What is a secure way to connect devices through the internet by using the credentials of the AD?

I want everyone to connect devices using their company user names that are stored in Active Directory. RADIUS does not help because the credentials are not sent encrypted. What are some options for encryption of the credentials you travel a router to AD?

RADIUS crypt passwords.

GANYMEDE + encrypts the credentials, and then some.


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    at this point the man, you must understand a few things on your own.  Get the cod, and put the cod in the same folder as the Simulator, they will then work in the sim card.  Or you can browse to a deployment for application with the sim ota and download the cod in this way.

  • NetGroup problems connect devices with different internet connection

    Create a chat using the Cirrus (p2p) technology and NetGroup class.

    If the device is a mobile phone, has 3G or 4G network, and then connect to a same group with other devices does not occur.

    For example, there is a PC and the mobile device:

    1 if both are connected to a Wi - Fi:

    onNetConnectionNetStatus: NetConnection.Connect.Success

    onNetConnectionNetStatus: NetGroup.Connect.Success

    onNetGroupNetStatus: NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect

    A connection is established.

    2 If the two are connected to different Wi - Fi:

    onNetConnectionNetStatus: NetConnection.Connect.Success

    onNetConnectionNetStatus: NetGroup.Connect.Success

    onNetGroupNetStatus: NetGroup.Neighbor.Connect

    A connection is established.

    3. If a device is connected to a Wi - Fi connection and the other to a 3 G or G4

    onNetConnectionNetStatus: NetConnection.Connect.Success

    onNetConnectionNetStatus: NetGroup.Connect.Success

    No connection.

    Example of code that has been tested:

    package {

    Import Flash.display. Sprite;

    Import Flash.events. NetStatusEvent;

    Import Flash.NET. GroupSpecifier;

    Import Flash.NET. NetConnection;

    Import Flash.NET. NetGroup.

    Import Flash.text. TextField;

    public class NetGroupSample extends Sprite { }

    Private static const CIRRUS_URL:String = "rtmfp:/ / p2p.rtmfp.net ';

    Private static const CIRRUS_DEVELOPER_KEY:String = '*";

    private var _netConnection:NetConnection;

    private var _netGroup:NetGroup;

    private var _outputTextField:TextField;

    public function NetGroupSample()( ) { }

    _outputTextField = new TextField()();

    _outputTextField. width is this. stage.stageWidth;

    _outputTextField. height = this. stage.stageHeight;

    this. addChild () _outputTextField();

    _netConnection = new NetConnection()();

    _netConnection. addEventListener ()NetStatusEvent. ( NET_STATUS, this.onNetConnectionNetStatus ();

    _netConnection. connect () CIRRUS_URL, CIRRUS_DEVELOPER_KEY ();


    ( private function onNetConnectionNetStatus () event:NetStatusEvent():void { }

    this.traceToOutput() "onNetConnectionNetStatus:", event. info. code );

    switch () event. info. code ) {

    case "NetConnection.Connect.Success":

    ( var gspec:GroupSpecifier = new GroupSpecifier() "Group 1" ();

    gspec.multicastEnabled = true;

    gspec.postingEnabled = true;

    gspec.serverChannelEnabled = true;

    gspec.objectReplicationEnabled = true;

    gspec.routingEnabled = true;

    (_netGroup = new NetGroup() _netConnection, gspec.groupspecWithAuthorizations()()();

    _netGroup. addEventListener ()NetStatusEvent. ( NET_STATUS, this.onNetGroupNetStatus ();




    ( private function onNetGroupNetStatus () event:NetStatusEvent():void { }

    this.traceToOutput() "onNetGroupNetStatus:", event. info. code );


    private function traceToOutput ()... .strings ():void { }

    _outputTextField. appendText () channels. join (" ") + "\n");




    Tested on Adobe AIR SDK 3.2, 3.4,

    you are the results indicate a symmetric NAT (i.e., a NAT that uses a different translation for each unique destination).  There is no way for a peer behind a symmetric NAT to coordinate and find an another counterpart who is behind a symmetric NAT different or behind a cone NAT port restriction.

    This announcement by Matthew Kaufman explains the situation with NAT more in detail:


    regarding the 'fixing': the issue is not the Protocol - a symmetric NAT is fundamentally flawed.  the only solution is to not use a symmetric NAT in your network.  Unfortunately it is often outside your control (as with your mobile operator).

  • What is this security code tag I found in the box?

    Then I just ran an optional update on my Pro tablet, and as he ran, I went to do other things on my desktop.

    After awhile, I noticed that the screen of the tablet was turned on, but dark blue/grey.  He was stuck!  I finally came back to life by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

    Which leads to this question.  I was looking for my manual, which I haven't found yet, but in the process, I found a kind of label plastic in the area of the tablet.  It is said scratch safety code and indicate it to www.t3315.com.  I never saw this before tag.  Never, I entered the security code.  What is it?


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    We provide the target this way, how can we make this as dynamic target path.

    Thank you

    Hi John,.

