toshiba Canada page and choose this model of laptop on the driver page.

    Then download the Intel Matrix Storage Manager (SATA) - image of floppy drive. It of for Vista, but the files in this package should work with Win XP too.
    Include these files using nLite to create the new disk Win XP that contains SATA drivers.

    Finally use this disk to start.

  • 8 issues of the new owner of the Satellite Pro L300

    Hello to all forum users!

    I bought a new Toshiba, the Satellite Pro L300 laptop and have until January 14 to test - if it looks like it is not working properly I will return it to the store where I bought it.

    Here is a list of questions I have:

    1. whenever I turn on the laptop or it is suspension or hibernation mode, and when I disable it, the cd/dvd drive makes a clumsy mechanical noise.

    It seems to me like the cart that transports the laser and optics is running in a mechanical stop.

    Is this normal?

    2. There is a hot sub-pixel on the screen (in blue) and according to the Toshiba info in the box, this is normal and does not return.

    Should I worry about this?

    3. when I run the test memory at the start of the system, she says she'll start windows automatically at the end of the trial and show me the results of the test.

    It performs the test, Vista boot, but I see no reports of results.

    Where can I find the report?
    Is there a known issue with this test?

    4. the service program Toshiba to perform diagnostics of slot Vista does not work. Whenever I run the test (PCdiag.exe) I get an error message Vista saying a defect was found in the KERNEL32.dll module.

    Where can I get a fix for this?
    I have already installed the updated files on the Toshiba web site for the "Value Pack", which is where this utility, but still not the error message.

    5. I want access the settings of the bios at startup, but have not found a way to do it again.
    F2 gives me a menu for memory test or normal boot system.
    ESC is not me in bios Setup either.
    There is a utility for bios Toshiba that I can run Vista, and I see that any upgrade bios firmware should also be done through Vista.

    Is there a way to access bios at startup?

    6. I would like to run XP on this system and realized that this model (Pro L300 PSLB1E) is compatible XP, and I should be able to download all the drivers from Toshiba to run under XP.

    Does anyone do this?

    7. the laptop and configured Vista Basic when I did the first power on, but the license sticker on the bottom of the laptop has a product key for "Vista OEMAct Business." I was captivated by this laptop as the option to revert to XP Pro with Vista business. The box did not come with any CD or DVD and no manuals explaining how to install Vista Business.

    This is reason enough to return the laptop in the store where I bought it, which is a chore, I prefer to avoid if I can install Vista Business.

    Can someone help me understand what is happening here?

    8. is there a way to contact technical support by e-mail?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer all of these questions!


    Two weeks ago, I worked several days on friends Satellite Pro L300. Your questions are interesting and I will try to provide an answer or comment.

    1 this is normal behavior. I noticed it on other models of computer laptop too. Right now I use Satellite P200D and I noticed the same thing.

    2. of course, you may have noticed a dead on the screen pixel and more on what you can read on

    3. maybe follow links can help a better understanding:

    4. what to say about this? I t has not noticed this error and I can recommend just reinstall full VAP. Remove preinstalled system, restart your computer and install the latest version of the Toshiba download page.

    5. When you start the laptop downstairs you can find info how to enter the BIOS settings. It usually takes F2. I really don't understand what is wrong in your case, but must work F2. Press immediately after turning on your laptop. Press several times. You have to work

    6. If you can find the download page of drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba Windows XP Home edition, you should be able to install and configure Windows XP Home edition on this model of laptop. For the installation of Windows XP edition family please use Windows XP SP2 home edition.

    7. This must be clarified with your local dealer. The fact is that Toshiba doesn t offer any CD/DVD and recovery DVDs must be created by the owner of the laptop. I presume that you didn t seen or read Toshiba reminder about it. This point explains exactly what needs to be done.
    The recovery media can be created using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery creator. The shortcut is placed on the desktop.

    8. I'm afraid, you must contact the hotline, but as far as I know Toshiba's toll-free hotline.
    Call and ask if there is something you want to know.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite Pro L100 need more RAM for the graphics

    I have a Satellite Pro L100 with a 256 MB of the igp x200m no specialized version. Must automatically RAM my system RAM based on what system total RAM I have installed. 512 MB it took 64 MB, 1 GB, but 128 MB. I was wondering if someone could tell my how to beyond 1 GB RAM, say 1.5 or 2 GB?

    Thank you

    Hi Jessica

    According to the specifications of the laptop, the graphics card supports 32 to 256 MB video memory shared.
    So in my opinion, it should be able to use the 256 MB like max.
    In the properties of the ATI radeon graphics card, you will find the tab called Frame Buffer
    Here you can change the size of the memory to higher value UMA frame buffer

    The memory of 1.5 GB should be enough to choose the 256 MB graphics card

  • I need the last CD of Microsoft Office - Satellite Pro U200-125

    I just bought Satellite Pro U200-125 without the last set of Microsoft Office CD. Does anyone have this CD?

