What is a maximum size of HDD for Satellite Pro 2100?

I want to improve my aging Satellite Pro 2100 (PS210E-00C3G-GR) with a new hard drive. The BIOS supports more than 120 GB drives?
Thanks in advance!


Hmm. 120 GB HARD DRIVE? I don t think so. But this is only my personal opinion.
To my knowledge, the Pro 2100 was equipped with 30 GB HARD drive.

I think that the 60GB is a realistic size and could be seen by the BIOS.

In any case, I didn't find any official Toshiba information support max sizes of HARD drive and I imagine that you must test the HARD drive.

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    My drive is exhausting (Win 98 tells me he has a lot of bad sectors). What I have to climb a 6gig HDD or can I put? If so, what size a disc will be the last address of the BIOS?

    I think I need a disk 2.5 "9.5 mm, but I don't know if it has all the other features that I have to respect.

    ALSO, if I buy a hard drive USB backup etc., the computer will see it? Y at - it a maximum size for external USB drives?



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  • The maximum size of HDD for Satellite Pro 6000?

    Hi, I am trying to install a 60 GB hard drive, but it is shaped, and it stops at the instalation of Windows XP Pro.

    Is there a size limit of HD?

    Thank you


    It stops without any error message? If this isn't the case, then try another copy of Windows XP since the Satellite Pro 6000 shouldn´t have problems with this drive. I had 2 years a similar machine and I also got a 60 GB Toshiba HARD drive installed. It worked like a charm, so I can't imagine that the hard drive could be the problem.

    See you soon

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    Hi fpliptak,

    The Studio Hybrid D140G has a SATA controller and support all portable HDD (2.5 ").

  • Maximum RAM and type for Satellite Pro A100


    I have already looked at my manual, but I can't get a definitive answer.

    I went to one of these computers, analysis of Web sites and it claims I have 2 SLOTS where I can put 1 GB DDR II PC2-4200 each (so 2048 MB of ram)
    (es http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=Satellite%20Pro%20A100%20Seri) But according to CPU - Z, my laptop contains DDR II PC2-4300 512 MB

    But when I recorded from TOSHIBA Web site and entered the serial number of my cell phone, he told me that I had a Satellite Pro A100-196
    When I searched for Satellite Pro A100-196 on the internet, I came across a website (http://toshiba.icecat.biz/en/p/PSAACE-00E00DG3/Satellite%2520Pro%2520A100-196.htm) that says that 100-196 a module of DDR II (533 mhz) and that it can place additional modules up to 4096 MB (which means I can't that modules of RAM 2 GB each)

    So I would like to know if anyone knows the final RAM MAX (and type), I can place.

    Thank you.

    The Satellite Pro A100-196 appears to bear the 667 Mhz front bus!
    So, you can also use the modules of memory 667 Mhz (533 Mhz is also possible).

    I advise to use SODIMM 200 PIN DDR2 modules; 667 MHz (PC2-5300)

    You can upgrade the memory to 4 GB max. So it is certainly possible to use a 2 GB into a slot!

    Good bye

  • For Satellite Pro 2100 DVD burner?

    I have a Satellite Pro 2100 which has a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive and I would like to upgrade to a DVD burner but don't want an external. Could someone tell me which drive is compatible with the model number and where I can get hold of one? Can I get a Toshiba direct? Nowhere would really suit me I need to get one, but just don't know what I can and can not use! Thank you.

    Hi Jamie

    Unfortunately, he was unable for me to find this DVD burner, but if you want to update or change some parts of your laptop the best way is to ask ASP for compatible devices and supported.

    Good bye

  • Cannot find drivers or tools for Satellite Pro 2100

    I want to reinstall one of my old Satellite Pro 2100 notebooks.
    Unfortunately the download section lists all downloads for this laptop.

    On the German site I use:

    Satellite Pro
    Satellite Pro 2xxx
    Satellite Pro 2100

    Even if I search for the model and take the direct link to the driver/Tools page is not
    the list of drivers to oder tools. I get a message 'no download found. '


    Can someone point me in the right direction.

    Best regards.