    Add 2 reports of navigation of the interaction of the value...
    And give captions for 2 report identified by user must select which report...
    Now, whenever you click the project No. It shows 2 reports to navigate...
    Now, click on the desired...

    Hope this is what you want...

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    My traffic internet, as reported by my ISP, has increased significantly in the past few months and I would like to determine where this increase. Devices that potentially connect via my Airport are:

    Wireless:-2 iPad, 2 iPhones, iPods, MacBook Pro

    Ethernet:-desktop HP, Swann CCTV security system.

    Unfortunately, airport routers provide no information on the use of the data of the connected devices, or the product itself.

    I'm not aware of a 3rd party application that would do exactly what you want... but someone else may know, and if all goes well they after.

  • that we will be able to connect certain devices to the tablet surface

    We will be able to connect devices to the tablet surface, such as portable media, DVD players?

    Who knows?  Microsoft has still released no details.

  • iMac causes the connection to Time Capsule Internet to lock up

    Whenever my iMac wakes up and connects to my Time Capsule via a Wi - fi, internet connection the TC freezes immediately for all connected devices, including the iMac.  I first noticed the issue on the iMac where internet was not accessible through any application on the system.  Then I went to my MacBook Pro, I found the same problem from happening.  Even on my iPhone and iPad.  I assumed it was an ISP issue and abandoned.

    A few hours later, I went back to my MBP and found the internet connection has been re-established and working properly.  I then went back and woke to my iMac and open Safari.  The field of the internet to a halt.  Back on my MBP connection was suspended again.  Now I think that my iMac was the problem, I turned off wifi on the iMac, and the page that I tried to load it on my MBP immediately came.

    Then I tried don't start the iMac in Mode safe mode to see if I could eliminate the problem... no chance.  Even in safe mode, when it is connected to on the wifi time capsule, the internet connection for the entire House grinds to stop.

    So, to summarize, when my iMac is awake and connected to my Time Capsule via wifi, internet connection for all devices connected to this wifi network hangs up completely.  The moment I turn off wifi on the iMac, the internet connection is restored immediately at full speed for all other devices on the network.

    I'm at a total loss about what to do next... any ideas?

    Please start the iMac in recovery mode. To connect to the network. The same thing happens?

  • How to establish a local router connection through the internet

    How can I establish a local always on connection router through the internet.  I would like to be able to access our local wireless network when you are away from the office.

    Thank you!

    The major goal of a router with internet is to protect the network from attacks through the firewall. The last thing you want to do is reduce this function.

    If you want to access services on specific systems, you can transfer individual ports of these systems. Thus, for example, if one of the internal devices runs a web server you can before port 80 on this device.

    However, if you want to make your PC to appear as if it is on the local network, then that requires the use of a VPN tunnel, which depends on the capability of the router.

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    Please refer to the threads creative software says cloud my free trial has expired, but I have a paid subscription

    Or you can see the steps from here: https://helpx.adobe.com/manage-account-membership/cc-reverts-to-trial.html

    Let us know if this worked for you!

  • What is the best way to connect the pipes to Labview? DDE or OPC

    What is the best way to connect quizix pipes to labview?

    Pipes share data by using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), which is the best way? To use an OPC server between labveiw and pipes or DDE?

    If the program manages DDE communication the best way is via a DDE, as LabVIEW handles this. Otherwise, you will need to add another instance (OPC Server) system that will make it more complex and causes more load.

    See the previous link to the words 'to the help of LabVIEW as a DDE Client'.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones Application Loader said... way has no software of BB device for the connected device.

    Mine is a new 8320.  I installed the Desktop with Media Manager software.  Seems the 8320 on the CD Office and the online version does not include Media Manager so I installed v 4.2 Service Pack 2, which includes the Media Manager.

    Now cannot transfer music files (I get a memory error output) and when I go to the application manager to check the memory, he can't read my 8320 and I see the message "doesn't have a device for the connected device software."

    How can I add 8320 sotware for the Application Loader device so that it can read my memory allocations 8320, etc.?  What else could be the reason I can't transfer music files?

    First of all, without a press card is impossible to move higher to 2.86 MB files to the device.  If you get a media card you can load any file size to him and you don't even need Media Manager.

    Secondly, you will need to install the software on your PC so that DM will recognize it on the device.  You can get the software from your carrier download site.  Here is a link that should help you:


  • What is the effect of the "signature of all other computers or devices?  This remove the software from these machines or simply make it unavailable until this as connected and disconnected (e) other machines used CC on?

    Connect failed

    Impossible to sing in on this computer or device.

    The Adobe ID [email protected] has already been used to activate the software on two other computers or devices.

    0 - retry.  I've already signed out of one of them.

    0 - you sign out all other computers or devices.

    What is the effect of this action? @

    just make it unavailable until this as connected and disconnected (e) other machines used CC on?

    That's exactly what disconnect only. No software is removed or otherwise affected on your computer.

    See error 'activation limit reached' or 'connection failed ' | Adobe products

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