What is a DMG file? can they be deleted from my mac pro?

I have the following two files, which take up to 124 GB of memory:

Macintosh HD Back Up.dmg


I backed up my hard drive to an external so I was wondering if they are needed?

Thank you!

DMG files are Disk Images - virtual disks within a file. When you double-click a computer Image disk virtual disk is mounted.

When your backups are completely up-to-date, that the backup of files (first you mentioned) will remove themselves automatically. When your backups not completed are piling up, it will be these files. However, these files are considered to be SUSTAINABLE, and if you need disk space for anything else, they are automatically deleted to free up space.

The second file is likely (based on its name) to be copy of utilities supplied by the manufacturer of the My Passport drive. Look at the issue and keep those you want and you are free to delete the rest. Most users find that useless for the utilities don't come with records like that, then you are probably not missing something.

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