What is a good way to determine the validity of the GPS with BPS?


I use bps for a native application on the Playbook. There are a lot of functions to call to get information about the events of geolocation, which is great. But I'm looking to distill information into something that could tell me if yes or no position (lon, lat at least) is designed to use in my application... it is to tell whether or not I am a "GPS coordinates". You can check the validity of all to a large number of parameters (altitude, heading, speed, etc.) ... but nothing that tells you if lon and lat are valid.

Does anyone have advice as to how I can a true/false 'gpsIsValid' extracts the available data?



If you get a reading at all, it should be "valid" in the sense that it came from calculated data based on the satellites used.

What you need to do is to decide 'how' it is valid, that's up to you: https://developer.blackberry.com/native/reference/playbook/com.qnx.doc.bps.lib_ref/com.qnx.doc.bps.l...

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