    Thank you


    Hi Musallam

    Sorry, but what you mean with last Microsoft office defined? Office 2007 perhaps?

  • The Satellite Pro A100 has a modem 'voice '?

    The Satellite Pro A100 has a modem 'voice '?

    If so, can I make phone calls using the Dialer in MS Outlook with a microphone plugged into my laptop.
    How can I do this?

    Please, don't make it so complicated. As a first step, it would be interesting to know what operating system you are using. On the Toshiba support page you can find sound driver and modem for operating system supported.

  • Old photos of the satellite Pro A60


    Does anyone have old photos of the satellite Pro A60? (Taken from their press center TOSHIBA.

    Thank you!

    Hi Stephen

    I put t know what image you need, but I found these two.
    It is perhaps useful to s. check out these links:



    Best regards

  • Laptop goes down when using the internet - Satellite Pro L100

    Hi, I had my laptop (satellite pro L100) 5 days and I connect through a router to the internet, but in the last days when im using the internet, a Help window automatically opens and approximately 90 internet Explorer windows open, it became really frustrating, im using norton which came with it, everyone has ideas ive ran a scan for virus and adaware but came up with nothing

    Thank you



    I understand you very well. For me it s a shock if 90 IE Windows would appear on my small laptop screen. SHOUT OUT! : O

    However, have you installed any 3rd party applications that can open the windows?

    I think that this is not a normal state of the system and if it appears the days of view therefore, you should try roll back BONE to the beginning.

    In addition, you can try to check in the MSCONFIG what background process runs on the operating system. If there are some very strange processes you must turn it off and you must remove the Autorun.

  • Upgrade memory on the Satellite Pro A200

    Have two cell phones of #PSAE1E - 00T002EN Satellite Pro A200 and wanted to know if I can pass the 2 x 1 GB memory 2 x 2 GB?

    If I understand correctly what ask you, you want to upgrade memory of 4 GB laptops.

    Well, I think that it s is not possible.
    The Satellite Pro A200 supports maximum 2 GB of RAM (2 x 1 GB), then you will not be able to use 2 x 2 GB modules.

    Best regards dude

  • Re: Satellite Pro L100 - couldn't pass on the card wireless with FN + F8


    I have the same problem with my laptop Satellite Pro L100 and M70.
    I installed with new XP SP3 and installed the drivers, but I could not pass over the WiFi connection with the FN + F8 key.
    What can I do?

    Kind regards



    Generally, it should be able to activate the Wlan using FN + F8 key combination.

    But before that you would use this combination of keys that you must also activate the WLan switch which is placed on the side of books.

    If you are not able to use the FN + F8 key combination, then you must install the drivers as Hotkey Utility, utilities and tools.

    On the European driver Toshiba page you will find Instructions install txt file. This file shows you the installation order correct driver

    See you soon

  • Need information on display on the Satellite Pro A200-1SS

    Hello, I m about to buy the Satellite Pro A200-SS, but I m interested in what I should expect from its display. Is this enough to play games? What is an answer of this LCD? I also heard that the various types of LCD screens are assembled in this book, is it true?

    If so, please, try to name and describe them - the most important attribute for me is a response and usability for playing games.

    Well, I hope that someone will answer my questions. At latest.


    Check this box

    Satellite Pro A200 is equipped with a screen 15.4 "screen Toshiba TruBrite WXGA TFT high brightness - internal resolution: 1280 x 800

    It of a really a good laptop screen. Trubrite technology makes very clear photos.
    It is really good to play the game

  • How to connect the Satellite Pro P100 to Hifi

    I've got Satellite Pro P100. How to connect this laptop to stereo
    It's probably easy, but what I can say... Call me stupid.

    I have head that comes out of the headphone jack, it connects to my friendly hifi.
    Ill be there is a unpleasant hissing in the background. Trying to hook up my boys in head mp3 player, and that works very well.

    Any chance of some help... Thank you


    To my knowledge, you can connect the satellite Pro P100 to HiFi only via a cable 2 RCA Audio Y adapter. To my knowledge the laptop doesn't support the S/PDIF audio output so you only to use an analog audio port.

    You can also buy a stereo adapter with 2 x cinch sockets to connect the laptop to the stereo. This card can be plugged into the headset jack

    Check this box:
    Stereo adapter

    I think you should visit the nearest dealer of portable. It can show you the right and taken in charge of cables and adapters.

Maybe you are looking for