What is error 56 under the butterfly while trying to open the windows and how can I solve this problem

I get a message indicating that Windows cannot open blah blah blah and to communicate with MSN and their awareness of the 56 under the butterfly.  My problem is HOW in the WORLD contact you MS?   I tried and has been achieved here.

I searched the internet for an explanation for what is the problem and a SOLUTION.  Of course, all I get are 'quick fix' downloads for $39.99 - which, in my moment of desperation, I fell prey to., of course, he did not - it really did a restore of the system - which, moreover, was the FIRST thing I did.

Someone at - it neither suggests - HOW to solve the problem - or how to get help from MSN?

I just thought of something - if I don't here a control from time to time I don't know if I got a response because I can't get my email to be notified if someone replies to my questions.  I am NOT happy!

Thank you!

To MSN support, refer to the following article and check if it helps.

How to contact MSN customer service: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940784

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