What is Apple doing to solve the problem of the emails which the bodies are removed and a note informs you that this message has not been downloaded from the server?  It's also appear when a message is placed in the Recycle Bin.

That made Apple to fix the problem where the body of emails is endangered and there is a note saying the e-mail was not downloaded from the server?  It's also appear on messages that are put in the trash.  I have a pop.earthlink account and understand that it affects the pop accounts.  The problem started after I downloaded IOS 9 and is much worse.  Messages received yesterday are now endangered, however some messages that I received in early November before downloading the new software still exist and are very good.


Hi Bonnie,.

It is a user to user forum, anything that apple made to solve a problem so isn't something you find info on here.

The iOS is not a classic operating system.    I asked that your post moved to the forum of the iPad.

POP accounts are generally customer (as opposed to the server function) and stored on your device.  If your device on space is insufficient, the settings for the e-mail may restrict downloads on your device, resulting in the message in question.   This is particularly true for all messages that come with attachments or are preformatted html.   Ask your contacts to send messages in plain text.

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