    There must be something wrong with the driver page
    I recommend that you check the page next time and I sure that you will find the drivers FRO This oldie ;) m

    I wanted to download a newer driver for my laptop and it didn't list all the drivers too so I guess it is temporally website question

  • Need sound card for Satellite Pro 2100

    I need a sound card to my Satellite Pro 2100. Are there any trader can I go?


    Compatible parts as sound cards, wireless network cards, etc., you can order the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.
    Please visit this site:

    You will find the Toshiba service that is responsible for your country.

  • A new DVD burner for satellite pro 2100

    Ive got a satellite pro 2100 and I want to change the recorder to a dvd burner. is there a template I can get which will be a swap of right for in-house or will I need an external dvd burner? Thank you.

    HI Jamie,

    DVD writers usually come in two varieties, IDE usually designates those intended for 'slimline' and Office Tower systems which are generally mounted in laptops.

    The physical form of the player is usually constant models (in this case Toshiba use different brands in their notebooks). The device will have various plastic components fittings attached to it which will need tro be transferred to your new unit and have threaded metal accessories which are used to secure the unit to the laptop. These must also be transferred to the new unit.

    You also need device drivers dedicated to this new unit that can are provided on a CD or even be downloaded on the website of unit manufacturers.


  • What is the maximum size of HDD compatible on Satellite A300 PSAG4A-02M00M

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me the maximum size of hard drive that can handle a PSAG4A-02M00M and max running at 5400 RPM, (because I don't want it to be slower than that).

    And what specifications for disk replacement? (IDE, etc.)

    Thank you


    As far as I know the laptop supports the SATA HDD controller and you must use a SATA 2.5 HARD.

    You should be able to use any HDD SATA controller SATA HDD is not limited to any size. I think that the BIOS should also support a 320 GB HARD drive or more

    Hope this might help you

    Welcome them

  • What is the maximum size of print for Photoshop sketch for ios?

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  • Maximum capacity of HDD for Satellite 1800 400

    I have a PC laptop toshiba S1800-400 with a 13 GB hard drive. Can I upgrade to a hard disk of 40 GB or 60 GB? The bios will support this? (I've never done an upgrade of the BIOS, so it always uses the version of 2001 I think)

    I used the Toshiba forum advanced search option and found a lot of topics on his theme. These two is only a small part:

  • BIOS for Satellite Pro 2100

    Hello community,

    I'm looking for a BIOS for laptop PS210E 00C3G GR.
    If all goes well, it will run on a disk as a boot disk.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Rainer Borchmann

    [email protected]

    You can find out WHAT BIOS BIOS download page under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_bios.jsp
    Your old laptop is listed in the ARCHIVES.

    Unfortunately, it is has updated BIOS to WIN only. This means that this update of the BIOS can be run in Windows XP Home edition only.

    In any case, I downloaded version 1.40 on http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4KCW8O3N
    Check it out.

  • Upgrade for Satellite Pro 2100 parts

    I need to get a wireless card and more memory for my computer. I can't find anywhere to contact on this Web site. Can anyone help?

    I hope that you know very well that your laptop is about 5 years old and you must not be surprised if you don't find this oldie listed on the actual page of Toshiba. ;)

    In any case, I found the information to follow:
    -your laptop can handle with max 1 GB Ram and compatible module are PC2100 256 MB (PA3127U - 1 M 25) and in PC2100 512 MB (PA3164U - 1 M 51)
    -compatible Wireless LAN Card Kit is with the PA3212U-1MPC part number

    If you need wireless network adapter to transfer data faster, you can use the USB or PCMCIA card.

  • Need directions for disassembly for Satellite Pro 2100

    I have a new CD player that I need to put in my SP2100. Someone at - it instructions on how I can remove the old and install a new one.

    Thank you very much.


    Hello Tony

    Disassembly procedure is quite complicated for this device, and you cannot delete ODD so simply. Before you can do this you must remove keyboard, metal plate under the keyboard and on the lid of the top of the entire page.

    ODD is connected to the motherboard with a connector. When you are offline you must slide the drive on the right side.

    I can't give you detailed step-by-step, because I have this phone here, but if you're not familiar with the procedure for disassembly please don t do this alone. It's that there are several screws and also plastic parts and cables that must be deleted at the right time.

Maybe you are looking for