What is a good way to use the queues for the model of consumers/producers?

Hi all

I am following the model of consumers/producers to use the queue to synchronize the following process: the producer is a loop to produce a number N, I will put each number generated in a table and after each 5 numbers generated, I put the table in the queue and pass it on to the consumer. I have to wait the use by consumers of the data and it will then remove the item from queue so that producers will have the chance to produce another 5 numbers. As I put the maximum size of the queue one, I expect that the producer and the consumer turns to produce / consume all five numbers and the opportunity to another. Here is my code

When the checkbox is false, the code will be

For the first 5 numbers, product will generate every thing right and put it in the table, and it's going to pass the array to the quere so that the consumer will have the chance to loop through the table. I except the procude loop will continue only when the queue is available (i.e. all items are deleted), but it seems that once the consumer starts the loop loop of the product will continue (if the indicator x + 1 and x 2 will be changed to numbers). But this isn't what I want, I know there must be something wrong, but I can't say it is.


dragondriver wrote:

As you say in 1, sequency structure to enforce the order of execution, that's why I put it here, in this example, the simple question, I replace the complete code with increase in the number, in the real case, the first markers + 1 and + 2 must be performed in this order.

Mikeporter says:
1. get rid of all the structures of the sequence. None of them are nothing but apply a work order which would have been the same without them.

So even if you delete the sequence structure, there will be a fixed & defined order and it is because LabVIEW follows the MODEL of FLOW OF DATA.

Data flow model (more precisely in the context of LabVIEW): a block diagram node runs when it receives the required inputs. When a node is running, it produces output data and transmits data to the next node in the path of the data stream. The flow of data on the nodes determines the order of execution of the VIs and functions on the block diagram (click here for reference).

Now in your code, just remove the sequence structure will not make you order will be going to stay the same, but you need to do some very minor changes (as thread of the error in loop, before that he go to the node "Élément Dequeue").

Come to the main point: it's a good way to use the queue for the consumer/pmodel that?
The model you are using (and qualifying as consumer/pmodel) is much too deviated from the original consumer/pmodel which model.

dragondriver wrote:

For the second, Yes, it's my fault for delete, though. I'm actually the example of model of producer/consumer design pattern, but I do not pay attention to the while loop in the part of the consumer.

While loops (two producers & consumers) are the essential part of this architecture and cannot be deleted. You can start your code using standard model.

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    CD (simultaneous database) allows a single editor with multiple drives, access to the db at a given point in time.    The handle for the writer doesn't have to be shared with readers.   If you share the DB handle then calls are synchronized, but if each thread has its own handle DB then this is not the case.     Since you have an environment, DB_THREAD must be at the level of the environment.   This will allow the sharing of the environment handle.     This type of error "DB_LOCK-> lock_put: Lock is no longer valid" you can provide us your code so we can take a look.   Also what BDB version are you using?

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    Best way to use the battery, if your laptop should ALWAYS be connected in-

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    (I'll probably take the House and my photoshop 5 allows you to do the job)

    In Photoshop 6 and earlier versions, the airbrush has existed as an independent tool. After that, it was moved to an option for the Brush tool.

    Airbrush simulates painting with an airbrush. When you move the pointer over an area, paint builds up as you hold down the mouse button. Brush hardness, opacity and options the Frother to how fast and how much the paint is applied. Click the button to enable or disable this option.

    If you can switch to the simulation of the voice, this video may help: How to use Airbrush in Photoshop CS6 - YouTube

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    Control/Shift and Alt/control have their own separate event routines.

    Example of

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    e.ctrlKey / / objectives of the control or Ctrl key
    e.altKey / / objectives of the ALT key.

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    If you want to combine the SHIFT key + a few other keyboard character Code in the above list (http://rmhh.co.uk/ascii.html), then change the value of e.which to equality (==) this character Code. Example in the list, the character Code for the keyboard "a" is 65, as amended below.


    If (e.shiftKey & e.which == 65) {//If button pressed shift + a

    Window.Open ("http://www.adobe.com", "_blank");



    To get a value from code accuarte, there are two events on this page http://api.jquery.com/event.which/, through which you can type in you field and it will capture the value for you.

    Good luck


  • Where are them have ways to use the iMac (end of 2015) as a monitor

    Hi all

    Where are have ways to use the iMac (end of 2015) as a monitor?
    Or maybe I can throw the bones of my macbook on iMac?

    You can not. It does not target Display Mode support.

    Use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

  • Create a target table by using the model of the ODI

    Hi all

    I am new to ODI. I'm try export table RDBMS for source RDBMS table at target.

    If we create the structure of the target in the trg schema table or we can create using the model fit obi by selecting new data store.

    Owb loading target tables is created and the data will be loaded.

    Pls help me about this.

    Thanks in advance.

    You can create it in the two ways.if you create using ODI data store, you must select Create table option target in flow during loading of the target.

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    What I'm trying to do, is ensure that my design takes more than forward of the sweater by expanding the width.

    How to make the small rectangle in the large t-shirt too?


    The small rectangle in the t-shirt line drawing is a guide. So, what you need to do is unlock guides, remove the small rectangle and create a new.

    (1) go to the view > Guides > release Guides. You will now be able to edit the guides, which are light blue in my document.

    (2) just so that you know what I'm talking specifically, open the Layers panel and place you on the Guides layer. Click the arrow next to reveal the guides within the layer. I locked all the other layers in the document to make it easy for me.

    (3) select the small rectangle, and delete.

    (4) use the Rectangle tool to draw a new in size.

    5) option click on the new rectangle to open a launcher. Select make Guides.

    You now have a guide again, larger rectangle! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    have a hp 1287c windows 7 tries to use the model of hp 5302 keyboard does not respond

    try to use the old Hp keyboard model 5302 was for windows 2000 did not know if could use when I plug computor does not recognize he wonding if possible to work?



    Well, the keyboard is now very cheap, the converter may not work correctly. After 16 years of him please give a rest.

    Kind regards.

  • What is a good way to check if the selection ADB sql cursor returns nothing

    Hi all

    I am trying to find a good way to identify that a select SQL basic cursor return nothing.
    I know that or we use exception when no data found or count (*) to check how many rows are returned.

    I have a cursor based on a long statement select.
         CURSOR long_cursor IS
              --long select statement(with input variable) ;
         Select count(*) 
         Into v_count
      -- a long select statment with input again ;
      IF v_count > 0 then
        For record in long_cursor loop
         --Get information from cursor
            --other processing for output
        End loop;
      END IF;
    Is there a way other than the above?
    I would like to reduce the amount of typing. I know that repetition in code is not good.

    Thanks in advance,

    Published by: Ann586341 on February 28, 2013 14:29

    Hello Ann,.

    Apart from the possibility has already been mentioned that other users can change the data during execution of your process, you can check if something needs to be done without the COUNTY. Set a flag in the cursor for loop. When there is no data, then the flag will not change one you can perform the necessary procedure.

        v_data_found    BOOLEAN := FALSE;
        CURSOR long_cursor IS
            --long select statement(with input variable) ;
        For record in long_cursor loop
            v_data_found := TRUE;
            --Get information from cursor
            --other processing for output
        End loop;
        IF NOT v_data_found THEN
            -- set processed flag
        END IF;


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    Since the version of Thunderbird 38 uses OAuth2 for authentication of Gmail accounts. It is the only way to be considered "safe" by Google.

    Basically, you authenticate with your Gmail account, once, and Google provides you with an authentication token. That's what Thunderbird records under "password". It is not your Gmail password. The token will expire at some point, you will need to again in the future.

    If you want to revert to the old behavior allows Google you jump through some hoops.
    You must allow 'less safe apps' in Google, or turn your settings on 2 stages of authentication in the context of a specific application password.

    In Thunderbird, account settings change "authentication type" "normal password" for your Gmail account.
    You like.

  • Good way to recharge the computer to increase autonomy

    Dear support Member,

    I use a HP-Envy-Spectra-14-3010NR model that runs on Lithium-Ion battery.

    I'm not very sure about what is the best way to increase the life of my battery systems. In previous models, I have suggested to me that I must leave my battery discharge completely at least once a week and then reload.

    What is the mode of operation in suggested Lithium-Ion batteries?

    Should I still keep running on the load (with power on) or should I let it load completely, then turn off the sector until the battery is completely empty - or there is another way that is more suitable.

    Please suggest.

    Thank you.

    Hi NMahajanCA,

    It is not necessary to do the foregoing. Drain the battery or charge not completely will increase or decrease the battery life. Here is a link to understand your battery.


    Calibrate the battery resets the battery indicator to accurately display the charge level in Windows. Here is a document on how to do it.


    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • Good way to update the linked Images Clone

    Hi guys, what is the best way to update a linked Clone image without having a ton of shots on the main template?

    To update, I know I have to do the following (not including the tasks of cleaning and others):

    1. Power on template, apply the changes (patches, app updates, etc.)
    2. Turn off - take new snapshot
    3. Tap the pool of offices on the new snapshot
    4. Recompose existing workstations using the new snapshot.

    I finally can clean snapshots or it will be just an infinite number of snapshots from 1 day up to this image gets his retirement? I made the mistake to delete the snapshot, that test workstations before redial already used to the new snapshot

    Thanks in advance.

    Exactly, I delete the older snapshots that I'm, and I feel comfortable.  I got more than 4 Active snapshots before.

Maybe you are looking for